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    Episode 16: Is Your Business Missing a Funnel?


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    What we’re talking about today:

    If you’re an entrepreneur or learning how to become one, you’ve probably heard the term “funnel.” It comes up so often because it’s such a critical part of a successful online business.

    This is why I’m devoting today’s episode to explaining exactly what a funnel is and why it’s so important for your business.

    What can you expect from this training?

    By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better of understanding of funnels, why they’re crucial to business success, and how they can save you valuable time.

    You’ll also learn what an inbound marketing funnel is and the difference between a conversion funnel and a sales funnel.

    Why is this important for your business?

    A funnel is a process, which you layout, that determines the path to convert leads to paying clients. It’s your strategic sales process that creates predictable results. Without a funnel, there’s no sales strategy.

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    Sales Funnel Superpowers

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