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    Episode 173: Easy Steps To Create Videos For Your Course, Webinar or Training

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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    Who This Episode is Great For:

    This show is for those struggling with how to create instructional videos to share, including simple steps like where to record and what should you share? 
    Especially for businesses or entrepreneurs going from offline to online, and launching your first online course or webinar 


    This podcast teaches you how to create videos, step by step,  for your online course, content to drip to your membership website, or to teach on live webinars or live streams. With a tech guide and checklist to get your videos up fast.
    You want to create videos to share with your clients, but when you sit down to actually start… you’re lost on the steps. If technology seems hard, you’re not alone. In a world of online everything, the overabundance of options doesn’t help. In fact,  too many choices can stall your business completely. 


    1. Choose between the 3 types of content you want to share
    2. Present your content in the right way for your audience
    3. Gives you the exact steps to record and process your videos fast

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Welcome to the beach house on a busy Monday, the night here in Boulder, Colorado as a record, this episode for you number one 73 real time because all of our podcast episodes have been recorded week by week for you to make sure we’re giving you the exact content you need in this very strange, ever-changing business economy. Welcome to the show.
    I’m April beach and I am joined by my three teenage boys and my husband on the other side of the wall having dinner. The windows to my office are open because it is a gorgeous Colorado evening and so I hope that you can bear with me if there’s a little bit of background noise and I totally know that you understand right now. Today’s show is all about helping you create videos so that you can launch your online content faster. Now, the last couple of episodes we’ve been pouring into you on how to update and change your messaging,
    how to make sure your mindset is right so you keep the cash flowing into your business. And today we’re really honing into how to create video content so you can release online offers that keep your clients pain. So this particular episode is perfect for those of you who are established business owners or you’re brand new, you’re literally just launching a brand new company. You know, there’s no time better than the present. The only place you can go is up from here. And so I encourage you to dive in and you’re struggling with actually how to create your instructional videos,
    including simple steps like where to record them, where to share them, and actually what type of content that you want to share. So this particular episode is going to be give you the three types of content that you can choose from to share. You at the end of this episode are gonna know exactly how you want to present this content and you’re going to have the exact steps to record and process your videos really fast. So all of the show notes and everything we’re talking about, all of the resources,
    the technical resources can be found on our podcast website by visiting Sweetlife board slash one 73 so let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show.<inaudible>. Okay. As we dive in, the first thing you need to decide is what type of content are you creating? So there’s three common types of video content that you would create for an online course or for a webinar. The first one is actual video only, so that’s your face on the camera, just talking to people about what it is, just like you’re teaching or speaking on stage,
    but it’s actually virtual. And so that is content type number one content type two is actually creating a PowerPoint presentation and a recording of voiceover to your PowerPoint presentation and talking them through the instruction. And then the third type of content that you can choose to share is actually a combination. This could be a little bit of your face on the video and then you can flash over to maybe a white board or something interactive that you want to share. Possibly you can show some photographs or you could show your PowerPoint presentation,
    so the very first step is actually choosing what type of content is best for you to share and what type of content your audience wants. Again, video only with your pretty face right there, chatting with them. Number two, PowerPoint with your voiceover or number three, a combination. Okay. Now let’s talk about the reality and the pros and cons of each. First of all, if you’re going to record video only with just your face talking almost on the spot, then you have to be really good at on the spot.
    You have to be really good at what you do. This is usually an ideal delivery. For those of you who are already experts in your field, you’re already comfortable teaching online. Maybe you’ve spoken on stages before and you’re basically really good at on the fly. You’re also funny,
    a little entertaining and you aren’t terrible at going off on tangents, but you utilize these little kind of squirrel moments to keep your audience engaged.
    That is a perfect scenario for you to actually speak on the camera. You need to be able to keep people engaged just when you’re talking to them,
    especially when they can’t talk back cause we’re talking about creating prerecorded content. All right, so now let’s talk about the pros and cons of option number two.
    This is creating a PowerPoint presentation, so PowerPoint presentations are really amazing if you have a lot of data,
    if you have a lot of step-by-step or if you have a lot of graphs or content that you want people to share,
    PowerPoints are a great way to deliver a lot of structured information that people that are visual learners actually take action on better.
    The downfall of a PowerPoint presentation rather than just coming out and recording your video training is that it takes at least three times longer to create that because you actually have to outline the structure of your PowerPoint slides.
    You have to design the slides and you have to then take the time to record over them so it is going to take you longer,
    but it’s a great option for those of you that aren’t super comfortable on camera yet and you want the actual content to help guide you through your teaching so that you stay on track and you also want to help those in your audience that are visual learners and really love seeing that you know step by step.
    Now we’re going to give you tons of tech quick start guides at the end of this and in the show notes,
    but I’m going to tell you right now the fastest way to create amazing PowerPoint slides is through Canva. You know,
    we’ve gone through Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, we’ve done keynote, we’ve been around the block on all of those and we are really pleased at recommending that people use Canva now because you can actually create canvas slides that are already done for you.
    It just plug in your content. They look amazing. All right, they look absolutely amazing and you can actually present them as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation now.
    So that’s my quick little tech nugget in here, but I’ll be also giving you all of the tech tips at the end of this episode in our show notes.
    And then the pros and cons of the third option. Remember that third option was kind of a combination.
    This is actually my favorite way for businesses to present content. Number one. It gives them an opportunity to really see you face to face authentically.
    So this is one where we combine a little bit of you face to face, a little bit of a white board strategy session and a little bit of an example,
    whether you’re showing a case study or a photograph online and using it as an example for your participants. For the people that you’re teaching.
    It’s a great way to keep people engaged, to keep the content interactive and to continue to meet the needs of your students with all varieties of learning abilities,
    whether it’s audio or whether it’s visual or whether people want to have that interactive content. It might take you a little bit longer to create this because of the variety,
    but it’s usually the GoTo way for new businesses that are trying to make an impact, trying to connect with your audience more authentically,
    trying to give amazing content and teach amazing content that people can immediately take action on. So those are just a few of the pros and cons about that.
    Now let’s go ahead based on whichever one you chose. Again, video only PowerPoint presentation or a combination.
    Let’s go ahead and I want to actually give you the steps to create your videos and get them online.
    This might seem super elementary to a lot of people, but you would be blown away by the number of emails and the number of people that actually reach out to me and say,
    okay bro, I’m ready, but how do I actually record the video? Where do I do it?
    Well, you know, what does this look like? Give me the steps. And so that’s what we’re doing on today’s show.
    Okay? So step number one is choose how you will deliver your content. So you’re going to make that choice between video only PowerPoint or a combination.
    And then what we’re diving into here is we’re talking about prerecorded content. You also can of course deliver this on live streams.
    But I want to dive in really specifically to those of you who are creating courses or creating a membership community.
    So step number two means that you will actually create any sort of downloads a go along with it. You’re going to create any sort of slides,
    graphics, any photography that you want to share with it. So you’re going to gather all your materials,
    you’re going to gather your materials, you’re going to gather your content, and then step number three is you actually lay out,
    you outline your teaching. We want to make sure that you have a very clear outline of every single one of your videos so that at the beginning of your video,
    it’s super clear that people know what they can expect at the end. Here’s an example of this. It’s not just video.
    This podcast. In the beginning of this podcast, I said we’re going to talk about the three different types of content that you can create so you can choose and we’re going to go ahead and give you the step by step to actually record your videos.
    You need to be able to say that at the beginning of every single one of your videos so that people know whether or not they want to stay tuned.
    That’s a really important key. The way you do that is by outlining your content to make sure you’re delivering predictable transformational results within every single video that you create.
    That means people can predict the end result that they will achieve from watching your video. So take the time to actually outline your content and make sure that you are taking people from a start to finish route.
    And then step number three after you’ve decided how you’re presenting your material, after you’ve created any slides or you’ve created any worksheets,
    is actually going in, setting up the room where you will create the video. Now, depending on your tech setup,
    there are a few different ways you can do this. And so I’m going to give you all of them here on this podcast that you are going to need to look at your technical setup and see which one’s best for you.
    Number one, if you are recording just simple video, just use your iPhone or your iPad to record your video.
    Your iPhone especially now records amazing videos. You don’t need to invest in huge expensive video camera. You can do it really well right now on one of the most recent cellular phones.
    Now you do want to have a mic and so you either want to invest in a cordless wireless Mike,
    or you can invest in a wired mic with a really long wire so you can clip it to your shirt because your audio and making sure that you are clear is really important.
    As a matter of fact, data shows that your audio is more important to viewers than your lighting. So if we had to pick audio or lighting,
    if you have to go with one of them first, we’re going to pick audio cause if your audio is crappy,
    but you look really great, nobody’s listening to a word that you’re going to say. They’re just thinking about the fact that they can’t hear you.
    All right, so we want to make sure your audio is really excellent. So step number one is just creating the video on your phone.
    That’s option number one. Option number two is actually creating a zoom account. Whether you use that already or not for your business,
    creating a zoom meeting. There’s two different types of zoom accounts. You can have zoom webinar and zoom meeting.
    You just need a zoom meeting account and setting up a meeting, recording it all by yourself. You don’t even have to invite anybody else there.
    If you have slides, you can share your slides, you can record your audio, you can connect an external microphone so you sound great.
    As a matter of fact, zoom has so many different advanced tools now that you can use. You can even improve your parents by the zoom settings,
    so actually create your videos by talking to yourself, by teaching them all by yourself in zoom and sharing your screen,
    sharing what other content you might want to bring in depending on what is your teaching and how you’ve chosen to deliver your materials.
    Option number three is actually hosting your zoom training live, bringing people in there, teaching the training to a group of people,
    recording that, and then downloading and using that recording to share with other people in the future. This is how we create live content and we turn it into what’s called evergreen content content that you can sell again and again and again.
    So zoom is a really amazing way. You don’t have to have this huge camera setup, just record right there and zoom and it will share a little picture of your face and it will share your screen and what it is that you’re looking at.
    It’s a really great way to get started. Other tools that you can use to do this, R E cam live,
    we love e-comm live e-com live is a more advanced streaming tool, but ECAN live lets you change the background.
    You can set an entire scene, you can share your desktop and there’s so many more things that you could do with Ecamm live.
    You can either record it directly by yourself and save that recording to turn into your coarser material. Or you can actually live stream into your Facebook community,
    live stream onto YouTube and many other places and still capture the recording to use that recording inside your course.
    So those are three very clear how to record steps. Let me go ahead and review them for you again.
    Okay. This is for those of you guys that are just getting started to create video content and you are stumped.
    So you’ve already chosen what type of content that you want to record, whether it’s a straight video or whether it’s a sharing,
    a dashboard or sharing slideshows or a combination. And here are a recap of the steps to actually get that video recorded.
    So first things first, choose how you’ll deliver the actual content. Second is create your slides, your worksheets,
    any other things that you want to share. Third, you want to make sure that your content is very clearly outlined and then you either record directly into a cell phone or an iPad.
    Use an external mic or you number to record directly into zoom, either by yourself or with inviting other people to join and you save that recording from zoom and you utilize that to share with other people in the future.
    Or option number three is using E cam live. Ecamm live is by far the most advanced in the best quality video recording that you can do,
    but it does require a bit of tech training and we’ll go ahead and share resources to the best YouTube or we know that gives free E cam live business trainings.
    We lovey cam live. We’re just actually testing this more and more for our business. We’ve used cam to record our podcasts and Skype forever and this is a,
    this is a new advanced tool we’re using to create other types of videos for you guys as well, so hopefully these steps really simplified the process of creating video.
    Number one, I want you to walk away with understanding that it doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s not going to be perfect.
    I look back on some of the first online courses I created 13 years ago now and of course I wish that I had done things differently.
    Of course we have certain audio issues in places and the lighting wasn’t that great, but the reality is is the content was amazing and people loved it and I made a lot of money and that’s what I want for you.
    It doesn’t have to be perfect to get started. The other thing that I want to bring up is it,
    so many businesses right now are launching online. The consumer now in 2020 is much more forgiving than they ever have before.
    We’re hearing actor voiceovers with echo in the background coming on through our TV channel because people aren’t in recording studios right now and we don’t care.
    As a matter of fact, there’s a certain sense of the fact that it’s super cool and real and authentic,
    so it doesn’t have to be perfect right now and people don’t expect it to be perfect. There’s never been a better time to launch your online course,
    to launch her online materials, to bring your content to the world in an online way, and so don’t make perfect the enemy.
    Don’t stop in your tracks because you don’t know how to move forward. First, go through, decide how you’re going to share your content and whether or not you need deliverables or visuals to help and then jump in and just start recording.
    You can always use video editors like I movie to cut out parts where you don’t really like what you’ve said or to brighten up the background and just really kind of change the lighting in there.
    You can always use tools to make it better and better, but the point is to just really get started and start bringing your content online.
    This is not just a strategy for right now, although everybody’s using it right now. This is a strategy that my company has been teaching businesses to do for now 15 years.
    By bringing your content online, by going from offline to online or being a newly launching online business in scaling so you can serve more people.
    The way you do that is creating content that can be shared across the board in video is King people want and they are willing to pay you for it,
    especially if you’re creating content that they really want and that your offers are hitting it on the nose as far as what their pain points are right now.
    If you’re struggling with that, you want more help creating your offers. Shoot us an email to and we’ll give you the information on joining our next group case study program where we’re working with entrepreneurs to help you build your new online offers that are going to be the bridge for your company right now and to make sure your company is leading in the future.
    Again, you can just shoot us an email to and we’ll send you the information on our next group study program that we are launching and all of the show notes from this episode can be found by visiting sweet life forward slash one seven three I’m also going to make sure that we include links to the E cam live,
    obviously zoom, which is not hard to find nowadays, but I’m also going to put some other links in there for you as well,
    including the platforms that we recommend for actually uploading your content and sharing online content, online courses and membership sites.
    I’ll make sure that those are there for you in the show notes as well so that you can not only take today’s action steps but you can take them a step further.
    Thank you so much for tuning into the show. I love chatting with you guys. Thanks for bearing with us while we record podcast content every single week based on what you need.
    Thank you for being patient when my teenage boys are Outback and my dog is barking and I just really appreciate all of your support for this show over the years and all of our expert guests that drop in here to deliver you expert content.
    If you have not yet, we would very much love it if you’d cruise over to Apple podcasts and leave us a review.
    It would mean a lot. Not only that, we love to feature businesses that review us on Apple podcasts and so pop in there and give us a review and we’d love to give your company a shout out.
    Thanks so much for tuning in. You guys hope everyone in your household as well, and everyone you love as well,
    and let’s keep growing our businesses together. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.