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    Episode 48: Controlling Your Business and Family Finances – with Natali Morris

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    Do You Currently Treat Your Family Like A Business?

    It may sound a little odd, but if you don’t currently treat your family, specifically it’s finances, like a business, you should.

    My guest in this special episode, Natali Morris, is a broadcaster, writer, speaker, co-founder and CFO of Morris Invest, and a former news anchor who has worked for NBC, CBS, and The Today Show.

    After being let go from her lucrative job on network television shortly after having her first child, she decided to start treating her family like her business by taking control of their finances.

    Now, her mission is to empower women to take control of their money, their business, and start building long-term wealth.

    Why You Should Tune In?

    According to Natali, you cannot save your way to wealth. You have to buy it.

    The traditional views of preparing for retirement by pouring money into your 401k are outdated.

    If you truly want to build wealth, or even just make sure your family is taken care of as you start a new business endeavor, you have be creative with your money.

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    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, Natali and I discuss exactly how you can grow true creative wealth and keep your family afloat while you’re launching your own business.

    Are you ready to start treating your family’s finances like a business so you can grow creative wealth? Then check out Natali’s Balance Budgeting Sheet:

    “Natali Morris’ Balance Budgeting Sheet

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    Resources Mentioned:


    Natali Morris’ Website

    Natali Morris’ Investing in Real Estate Podcast

    Entrusted: Building a Legacy That Lasts by Andrew L. Howell and David R. York


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