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    Episode 65: Doing Things That Don’t Scale – with John Lee Dumas

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    The Power of Not Scaling!

    There’s a lot of focus right now on business growth, diversifying your revenue streams, developing multiple services, programs, and courses, and a lot of other things that sound great in theory, but are not always the best move for your business.

    I’m a firm believer in doing one thing so well that you become the go-to expert in your niche for that thing. Once you’ve mastered that one thing, then should you start to consider branching out.

    Figure out your leading offer and then take the time to master it.

    In This Episode:

    Today John Lee Dumas and I are taking about the importance of doing things that don’t scale.

    John Lee Dumas is the poster child for mastering one thing. After having conducted over 2,000 interviews for his podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire, and creating a wildly successful podcast launch program, he’s the go-to podcasting expert.

    In fact, this very podcast would’ve have launched if it weren’t for a conversation he and I had during an event in San Diego.

    Now, John Lee Dumas is at the point where he can focus more on passion projects thanks to the success he’s seen from sticking to one thing for several years.

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    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, John Lee Dumas and I talk about:

    1. The importance of mastering one thing before doing anything else
    2. The various passion projects John Lee Dumas has been able to work on in recent years
    3. Why he decided to change the format of his podcast after 2,000 episodes
    4. Why losing isn’t a bad thing and how he hopes to help people find their one big win
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