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    Episode 15: How to Write Your Business & Life Story

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    How would you describe your life up to this point?

    Have you been intentionally living each day in a way that ensures you’ll have the future you desire? Have you been following along with someone else’s plan without stopping to think if it’s what you really want? Have you been just going through the motions of life and letting years pass you by?

    What we’re talking about today:

    In this SweetLife Podcast episode, we’re addressing all of these scenarios by talking about intentionally writing a story for your life, and how to build your business to get the life you really want.

    What can you expect from this episode?

    As wonderful as it sounds, you can’t base your future solely on your passions. You need to be strategic.

    Today, I’m providing specific strategies for how to write your story and how you can take actions today based on that story.

    If you need a little more guidance, download the “How To Write Your Story: Links, Tips, and Resources” sheet I created for you!

    Why is this important for your business?

    Intentionally writing the story for your life and business, is important because intentional actions create results. When you know what you want your future to look like, you can reverse engineer it to give you the life of your dreams.

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