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    Episode 02: Don’t Make Perfect the Enemy

    What we’re talking about today:

    In today’s episode, I’m going to provide you with some strategies and resources to help you get out of your own way and push past your perfectionist tendencies so you can stop stalling and start doing what you’re called to do.

    Being a perfectionist is holding you back from getting your message, product, and/or service out to people who are wanting and needing it.

    It’s time to stop making perfect the enemy!

    I use the example of trying to make everything perfect before launching this podcast as a way to explain why everything doesn’t need to be perfect before launching your product, coaching, program, online course, etc.

    Why is this important for your business?

    Being a perfectionist is something nearly every entrepreneur struggles with. The reality of the situation is that being a perfectionist makes everything you do take longer than it should.

    Learning how to push past perfectionism is also important because it’s likely you’re putting more effort into the project than it really requires.

    Each day you spend tweaking your product, programs, etc in an effort to make them perfect, is another day you’re making your clients and potential customers wait for the solution they are desperately seeking to a problem their experiencing.

    What can you expect from this training?

    By listening to the strategies and downloading the guide, you’ll push past your current barriers to start making things happen now!

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