Episode 214: 5 Signs You’re Ready To Scale – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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Who This Episode is Great For:

This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 3 of the Start Up to Scale Up System™ who want to scale but you’re not sure the key markers that dictate readiness. Not sure what Phase your business is in?  www.sweetlifeco.com/quiz


Scaling your business is the key to growth, but you may not be sure when to scale and if your company is ready. In this episode we’re chatting about 3 key indicators that it’s time to scale, and how to know when to break the rules and scale before you’re “on paper” ready.

At the end of this episode you will:

  1. Know the 3 must do things before you scale 
  2. Know when to break the rules
  3. Understand the types of offers that scale the best

Resources Mentioned:

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Full Show Transcript:


You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hey guys, thanks for jumping into another episode here on this wheat life entrepreneur podcast with me, I am E-Pro beach, the host of your show and business development strategist for entrepreneurs who are ready to design launch,


and scale their business online. Super glad that you have tuned in with me today. This is episode number 214 here on the show, which means that to look up any of the resources I say you can just click over to Sweetlife co.com and search for podcast. Number two 14 today, we’re talking about five signs, you’re ready to scale. So let’s kind of dive into what you can expect out of hanging out here with me for about the next 15 to 20 minutes on today’s show and what you’re going to know at the end of this.


So here’s a little background story as to why we’re talking about this today. So we offer business triaged calls to entrepreneurs. And in the process of this, we ask a few questions before somebody books a call with us. This is my company, this sweet life company. We ask these two questions we ask, what phase of business are you in either launch scale or impact.


And then we ask how much money are you currently bringing in consistently per month? And frankly, more often than not people say they’re in the scale phase almost frequently, somebody will say, yes, I’m in the scale phase, but their revenue is like less than $4,000 a month. And so I thought it would be good to dedicate an episode completely geared towards scale readiness.


And so here it is, who is this episode for this episode is for those of you guys who are in phases two or three of my start to scale up system. So we asked that question in the triage call, but honestly, if you’re not sure where you are in the business launch or growth or scale cycle, if you’re not sure what phase of business you’re in,


I have a self-assessment that you can take this self-assessment will tell you exactly what phase of business you’re in, what you need to do. You’re going to get like a very clear checklist of what you need to do to get to the next phase in that system. And some things to be mindful for as you’re going from phase to phase, you can take that self-assessment simply by,


by visiting Sweetlife co.com forward slash quiz. So it’s really pertinent to what we’re talking about here on today’s show. So this episode is for those of you guys who are in primarily phase two, the launch business phase, but you really want to get to scale, which is phases three and four. There’s different types of scaling we do as we progress through and continue to grow your business.


So there’s a tool for you to find out exactly where you are. This episode is great for those of you who want to scale, but you’re not exactly sure what key markers dictate your readiness. And the summary of what we’re talking about is this scaling your business is absolutely key to your growth, but you may not be sure when scaling is right for you and if your company is ready.


So in this episode, we’re chatting about five different indicators and five different things that you should do and have in line before you think about scaling your business. And then also I’m going to share with you one way, when I say, Hey, throw all those out the window, it’s a cool to break the rules and go ahead and scale your business in this one particular area,


faster, the end of this episode, you’re going to know these five things you should do before you scale. You’re going to know when to break the rules and you are going to have an understanding of some of the most common types of offers that companies are using currently at the recording of this episode to scale their business. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive on it again.


This is episode number 214, and you can find all the show notes by going to Sweetlife co.com clicking on podcast. And we’re at two 14.<inaudible> Let’s go ahead and first talk about what does it really mean to scale your business? And what’s the difference between growing your business and scaling your business? There are quite a few conversations we have around this frequently.


I do, particularly as a business development in a business scale coach, but the best clear definition I found came from lighter capital.com. And so I’m going to read you part of their description. So what is growth in your business versus what is scaling your business? So growing, according to this resource, which is, I’ll share it in the show notes with you is when companies grow,


you’re increasing your revenue revenue equally as you are adding resources. So that means if a company gains $50,000 in new revenue, you’re turning around and spending that to hire new salespeople. So your company’s gains and losses are equal. The difference now is scaling your business is when you add revenue at a faster rate than you’re taking on new costs. So you can scale your business and you can gain $50,000 in new revenue,


but you might’ve only spent $5,000 on software or email marketing tools. And so your gains outpace your losses and your expenses, and this allows you exponentially scale your business faster. So that’s the difference between growth and scaling. One of the things we do at the Sweetlife company is we help you develop programs and services and offers that scale. And so, of course,


that’s why this podcast is important to dive into. So let’s go ahead and keep moving forward. So in reference to that, in reference to the fact that companies come to me and whether it’s your, a business triaged call or whether it’s through our mentorship and our business strategy programs, these are the things we look at first. And so these are the five areas,


the fifth one being the rule breaker, but also in my opinion, the most important thing for you to consider. So here are the five key areas or the five signs, the five things you need to make sure are in line for you to scale your business. So the first area we look at is your demand. This can be different for every single business as an entrepreneur.


You’re going to feel your demand differently than your neighboring entrepreneur mind. But what we mean by this is have you reached capacity. So have you maxed out your one-on-one services? Are your services in demand, are people hiring and paying you for the result that you deliver right now in your business? And do you have a wait list? So we want to take a look and making sure,


first of all, that your minimum viable product is good, that you have proven your MVP or minimum viable product to be true, that it is needed in the marketplace and that it is giving people Results. We know that because that means that you’re reaching capacity, your services are sold out. You just, frankly, can’t serve people one-on-one anymore or deliver services in the way in which you have been doing it in the past.


Maybe it’s done for you services, maybe it’s one-on-one coaching or consulting services, or just delivering your end result on a one-on-one basis. So the very first area we want to look at is your demand. Have you done a great job and have you reached capacity? Do you have a wait list and is your service in demand? Number two, we take a look at your finances.


So we have to get your books in order and inherently entrepreneurs are not awesome bookkeepers. That’s why I love the episodes, honestly, on this show we have with so many financial planners, because you know, I’m sitting there taking notes, just like you are. We’ve had some like Daniel Hayden has been on the show, you know, entrepreneurs we’re creators. We don’t always like looking at the nitty-gritty of the finances and this becomes a problem when it’s time to scale your business.


So the question that we want to ask an answer is are your finances in order, can you afford to invest in the things that you want to, to scale your business and also grow your business? So can you afford the team? Is it time to increase people on your team? Do you want to grow your team? Do you want to grow your sales people?


Do you want to add on marketers? Do you have the money to do that? Or do you know where we’re going to get this money from? You might not have it right now. And that’s part of developing a scale strategy, but we know when we’re going to have the money, according to a plan that is laid out in front of you.


So you know where that’s going to come from in the future. And do you have the money to invest in the software and the marketing automation and the things that we need to invest in to deliver an amazing client experience online in, in a lot of cases, if you are looking at your finances and you’re not really sure what you’re spending your money on,


you’re not really sure how much it’s going to marketing, how much is going to software. Maybe you’re spending a ton of money in these areas and you shouldn’t be, maybe you have purchased five different softwares that maybe you could consolidate in. Only have one that does it all. We talk to clients all the time, they’re having reoccurring fees and software fees that are going out,


and they don’t even realize that they’re paying for these things or frankly, why they ever bought them in the first place. And so it’s really important area. Number two is to take a look at your finances, making sure that your finances are in order and that you have the money, or you have a plan to have the money to grow. The way that you want to.


The third area is actually taking a look at the software. So when we’re talking about scaling businesses online, the new quote, unquote brick and mortar is your forward facing software that clients come into your business, they experience what you have, and that we can bring them through a client experience online that feels very personal and they love being part of what you’re doing.


They actually feel like you are with them, even though they’re just going to your website. So we take a look at your software and we want to make sure that you have the online platform that’s ready to grow, and that’s ready to deliver the programs and services your clients want, need and expect. We want to make sure that your software is going to grow with the way your company is going to grow.


Just a little sidebar here. One of the number one areas that I work with with clients that come to us and they are ready to scale is their software is like a bunch of different pieces, all spread out everywhere, and nothing is really talking to each other. So having a conversation, making sure your software works for you and with the important experience you want to give to your clients moving forward,


we have to make sure your software plan, I call it your technology recipe because it’s different for every single business, but we’re bringing together the technology. You need to grow the software to give the client experience. And we’re saving as much money as possible. Doing that while still not cutting corners, we have to build out your software intentionally. So the third area we look at as to whether or not you’re ready to scale is making sure that your software houses in order,


the fourth area we look at is your track record. This goes back and it connects to number one, which was the demand. Your track record is this, do you have an established system or method or process or steps of service or program or offer, that’s gotten your client results in the past. Have you tested what you do on a smaller capacity so that when we build it into an offer that is going to scale for you or an online program,


a hybrid program, a custom program, whatever that is for your business, that we’re utilizing a methodology that you’ve tested, and that has gotten people results in the past. If you have never ever done something before it’s best to practice it, I should say it’s called testing and traction. And making sure that you’re getting people results, your job as an expert or a teacher or a consultant or a coach or a deliver of exceptional services is to give a predictable transformational measurable result.


We do this by creating your process or your method or your framework and turning it into your signature offer. We talk about your signature offer all the time on this show because we have a high level program called your signature offer. So I’m always talking about why that is important on the show. What we’re talking about here on this podcast is making sure that you’ve laid out your method and your process,


and that you have a tracker to get a track record of getting people results so that when we scale it into scalable offers, we’ll talk about those in just a sack, but we scale it into scalable offers that we have a process to drop into a framework of business that can grow with you. And the fifth area, the bonus area is this. This is the way where I would say,


okay, it’s totally fine to break the rules. If you find yourself in a place where your life is not working with your business, for whatever reason. So when you are ready to break out of the current operations, that’s happening within your daily business, and re-invent your offers into scalable programs that work for you. This is a very good reason to scale.


So another example of this is we meet with a lot of companies that have been doing business, and it’s probably going to date me. I’m 44 years old, but like the traditional way, where before we had, you know, scalable funnels, online systems and all this fancy stuff, we have an online business now. And there are some amazing industry leading companies that are still establish,


but businesses, maybe not even brick and mortar, boutiques, but established businesses and they’re still doing business one-on-one. And so if you are in that place where you’ve been doing business one-on-one for a really long time, and maybe you don’t have all the demand in the world, maybe you have to sit down there and work on your books and figure out what your finances.


In most cases, you have no idea about the software. You need to scale because that’s a whole nother beast in land. You’ve been so honed in on doing what you’re doing on an amazing level that all the software development and this and that has just kind of passed you by because you’re so busy being good at what you do. And you definitely have a track record of getting people results.


So the fifth sign that it’s time to scale is if this is you, if you have been doing what you’ve been doing for so long, and you’re so freaking good at it, but you might not have the quote unquote step-by-step checklist that, Oh yeah, I’m ready to scale my business. If that’s you, it’s time to reinvent your services, scale your offers and scale your business by developing your signature offer by developing your signature online programs,


whatever that may be for you to be determined. And so that’s the case. When I say, Hey, it’s time to break the rules. Even if not, all of your other ducks are in a row. If you are miserable with the way you’re working and you’re tired and you’re ready to level up your lifestyle, then it’s time to have a really serious scale conversation.


Yes. We’re going to go back and make sure that you have the demand. Take a look at what your most popular services. Yes. We need to look at your finances and probably redirect some money and some resources. And yes, we need to have a software plan for you. But if that’s you, then I highly recommend you step forward and you consider what it would look like to scale your business.


So with that being said, when we scale your business, you do two different things. You scale your systems and you scale your offers. That’s how we scale your company by scaling your systems internally. There’s so many other things, and we’ve actually done so many podcasts on them. There are massive systems that have to be scaled on the inside of your business in order to handle the flow client intake systems,


onboarding systems, marketing systems, there’s tons of systems to scale. We’re just talking really high level here so that I can help you at the end of this show. And about two minutes from now know exactly whether or not you’re ready to move forward and scale. So again, we want to scale your systems and we want to scale your offers. And both of those are needed to have exponential results so that you can scale your business.


So what we talked about today is if you’ve reached the capacity, if your one-on-one services are filled, if you have a wait list of people that want to work for you, or if you just frankly want a better life, I want you to start by looking at the basic set of processes and how you can improve those. And then you can move towards growing your team,


increasing your leads, automating a lot of things in your business. And of course, increasing your profit in a strategic way that enables lifestyle freedom by developing your on line programs. So that is today’s show. I hope that you found this beneficial. I appreciate you hanging out with me here and here is a recap of the resources we have for you. Number one,


if you aren’t sure what business phase you’re in, go take that quiz. It’s a six question. Self-assessment that you can take that@sweetlifeco.com slash quiz. You’re going to get a total rundown of where you are a checklist to grow your business to the next phase. And really just a lot of helpful information so that you can stay hyper-focused to grow your business faster.


And of course, in the show notes of this show, I want to make sure that we leave a link where you can set up a complimentary scale strategy call with our team. That will be in the show notes here by visiting Sweetlife co.com click on the podcast. This is episode number two 14, or you can just go to sweet life co.com forward slash schedule.


And you’re going to get our scheduler link is there. And we would certainly be happy to talk to you review this kind of scale readiness and give you steps to move forward. Thank you so much. I love hanging out with you here on this podcast for years running. I really appreciate you guys listening to this show up arrow in it and sharing it off of Spotify,


wherever you’re listening. We’re now on audible, which is really excited. I think we’re literally on every podcast app that is available. Thank you to my amazing producer, Brittany Felix, with podcasting for coaches, by the way, if you need a podcast producer, she is your girl, and we just really appreciate you guys for always tuning into the show,


your face faithfulness, and the fact that you are growing businesses that are doing amazing things, totally adore you. Join me in a clubhouse room coming up. We’re actually going to be figuring out how to record this podcast, live in a clubhouse room so that we get to take your questions. I’m very, very, very excited about that. So you can look forward to that coming and to find me on clubhouse.


If you’re listening on clubhouse, just look up at April beach and I will talk to you in a room soon. All right, you guys have a fantastic night. Bye. Bye

Episode 213: How To Lead In Your Niche By Creating Your Scalable Signature Program or Offer – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Episode Bonuses:

8 Steps to Create Your Signature Framework or Method

Who This Episode is Great For:

Entrepreneurs and experts who are ready to take the lead and become an Undisputed Leader™ in your space.


If you’ve been spinning your wheels or struggling to get noticed, you’re not alone. In today’s fast paced world of online leaders, it’s not a surprise when new and established businesses struggle to get traction. So… how do you become known in world where every one is an “expert” and you’re too busy in the grind to toot your own horn to stand out. 
The answer… develop Your Signature Offer™ guided by your leading framework, method, system, or process.  When you create a signature program, online course, membership, event, service, offer, and method things quickly change in your company that will impact your message, marketing and profit like never before. In this show we also dive into the most common types of scalable offers and which may be right for you. 
“A signature program or offer is a unique service, that you create from your experience, method, framework, or expertise, that delivers predictable-transformational-measurable results”  – April Beach 
This show is an expansion of the Your Signature Offer™ trainings provided by April Beach and the SweetLife Company.

At the end of this episode you will:

  1. Identify if you’re ready to scale with a signature program or offer
  2. Identify areas of need you may have to stand out in your niche
  3. Know the most common types of scalable offers
  4. Know the two types of signature offers 
  5. Know the true definition of what a signature program or offer really is

Resources Mentioned:


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Full Show Transcript:


You’re listening to the SweetLife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hey everybody. And welcome to episode number 213 here today. I’m April beach, your host, and it is such a funny, Sure. To be able to talk to you again yet another week here on the show today,


we’re talking about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. It is one of my favorite topics to discuss, because this is one of my super powers is helping you create your signature offer and your unique methodology. And so we’re continuing the conversation we had on episode two 12 last week. And we’re diving into the signature program creation side of your business.


We’ve honestly talked about this so many times on the podcast, you can cruise to our podcast website at any point in time. All you have to do is type in the words, signature offer or signature program. And you’re going to be able to pull up all the times over the past four years that we’ve discussed this topic to help you get better results in this area.


So here we are for another show about this and let’s be really specific and who this episode is for. So this is for any of you guys who are really ready to scale your business, you have an established business you’re ready to, we’re going to talk actually about the fundamentals of scaling on this show, but you’re ready to increase your profit. And it’s time,


it’s time to create a framework of programs and offers that you have so that you can scale your business, increase your profit and duplicate yourself even faster. So that’s what we’re diving into. If this is you, this means that you are in phase three of my start to scale up system. If you aren’t sure what phase of the start to scale up system you’re in,


you can cruise to Sweetlife code.com forward slash quiz, and you can take a really short quiz. And you’re going to find out exactly where you are in this whole entire lifestyle business roadmap. This particular show is for those of you guys who are ready to scale, you know, you’re ready to scale, and this is phase three. This is a great episode for you,


entrepreneurs and experts who are ready to take the lead and become the undisputed leader in your space. Here’s the issue though. So this is why, you know, it’s good to hang out and listen to this show. So if you’ve been spinning your wheels and struggling to get noticed, you’re definitely not alone in today’s everything. Everybody is a leader expert everywhere.


You know exactly what I’m talking about. Everybody is an online expert of some kind. It’s really not a surprise that you might be struggling to stand out, even if you’ve been in business for a really long time and you want to become known, you’re probably very, very, very at what you do. And you might be struggling with communicating that across the board,


in your business, across social media and really across your messaging too. We’re going to dive into that today. The answer to that is to develop your signature offer and that’s guided by your leading framework method system or process, which we discussed last week on the show. When you create a signature program, an online course, a membership and event, or a service,


or really an offer, and it’s derived from your unique method, it will change things in your company and it will impact your message and your profit like never before. So that’s what we’re diving diving into on today’s show. And at the end of this episode, you can expect to be able to identify if you’re ready to scale with a signature program or offer,


you’re going to be able to identify areas of need that you may need to stand out in your niche. You are going to know the most common types of scalable offers, and you’re going to know the two different types of signature programs and offers. And you’re going to know the true definition of what a true signature program and offer really is. So if you’re ready for that,


let’s go ahead and dive in.<inaudible> Okay, guys. So first of all, I have to apologize to you because I’m slightly losing my voice. If you have been hanging out with me on clubhouse for the past couple of months, then it’s not a surprise. You totally know why I’m spending a lot of time. Our whole company and our whole team is spending a lot of time on clubhouse.


And we have actually talked about how to create your signature opera multiple times in private, in public rooms, on clubhouse. If that’s a topic beyond this podcast that you want to dive into more with me, please do so you can follow me at April beach on clubhouse, and we have our own clubhouse club. Now our clubhouse club sounds funny to say that clubhouse club,


our clubhouse club is called sweet life entrepreneurs. Of course it is. And you can follow our club or officially join our club. If you are on clubhouse, just search the word, sweet life, one word under the clubs. We jam a lot on this and I actually get to take your signature offer questions on clubhouse. But with that being said,


that is why I’m losing my voice. And I’m just super glad to be sharing this message with you on episode 213 here as well. So thanks for being here. So this is what we’re talking about. We’re talking about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. But first, let’s take a look at actually why this is important,


why this is an important conversation to have and why you may really need to be focusing in and leaning in with me here. Number one, it’s hard to stand out with your marketing. If you’re struggling with your marketing do usually because you aren’t being specific enough. And instead with this philosophy of going through in creating your signature program and offer, you’re going to gain an immediate audience who clearly understands what you do and identifies you as the undisputed leader,


that’s going to guide them. So the problem is you’re having trouble standing out. Your marketing is not specific enough. Problem. Number two is actually going through the process of creating a leading scalable offer. It’s important for you to understand how to organize your ideas, how to turn your thoughts into reality, how to turn your expertise into a signature program and actually regroup those things into your signature offer and the signature offer that scales.


So we’re going to talk about that as well here on today’s show. And if you’re struggling, because you have a lack of systemization in the back of your business, so your systems aren’t able to be scaled. You might not even have systems yet in certain places, creating your signature offer certainly solves that problem in a faster way as well. So, first of all,


let’s talk about some fundamentals here. What is a signature offer? This is a definition I wrote, gosh, back in 2018, when we first launched your signature offer masterclass, it was important to define actually what this is because there’s a lot of businesses out there that just launched a signature offer because it might be the most popular one or the most common one that sells.


That’s not really what a signature offer is. Don’t worry. I’m going to give you a lot more resources here that will help you take this to the next level. But let me just start out by reading this definition, a signature offer is a unique program or service that you create from your expertise, method, and experience that delivers predictable transformational, measurable results for your client every single time.


Okay? So it’s created from your IP, your experience, and we’re going to dive more into this as well. The reason why we’re talking about this so much here on the show and on clubhouse is because right now our industry leading signature program call that your signature offer is opening. Again. We open it up a few times a year to help you so we can roll up our sleeves with you to create your signature offer and become the undisputed leader in your space.


And so we’re talking about this on the podcast, in our clubhouse rooms, in our live streams, in our one-on-one calls, it’s all about the most important thing I’m so passionate about for you is creating your signature offer because it’s all in an effort to help you do two things. Number one, identify if your business is ready to develop your signature offer.


And number two, if you’re ready for an expert to guide you through the process and give the step-by-step method to develop your signature offer. So if that’s you and you already know you want more help with that, please visit signature offer.com and we’ll make sure that is in the resources for you as well. But if you’re ready to dive in with us and have us link arms with you and give you our process to do this,


visit signature offer.com. Okay, so now let’s go ahead and dive into how we’re going to break out the business training of this episode. We’re actually breaking it out piece by piece from the title. So let’s read the title of what we’re talking about here again today. The title is how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer.


So I’m going to break this up into three different parts. That’s hopefully helpful for you to take these little pieces, wrap your head around them and start implementing them right here from the show. I love being known as a podcast that gives you step-by-step business trainings that other coaches are gonna charge you thousands for. So I want to make sure you’re leaving with awesome action steps to get profitable and clear.


Results just from this podcast alone. So part one, we’re going to talk about how to lead in your niche. Part two, we’re going to talk about scalable, what scalable really means. And the part three of this show, we’re going to talk about the actual definition of what is a true signature program or offer. So let’s go ahead and dive into part one first,


breaking out the title of the show, how to lead in your niche. I know some of you say niche, sorry, I just call it a niche. So how you do this is by number one, having the very best program that you are the best of the best of the best at what you do, that you are undeniably the program to go to in your space,


in your market, in your area, in your geographic area, whatever that is for you. Most people it’s online area so that you have the very best program. That’s a number one way. It’s a development of your content into your program. That is how you lead. And this is not in any particular order. These are all parts of the ways of how you lead.


Number two, that you deliver the most transformational results. You guys are probably especially those of you guys that listened to the podcast a lot in, in our, always in our online business community, you’re probably sick of hearing me say transformational results. I’d say like predictable transformational, measurable results. Those are the three words, and you’re probably sick of it.


But here is what that means. This is why you need to deliver a transformation through your signature program. There’s a bunch of different types of transformation you can deliver based on your area of expertise, but how you lead in your niche is by creating the very best program that delivers a transformation of your area of expertise in your area of expertise. Also how you lead is by becoming the most trusted leader.


Now, really let’s kind of break out what trust really means. That means somebody is submitted to your guidance and your leadership that they are sold out in buying into the fact that you are going to navigate the way when they might totally be blind in this area. They completely trust you when you develop a program. And this is all obviously around to developing your signature offer.


But when you develop a program and you move forward and you are the trusted leader for the people they’d have just bought your program, they actually trust you. And they’re trusting you to guide the way then that’s how you lead in your niche. Also, you have the clearest message and therefore the clearest marketing messages, if you do not have your signature offer or your signature program developed,


you might be struggling with this. You might be one of the many entrepreneurs that I talk to. Even those that have been in business for years, that there’s so many messages because frankly, you’re so good at so many different things you want to talk about at all, but what that does in today’s day and age of online business, way too loud,


overwhelming drowning noise is that it doesn’t create that clear message and that clear marketing of your specific primary superpower. And so how to lead in your niche is to have the clearest message and to have the clearest marketing. Also, we want you to have some of the best, highest, most profitable sales. One of the ways that we know you’re a leader is that you’re making the most money doing this because people trust you because you deliver transformational results because you have the best program.


So therefore naturally you’re going to be, if not the most profitable, one of the most profitable programs, because people trust you and you deliver that transformation. And this is what this means in order to become that leader in your space. When you do these things, it means you have the deepest client commitment. It means that you are sold out in love with giving your clients and your customers,


a transformation that you promise that there’s nothing that’s going to get in the way of you committing to do that for your clients. And it also means that you have the most thoughtful client experiences. And when we talk about client experiences, it’s really important as we talk about signature offer development, we teach this in our, your signature offer leaders program is that there’s so much psychology behind the tactical things you’re delivering as well.


That there are a lot of mindset and important psychological benchmarks that your clients have to hit. And you are responsible to plan out, map out and guide them through in order to be the leader in that space. Part one, based on the title of this show, the lead in your niche, you need to have the best program with the most transformational results that you’re the most trusted leader with the clearest message and marketing that you have some of the highest sales,


if not the highest sales in this area, that you have the deepest client commitment and the most thoughtful client experiences. So that’s part one. And I promise you, we’re breaking this up into three parts, part two, let’s go back and summarize our title again. We’re talking about how to lead in your niche, which we just covered by creating your scalable signature offer.


So now we’re diving into part two, which is by creating your scalable signature offer. So what is a scalable offer? Scalable well refers to a company’s ability to increase profit customers or services by creating systems and offer structures that deliver those results. So in quick terms, it basically means the ability to make more money by creating systems and offers the decreased time,


increase efficiency, customer served and profit. It means we are creating structures in your company. Systemization behind the scenes automation behind the scenes, but the offers, the programs, the services, whatever they may be, courses memberships. We’re going to dive into that here in a second is that they are built and designed the structure of them. The architecture, the texture of those programs is designed in order to you increase your capacity while either keeping your time the same,


or actually decreasing your workload. So that’s where we talk about when we talk about, about what a scalable offer really, really is eliminates or reduces one-on-one work by adding this traditional type of online service. In most cases, it’s a course or a membership community or an online event, but that isn’t it. I love to talk about other ways of that.


They’re unique, customized, scalable offer creation strategies as well, but those are the most common that people know scale is also reached by designing custom or disruptive programs. Now, this is usually a hybrid type of a program. So these are also offers in services unique to your business, business goals, profit in purpose. You probably, we have heard me say before,


and you’re probably thinking yourself, frankly, you know, just because everybody else is launching a course, does that mean I need to do it just because everybody else is, you know, creating this sort of a program, does that really what’s right for my business and my goals and my profit plan. And of course the most<inaudible> your customers. So when we talk,


talk about scale, it’s really about the, and the design of what you’re doing and how you’re delivering your services. And it enables you to deliver the same results to more people, either the same time as you were working before or reduce time scaling also streamlines the processes that you teach coach or deliver so that then you can grow in your scale and scale your team.


We don’t just scale the offer. We scale your way of delivering it. So we can actually scale your method, scale, your teaching scale processes so that we can grow your team. And that’s what we talk about when we work with businesses to actually scale your team. And it really moves you from overworking to what I call cluster working. That’s a very important thing,


especially for entrepreneurs, you became an entrepreneur because you want to quality of life. And this is how we do it. It’s in the process of scaling your business, that you really start to achieve this life design that you had always hoped for. And as long as you do it in a strategic way, and your entrepreneurial IQ has leveled up on how to do that.


As long as you fully understand how to do that, you will achieve those results. Scaling also streamlined your operations and your systems. So it’s not just your team systems or your coaches system. It’s all of your system that your client onboarding system, it’s your client offboarding system. It’s your communication systems, your marketing systems. When we talk about creating scalable offers,


all of these things need to be part of it. And just for one clear definition, Webster’s dictionary defines scalable as capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand. There is a definition. So that’s the closure of part two. Again, part one, we talked about how to lead in your niche. Part two, we’re talking about by creating scalable.


And so we’ve kind of defined your really what scalable is. It’s not only the offers, but it’s the systems it’s taking your methods and reaching and serving more people at less time or reduce time to increase profit. And then the part three of the, this week’s episode, this is number 213 is by creating yours or scalable, which talked about signature program or offer.


And so we have to answer the question. What actually is that, what is a true signature offer or program? Again, I’ll read the definition that I originally wrote about four years ago, just to help you put it into context. So your signature offer is a unique program that you create from your intellectual property, that your experience, your method and your expertise that delivers people,


predictable transformational, measurable results every single day. Okay. So the note we have to make here is that there are actually two kinds of signature programs or offers. This is very important to understand because where you are in business, once we kind of understand this fundamental baseline signature program offer creation, it’s going to help you understand the lines of thinking that you can have to move forward to get results faster.


So there are two kinds and I’ll reference all the other podcast episodes over the last couple of years when I’ve talked about this as well, two kinds, number one is foundational. Number two is influential where you are in your business is going to dictate really what type of your signature offer you’re building both of those foundational and influential can scale, but which you choose truly depends on your business,


growth needs and capabilities right now. So a foundational signature offer. This is for those who have never created a signature offer or program before you may be new in your niche. And this creation of your foundational signature offer gets you on the map, either in a certain area of expertise online or in a geographical area based on where you’re located or it’s for those of you guys who are established business owners,


but you really have not gotten the traction or you really haven’t become known for something specific yet. So that’s a foundational signature offer in influentials signature offer is for those of you guys with an established track record of getting people Results. So you are known usually in a one-on-one setting for getting people results in this particular area that you’re creating your signature offer and program around.


And this influential signature offer stems from your unique method, process, framework, programming, mapped out steps, whatever you want to call it, which you have tested and proven to be true, your signature offer or your signature program stems from your unique method or framework, which you have used in the past, or you’re in the process of creating based on your experience or expertise and an influential signature offer makes you known for a specific outcome deliverable experience,


program service, and it makes your method well-known as well. And an influential signature offer when it is built correctly, can establish you as the leader in your industry so that other businesses are trying to follow along, trying to play catch up to you. This is how are your signature offer program is we’ve had this program for years. And honestly, people are just popping up trying to create programs like it,


but we’re well rooted in establishing our area of expertise in that because it’s our signature offer program. And that’s what I want for you as well. The, what you do, others are going to try to follow you, but you are the undisputed leader because nobody does it the way you do it. Nobody has your unique method, your unique process, and frankly,


your experiences that come into it, your personal opinions and the way you go about doing it and the method in which you get people results. So an influential signature offer can also really change the landscape of an industry and disrupt the space. Now let’s actually talk about kind of breaking down some of the fundamentals here. What makes a signature offer an actual signature offer?


Because we had talked about this in the beginning and they just cause it’s the thing that sells the most, or, you know, if you are, let’s say for example, a graphic design firm, the most common product somebody may purchase from you as a logo design, but that doesn’t mean it’s your signature offer. Okay. So I actually get asked this question all the time and I teach the components of a true signature offer and my,


your signature offer leaders program. But for the sake of this podcast and just wrapping up this post question again, we’re answering the question of the title of this particular episode, how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. This is what I want you to take away. Your signature offer is unique to you. It’s created by you,


it’s derived from your experience, your expertise, your views, your theories, your styles, and your beliefs. Your signature offer is built from the foundation of your method, your process, your system, or your framework. And you can listen to last week’s episode 212 to dive all into how to create your unique method and your unique framework, and the difference between a method and a framework,


your signature offer delivers predictable transformational measurable results. That’s what a real true signature offer is also. And your signature offer provides the roadmap for your clients to navigate that physical, psychological, and or tangible roadblocks that they have hit while trying to do it on your, on their own. But now your signature offer is that roadmap that helps them guide through the way you are the trusted leader when they feel blind,


or at least partially unable to see, you know, how to navigate through and get to the end result that they’re looking for examples of business models of what your signature offer could be. So we don’t start with the actual business model. I’m a really big advocate for this. We don’t just say, Oh, I’m going to launch a course or I’m going to launch a membership site.


That is the last thing we do is actually building out the structure of the business model. But first thing we do is extracting your thoughts, turning your thoughts and your expertise into reality in the form of your signature offer. And then here are the most common business models that signature offers manifest and build into that could be a full blown program, could be a corporate program or a healthcare program or an educational program.


Our clients develop amazing signature corporate educational industry, leading signature programs. It’s really impressive. So that’s one of them. It could be a course in how you deliver that course, whether it’s live or on demand. That’s those are, we have a million other podcasts we can, you know, dive into about those. You’re welcome to search our podcast website,


just literally type in the word course. And it’ll bring you to every other podcast episode about courses and how to create your course. It could be a membership community. It could be an event, a live virtual event or an in-person event. Your signature offer could be a service. It could be a one hour service. You could have like the crazy,


most amazing transformational one hour service that is your signature offer that you are known for. It could be a mastermind. And of course it could also be a hybrid business model, which most of our clients are building hybrid business models in order to get there science Results. And of course, I always want you to be realizing and remembering. And frankly, just thinking along the lines of the fact that it can be anything else,


just because a business model hasn’t been created yet doesn’t mean that you can’t create it. If that what works best for you, you or your clients. So if you’re thinking, wow, well, I just kind of want to do and deliver my, my signature content this way. And my signature offer this way and my signature program this way. But nobody’s really doing that.


Please listen to yourself. You can do anything that you’re willing to build and strategize through. Here’s a quick story about that. And then we’ll just wrap up this episode for you. In 2008, I had a crazy thriving consulting firm. I had licensed my trademark to offices in seven different States, and I had three babies at home at that time, by 2008,


they were all under the age of six and I could not do one-on-one consulting work anymore. I did not have the bandwidth. And so I, without even being some strategy, decided to launch an online course. And it wasn’t because it was the sexy thing to do. Nobody was doing online courses and you guys, I mean, it was like we had to duct tape the thing together with a prerecorded Cisco WebEx.


It was really, really, really clunky. So I didn’t copy what anybody else was doing because nobody was doing that yet. I did it because I literally had to figure out how to scale an increase profit while not even keeping the same time this mama, I had to decrease my time because I was fricking exhausted. Okay. So I just want to inspire you that it wasn’t something that I just was following the crowd.


I literally had to do it because that’s what worked for me. And frankly, the companies that were coming to me to learn, to launch their own business, a lot of them were international in my time here in Colorado, didn’t work for their time in Australia, we’re Switzerland. And so they wanted things on demand. So I launched my first and one of the first evergreen on demand courses because it needed to be done.


So I share that story with you because if you’re thinking about delivering something some way that has never been done before, do it like go through the process. I would love to roll up my sleeves with you and help you develop out that new business model. I’m a big advocate that we’re always evolving and there truly is always a better, deeper, and more efficient way where we can get our clients Results.


So I’m just going to end this episode with encouraging you to be disruptive, to be creative on purpose, if that’s what works best for the creation of your signature offer. So thank you so much for hanging out with me today. Again, this was episode number 213 here on the Sweetlife entrepreneurial podcast. I’m April beach host here on the show. We’re going to begin re begin bringing a lot of our experts back into the show coming up here in the next few episodes.


So I’m excited to dive into back to some business trainings in the form of interviews. And today we talked about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. If you would like to work with me and my team to create your signature offer. We have two really fun things coming up. If you’re listening to this podcast in real time,


you can very simply go to signature offer.com. We have a one day live virtual event to create your signature offer. And we have our, your signature offer leaders program, which is opening up in the end of February as well. And I would love to link arms with you and give you my system to make sure that you are creating your signature offer and process to become the undisputed leader in your space.


I would love to do that for you. Okay? I hope you guys have a great afternoon or morning or night wherever you’re listening to the, whenever you’re listening to this and I’ll look forward to talking to you. Bye-bye for now.

Episode 206: 3 Tips To Put Family First As An Entrepreneur & Create More Time Freedom – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Start to Scale Up System™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?  www.sweetlifeco.com/quiz
Small business owners who are looking to gain control of time and manage family and company growth. 


Growing a company while raising a family is a lot of work. Oftentimes entrepreneurs feel maxed out, and “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin breaks your heart. You started your company for freedom, and you know you can obtain it, but you don’t want to wait to sell or years more of hard work before reaping family life’s rewards. 
In this episode we break down 3 practical systems you can implement this week, that require minimal work and will gain you maximum time freedom.

At the End of This Episode You Will

  1. See how you can tweak your business model right now to create more time
  2. Know the power of messy days, how to schedule them and why you’ll love them
  3. Know more creative ways you can connect with your #1 team (family)

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Full Show Transcript:


You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hi, you guys. And welcome to episode number 206 of the sweet life entrepreneur podcast, and Merry Christmas to those of you who are listening to this live and happy holidays to everybody, regardless of what you celebrate here,


we are celebrating family, and I just hope that this show reaches you and that you’re blessed by what we talk about today. Thank you so much for tuning in with us over the holidays. We’ve never missed an episode so far. And this year with all that’s happened in 2020 is no exception. And so today we are talking about three simple ways to put family first as an entrepreneur and create more time.


So whether you’re listening to this live and it is Christmas week here in 2020, or you’re listening to this down the road, everything we’re talking about is a proven business strategy that you’re going to be able to take to the bank and create more time in your life, whatever you want your life to look like. I know that many of you who’ve listened to this show for years.


You know, that half of the time my teenage boys are walking in and out of the door. On the other side of, of my office recording here, you know, with their friends or to the skate park, you know, wherever it is that you are doing life, we need to create a business model, a lifestyle around enabling that. And so this show fits really well into what we’re talking about right now with the holidays,


with, you know, really cherishing life. I think the one thing that for us, it was just such a hidden blessing that came out of 2020 is just really loving being together at home and cherishing time. The one thing that money can’t buy is a second of time. And so a lot of things we’re talking about here on the show we’ve been talking about for years,


but in this episode is all strategies to control time into a create as much time so that you are enabling family first in your business. This episode is for those of you guys who are in any phase of my start to scale up system. And so that’s phase one through five, whether you’re just thinking about starting a business, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur,


that’s making a huge impact this show. And what we’re talking about here applies to all of you guys who are looking to gain control of time and manage family and company growth. Because the reality is, is a growing a company and raising a family is a lot of work. And oftentimes we as entrepreneurs feel super maxed out right in that song, cats in the cradle,


I’d sing it to you, but I’ve a really terrible voice that song comes on and it’s like heartbreaking. And, and I was actually just listening to it last week with my boys. And one of my kids asked guys, you know, I love song, but what does it actually mean? And I was like, ah, you know, it’s about this dad that worked so hard that he never had time for his kid and he regretted it.


And it was like, Oh, that through the gut, I know we feel that as entrepreneurs. So that’s how we were talking about some strategies here on the show. At the end of this episode, this is what you’re going to know. So you are going to see how you can tweak your current business model right now to create more time like instantly right now,


as you’re listening to the show, we are going to talk about the power of messy days, how you can schedule them and why you will love messy days. And I’m going to share with you some behind the scenes about how I schedule these types of things. And you are going to know more creative ways that you can connect with your number one team,


which is your family. And if you don’t have kids in your listening to this show, this family, your family is your support system, your network, whatever that looks like to you, all of our lives are beautifully different. And so whatever that looks like to you, you’re going to be able to take the strategies that we talk about here on this episode and apply them right away to your business and for all the show notes and the resources we mentioned here in the show,


cruise over to Sweetlife co.com. Again, that Sweetlife co.com click on podcast. And this is episode number two, zero six. Okay. Let’s dive into today’s strategies. It’s going to be a real quick show cause it’s a holiday week, but really powerful. So stick with me.<inaudible> Step number one, in order to create more time in your business for family and lifestyle freedom,


we need to look at your business model. So your business model can either bury you or save you. So the first thing I want you to look at is really how you’re serving clients. How much of that time does that of your time, does that take within a week and understand the demands of delivering certain projects or services places on your time, energy and your ability to focus.


First of all, what do you do? Take a look at what you do. Just kind of picture your, your week and how you’re working with clients. Do you work with people? One-on-one do you work with people, one on group? How does that really look in your life? And right now I want you to assess that. And I want you to understand the time that’s required,


that you are spending currently working with your clients and take a look at this current business model that you have. What does that look like? How do you work with people? Is it one-on-one? Is it one on group? How frequently in the first thing you want to do is you want to ask yourself, you know, Hey, is this working for me or is the actual amount of time that I’m spending with my clients taking away time from family?


Now one might say, well, wow, isn’t that great? You know, you’re, you’re so busy. Your business is so busy. You have so many clients. Yes, that is true, but busy doesn’t equal. Good. So we’re going to give you some tips here to take a look at turning busy-ness into profit and time. And so the first thing I want you to do is I want you to ask yourself,


what can I change right now? So that would be, are you seeing clients five days a week? You and these are just some suggestions for you. Can you block and tackle your client days as an example, I only work with clients privately on Thursdays and Fridays. And I’ve shared this with you guys on the show before, and I’ll share with you again,


because I just get great feedback from this time. Number one, I think, I think best when I consolidate my work. So if I know that Thursdays and Fridays are, or my business coaching days, when I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses, then I get in that mindset and I know what I’m doing. I also then can look at my business model and I can say,


okay, all of these businesses are in this same type of need, this same type of area. And so now I’m going to create groups and I actually scale my business model and I always do this again, reassess it. So I have, if I have five clients that are in the same place and need the same things, I actually will offer a group strategy call for those clients.


It’s great for me, it’s great for them to network with other people and everybody gets the same results. So I want you to look at your business right now and ask yourself, can I number one block and tackle my days. And then within those days, what sort of smart scaling can I do for my business model? So can you create group offers?


Can you create some on-demand content that your clients or your customers might want to absorb, instead of saying the same thing to different people? One-on-one can you create maybe an online resource center for your clients to tap into some of your more, more frequently asked questions to help save some of that time or even create a course or an actual program for them to go through online.


Other strategies for you are creating maybe a membership committee, unity, or an online forum this year can be done with Slack or something easily with boxer, where you create a group of people that you want to connect with and you want to help them Connect with each other, but you don’t want to launch a full-blown membership site because that might not really work with your actual business model.


So those are some suggestions of things that you can look at right now in your business, so that you can say, Hey, listen, what can I actually change immediately? What can I actually group together to save my time? And what are the dates phase where I would like to serve my clients? Another reason I haven’t mentioned it here, but why I serve clients on Thursdays and Fridays is because of the entire beginning of my week is on business building content creation and actual strategy.


And so I take care of the business building inside in the beginning of my week, when my mind is fresh. For example, I’m recording this podcast episode on a Monday, usually record on Mondays or Tuesdays. When I know that I can put really powerful, highly impacting content. And then I take care of serving my clients because once I go in and I start immersing myself in my client’s businesses,


it fully takes over all my thought processes. So that’s one of the reasons why I serve clients towards the end of the week. And then I have that weekend break in between. So action item. Number one is take a look at your current business model. Can you group together the days that you serve your customers, serve your clients, and can you make some changes to how you’re serving your clients?


Creating group offers a membership community, or even just an online forum and really take a look at controlling instead of spreading yourself out throughout the week, consolidating your work into different types of work that you were doing at a time. That’s really strategy. Number one, within that same strategy. We talked about this a few episodes ago on the show within that same strategy,


you should be planning your year in advance. So planning what you’re selling when you’re selling it. So, you know, we have a big macro plan and then we have a micro plan week by week. So you really should be taking a look at what’s happening for the year to come. Regardless of when you’re listening to this episode, you can do this at any point in time and really know what you’re selling when you’re selling it and what demands that’s going to put on your life and your family,


okay. Strategy, or I should say, tip number two is my favorite. And I call it for the love of messy days. This is what a messy day is. A messy day is a day that I have scheduled in the middle of my week. My messy day is always Wednesday. And that day is a break between my strategy and my content creation at the beginning of the week.


And my client service at the end of the week, messy days are totally to be spontaneous. And this is an amazing thing. It’s especially amazing if you have teenagers like I do. So on my messy days, I really don’t schedule any client meetings, but this is the day I schedule like the kids’ teeth cleaning, or if I need to stop by the grocery store or any appointments like I would have for myself,


like going to get my eyelashes glued on or a haircut, all of those things are always scheduled on a Wednesday. This is also the day where I am completely able to be spontaneous with my kids. Do I have to get work done? Yes. I still work on messy days. So Wednesday is my favorite day to be this day. But it’s also the day that,


you know, if my kids just want to sit down and, and have a cup of coffee and hang out where I always don’t have somewhere to be, I always can make sure that that is in that day. And they literally throw the plan out the window again. Do you have a list of things you have to get done on messages? Yes.


Are they so regimented and scheduled? Not at all is one of the things I love doing with my kids on messy days is we have this taco wagon down the street and it’s just this amazing Mexican food that’s here in Lafayette, Colorado love taco wagon, and the kids will just be hungry. I’ll say, Hey, let’s, let’s go to taco wagon and grab some tacos and it’s super spontaneous and they love it.


We listen to music. We play music messy days are the days where I can just stop and walk out of my office and share songs with the kids and listening to what they’re listening to, or watch YouTube videos or sit down and play call of duty, which by the way I suck at on Xbox. But I try, you know, those are the things we do on messy days.


And so messy days are a day sometime in your week, if you can’t fit it in every single week, maybe plan and schedule a messy day every two weeks. And again, this is the time for you to know this is when you can fit in your haircuts teeth, cleaning, having to run an errand, maybe go to the post office. But it’s also the day where you can totally stop and have a cup of coffee with a friend who just might really need you call your aunt on the phone,


who you haven’t talked to in forever. And all those things that get scheduled out because the schedule is too regimented. Messy days is totally to not be regimented, but you will love it because you’ll actually get more work done in the other days. When you know, you have your messy day, wherever that may land in your week. And then the third tip I have for you is to really over communicate with your family over communicate with your team.


Again, whoever that is, it can be, you know, young, old, it can be your dog. You know, I used to communicate with my toddlers, my boys, when I was working from home and say, okay, you know, mommy really has a lot of work to do for the next two hours. But after that, we’ll sit down and we’ll watch Mickey mouse together or whatever.


And so as long as you’re over communicating, what’s about to happen with your team. Then everybody is going into that with open eyes and they understand how they can support you in that process. Again, it doesn’t matter if they’re three or if they’re 35, they all understand that. So some suggestions on how to over communicate with everybody, but in a way,


that’s not going to take you too much time because that’s would be against the point of this whole entire episode is number one. Every single Sunday night, just have a quick weekly powwow. We do this all the time. We go through the week, we look at our calendars, see what’s coming up and everybody’s just on the same page. It literally takes five minutes and that’s for a family of five to do,


but it helps to just communicate and what’s to come. It also helps us all mentally prepare for the week ahead and how we want to show up in that week. We also have a nightly pregame. And so a nightly pregame again, literally takes like one minute saying, okay, this is what the morning is going to look like. This is what I have today.


This is what you know, you have going on this next day. This is what this looks like for our family. Let’s again, have everybody be on the same page. It’s also the place where I can take a minute. If my kids need to talk about school or things they’re struggling with and help them strategize a plan to, you know, maybe make up some schoolwork,


which frankly has been a lot since everybody’s doing online school and it’s a freaking mess. I won’t go down that rabbit hole, but it’s a time for me to really connect with my boys and hear like, yeah, I just have this, I have this math test tomorrow. I have no clue what I’m doing and really be able to focus in on them.


And I know that they really appreciate this nightly pre-game as well. Couple of things we also do and we’ve done for years and years and years is we calendar share. We’ve also taught our boys how to add things to our family calendar. So we have one Gmail address where we manage all of our kid and family things. And so anytime one of our kids has something they want to do.


They want to ride to the skate park or they want to go sleep over with a friend or whatever it may be. My boys can add that event and share it to our family calendar. So without even talking, we all know what everybody wants and needs over a period of time. And so everybody’s on the same page without taking any time whatsoever. And you might be asking like,


okay, how do I do this? My kids are five. Well, of course this is age appropriate, but I will say that we started teaching our boys to add things to our family, shared Gmail calendar when they were as young as nine years old. So these kids can do anything with tech, right? So you would be very surprised at the wishes we receive on our family calendar.


And it’s really cool. That’s how our kids get to do things because it’s planned in a way that works for everybody. And then the last suggestion that I would have for you is a family chat or a family WhatsApp channel or family Voxer. If you’ve never tried any of that, those are all awesome places to create a group chat where everybody’s on the same page.


And you as the business owner can even just shoot, instead of calling this person and telling this person to pick up that person, you can just get on your boxer and just say, okay, you know, I’m running 10 minutes late from this meeting. We’re having chicken for dinner. I’ll see you soon, whatever it is that you need to say,


you can, you can put in a box or chat to your family. And it’s a really efficient way to actually create more time. Again, if your family is, is a roommate, if your family is, you know, your other business team, or if it’s friends, whoever your people are, these are three simple ways to put those people,


to put your family first as an entrepreneur and create more time in your business. And so here’s what we talked about today. We talked about how does your current business model and know how to group your days together and what you can tweak and scale and your business model right now, in order to create more time each week, we also talked about messy days,


why you need messy days, why you’ll love them, why your family will love your messy days and really why it just frankly, it’s going to make you think, wow, I’m so glad I’m an entrepreneur instead of wow, crap. This is way harder than I thought it would be. Is there ever going to be a light at the end of this,


you know, constant tunnel of demands, messy days, fix that, like in an instant. So if any of these things I can say, I love my messy days the most. And then the third thing is think of more creative ways to connect with your family, whether it’s calendar share or Voxer and different ways to communicate, whether it’s a weekly powwow or a nightly powwow.


We talked about that as well. I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful to you and your team, your people, all the people that love you. And you know what it’s really special to have people in your life that love you so much. They just want more of you and they need more of you. That’s a gift. And you know,


I know we’re also grateful for that. So it’s really important as small business owners that we take strategies like this business model, calendar share and more practical lifestyle strategies in order to create this time and in life freedom, I’m here to help. I’m here to support you. It’s what I do here on the show. I’m a business strategist, but I’ve built multiple companies with kids.


I think I launched my first business when my youngest was six weeks old. So I totally get it. Whatever phase you’re in of parenting. Thank you so much for listening to this show. Again, happy holidays. Happy new year, let’s kick 2020, like to the curb behind us. And I’m so excited to start 2021 with you. We have a lot of amazing things coming up on the show,


including commitment week 20, 21, five days. I’m only 10 minutes a day to completely lay out your entire 20, 21 business plan coming up here next week. And so I dive into commitment week 2021 with us next week’s episode number 207. All right, you guys, I will talk to you soon. Have an awesome day.

Episode 203: How To Create Your 2021 Online Business and Lifestyle Plan – April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Episode Bonuses:

Join the live workshop for detailed steps on planning 2021, Dec. 10, 2020 – join our Premier Online Community for only $7/ month

Who This Episode is Great For:

This show is for entrepreneurs in all stages of my Start To Scale Up System™ – take the quiz here to find out and receive a personalized business growth plan.


Whether you’re heading to a family reunion are planning to hike the John Muir Trail, Lifestyle freedom is the reason why you became an entrepreneur. Let’s make sure you’re planning your year in advance to actually make it happen. For the past three years I’ve recorded an episode every December to teach how I lay out my year for family and travel first, while assuring I’ve reached the profit benchmarks I need to to make it all happen. In this episode I lay out those steps to make sure my year it’s exactly the way I want it to be. (Regardless of what craziness comes in the year to come, creating a plan is essential to ever getting what you want.)

At the End of This Episode You Will

  1. Know how to layout the whole year for lifestyle freedom
  2. Be able to assess what changes may need to happen in your offers and services to reach your lifestyle goals
  3. Have the most important math equation that business coaches don’t tell you – and if you don’t know these numbers – you’re sunk

Resources Mentioned:

Join the live workshop for detailed steps on planning 2021, Dec. 10, 2020 – join our Premier Online Community for only $7/ month

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Full Show Transcript:


You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. You guys. It’s so great to talk to you again. This is Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast. So number 203, and I’m April beach, your host here at the show and at the recording of this,


we are turning over into the month of December. I’m so excited. I know you’re with me. Let’s have jazz hands here. We’re ready to put this year behind us. And in the process of doing that, it’s time to plan for 2021. So this episode is a really cool episode. It’s actually a great show. I have recorded this show and released it in December for the last three years in a row.


And today we’re talking all about the steps to plan this next upcoming year for profit and lifestyle freedom. And so this is a great show for those of you guys that are wondering how to plan out your business plan for the upcoming year. But also you share the same values as me, where as you want to make sure you’re setting aside time to be with your family,


to travel to your kid’s soccer, things that they’re going to do to go visit your family reunion at the Lake, whatever it is that you want to do, that you have a vision that you want to do, that you can do for the upcoming year. And the truth of the matter is, is if we don’t plan your business for this in advance,


it’s never going to happen, never, ever, ever going to happen. And regardless of any global pandemic or anything else that comes around or where we are as a world, as the new year rolls around, you have to have a plan or it’s never going to happen. So that’s what we’re talking about on today’s show. And you know, people ask me all the time,


how I’m able to run two companies, have a busy podcast and still be able to travel with my kids. So in 2019, I was away from the house for almost six months for the whole year, traveling and living in different places. And this is how I did it. So even though this year, didn’t roll out the way all of us wanted.


I’m still going to teach you how to plan for it for the years to come. And in this show, this is what you can expect. At the end of this episode, you’re going to know how to lay out your whole entire year for lifestyle freedom. And I’m going to give you the steps, almost the order of operations in which I go through this every single year.


You’re also going to be able to assess what changes you need to make to your current offers. That’s actually going to make that happen. This shows can help you open up your eyes in a very sobering way. I’ll be honest regarding what you’re selling and whether or not what you have in your menu of offers and services and programs is honestly ever going to get you to the lifestyle that you want.


And we’re going to do that by making sure you have the most important math equation. I hate math too. I’ll be honest, but there are some pretty important math equations that most business coaches don’t tell you that I need to make sure that you’re aware of. Because if you don’t know these numbers, if you don’t hit these numbers, you’re never going to have lifestyle freedom.


And so we’re going to dive into all of those things on today’s show. Again, this is Sweetlife podcast episode number 203. So you can cruise over to Sweetlife code.com or find us on all of the podcasts listening apps in all of the show notes will be@sweetlifecode.com. Number two Oh three. And we do have a couple of bonuses for those of you guys that are really interested in making sure you’re nailing your 2021 business and profit plan.


The first thing is join us over in our Sweetlife community. We have just launched our premier members community. It’s $7 a month. Yes, I’m charging $7 a month for it. We really only want to make sure serious business builders are in there. And so we need to charge people something. Otherwise we just have dead weight. I don’t like dead weight in my communities.


So cruise over to Sweetlife community.com and in December, I am going to be teaching a class, a workshop taking you step-by-step through the process of laying everything out that I’m talking about high level on the podcast. So join me on December. The, let me look up the date for you 17th, as long as you joined Sweetlife community.com, cruise over there and pay your little puny $7,


I will be teaching you a live masterclass and taking your questions on top of that as you’re going through this training. And as we’re talking about what you need to do, step-by-step to lay out your year, if you’re struggling whatsoever with your offers, if you can’t hit your offer numbers that you need to hit, then go to signature offer.com. There’s nothing I can give you right now,


but you can join our wait list for our new signature offer masterclass. It’s opening up again in February of 2021. So those are some resources. They’re all there in our show notes. And let’s go ahead and dive into today’s business training.<inaudible> The steps to plan your business year for profit and lifestyle freedom. So starting with the most important thing you have to have is a primary offer that you know,


will generate the revenue that you want. So how do you know that you have to take time to craft an outline, a high value, high impact program service, signature offer, or package. So if you haven’t done that yet, that’s your very, very first step. Again, if you need help with that cruise over to signature offer.com and we’ll connect in my in February.


But the very, very first thing is making sure that you have a primary offer that is high value, high impact that people meet, where they want so much, that they are seeking you out. It’s something that is incredibly needed in your space. And they’re going to pay you to solve this for them because they either don’t want to, or they can’t do it on their own.


They can’t do it without you. So you need to make sure that you have this primary offer and that it’s nailed down. Emitted is awesome. So we can’t plan your year. We can’t plan profit unless we know you have something incredible that you’re selling. And I’m talking about the primary offer that you were selling. So after you know what your primary income source will be,


then I want you to look at the year. I want you to look at a calendar and this is how I do this. This is how I teach it. And I’m telling you what you guys have been doing this now for about seven years, every single year, it’s exponentially better. So step number one is to look at your whole entire calendar.


If you’ve ever seen behind the scenes, I literally have a 12 foot calendar going across my wall. I’m a calendar dork. It’s a dry erase calendar I got from Amazon. And I can look on my wall and whatever calendar you like to use. I want you to block off all the times in this upcoming year that you plan to travel or take off work in the whole entire year.


So if you don’t have a specific plans yet, but you know, you want to travel, make sure you block off those times now. So for example, I have no idea where exactly I am going to travel next summer, but I can tell you what I know I’m going to be on the East coast, at least a dozen times at lacrosse tournaments over the months of June and July.


And I know I’m going to be on the West coast with my other son dancing in the spring. So I’m still blocking off those times in my calendar, even if they’re just general times. And I don’t know exactly when I’m going yet, but generally I know that I’m not going to be in the same work capacity. So after you’ve gone through your calendar and you’ve thought about the times that you want to travel,


even if you don’t have specific plans yet, even if we don’t know what the world is going to look like, I want you to block them off now or you know what you’re never ever going for sure. And step number two is to block off any professional development time after you block off your personal time. So this could be time for working on any projects that you’ve set aside,


like writing that book, or maybe doing a big project, like rebuilding your website that you really can’t dive into because you haven’t blocked off all the busy-ness of work in life. So I want you to go and I want you to think, when do I want to be working on these projects? When does this make sense to me to reach this specific goal?


And I want you to note it on your calendar and if needed, you might need to take off or reduce your client or business service time to develop your new professional skills or write that book or whatever it is. So step one is blocking off travel time, family time, when you just really don’t want to be in the office setting. Number two is setting aside your professional development time and what this does,


is this a side note here? It’s super cool because as you see these conferences coming up, whether they’re online or in person or a mastermind that you want to join being offered in 2021, you know that you will have already made those things important. And so now you can look for those things that actually fit into your calendar. Look for the opportunities,


the mentors you want to work with and the trips that you want to go on professionally or the work that you want to do. So that is why blocking off your professional time. Come second, because again, those are things that they come last, usually for us as business owners and they shouldn’t. And then after you’ve blocked off and secured your personal growth time and your lifestyle time,


now let’s get into how you’re going to pay for it. Right? So looking at your primary offer, I want you to ask yourself, can you still deliver this primary offer during any of your blocked off times as the answer is yes, then there’s really nothing much you need to do. But if the answer is no, then you’ve keenly become aware that you need to sell more of your offer in less time.


So you better be strategic to pull it off, right? So therefore I want you to block off your primary selling period and product or service delivery times for this primary product or offer. I’ll give you a personal example. I always like to try to show you guys behind the scenes. So I know that I’m traveling a lot in June or July. So when I open up my,


your signature offer masterclass, for example, it is never going to be in June or July because I will never ever do it. I’m not going to be here to do that, right? So I know that the times I’ve blocked off on my calendar to invite people, to join me in my signature offer masterclass, I need to make sure that I am hitting our financial end goal benchmarks during those times.


And you need to do the very same thing. So go on block off your primary selling periods. And when you are offering that particular primary offer in order that it’s going to work with the rest of your calendar side note to those of you guys that are in somewhat of a seasonal business, there are certain seasons that align with when people buy. So,


you know, if you’re a realtor, there’s a house buying. If you will kind of season, you know, you’re not going to not plan to sell during when your primary season, it would be like a bathing suit shop closing in the summer. So although we are designing your life because we’re creating a profit plan that gives you lifestyle freedom. We always have to be obviously realistic.


When do people want to buy what you’re offering? And so take that into consideration when you’re going through and planning this. So first we’ve laid out your personal time off second, we lay out your professional time off third. We note on your calendar, your primary selling periods. Again, in order to pull off the lifestyle side of it, we need to sell more in less time.


So now we need to look at those numbers. And this is when the sobering part of the podcast training comes next. You need to crunch the numbers. This is seriously not rocket science. I am terrible at math. How many of your offer do you need to sell in order to hit your financial benchmarks for that particular product in those groups of times,


for the year. And in order to answer that you need to know some basic things about your primary offer. First, first of all, what is it cost? And secondly, what is your capacity? Your capacity is how many people you can serve at once. So what is the cost of your offer and how many people can you actually have based on your business capacity,


serving during those times of the year that you need to sell your primary offer. And then once you’ve gone through it for your primary offer, then you’re going to rinse and repeat the same step for any other offers. You have secondary offers, digital products, quick grab things that might not require so much of your time. So first I want you to do it for your primary sales objective,


your primary signature program service, whatever it is, you do know how much it costs and ask yourself how many people can I serve at a time. And these numbers become really sobering for some businesses. You may realize that with your offer, the way that it is, you can never reach your financial benchmarks. And I’ll talk to you about what to do here in a second.


Give that to you then. And again, I want you to rinse and repeat this for any other offers that you have. And so you’re going to end up with some basic but powerful math and these answers to these math questions or really sobering. So you will learn that you possibly need to alter and change some of your products, business model to serve more people,


to reach your financial benchmarks. And this is what we call scaling. This is what my company does. This is our Ninja skill. We help companies take your assets and scale them with other online business models and offers, and is a side note. If you’re ready to scale, then you know where to come. But if you’re looking at your offers and saying,


wow, I have this really amazing. Let’s say, for example, you are a career coach have this really amazing career coaching, but it’s one-on-one. So we need to, to create other opportunities for you to bring in more streams of income, using your expertise, your intellectual property, your content, and your assets, so that you can still keep your one-on-one clients.


But then we’re adding more revenue through scaling by other offers. So this math is really going to let you, you know, Hey, does my current business model actually support the lifestyle I really, really want? And then here is the next part. This is the part that most business coaches, well not tell you. So we have this number, right?


We have this dollar amount that you need to hit in order to be able to take the other time off, to head to that mastermind, to pay for that mastermind for him and sakes. So the other sobering reality, every single entrepreneur should know and opens up the world of sales. Statistics is the average sales conversion rate is 3%. Now, every industry is totally different.


This is just generally speaking, but this is the baseline number to start with. I’ve done a ton of podcast, by the way, you guys, on how to increase your conversion rates. And as an example, most of our clients close it over 80% with their sales calls. But the reality is is if you’re selling like a digital product or a low touch sales funnel,


let’s just call it 3%. I would rather underestimate and have you underestimate than overestimate. So if we have our dollar amount, right, that you have to hit, right for your primary offers and your secondary offers taking the percentage that 3% are going to convert. This is your next question. You need to ask yourself how many people do you need to reach in order to convert the numbers of products you need to sell to reach your financial benchmarks at 3%.


So if you need to sell $300,000 to sustain the life that you want, that your company, and this is all growth, but $300,000, and let’s say your product or your service is worth 10,000, then you need to sell 30 of them, right? Basic math. But now here’s the reality check. Now ask yourself, 30 sales is 3% of what number in.


This is a number of people you need to reach in your marketing in order to hit that financial benchmark. And the answer to that is a thousand. So if you you’re wrapping up your really plan and you want to mindfully create your marketing strategy around the number of people you need to reach, not the number of people you want to sell. I need to know that you know that number.


So if you need to sell 30 of your primary offer or your combination of offers in order to hit the sales conversion yeah. And that you want, how many people do you need to reach? And as you’re going back to your map, your map, I call it map. Everything’s a map in my head. As you’re going back to your calendar could a map,


right? As you’re going back to your calendar, make sure that you are blocking off your marketing time out on your calendar, that you are enabling for ample warm up time with your audience, ample relationship, building time, grassroots marketing on top of the regular digital marketing strategies so that we can increase your conversion rates to exceed your baseline sales needs and expectations.


So this is all about planning and calendar planning, but it’s important that you know, the difference between how many you want to sell and based on basic sales conversions, how many people you need to reach, because we have to plan your marketing and your strategy, the time in your calendar to make sure that you are nailing it. Well, I hope that makes sense.


Again, if you want me to roll up my sleeves with you in there and talk about these numbers we can do. So, and the workshop that I am teaching in Sweetlife community.com in December, you can join me over there and I’ll give you some extra help with this and really work through, take your personal questions. I’d love to see you in there.


So in summary, wrapping it all up here for you to plan your year for freedom. First, you start with blocking out what you personally professionally need. That’s a very first thing to block out in your calendar. If you don’t do it, you guys it’s never, ever going to happen. Then you reverse engineer the numbers, hand in hand with your calendar to make sure that you have planned the marketing programs and the service delivery systems in conjunction with the sales to reach those numbers.


In most cases, you’ll realize it’s time to scale that you’re going to have to change some of your offers, maybe add some additional revenue streams of income so that you can work less utilizing the assets you already have in order to hit the numbers and reach the lifestyle for you and that you want. So whether you’re heading on a family reunion or are going with your girlfriends to hike the John Muir trail lifestyle freedoms,


the reason why you became an entrepreneur, right? So let’s make sure that you’re planning your year in advance and you’re crunching the numbers. You’re creating the programs and the offers that are actually going to get you there. So I hope you found this episode helpful. I hope this wasn’t the first time that you were aware of the percentage of, of sales conversions and how to plan that into your marketing time and strategy.


But if it is, I’m so glad that you were here, it’s a really sobering non-sexy number that really opens up how important marketing your business is. And so today we talked about knowing how to lay out your whole entire year for lifestyle freedom, making sure you’re laying out your things you need first. Otherwise it never happened. We talked about being able to assess what changes you might need to scale your current offers or change a business model in order to reach your lifestyle goals and to do so.


We need to reach your financial benchmarks. And we talked about knowing this basic math and making sure that you’re looking at your numbers and they’re going to tell you, do I need to change my offer? Do I need to make it more of a higher value? What do I need to do to my offer my program, my service in order to be able to charge that or do I need to scale other things that I already have?


So I hope you guys found this helpful. I love chatting with you. Welcome to December. I’m so glad we’re here. I hope that your holiday season is kicking off and that you’re just having a great time, that you’re super healthy, where you are and spending time with those people. You love again, cruise over to Sweetlife community.com. If you want to join me in there and connect with us further,


and thank you for tuning into this show, please share it with your friends. All the show notes can be found at Sweetlife co Right? I’ll talk to you soon.

Episode 202: Tactics To Becoming A Confident Introverted Entrepreneur – Stephanie Thoma

Stephanie Toma SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Episode Bonuses:

Join our online community to start networking confidently in our monthly coffee connection. 

Who This Episode is Great For:

This show is for entrepreneurs in all stages of my business growth system who are introverts. You love who you are, but know that being a little “type A” could grow your business a lot.


This episode is for entrepreneurs who are introverted but know you need to become more of an extrovert to share your business with others. It can feel like a challenge and our guest today, Stephanie Thoma, author of The Confident Introvert, is here to help.  In this short episode, you’ll learn simple strategies to become more comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Plus, we also do a little practice session in this episode to help you relax. This is a great show for those who really prefer your own company but know your business needs to be shared.

At the End of This Episode You Will:

  1. Feel most settled about being an introvert in an extroverted world
  2. Have meditation/prayer practice to calm your nerves
  3. Understand how to manage external communications while remaining the introverted person you love to be.

Resources Mentioned:


SweetLife Podcast™ Love:

Are you subscribed? If not, there’s a chance you could be missing out on some bonuses and extra show tools.  Click here to be sure you’re in the loop.  Do you love the show? If so, I’d love it if you left me a review on iTunes. This helps others find the show and get business help. I also call out reviews live on the show to share your business with the world. Simply click here and select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review”. Thank you so much ❤︎

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Full Show Transcript:


You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Hi everyone. And welcome back again to this sweet life entrepreneur podcast today, Or talking specifically with those of you who feel like you are an introvert and you’re an entrepreneur you want to lead in your space,


but there are some different social barriers that you have trouble approaching and crossing as an introvert and the work that you do in your business. You want it to feel authentic, how you show up on social media. You want it to be authentic to who you are, and you really love your comfort zone. And so today on the show, we’re talking to Stephanie Toma and Stephanie is truly an expert at helping those of you who are introverts to really step out and lead in your space.


She is a networking strategy coach event, host and founder of the confident introvert. She’s also an author of a new book that came out this past June called the confident introvert. She is an introvert herself and she’s facilitated over a thousand events and established a fulfilling career. Helping people generate meaningful connections at online and in-person events. And her mission is to help you feel confident and establish really amazing business relationships that catapult you forward in your career.


Stephanie has been featured by Forbes business, insider entrepreneur thrive global, and so many other places, including being invited to speak at Harvard, Northwestern, and Boston universities, as well as internationally to date, Stephanie has helped thousands of people just like you. You’re an entrepreneur, or you want to step into leadership. She’s helped thousands of people like you to make sure that you can celebrate your strengths as who you are and be authentic with confidence and make meaningful connections.


It’s not sounding so great. I’ll be honest with you. I learned so much. I’m not an introvert. I’m definitely an extrovert. And so many of the strategies we talked about on today’s show, including like a quick short guided meditation that we went through was so powerful. So this show is for you introvert entrepreneurs, but it also is for those of you guys that might actually be going so fast at a trillion gazillion miles an hour,


that you need some resetting techniques too. So I was so excited to invite Stephanie onto the show. At the end of this show, you are going to have solutions to how to approach anxiety and different hacks to get through times when you’re anxious, you are going to know how to approach social media as an introvert and how to show up across social media.


And you’re going to get tips on how to network, even though we’re talking about online networking, how to network confidently and different web apps, strategies, and different ways that you can connect with people that isn’t just doing it cold really ways to enter you into relationships with people in a way that feels confident to you. So if all that sounds great, stick around because we’re going to dive in all the show notes from today’s show can be found by visiting Sweetlife co.com,


including all of the business programs available to you to develop your programs, your signature offers, and your 2021 business strategy cruise over to Sweetlife co.com. We’re here to help. Let’s go ahead and dive in.<inaudible> All right. Hey, you guys, April here and I am joined by Stephanie Toma. And today we are talking, especially to all of you introverts out there.


You are experts your leaders, your entrepreneurs, your creatives, you know, you are where exactly where you’re supposed to be, but maybe there are some struggles that you have that other entrepreneurs may not have as far as how to be confident and own who you are as a person and the business side of it. And that is why Stephanie Toma is here on the show today.


Stephanie, thank you so much for joining us. Tell us a little bit about you and your area of expertise when it comes to confident introvert entrepreneurship. Yes. Hey April, thank you for having me. So my company is competent introvert and there are a few different tiers there. I do individual coaching focused on leadership development and also a variety of webinars focused on networking,


remotely, networking in person, and also cultivating authentic competence. That’s rooted from within. I’m certainly not about faking it until you make it. It’s about actually from a root level, understanding what are the roadblocks and navigating those to have an authentic sense of confidence that is unshakable, even as an introvert, there’s such a common misconception that if you get your energy from solitude,


which is the definition of introversion, that, Oh, you’re meant to be a wallflower and that’s not true as introverts. We can authentically connect with more than just one person it’s quite possible, but there are just little tweaks that can help us navigate social spaces. I love what you said. If you get your energy from solitude, I never realized that was the definition.


I’ve actually think there’s probably a lot of people that can relate to that and be like, Oh gosh, maybe, maybe I do have some, some aspects or characteristics of introvert than I, then I didn’t even realize that, you know, people just really, really get their energy from that space. So thank you so much for being on the show and you are the author of a new book.


We want to make sure that you mentioned that just came out for those of you introverts. Tell us really quick about your book. Yes. Yeah. So competent introvert, a practical Guide to connecting with others at networking events and beyond it came out this past June. And it’s all about how to go from point a to point B point a being I would like to connect with people.


I would like to get out there and grow in my career, whatever that looks like. I like to become clear on my goals and achieve them become successful, but how do I get there? So this book really fills in those gaps and leverages the most fun way to get ahead in your career, which is through making authentic friendships, which is your network and coming from a place of,


okay, how can I help people? And then, Oh, I have a bunch of friends and maybe I can ask for help when I need it. And it becomes this really synergistic sort of experience, but it’s all about taking the first step and beginning to network. So basically I have hosted over 1000 networking events and before I hosted network events, I was attending them.


So that’s what prompted writing the book. I realized that there’s magic and there’s learning in numbers and having been to a high volume and hosted them. I was really excited to put pen to paper and just let this flow out of me last year. I love that what an amazing resource for people. And so you have attended thousands of events, you’ve hosted over a thousand events and you are stereotypically.


What somebody would say is, yeah, I’m an introvert. And so this like really leads us into the very first step that you’re going to share with us today. Let’s talk about just some general anxieties for introverts and some of the things that introverts experience that other entrepreneurs might not experience as far as from the social emotional standpoint at these events. Can you share a little bit about what that feels like for an introvert versus somebody who’s just super out there and in everybody’s business and face like me?


Yeah. And Hey, it’s great. We need both ways that everyone shows up, but I would say that one of our core needs is to feel understood and to be understood. So there are a couple of different areas of dissonance that introverts specifically can come up against in a networking capacity. One scenario is everyone thinks I’m so quiet. If I speak up,


then it contradicts what people expected me and what I expect of myself and not as uncomfortable. So that’s one way. And then the other way, this is what I more recently have sort of encountered, which is people assuming that I am an extrovert because I have developed social skills and I use them actively. So there can be this dissonance of, Oh,


I’m quiet. Everyone thinks I’m quiet. I don’t want to be different than that. Or Whoa. Everyone thinks that I get my energy from others because I can talk with people, but it’s like the secret that I’m an introvert. Interesting. I mean, I can’t exactly understand, but I can see how that, that would be stressful. And so from an anxiety standpoint,


how do you manage the anxiety of attending these types of events or frankly, how do you manage the anxiety of operating as a founder, as a CEO and as an introvert? What are some of those anxieties? Yes. So in a virtual world, one of the ways that we can alleviate anxiety is by taking steps to avoid burnout. I mean, I’m sure you’ve probably experienced zoom fatigue.


It’s just a guess. It’s super common just when you bond, like from one event, the other to the other and you realize, Oh, I should be energized. I’m just sitting in my chair for eight hours straight and not doing anything. It should be fine. However, we find ourselves depleted and the antidote to that is a concept from my book,


competent introvert, it’s called a solitude sandwich. Essentially, we can do this with our socialize. We can do this during the Workday. We can translate this in person or online. And basically what that means is the contents of the sandwich. The meat of it. If you’re vegetarian, let’s go with some PB and J that’s your activity. That is what you’re actively engaging in.


Maybe it is a phone call with someone, maybe it’s going out to dinner, whatever it is, making sure that on either end of the activity before and after you have a little bit of a buffer to let’s say, go on a walk, take a stretch break. Or one of my favorites is meditation. And that kind of leads me to the next tip,


which is to engage in a meditation practice. If you don’t already, do you meditate? Is that a part of yours? Yeah. So I meditate and pray, and that is, I actually start every Monday morning. That way I don’t feel like I need to as much throughout the day, but when I’m coaching sometimes a big stretch day. So like an intensive day with the client,


I absolutely have to back away with zero stimulation, at least halfway through it to recharge it. Yes. And you know, I’d say for introvert specifically, what can cause us a lot of anxiety and strife is overthinking and you know, I have joked with people. Well, I think other people just under think, you know, like maybe I’m thinking enough and it’s fine,


but you know, sometimes I’m like, wait, there can be thoughts that are ruminating and you feel like your wheels are spinning and there isn’t a lot of traction and it’s not benefiting you in any way. So what meditation does is it acts as a way to clear the mental fog. And if there’s any confusion about what are the next steps in my life that I should take,


or do I want to go to this event? What do I want in my life? What do I want out of this event? You know, I really view it as being such a powerful tool to be in. And So many people use this tool, but are doing so wonderfully in their careers. It’s pretty much a best kept secret and it’s not exclusive to monks or to people and,


you know, praying contacts it’s really accessible to all of us. And a great way to introduce yourself to meditation is with a mindfulness meditation technique. So I call it the breath of four, four, four. It’s pretty easy to remember. And if you’re feeling stressed or feeling anxious, this could be a foreign event. Or before you go to sleep,


when you wake up, whatever that anxiety pops up, just taking a comfortable seat, rolling your shoulders back and just breathing in through the nose for four counts. And you can do this with me. I do this, I love doing this stuff. We’ll do it here. If you got listening with us, you Guys can do it right here on the podcast with us.


Okay. So if you’re driving eyes open, if you’re so breathing in through the nose for one, two, okay. See, this is why I’m addicted to yoga, Lots of yoga. So these techniques, these anxiety techniques, what’s so great about this particular show. I mean, they really aren’t just for introverts. These apply to all of us with a really high level high stimulus world.


And so those are certainly important, but I definitely can see why they’re so much more important to an introvert leader to be able to strategically think and thrive. And there’s so many different parts of being a leader in this space that require you to be articulate and, you know, be proactive and be that leader in that, in that area. But I certainly see how that could be a struggle as well.


When we are talking about leadership for introverts. One of the questions that I get all the time is from clients and podcast listeners in general and just across social media, is it as an introvert. I hear a lot from people that they feel like they need to be present on social media. They need to be doing Instagram lives or Facebook lives, or they need to be out there really in a raw live capacity.


But that is not within who they are as a person. And it may or may not actually align with the brand they’re building for their company. How do you recommend, or what tips do you have for introverts that really feel like they may or may not. I mean, this is a whole business strategy question, but just generally for them, let’s say they really do need to be active on social media.


They do need to be doing live streams. They do need to be guesting on podcasting, do need to be present. How did you help introverts approach those types of things that are completely out of their comfort zone and frankly, they don’t even want to do. Yeah. Okay. You bring up such a great point because I get this all the time with my clients as well.


I don’t want to be visible. I don’t want to be the center of attention, or I don’t want to take up more space than other people because why should I should let other people speak? And from a certain standpoint, it’s like, okay, we can rationalize and say, you know what? I don’t need to do that. So I won’t,


but that’s how you stay small. And when you become about something greater than yourself, which is the reason why you have a business, because it’s not just about you, this isn’t a big ego trip. You know, if it is then maybe rethink your entrepreneurship, ideally you’re driven by a mission that extends beyond yourself and a part of getting that mission out there and helping people is being visible.


So even though it’s uncomfortable, I will say repetition for effect. So I’ve hosted so many events. And before that I attended so many events. And what do you think it was like when I very first started? Was it seamless? Was it perfect? Was it credible? No, it was not. But I mean, and that’s kind of an extreme example.


You don’t need to attend a thousand events before you’re comfortable, you know, it’ll happen sooner, but then the more you do something, there will be so much dissonance. If you dislike it and you keep doing it. So you learn, Oh, I kind of like that part of it. And then over time there are studies that suggest that the more you see someone,


the more likely you are to like them. So these, there are studies that suggest this, like at the word hand, for, within your home environment, you know, ideally. Yeah. So it would make sense if the more you do something and you don’t do it with the intention about why have to, even the referrals I get to, I am in such a privileged place that I get to attend this event and learn about this topic and meet others who are also interested in learning.


Yeah. So I’m hearing you say, it’s basically the response to a question that we ask our clients, what will happen to your people. If you do not show up for them, what’s going to happen to them? Like what is going to happen to them? If you do not, if they don’t hear about your services, if they don’t hear about your offer,


if they don’t experience the transformation that you deliver within your book or your program or your mastermind or whatever it is, what’s going to happen to them. So I love that. And that certainly does put it in perspective because it has nothing to do with the leader themselves. It’s all about who they’re called to serve and change. And then the other thing I heard you say was that repetition is going to make it easier.


Each time you do it, you got to show up. It’s not about you. It has nothing do with you actually whatsoever. And it’s really going to get easier each time you do it. So I love those encouraging words and it is, it’s so important because every single entrepreneur is different. Everybody brings something different to the table and there’s nobody like you and nobody will be out there.


If you aren’t out there, you won’t be out there. And that’s a big thing. So kind of trying to transition this a little bit here. So we have these online events, right? Or we have the social media we’re out there and being present. But what we also know is it, regardless of all the social media in the world, posting that you’re doing,


what really builds business is relationships. Relationships are what increase sales, bring other people into your business, word of mouth, nothing builds a company like relationships. And so with these introverts, what tips do you have for introverts for actually networking and building relationships online? The yes. I mean, we can talk about, we could do a whole show on in-person networking events,


but you know, right now, what do you recommend as far as how to go in network remotely, how to reach out and make those first connections. How to go about doing that as an introvert. So many introverts myself included, tend to really thrive when it comes to communicating. One-on-one maybe it’s not our first choice to be on a stage, but you can get there if you want to be there.


Right? So I would say that, especially if you are wanting to ramp up your networking and you do feel, let’s say a bit of social anxiety or just don’t get your energy from that, then one way to start is by doing one-on-one networking experiences. So there are a few apps, including lunch club, Bumble, biz, and shaper. And those apps,


what they’ll do is they will match you with a new professional every week. And so you could meet up to five people and one week, if you choose to, and you know, you can meet with them from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and you just never know where these conversations will go, but what’s great about them is that you don’t necessarily need to go out there and find someone,


you know, this person wants to connect. So there’s a little bit less of that factor of I’m going up to this person. Are they interested in connecting? I mean, chances are, if they’re out of virtual event, they probably are, but it’s more foolproof this way. And then let’s say, if you are interested in connecting with someone and you’ve attended a virtual event,


be that person who in the chat feature drops their LinkedIn link and says, Hey, I’d love to connect and invites people. So what I have found in my experience as an introvert and event hosts is it’s so gratifying to have people come to you. You know, when you’re the host or when you are extending an invitation, then it really does open doors for you that you wouldn’t necessarily know to open yourself.


And also attending events that have a specified networking portion. There are a lot of really great tools right now. You know, I’ve used icebreaker a lot. There’s also teleport and other different online one-on-one connection games where they could be an entire virtual event or they can be a component. But if you are looking to connect with people and don’t necessarily want to do it completely from scratch,


have a warm lead, so to speak, then that’s certainly one way to go about it. That is so smart. As we were driving into this section, I was thinking that you were going to share with us just how to send a cold message to somebody on LinkedIn, asking them to have virtual coffee. And I identify that. I was like,


gosh, that would be a really big thing. I imagine for an introvert, these tips are so good. And the fact that we’ll make sure all of these resources are shared in the show notes for you guys who are listening. So all these things from the shaper of the lunch club, but Bumble, biz, icebreaker, teleport, and obviously every place else where you can find Stephanie,


we’re going to make sure they’re on the show notes for you guys. Stephanie, thank you so much for your time today. This is a great show and it isn’t a topic we’ve really hit on very much. I think we had a show about introvert entrepreneurship about three years ago. And I still remember that realizing that there are so many different aspects of leadership that truly need to be approached in a different manner for different types of leaders.


And, and I love that this is your area of expertise, so thank you so much. And then also for our listeners that are like, Oh my gosh, this is me. You know, she’s speaking my language. They Kevin’s talk a little bit about, you have a help sheet that we’re going to include in the show notes here about the working remotely resources sheet.


Is that, is that include some of the resources you’ve mentioned or what are our listeners going to get out of that bonus to this episode? Yes. Okay. I’m so glad that you’re asking about that. So that is just an easy one page cheat sheet of different tactics from my networking remotely webinar, but also we did touch on a few of them in this call as well.


So yeah, I would certainly say if you’re interested in just a refresher from this conversation and to perhaps learn about new concepts as well, that can help you in your online networking journey, then you’ll want to go to Stephanie toma.com/freebie and that Stephanie T H O M a.com. Perfect. Perfect. And then for Stephanie’s coaching programs, we’ll make sure a link to her coaching program is in that is in the show notes for this episode as well.


Stephanie, thank you so very much, any last words you’d like to leave for our introvert founders and CEOs listening to this episode? Yes. So I would like to leave everyone with just the sentiment that if you are listening to this podcast and thinking, you know, it seems a little bit of a reach. I’m not sure if I a leader, I Know that I’m an introvert,


but I don’t, you know, the thing’s kind of stretchy for me, just knowing that having the desire to lead and having a mission greater than yourself is the first step. And I truly believe that everyone can lead once you have that clarity of what you want to stand for and lead with that’s so, so good. Thank you so much, Stephanie.


We really appreciate you. Yes. Thank you for having me April<inaudible>. Thank you so much for tuning into today’s show. Again, this was Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, episode number 202, and Stephanie Toma was our expert guests today on the show to find all of the resources that we talked about, including how to find Stephanie’s networking, remotely strategy sheet, all of the apps that she mentioned on today’s show ways that you can work with Stephanie and she can help you walk into your authentic leadership and how to get your hands on Stephanie’s new book,


please cruise to Sweetlife co.com. And this is episode number 202. I’ll see you soon. Have a great week. You guys

Episode 199: How To Love Your Business Financials To Create The Life You Want – Megan Dahle and April Beach

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Established entrepreneurs (in all Phases of my Start To Scale Up Business System”) who want to stop being scared of the money and start taking control.


You either love or hate to talk about money in your business. In fact, most entrepreneurs run and hide when it comes to financial ledgers. But on today’s show, we’re gonna make you love the money and control it. Getting your money right in your business is the best feeling ever, and the first step to getting a company that’s going to scale, grow, and give you what you really want in business and life.
This week we’re diving in with guest expert, accountant and CFO Consultant, Megan Dahle, and talking about where you are now, understanding where you want to be, and making sure you’re on the right path to get there. We do this by teaching you the simple three numbers you need to know that will give you the power, confidence, and control you seek.


  1. Understand why you need to name your money
  2. Get clarity on the dangers of reinvesting every dime into your business
  3. Know the most important number that you really need to pay attention to
  4. Get a simple routine to look at your numbers without being scared

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Full Show Transcript:

You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Hi everybody. And welcome back. This is sweet life entrepreneur and business podcast, episode number 199. And yes, spoiler alert next week is our 200th podcast episode. And there’s some really cool stuff.

So make sure you’re subscribed. So you don’t miss out on that today. We are talking about how to love your business financials. So, first of all, if you clicked on this episode, then you’re pretty brave because the reality is that you either love to talk about money or you hate to talk about money in your business. And in fact, most entrepreneurs run and hide when we’re talking about financial ledgers,

but on today’s show, we’re going to dive in to make you love your money and take control of it. Getting your money right in your business is seriously. One of the best feelings ever really start to pay yourself. You’re paying valuable team members. Nothing feels better than that, but then we need to take it a step further. Is your business actually going to give you the life that you want.

First, we have the business foundations and financials that need in place, but today we’re talking about your life. How do we have the company generate enough money? And what do we need to do to get your life, to look the way that you want it to? And today’s guest expert, Megan Dali is here to talk about all of that. So the reality is let’s face it.

You either don’t understand the money in your business, or you have zero control of your cashflow, or you’ve done a really great job getting your financial systems in place. And now you’re ready for the next level either way. This is a great episode for you to tune into entrepreneurs. Don’t inherently come wired as accountants, as a matter of fact, most entrepreneurs are creatives.

And so when it comes to these types of systems, you might run the other direction. So that’s why today’s a really important show. And these are the things we’re covering on today’s episode. At the end of this episode, you’re going to know why you need to name your money and what exactly that means. You are going to get clarity on why it might be dangerous to always reinvest your profit back into your business.

So raise your hand. If every time you make goes back into your company, raise your hand. If every time you make those back into your company, but you also pay yourself a little bit. We’re going to talk about why both of those are not good, even though everybody does it and how to start changing that pattern. So you can reach your long-term business goals and we’re diving into important things like the number one number that you should pay attention to.

And why Megan says you don’t have to know all the numbers. We’re not getting into financial accounting lingo here. You’re just going to walk away understanding the most important number that you should know and a simple routine to look at your numbers on a regular basis, to make sure that you are on the right track. And let me introduce you to Megan here,

she’s our guest expert today, and she’s a doll you’re going to love her 15 years in a Megan Dolly’s corporate accounting career. A business owner reached out to her Megan privately because she was worried that one of the partners was taking more of their fair share. After looking at the books, Megan discovered that the partner had in fact taken $400,000 out of the account without the other partner,

knowing it was this sensitive project that was a launching pad for Megan. She is now a consulting CFO who creates light bulb moments inside her client’s businesses. And she makes the numbers easy for you to understand more importantly, easy for you to use so that you can learn how to grow your business stronger and make sure you’re generating cash and that it’s producing long-term wealth benefits for you.

So let’s go ahead and tune into today’s episode. Again, all of the show notes and the resources make it has here for us can be found by visiting Sweetlife co.com. This is podcast number 199. And if you haven’t yet, please take a second to leave us a review on Apple podcasts and share this episode with your friends, other business owners who really need to take control of their financial numbers as well.

Okay, let’s go.<inaudible> All right. You guys are welcome to the show. I am here with Megan Dolly, and today we’re talking about money. We always talk about goals and so many other podcasts talk about goal setting, but what are really comes down to is actually looking at the numbers, then the path that you’re on to make it happen.

And so that’s why I’m so excited to have Megan on the show today, because this is her area of expertise. And before she introduces herself, I wanted to read something to you that she sent to me, which is why I knew she absolutely had to be here on the show, talking to you guys today. She said light bulb moments are my favorite thing.

When my clients finally see what the numbers mean, it’s like watching. One of those videos were colored by blind people, put on those special glasses and can see color for the first time. It’s magical. Those magical moments have appeared in many parts of my life. And that’s how I know I’m on the path God has designed for me. Things that start by devastate is devastating.

Disaster is turned into something beautiful. And these transformations, these transformations that make me believe that all things are possible. And so Megan is absolutely an expert. She has crazy credentials, which I’ve already read for you, but what’s so important when we bring experts on the show is understanding the why behind what you do, not only what your Ninja zone of geniuses,

but the why behind. And so I wanted to share that with you guys before we, we dove into talking to Megan today. So Megan, take a minute and introduce yourself to our audience and tell people a little bit about you and how you got to be what you’re doing Today. Sure. Well, thanks so much April for letting me come on your show.

It’s amazing. I love how many shows you’ve done your consistency. The content is like, Oh my gosh, this is stuff I actually use. Like I’ve actually implemented stuff from your podcast. And so it was no brainer that I wanted to be on this show. So I’m a small town girl. I’m from Midwest, South Dakota. I like gardening. I have my kids.

I work with the marching band at the high school. I like to volunteer there. Yeah. And the numbers are my game. Numbers are my jam. I’ve just always seen them differently. Math always came easily. And my math teachers are like, your brain just works different. I love that. Yeah. You have to have a special gift to see numbers differently.

I do not have that gift nor to any of my children. So there you either have it or you don’t. I think. And, and so we’re grateful for people like you. So how do you work with clients? Primarily you have this amazing framework that you’ve created to help entrepreneurs and business owners make sure that they’re on the right path and that they’re going to achieve their goals.

I mean, this is a tangible framework and we’re going to dive into it today, which I’m so excited to on this show. Yeah. So the whole thing is that people are scared of their numbers or they don’t know what it means. They’re timid around them conversations with their bookkeeper and their accountant. Don’t go so well because they’re using that chart in the depreciation,

but you’ve been a, the, you know, those revenues Rose, it’s almost like they don’t want you to be asking questions, right? I’m going to use some jargon. So you just stop asking me questions. What I want to get to is what’s useful for you. I mean, you don’t need to know the ins and outs of your financial statements.

What’s actually useful. That’s going to help you make good decisions that you can have confidence in and know why you made those decisions and see the progress down the road. So it’s breaking it down into what would be a need. Right? Right. And your framework that you share, and you have a book about this, we’re going to, we’re going to let everybody know how to find you is number one,

where are you in identifying that number two is where do you want to go? Where do you want to be? And that’s the one we’re really diving in here today, which I’m super excited about. And then the third one is, Hey, you know, are you really on the right path to get there? So guide us into that second part of how,

how do you protect your goals? How do you identify, you know, really what is it going to take for me to get that beach house or send my kids to college or, you know, sell my company or whatever that is. How do you work with clients to understand that? Yeah. So it’s like the second half of goal making that is completely missing.

People don’t want to talk about the math part of the goals because it’s scary math or they forget about it or, or they’re more about it’ll come set the goal, set your vision board and it’ll come. I’m more about, well, let’s go get it. Let’s not wait for anything. Let’s not sit around and wait for it, but let’s actually quantify it and then go get it.

So it’s like, yes, I want that beach house or yes, I want to sell my business for X amount so I can retire with that cash. That’s great. Now let’s put a number on it. Let’s put a date on it. And where are we at compared to that? So we can go and get that progress. What happens when you don’t do this is that you make progress towards your goals,

but you might not recognize it. And so you take that progress and you reinvest it in your business, or you use that progress towards, Oh, some other expenses that might come up or the next shiny object. And then it’s like, your three-year goal is still your three-year goals, six years down the road. Wow. That is so true. That is exactly what business owners do.

So we think that that progress that we made financially, you know, instead of putting it to maybe what you’re saying is this in goal, they just automatically invested back in the company, which could be great. Or maybe it’s not what they should be doing with that. Yeah. That’s really fascinating. Oh yeah. Thank you. Yeah. So curiosity,

I love it. When business owners get curious and they start experimenting with things, but it’s also important to like have a, if you want to be curious and experiment, that’s great. Let’s have money that’s designated specifically for that, but let’s not be taking all of our progress and throwing it at this next shiny object. Yeah. Okay. So being proportionate about what you invest,

where each time you get each time you make progress, whatever that is. So if you have 20, $30,000, instead of reinvesting all that say, okay, we’re going to put 10 to this and then, you know, 20 or 30 to that. Interesting. Okay. So super interesting. So step number one is really quantifying how much it’s going to cost for you to get to that goal and really drilling down on those requirements.

And I think that alone, like we could just end the show here. How many of you guys listening to the show have actually sat down? And I know you all have thought about what you want because you’re entrepreneurs and we’re creative. And that’s what we do. How many of you have actually sat down and crunched the numbers to figure out what it’s actually going to cost for you to get there?

Connect with us, like send us a DM on Instagram Sweetlife podcast and let us know if you’ve actually crunched the numbers. And we’ll do like a little poll on our Instagram story on this with the week. This show airs, because I guarantee you, I mean, tell me Megan, how many people actually that come to your, like, this is going to cost me a million dollars.

I’ve had one client in my five years. I’ve had one, one that’s like had everything set up and she’s like, I know exactly how much I want for my daughter’s wedding. I know how much I want for my retirement. I will know how much I want for Beneta da. Great, awesome. That was so cool to come across. It’s like,

all right, let’s work on the next step. You’ve got this covered, right? That’s right. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, it’s a 90% of people will not have that 99.9% of people will not have that. Okay. So after somebody identifies really how much, what that’s going to cost the next step you say is really assessing their progress towards that.

Is there a certain frequency in which a business owner should stop and take a look that you recommend financially about how they’re doing? Is that quarterly? Is it monthly? Is it yearly? Is there a routine that you recommend entrepreneurs are in assessing, not their monthly? I mean, this is not a show about monthly operational costs. This is a show about where I am,

as opposed to where I want to be in my future. Right. So if it’s set up correctly, you’ll just be able to look and see, okay. Part of it is just taking that money out and hiding it from yourself in a special place. That’s either getting interest or invest in somehow to protect that progress and maybe do some work for you on the side while you’re not watching.

So I’ve lost my train of thought a second. When you triggered something, when you said it’s it’s mom mode, it’s our mom brain. No, what I was saying was I feel like as business owners, if somebody is like 30th of every single month, you should do this every single quarter. Should you do this? So I think that entrepreneurs,

you know, we’re super creative people, but when somebody gives us a system, we love systems. We geek out on systems too. So do you have a consistent system where you say to your clients, Hey, we’re going to have a, check-in call every quarter and make sure that your money’s moving, where it needs to be, and you’re still on track or we need to assess what’s happened so far or just regular,

like a routine that you recommend businesses really pay attention and reassess. Yeah. I actually have only a few numbers that I want my people to pay really close attention to. Because if I tell them to, you know, start pull your financial statements every month, it’s one of those things that, eh, I got it, they pull up, open an income statement,

they look at the bottom line. They’re like, yep, that’s about right. And they move on, right? It has no meaning to them. So I actually pick a few numbers, like one that you might need to watch weekly and other that you’ll want to look at monthly and another, that you’ll want to look at quarterly just to make sure that things are going along the way that they need to be.

And we’ll do that deep dive, more quarterly. But one of the most important, one of the most telling numbers is your 60 day cash in 60 days, how much cash am I going to have in the bank to run my business? And then we make sure that what we’re taking out and protecting isn’t going back in and what we’re taking out and protecting isn’t hurting the business.

Cause that’s, you know, you don’t want to be taking out too much cash. And when you can see what your cash balance is going to be in 60 days or other types of business, if you’re like retail and you have busy seasons, we actually take that out much farther. They want to know where the cash is going to be. Cause that’s the blood.

We don’t want to be donating blood if we can’t afford it. Right. Right. Right. So smart. And so the next thing you say is to name the cash before it comes in, let’s talk a little bit about that. What do you mean by that? So once we have that cash projection created, we know what we think our cash is going to be coming in for the next couple months.

And now that we think we know what that cash is, we’re going to have a purpose for it because if we don’t have a purpose for it, what’s really easy to do is to spend it. If we don’t know at that way, coming in as man, those coaching programs, the advertising, the marketing, all it’s, it’s sexy and it’s fun and it’s,

it’s new and it’s novel. So we actually name it like, okay, we know that next week we should have about 2000 coming in. And two weeks after that we have 4,000 coming in and then we know where it’s going out in terms of expenses. We know where it’s going out in terms of the progress towards our goals. And we know what’s being set aside for a little sandbox fund cash and owe taxes.

Don’t forget about taxes. I do taxes and taxes yet. So you actually say Before it comes in, so you know where it’s going versus where somebody like myself, I have a tendency to not just name the money to actually spend the money before it comes in. So in my mind, I’ve already and I don’t actually spend the money, but I think maybe I do that.

So in my mind, it’s already saying this money is coming here for this. This money is going to this and it’s not like robbing Peter from pain, Paul, but I definitely know where my money is going well before it gets here. And so I feel like I’m doing good, according to what you say in that area. Although I’m sure that the categories in which I named my money could use some work.

And like you were saying, so you’re saying taxes, of course, business operations. And you’re saying that we really need to pay attention to the 60 day cashflow. And that is the key numbers are our listeners should be paying attention to, is that correct? Yes, that’s right. And on that cashflow, you’ll see the different categories. You’ll see,

like the marketing that one can get out of hand really quick. You’ll see the tax and all of those buckets, because truth is to get a little bit accounting, jargon ish on you, not everything that is cash out actually appears on your income statement. So your income statement might show that you’re showing have a profit, but cash is like, did you know that you paid yourself?

And did you know that you had these debt service payments? And there it goes, what you thought was your free cash flow. Right. Okay. And I’m sure this happens all the time. It’s just why people need somebody like you to make sure that you’re helping them protect their assets. So the third step you say is protecting this actual progress. So as businesses,

they have their structure in place or they’re getting their structure in place. What does it take to actually do that and put that structure in place so that the money is accumulated in the appropriate buckets so that they can reach their goals. How do you put this structure in place for your clients? So I have a really easy Excel tool in all my clients have to do is put in their bank balance.

At the top of that tool, like open up the bank balance today, it says $7,500. And it will tell them exactly what to do with that $7,500. If something’s going to stay in the business, if something is going to be moved to pay themselves and put it in their pocket, or if something is for their goals specifically for that, and going to move directly to,

I work with a lot of like personal finance people, like go put that in that account over there and your personal finance, personal take care of it. If they don’t have a personal finance person, I’m like, go put this in your savings account, your money market, account, your investment account, and just let it be happy over there. All by itself will take care of itself,

right? Who are The primary clients that you work with? I work with creative females primarily, and between being told that you’re creative and between being told that you were a woman you’re generally taught from a very young age, that numbers aren’t for you. And so when it comes to those conversations and showing people visually how this works so they can get that shift of,

Oh, this isn’t hard. I totally get this. I’m smart enough. I’m good enough. And now I feel like I am a true business person. I feel like I’m in control of my business. It’s really cool. Yeah. Super. It feels super powerful. It’s such a rush when yeah. I think as, as women, as men,

they just are expected to, but as women, when we finally take control of the numbers, it’s such a, such a feeling of, I don’t like to use the word empowered because it’s so overused, but this is a perfect instance in which she used that. And so I love, absolutely love what you do. So now I’m going to put you on the spot and I didn’t prepare you to ask these questions,

but I really want to know what are your favorite books for women founders when it comes to being smart about money? Do you have, besides your own? So let’s talk about your book, you know, getting your money. Right. I know that I hear a lot of people whose agenda and Cheryl’s book, you’re a, bad-ass at making money, which is more mindset around money.

It’s not money strategy. I personally actually loved that book. Are there any other books or resources that you recommend that our listeners who might not have a healthy relationship with money in the first place can use to kind of dive into reset their perspective? Yeah. So profit first was transformative for me. Mike McCullough is a great guy. And when it comes to bank balance accounting,

he’s the King and that’s what we’re doing and using what he has built and expanding on it. He’s really good. He’s really funny. If you listen to his books, listen to it on two X and he’s hysterical the other, I’m actually going to stand up and get the author’s name cause I can hear it. Oh, I love it. Thank you.

And then we’ll make sure you guys that we are sharing, we’re sharing these resources in the show notes too. Along with Megan spoke to one of the things that I know that businesses struggle with is just understanding the fundamentals of money. And it’s really interesting. I have a lot of clients that are CPAs and that are accountants and you know, that are finance coaches.

And it’s interesting to see as we’re helping our finance coaching clients build their business, how they approach scaling their business online and developing their coaching service versus our other businesses because they already know. So a part of the strategy is also part of the structure and the foundation of the money. It is that profit first approach. And it’s a beautiful thing as a business development coach,

you know, to go through and watch. And they’re saying, okay, well, this is the way this is going to be. And they’re very, they’re very strategic about that as far as being entrepreneurs themselves. So I, I love to ask these kind of behind the scene questions like about your own business and how do you do this and what are some of the resources that you love for your own business?

Just because I think that teaches a lot as well. So what was this other book? Cunningham has a couple of really great books. His blueprint to a successful business is like, this is why you need to understand the numbers in your business and how they make you incredibly profitable when you understand them. And he’s also not about all of the nitty gritty bits and pieces of the numbers.

It’s just the overall picture of how it flows together and how it works. Yes. Awesome. Cool. Thank you so much for sharing those. Okay. So in closing today, we have talked about how to not only protect your goals, but how to actually make your goals come to fruition because you are quantifying them to figure out the importance of how much your goals and what that looks like is going to cost you.

We talked about the importance of actually assessing your progress on a regular basis and naming the cash before it comes in and making sure that you are hiding and you’re protecting your money and you are not giving 100% of your profit back into your business that you’re pulling out these small chunks of this. And that’s a really big deal, I think for a lot of our listeners as well,

because especially in the first five years of business, like every dime they make, they put back in, and that does, you’re saying that’s a risk factor of, you’re just putting off that amount of time to even start working on their personal goals. Is that correct? That’s right. Yep. They need to start getting rewarded for the work that they do,

change your relationship with your business. Yeah. And then in your book, this ebook, you have getting your money, right. What does that look like? What are some of the things that our readers can expect to really learn from you in that book? So there are three types of numbers that you need to know in your business. There is the number that tells you,

where am I at? Like, where am I even at relative? How did I get here? What direction am I facing? When, where am I? And the second one is, well, hang on a second. Where do I want to be? And that’s the quantifying, this is what I want my from my business. This is how I want it to serve me.

And then the numbers that tell you, are you on the right path? Are you doing the right activities or does something need to shift? Do we need to take a detour in what those different numbers look like and how you can find them? Great. And so you’re going to, you’re going to dive in and guide our listeners through that process. Megan,

thank you so much for being on the show today. I appreciate your expertise and your wisdom and your sense of humor and just really making this so much more fun than I think that entrepreneurs experience a lot of times when we talk about money and being so real about the fact that you don’t have to know all the nitty gritty terminology, but these are the basic three numbers you need to know.

And our listeners can find out more about that by downloading your free book, which we will make sure there is a link to that in the show notes of this episode and where else can our listeners find you Come on over to Meghan dolly.com or connect with me on Facebook. I love conversations to begin to sit back and have 15 minutes of coffee together, sometime if you want,

Love that. Okay, perfect. We’ll make sure that those links are in the show notes. Thank you so much for being a guest. Oh, thank you so much, April. This was fun. Yes. Appreciate you.<inaudible> Thanks so much for tuning into this show. Here is a reminder that you can get all of the notes that we talked about today,

including all of the bonuses and strategies by visiting Sweetlife co.com episode one 99. And if you are in a place where you’re ready to develop your signature offer or your program now is a time to get in through pre-registration by joining our wait list for our, your signature offer and program masterclass coming in 2021, I would love to work with you and extract your expertise to create your intellectual property,

to make you be this beautiful leader and your space to learn more about our, your signature offer masterclass, simply visit signature offer.com. I’ll talk to you next week. We have episode number 200 coming right at you and almost four years of Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast. Rolling out so excited and you appreciate so much have a great week.

Episode 193: 3 Steps To Take Your Offline Business Online – with April Beach

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You know the potential to reach more people and expand your reach by offering online services. But when it comes to getting started in the online space you don’t have the time to get your masters in online business everything but you deserve to know where to start so you can make wise choices for your company and your future. This episode gives you three simple steps to take your off-line company online and gives you the wisdom and confidence and clarity in your first steps moving in this direction.


  1. Have confidence in what to do first
  2. Stop being overwhelmed by the fragmented and often times ill-advised coaching
  3. Create a game plan to take your business online now

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Full Show Transcript:

<inaudible> You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life. You love FASTA with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probate. Hi everybody. And welcome back to the show. This is episode number 193 here at the sweet life entrepreneur in business podcast. And I’m April beach, founder of the Sweetlife company and host of this show.
Thanks for tuning in with me another week, we are giving you another business training that many coaches charge thousands of dollars for, and I’m so glad to have an opportunity to pour into you as you’re continuing, or maybe you’re just starting out growing your business online. If we don’t know each other yet, I would love to get to know you more. You can always shoot me a DM over on LinkedIn or Instagram at Sweetlife podcast.
And if this is your first time listening to the show, go back and cruise back and listen to our trailer. Now it was almost 200 episodes ago that would release that trailer, but it will give you an idea if you are in the right place for business strategy and training today, we’re talking to those of you guys who have an established business offline,
and it’s time to bring your offline company and your offline services online. And in this show, I’m giving you three steps to start this process. And let’s talk about why this is important, just to make sure you’re in the right place, listening to the right show. That’s going to give you the right results you’re looking for. So you’ve identified, right?
You know, that there’s so much more potential to reach people and expand your offerings by offering online services. We’re going to talk about some different options of those online services today, because knowing that you want to do that, and actually then taking the step to understanding the choices that are available to you in the most efficient way are two totally separate things. And I get that.
That’s why I’m here recording this show for you today. So when it comes to getting into that online space, there is so much information and it can be incredibly overwhelming. And what we don’t want is we don’t want you launching certain online programs or offers or services or even courses just because everybody else is doing it. We want to make sure it’s a right fit for your company.
And all of that wisdom is what we’re pouring into you here on this show. At the end of this episode, you are going to have confidence in knowing what to do first, second, and third, to take your offline services online. You, if you have been overwhelmed will stop being overwhelmed by all the fragmented information, or you’re either getting information in two different ways.
It’s either super fragmented and you’re not really sure what information you can trust, or there’s so much information coming at you from software companies to business coaches about how to bring your business, that it can be totally overwhelming. And this episode is going to help you sort out fact from fiction. And it’s going to help you understand really what you should just be paying attention to here in the beginning.
And you’re going to have a game plan of what to do in what order to bring your services online. And this show just like almost all of our episodes. We have super amazing episode bonuses. So with this particular episode, to give you even more wisdom and information, I want you to download our totally free ultimate guide to online business models. So we’re talking about obviously online services here on the show,
but this is over 14 pages and it just totally lays out all the different online business model options from online courses to group coaching programs, to masterminds, even to podcasting, to help you have even more wisdom. In what direction you want to go taking your services online. So you can get that ultimate guide totally free by going to April beach.com forward slash ultimate guide.
We’ll make sure we get that into your hands right away. Okay. So if you’re ready for these results and you want this information, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show.<inaudible> Okay. Three steps to get started taking your offline business online. So, first of all, let’s talk about what your offline business looks like. You either have a brick and mortar store,
or you’re used to providing services to people in person face to face, whether it’s hands on. And we work with a lot of healthcare providers, a lot of consultants and experts, and they want to go. And that could be you. You want to go from seeing people face to face and really expanding your reach to serve more people at a time.
And by doing so you create a business model that gives you ultimately more time and location freedom, as long as it’s done strategically. So if you have a current business that provides face-to-face services, one-on-one services on location, then this is the perfect episode for you to be listening to step number one, as you move in the direction of thinking, Hey, you know,
I really want to expand my business with online services. Step number one is to choose your online business model. And if you have been listening to this podcast now for almost four years, you know, we talk about online business modeling all the time. So if you want even more resources, cruise back to our podcast website@sweetlifecode.com and you can actually search all of our episodes for all of the online business modeling shows,
wanting to make sure, you know, that’s a tool available to you, but right now I want you to just hone in and focus in on what do you imagine that that looks like when you’re working with your clients? Not face to face, it could be in zoom could be by the phone, or it could be creating great content and videos for your clients and distributing it to them.
What does that look like to you? And what do your clients really need from you? If you listen to last week’s episode, we talked about what clients are really looking for, what buyers are buying right now. And people love on demand. People love having resources and answers and quick results at their fingertips. And so, as you’re thinking about creating your online offers,
certainly consider what is it that my clients really want in addition to maybe seeing me face to face. And some of your clients probably have been telling you this already. And if you ask your clients, they will tell you they’ll say yes, I want to meet with you virtually or yes, I would love to be part of a mastermind. So if you ask your clients,
they will tell you, they are always your best place to do. Research is going to your perfect clients are ready. But right now I want to dive into the three most common types of services that offline companies are launching as online offers. And they are online courses, online coaching programs and online memberships. You might have actually thought about one of these types of options before.
And the reason why offline companies are going to these is because they’re really great ways to already package the expertise that you have within your company. There are great ways to utilize your assets. And we’re going to dive into that here in just a second. But step number one is choosing your online business model. Let me give you a quick definition of what each one of these three most popular types are type.
Number one is by launching an online course. So an online course is a great way to take your established content, your things that you’ve already done. You know, in most cases with offline businesses and the established companies we work with, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We want to take your expertise and your assets and things you’ve already created within your business and just reframe them,
repackage them, reprogram them. If you will, to offer as an online course. And online courses are most commonly offered two different ways. The first one is called evergreen. Evergreen is where you would take your information. You would turn it into videos in that your clients could purchase it and buy it and absorb the information any time. So they’re prerecorded videos that people can go through any time.
And then the second type of online course is literally it live taught online course where you’re still taking the content. You’re still taking the information and you may teach this in a combination of zoom, live coaching and some PowerPoint presentations, maybe some videos as well. So the two most common types of online courses that offline businesses are launching as online services are evergreen again,
which is pre creating videos that people can watch on demand whenever they want. We already know people are buying those types of things. And number two, launching live coaching as an online course, I will say that for established business owners, I would caution you against launching really cumbersome, huge live online courses. If you’re still running your local business, unless you have a team to help you do that.
So just a little caution there. It can be really time consuming. The second type of online business model that many offline companies are adopting is live coaching. And this is where you take a group of people. Maybe you’ve served them one-on-one before and you start coaching them live online through zoom. You can provide phone consulting, you can provide FaceTime consulting, the medium and how you deliver.
It really doesn’t matter. It’s what you’re delivering. So this is actually providing live coaching without being face to face. And you can provide this one-on-one or you can create a group and provide live consulting to a group, either on a onetime basis for a specialty topic or on an ongoing basis. And the third type of business model that offline company are most commonly launching as online offers our memberships memberships are really amazing.
It’s where you take your expert content and you deliver it on a monthly and a quarterly basis to people in a community that you have created. Memberships are a great way. And we’ve especially in 2020, been working with established businesses who have community already around your business. Maybe it’s a brick and mortar store in creating a membership amongst all your customers. It is an amazing way to connect with them,
and it’s an amazing way to connect them with each other. And memberships is a great thing to consider. If you have content, if you have coaching, maybe there’s some sweet deal or discount that you want to deliver to your customers. And it’s also a great way to create a program for those customers of yours that want to access you on an ongoing basis for a longer period of time.
So they can achieve better results with the services that you deliver. A membership community is a great way to do that. So your first job and choosing, gosh, you know, how am I going to bring my offline business online is to consider what business model do you want to launch? And we just talked about the three most popular ones, courses,
coaching or memberships, but don’t forget to download the ultimate guide to online business models. So you can see all of that. And again, you can grab that by going to April beach.com forward slash ultimate guide. Okay. Step number two is to develop your actual offer program or service. So you’ve already chosen the business model of how you want to deliver it.
Now we need to organize your assets and we need to take your ideas, and we need to take your expertise out of your head out of other places in your business and bring it in to creating your new online offer. So here’s some tips to do that. Number one is to sit down and extract your expertise. What are you known for? What are you great at?
What things have you already created in your business? We don’t want to recreate the wheel here with your first online offer in order to keep your current customers coming back to you. We want to give them more results in a different way within your established area of expertise. And it’s also going to save you literally months, if not years, to create something brand new from scratch,
right? So let’s take what you already do, and let’s scale it online with an online offer for you. So extract your expertise and start with what you already have. Go through your archives, go through things that you’ve created. Content you’ve already created in your business in the past and give yourself an opportunity to take an assessment and an inventory of all the great things you’ve already created.
I guarantee you, if you’re an established business owner, you’ve created some amazing things and some excellent content in your business, and that’s why people love you, right? So go back and see what you’ve already done to help you realize your potential. So for what you can deliver to people through an online program and service, and then also consider what people love the most from you.
If you are a brick and mortar retailer, and you have every single Monday, it’s a new shirt that you may feature on social media and it’s a new item drop, right? Well, people probably go crazy about that. So how can you take that and bring it into a new membership community? Or how can you create content around that to deliver into a coaching program?
Perhaps maybe you can launch an online course, helping people stylize themselves. For whatever reason, there are so many different opportunities that you can take your established expertise and just tweak it a little bit and create your online offer instead of starting from scratch. And then the last tip is what are the most common questions people ask you the easiest way to create an online course or coaching program or membership community is by going through in writing down,
if you haven’t, before you should be in documenting the questions that people most commonly ask you in your business and then taking those questions and the answers to those and turning it into your first online offer. Whether again, you choose a business model and how you deliver that, whether it’s coaching or a course or a membership community, maybe even a podcast, but go through and figure out what are the most common questions that people me all the time.
And that is a great place for you to scale what you’ve already done, extract your expertise and explode it into more sales and an exponential reach. So step number two is to actually go through and develop the content that’s going into your offer program or online service. And then step number three is to develop your first marketing funnel. So first you have to pick the business model.
Second, you have to organize your assets and your material and actually create your program. And third is to go through the process of creating your first marketing funnel. So your marketing funnel is where you’re going to attract more people than just your local faithful and your it’s, where you’re going to convert your local faithful to start connecting with you online. So your first marketing funnel is usually developed in a very simple way where you would create something free to give away that solves a problem,
but not just any problem, your something free you’re giving away online should solve a problem that you discuss and also solve within your new online offer. So create something free. It could be a short video and tips could be a checklist. It could be a strategy sheet, a tip sheet. If you’re a nutrition coach, it could be creating a sample menu for the week,
whatever it is, create something of value that solves a problem for your customers that relates to the service that you’re going to be launching online. And then step number two is to create one page on your website. That includes a form where people can receive that free item. And then step number three is to create a marketing plan, to share your content and to share your message across social media.
You could do podcast guesting. You could go to networking events, both offline, and now we’re starting Kevin’s to see more local networking events happen again. And of course you can run ads. There are numerous ways where you can get eyes on your marketing funnel and grow your list through that. The reality is is this first marketing funnel is important because it shifts people who might be used to only connecting with you online.
Maybe the only way you have sold people into your services before is having them sign a contract face to face, or actually seeing them face to face. So your next step is to determine how are you going to funnel people in to your new online offers could be creating this new first marketing funnel for new people, or you might consider creating a new online experience with a welcome page for your established customers saying,
Hey, guess what? We love working with you in person. Now we’re excited to also work with you online. And so it can be handholding your established local one-on-one client and helping them to onboard and get comfortable with your new online offers. We want your established clients to be the first ones to interact with your new online offers because they’re the ones that love you.
They’re the ones that trust you. And they’re the ones that are going to really help your new online offers grow. They are your biggest cheerleaders. So three steps to take your offline business online. Number one, choose online business model. How are you going to deliver your online services? Number two, develop your offer service program, course membership, whatever it is,
develop the content and the curriculum in there. If you struggle to turn your ideas and your expertise into world-class programs, that’s where my company, the Sweetlife company comes in to help. You can always cruise over to Sweetlife co.com and we will teach you how to extract your expertise and turn it into a worldclass signature offers and programs. And then number three is build your first marketing funnel,
whether it’s a marketing funnel to move your established clients online, or it’s a new marketing funnel to generate new cold leads to your online services. I just can’t emphasize that enough, the importance of valuing the current clients you have and providing different ways for your current clients to absorb your established expertise before you go, and you create a brand new offer, that’s a cold offer to people who’ve never worked with you before.
We want you considering what business model your established clients want and need so that you can continue to pour into them and build those relationships. And we can create repeat customers to spend money again and again and again with you, once you nail your online business model with your current customers, then we talk about expanding to a cold audience and really expanding your reach and exploding your sales even more.
So just start with what you have, start with what you know, and start with the people you already know better than anybody else. Nobody knows your established clients better than you do. And again, start asking them questions. How did they want to work with you online? How can you better meet their needs through digital delivery of products, information, services,
and support. And those are your three steps to take your offline business online, choose your business model, develop your offer, build your first marketing funnel. All right. I hope you found this incredibly helpful. We really want to simplify things here for you. I know it can seem very overwhelming, especially when you’re new to the online space. If you’re in that place where you feel overwhelmed,
hit us up anytime, and we’re happy to jump on a business triaged call with you and get you started in the right direction. You can find us@sweetlifeco.com and all the show notes we talked about here on this episode, the ultimate guide to business models and how to learn, how to turn your ideas and expertise into your signature offer can all be found in the show notes for this episode by visiting Sweetlife podcast.com
forward slash one 93. All right, you guys have a fantastic week, so great to pour into you and talk to you soon.

Episode 189: Online Business Terms and Acronyms Made Easy – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Episode Bonuses:

Ultimate Guide to the online business model that’s right for you

Who This Episode is Great For:

This show is for established companies looking to scale with online business models and new entrepreneurs launching online and feeling lost in the terminology and acronyms.


Online entrepreneurs speak a different language and for companies who are looking to scale with online business models, the terms can be confusing and time consuming to learn. To help you be in the know and talk like an online pro faster, this show is a glossary of online terms made easy.


  1. Know what the most common online business terms mean
  2. Stop feeling confused with online business lingo
  3. Have confidence and knowledge to make decisions 

Resources Mentioned:

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Full Show Transcript:

You’re listening to the suede life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate<inaudible>. Hi everyone. And welcome back to the show. This is episode number 189 and everything we’re talking about today, including the bonuses and the resources that we’re providing with this show can be found by visiting Sweetlife podcast.com
forward slash one 89. So if you’re on the go and you can’t take notes or you can’t pause and go to another website on your phone. No worries. Just remember Sweetlife podcast.com forward slash one 89. We’ll give you everything that you are looking for when you have an opportunity to go grab it. Welcome to the show. My name is April leach.
I’m the host here on the show and we’re coming up almost on four years of this podcast. Thank you so much to all of you. Who’ve been crazy faithful, awesome listeners for so long. And if you’re new to this show, I’m super glad to be connected with you. I teach small businesses and entrepreneurs how to grow their company by scaling online and everything we talk about here on this show are proven and trusted business trainings to help you do that.
In fact, a lot of our shows are so valuable that a lot of coaching and consulting firms charge thousands of dollars for the tools and the strategies and the action items that we bring to you here on this show. So I’m really, really glad that you are here. If you haven’t clicked subscribe yet, or if you haven’t clicked subscribe in a while,
please do. So. We are on all of your favorite podcasts. We’ll see devices including obviously where you’re listening to us right now. So just go in and make sure that you’ve clicked subscribe, and we do really appreciate all of the reviews. You guys leave us on Apple podcasts. So at the time of this recording, it’s the end of August.
And if your life is like mine, which I’m assuming it is we connect. And that’s why you listen here to this show. That’s means that things are about to get even crazier than they were before, regarding whatever is happening with school and your kids and running and managing and owning the company that you do. And so many things are up on the air and it’s just a hard time.
And actually when this show drops, I am on my way to drop my oldest son off to college. So I’m right there with you. And I want you to know that you’re not alone and we’re still here consistent behind you, giving you the tools you need to grow your business throughout all of the unpredictable world of 2020. So I just want to take a pause for a sec and just say kudos to you for being here for listening to this show,
whether you’re listening to it live as soon as it drops or you’re coming back to this, you know, years later, this going to be one of those shows. I think people refer back to a lot because it just really covers a lot of online business basics that don’t change. I just want to say you’re doing awesome job. So let’s go ahead and dive into what you can expect with today’s episode.
We are talking about online business terms, acronyms made easy. And so this particular show is for those of you who have established businesses, and it’s time to scale your company by utilizing online business models and strategies and funnels, or those of you who are new to launching a business, and you’re launching your company online. Here’s the deal online entrepreneurs speak a different language.
There are some words that we use in the online business space that, you know, I really actually have to catch myself sometimes when I’m talking to people because all of a sudden this blank look will come over their face. And I will have said a term or an acronym that just doesn’t make sense to anybody else, unless you’re already in the online business space.
And so if you’ve ever been talking to somebody or reading a blog or listening here on the show, and I’ve said something that just kind of went, Whoa, I have no idea what that is is April. Well, this particular episode is designed to fix that for you, because the reality is is that, that we don’t want you to be confused.
These things are not hard as long as you know what they are. So I want you to be confident. I want you to know what other people are talking about. I want you to know what you’re talking about. I want you to know what you’re looking for in certain functions of software and in website things that we’re going to be discussing today. And it all comes back to understanding the terminology and the acronyms that are used to describe functionality of software in different results and benchmarks.
Frankly, you need to hit in your business in order for it to grow. So the end of this episode, you’re going to know what the most common online business terms mean. You’re going to stop feeling confused if you’ve felt confused before with all this online business lingo, and you’re going to have the confidence to move forward, continue in conversations, ask intelligent and educated questions.
Now that you’re kind of past this entry level threshold of online business terms. And I do have a resource for you today. So if you’re just getting into online business scaling, if you’re taking your established business and you’re wondering what to do, should I launch a course? Should I launch a video series? Should I launch a membership or a digital, or even an in person type of retreat?
Some of you guys are even wondering, should I launch a podcast? I have a completely free 14 page resource for you. It’s called the ultimate guide to the online business model. That’s right for you. You can go grab that in our website for the show notes again, which can be found@lifepodcast.com forward slash one 89. So to give you more clarity on actually what you’re building and how you’re scaling your company,
today’s show, make sure that you go grab that ultimate guide to online business models in our podcast, show notes totally free, and that will save you years of time and really thousands of dollars of building the wrong kind of online business. Okay. So let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show.<inaudible> Okay. Today we’re talking about online business terms made easy and I’m going to go through,
I’m good. Literally going to name the term and give you the definition of it. So it’s just like English one Oh one, except for, for online business and making sure that, you know what things mean. I’ll give you some examples of things so that you can listen to this show and get out of here and understand all the weird language of online business owners.
So the very first thing I want to cover is the term business model. So a business model is the type of business you’re building. Your business model is how you serve clients and how you make money. So what services you offer, how you deliver those services and what actually does that exchange of delivery look like some different examples of business models are in-person services delivered,
virtual services delivered. And again, I gave you that whole entire go grab the ultimate guide to online business models. We have masterminds, we have courses, we have membership sites. We have webinars, whether they’re recorded or on demand, the sky is the limit. And you really need to understand what your business model is, or you need to understand what the injuries result that a business model is going to give your company in order to scale smart.
We don’t want you to just going out there and launching a course cause everybody else is doing it because it’s not necessarily actually in a lot of cases, even the right thing to do to scale and grow your company. So understanding term number one is your business model. Again, that is how you make money, how you serve clients and what that delivery of service looks like.
Next term is lifestyle business. Now this gets a little confused and it’s not a really common online term, but I wanted to throw it in here because if you are a listener to the show, you know that I’m a lifestyle business development expert, and that might seem a little confusing. So I just wanted to clarify that to you and lifestyle business is creating a business model that works with your life.
It’s the way you plan to live your life and then reverse engineering that to build a company that’s going to get you there. It doesn’t mean that the business itself is necessarily a lifestyle business. So you can have a lifestyle business. It gives you the owner, the freedom to be with your family and hang out with your kids more and travel, whatever that looks like for you.
But the business itself, you know, you don’t have to sell surfboards the business itself, whether you’re in marketing or consulting or, you know, video editing, whatever it is that you do, the business itself doesn’t have to be lifestyle focused, but you are building a business that is designed around your lifestyle. And hopefully that kind of clarifies that a little bit.
As a matter of fact, 90% of the companies that I work with to help them grow and scale are not actual lifestyle businesses, but the owners of those companies want a business. That’s going to give them that lifestyle that they want to, hopefully that clarifies that a little bit for you. The next term is I see a, I see a stands for ideal client avatar.
This is used a lot, and you’re going to hear it a lot, especially when you’re new to the online business space, your ideal client avatar, or your ICA, but really the perfect clients that you are called to serve that need, want your offers. So they’re very specific people. This is a very specific set of grouping of people that are ideal to buy your product or buy your services.
That is your ICA. So if you ever hear that term thrown around, if somebody is saying, Hey, well, you know, what are you marketing to? And what are you selling? And who’s your ICA. It means what is the specific subset of people that need and want what you have the next term is IP, which stands for intellectual property.
So this is turning your ideas and your services and your methods. It could also be your secret sauce, your formula, your steps of delivery into your intellectual property. So intellectual property protections allow for creators and owners like you to actually go ahead and make sure they patent and trademark your process. So you don’t necessarily have to do that, but intellectual property,
it’s connected to the ownership of things that are created from your mind. So an example of intellectual property is my start to scale business system, or in the past, it’s been called the sweet life entrepreneur roadmap. They’re my five steps that I share here on the show. A lot that take people from the beginning of your business, all the way through the end of that life cycle of a successful company,
growth over a period of years, that’s my intellectual property. It’s my system. It’s my methodology. I own that. So if you have a method or a system or something, that’s your secret sauce. That is your intellectual property. So the term IP is thrown around a lot, both online and offline when it comes to the ownership of things that are created by your mind,
your methodology, your systems, the next term, which is really important for those of you guys, for starting out, you’re brand new in business. This is something you have to know this term. And this term is M VP, not most valuable player. It actually stands for a minimum viable product. And your minimum viable product is when you develop your ideas into your new product,
your first offer and everything is being sold sufficiently to satisfied customers. So this product is designed and developed. Usually after some feedback from your first customers, your minimum viable product is your minimum service. That has to be proven in order for you to realize that your company is and will be a success. So it’s a very first offer or your first program,
your first package of services or your first product that you’ve created. We have to prove that it is at least minimum leave viable within your market space. So are people buying it? That’s your MVP. You have to hit your MVP. It is the one of the first challenges to overcome as a new business owner. The next term is lead magnet, and this is getting more into marketing.
So your lead magnet is something of high value that you give away for free, that people are willing to give you their name and their email contact information for sometimes their address. And some other information lead magnet is also referred to by some online coaches, as freemium or freebie. The reason why I don’t love that term, and we don’t use that term here on this business show is because your lead magnet is,
I said in the initial definition needs to be of high value. So I’ve done tons of different podcasts on lead magnets and how to create them of high value. So I’m not going to go on squirrel tangent right now, but you might have heard the term freemium or freebie. And those are people that give away kind of crappy stuff, free expecting to grow their lists.
That’s not going to grow your list by the way, it has to be something of high value to get high quality leads. So your lead magnet is something that you create to give away could be a video series. It could be a download. It could be a, a white paper, something of high value to prospects to gather their information. The next term is called conversion tool.
It’s also called the conversion product. This refers to how you turn the leads on your list, the names and the email address on your list and your database into paying clients. So the lead magnet brings them in and gives you the lead, but then we have to still convert them into paying clients. And a conversion tool is usually a little bit different,
a little bit more contact, more relationship based than a lead magnet. Examples of a conversion tool are live webinars, phone calls, or discovery calls, triage calls, personal assessments. It can also be just a sales page. You can have a great sales page that converts your leads into buyers. It could be a shop page. Those things are applicable as well,
but the conversion product is where you take the lead and turn them into buyers sometimes based on what it is your company does, we don’t even really need the lead magnet so much. We might be able to just take cold subscribers and turn them into buyers just with a conversion product. And if you don’t know, a cold subscribers are coming up, okay,
the next term is called a funnel. Now this is thrown around all the time. There are a bunch of different types of funnels. You guys, there are marketing funnels and sales funnels and product funnels. I’m going to give you the term here, understanding in expecting that many of you are just entering the phase in your business where you’re ready to grow it online.
So we’re going to talk about it, actual marketing lead generation funnel here. And I’m going to give you the definition for this. This refers to the building of landing pages on your website, where people can opt in and fill out a form and give you their information. And it refers to the connecting of the rest of your software technology to give them what you have promised.
So a funnel is all of your marketing. Literally imagine like a tornado. And on the top is all of your marketing. It’s all of your social media posting. They might see something that interests them. Example, your lead magnet might interest them. They say, Oh, that’s a really high value thing. I think I want that. And they’re going to go to a landing page that ideally should be built on your website,
where they give their name and email address to get that high value lead magnet. And then what happens next is you send them an automatic email. It says, here you go. Here is the thing that I promised you I’d give you after you gave me your name and email address. So the next part of that funnel is actually that welcome email and the delivery of whatever you promised.
And then it’s also sending them to a thank you page saying, Hey, thank you so much for giving me your contact information. We talked about it two weeks ago here on the show that receiving somebody’s lead is a privilege and you need to care for it. Very importantly, that’s not even a word. You need to really care about people to give you their name and email address.
That’s what I’m saying. The funnel is creating the pages and connecting together the technology, the landing page, the email marketing, and the thank you page to make sure that the delivery of what you promised is done well, that is the tech side of building a funnel. So when we’re talking about funnels, yes, there’s marketing strategy. Yes. There’s what you say and what you’re giving in this definition.
I’m giving you this, the specifics of the tech side of actually building a funnel. It includes your landing page. It includes a thank you page and includes an automatic email that goes out to give somebody what you promised. Okay. Now let’s go into warm and cold audiences. So audience are people who have never heard of your business before. And a warm audience are people who are already familiar with your brand.
So if you hear those two different terms thrown around, or if you’re planning doing an ad campaign, somebody who’s helping you with that might say, are we running these ads to a cold audience or a warm body? And that is the difference. Okay. Three more terms, are you with me? And by the way, all of these terms are going to be written out for you.
For those of you guys who are in our online business community and our app over at mighty house, you can join for free. I’ll put a link in the show notes, or you can just go to sweet life, community.com. If you’re like, Oh my gosh, I want to, you know, write all these down. I’m going to go ahead and upload all these terms just right into our community app.
So for those of you guys who are joined there with us@sweetlifecommunity.com, you don’t even have to opt into it. I’m just going to put all these terms there for you so you can always reference, okay. The next term is S E O S E Oh, stands for a search engine and optimization. It basically means how visible is your website or organically to search engines like Google.
So are people going to your website, are people Googling things or searching for things? And is your website coming up S E O like the terminology for it? Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and the quality of the traffic to your website, through organic search results. So this doesn’t mean pain to have your site show up on Google AdWords.
These are things that you do within the copy of your site tags within your site. There are tons of different ways that you can optimize your organic search results for your website and you need to, and that is what we call SP Oh, the next terminology is copy. So the next term is, copy. We hear this all the time and we’ll work with new clients.
And you know, I have to be careful again, I’ll say, okay, give us the copy for your website in the division of my company, where we build Kajabi websites, I’ll say, give us, you know, don’t forget, you need to have a copy of your website. And sometimes new businesses will be like, Oh my gosh, what are you talking about?
What is that? So copy is just your text. Copy. It can refer to the text and your website. It can refer to the text and your social media posts. It can refer to the text in your email, body or other places. It’s literally just the writing of your text there. The words you write. And I will say that every company should have a good copywriter as an essential part of your team.
There are people that have a gift for copywriting, and there are people who don’t. So if you really want to grow your company online, it is going to be important that you learn how to become a good copywriter, or that would be one of the top priority roles I would recommend for you. If I was working with you to scale your business is bringing a really great online sales and marketing copywriter aboard your team.
So copy, just reverse to your text. And then the last term I want to cover is swipe files or swipe copy. So this refers to texts and images created by other companies that you’re allowed to swipe like swiper, no swiping, except for this is like swiper. Yes. Swiping those of you that have older kids like me. You know what I’m talking about?
So this basically means when you are promoting something in conjunction with somebody else, that company may send you what’s called swipe copy or swipe files. They’re literally pre done social media posts that you can just swipe and put out on your own social media to make your life easier. So swipe, copy and swipe files literally means that you can take it and steal it and copy it.
And that’s what it’s designed for. So today we covered a lot of online business terms and acronyms that we usually find that companies new to the online space aren’t really familiar with. We defined business model. We define lifestyle business. I see a, I P am VP. So again, ICA ideal client avatar, IP, intellectual property, MVP, your minimum viable product or service lead magnet,
conversion tool funnel, warm and cold audience. S E O copy and swipe files. Wow. Okay. That was your online business. One Oh one glossary class. I hope you guys, this is very, very helpful. You know, we’re here to help you. We’re here to level up your entrepreneurial IQ because you are amazing at what you do and no successful business owner has time to sit there and wonder what a stupid acronym is.
So we’re just going to tell you, because I know you don’t have time to figure it out and we are here to make you a success. Thank you so much for tuning into this show. Let me go ahead and recap a real quick, where you can find the resources that we’ve talked about. First of all, you are invited to join our online business owners and entrepreneur app.
It’s not a Facebook group anymore. We dumped Facebook months ago. Thank heavens. We now have a custom community app where you can create your own business profile and network with other businesses and get tools here from the show. And you can join that for free by visiting Sweetlife community.com. I’m going to drop in all of these terms into that app, for those of you guys who are in there.
So if you’re listening on the go and you want to come back and reference it, make sure that you join us in our app also for you. Go ahead and grab our online business model guide. So I have 14 pages of the ultimate guide to choosing the online business model. That’s right for you. You can get that in the show notes of this episode by visiting sweet life podcast.com
forward slash one 89. Okay. I hope you guys have an amazing turnover of the month at the end of this show. We’re rolling over from August to September, and this means you have three months left to close out this year, strong and prepare for 2021 here on the show. We’re going to be working on a lot of 2021 prep and helping you like we do at the end of every year,
prepare your business for the next year, prepare your signature offers, level up your marketing, and really scale your business online. So make sure that you’re subscribed because we are about to dive in and roll up our sleeves with you even more over the next 12 weeks to make sure that 2021 is the best year yet. And sure as shit, all of us need that.
Oh my gosh. All right. Well, you guys have an awesome week. Thank you again for tuning into the show. I’m April beach. 

Episode 172: How To Stay Relevant and Be A Leader – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Episode Bonuses:

Join THE SHIFT 2020: 
  1. Text “shift” to the number 31996
  2. Send us a DM here to get more info
  3. Or Email april@sweetlifeco.com to learn more

Who This Episode is Great For:

This episode is for entrepreneurs and small businesses who fearful that you’re losing your grip on relevance. You’ve worked years to build your audience, email your list, engage your followers, create awesome content… but you’re no longer “needed” and so you’re losing your following. 


If you’re a small business owner whose audience has become silent, you’re no longer leading your people, or you’re losing your relevance, this show is for you. As the world shifts, so must your business. Not forever, but for now and one big important part is staying relevant so people keep their eyes on you. 
How do we do this? The answer defies all things you’ve ever heard about marketing… DITCH THE PLAN! It’s time to serve the world, not sell the world. 


  1. Know the 3 Types Of Content You Should Create And Share Right Now 
  2. Stay relevant
  3. Ditch your plan (for a short time) 
  4. Hold the reins of leadership with confidence 

Resources Mentioned:

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Full Show Transcript:

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe Age Hey, guys, welcome back to the show Episode number 172 here of the sweet life entrepreneur and business podcast. And I’m April Beach, your host and your business coach here on the show. And ah, my purpose here is to equip you with tools and strategies that you can take to the bank and apply to your business right away. If you and I don’t know each other yet,
I’m a business development coach and strategist, and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses launch and scale online. And everything we do here on the show is proven tools and strategies that you can literally apply to your business right now and see a difference. And that’s our commitment to you. So today on the show, this is episode number 172. We’re gonna be talking about a lot of things, and I want to make sure that you know where to find. The resource is if you haven’t yet cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com,
and you can even enter Ford slash 172 to get to this episode directly. We have tons of free business tools there for you, especially those of you guys who are trying to launch and scale your business online. It’s certainly the best resource is out there, and our commitment is to just wow you with some incredible free stuff that other coaches charge thousands and thousands of dollars for So crews over the sweet life podcast dot com. That’s where all of the behind the scenes information in details can be found. So this particular episode we are talking about how to stay relevant and how to be a leader,
and then we can put a little parentheses behind it in times of economic downshift, cause that’s where we are. So these strategies and I’m talking about on today’s show strictly apply to where we are right now in our global economy. These probably would not be the same tactics that I would be sharing with you. Ah, year from now and they certainly are not the same ones that I was teaching you 12 months ago on this show. Okay, so want to make sure that if you’re listening to this and it’s not real time were in the middle of this cove it economy we’re starting to see the light of the end of the tunnel in this show is designed to make sure your relevant your leader and people are bouncing back to you and your business and your products.
After this little, strange time in the world is over. So everything we’re talking about on the show today is for that purpose. So this is for those of you were established business owners, nuance online entrepreneurs that are launching or you have an established online business and and you want to make sure you’re holding your grip and you’re holding the attention of those people that you’re called to serve. All right, So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive in together. Or the truth of the matter is for many of you guys,
you have worked years to build your audience. You have created amazing content you have had on opportunity to connect with people. On a deep level, your list has grown. You have worked really, really hard. You’ve done everything right or is Lee at least is right as you possibly could have tried is a business owner. You’re getting traction. All of a sudden we hunted. We hit this brick wall, right? And there’s a chance that your business is one of those businesses that doesn’t fall where we wanted to fall in the order of importance right now based on our economy.
So when things slant down in the economy, people fall back to you can consider, like NASA’s hierarchy of needs, right? So on the bottom, we have, you know, the essentials food, shelter. And then, as as you go up in that structure and we’ll put a link to this for you in the show notes if you want to take a peek up at it. But as you go up in that structure, then you go into the top of it where it is things that people want,
like desires, deep desires and, you know, wealth and prominence and lifestyle freedom. Well, if in the past you have sold something that is on the top of that pyramid, there’s a really good chance people aren’t buying it anymore. And so therefore, there’s a really good chance that people aren’t listening to you anymore because you don’t have what they need and what they want right now. So if you’re a small business owner who’s audience has become silent, you’re no longer leading your people because, frankly, they’re not turning to you.
It means you’re losing your relevance. And so this show is really important for you to listen to, cause we’re gonna talk about different ways to pivot out of that. And, you know, as the world shifts, your business has to shift. And here’s the one thing I want you to know. It’s not forever you guys, but it could be 45 60 9100 and 20 days. And so I want to make sure that during this undefined period of time that you and your brand and your company are remaining incredibly relevant so that as we get out the other side of this,
you’re already at the top of people’s minds. It’s not like relaunching your business from scratch, because here’s the deal. The people that don’t remain relevant during this time, it’s going to be like starting back up again from scratch. And if you’ve been through the from scratch type of relationship, building and in list building recently. You know that that time and business building sucks, it’s really, really hard. And so we don’t want you toe have toe, get all the way back to number one. So in today’s show,
I want to dive into first of all what you could be doing immediately right now. And this is for sure.
Probably the only time that you will ever hear me say this. Number one. I want you to ditch your plan.
So what do I mean by that? I mean, if you had a content calendar that was planned out for the whole entire month of April and May and off your graphics air done and your content is in there if that content calendar doesn’t read the temperature in the room,
you could piss a lot of people off. Or frankly, they just might think you’re completely irrelevant in totally tune you out.
So I want you to really consider ditching the plan. It doesn’t mean that you can’t pick back up the plan when things start rolling again.
But those businesses that are continuing on as normal I know you have gotten some of these emails a za matter of fact,
some business people and leaders that I love. I’ve been getting emails from them, and I’ve unsubscribed because females are completely irrelevant and I think a little insensitive in Those leaders aren’t reading the room and you can tell that they have their plan.
They had their content written. They had their podcast recorded, you know, they had their articles already in line,
and they’re just going with it because they’re trying to pretend like everything’s fine. But everything is not fine.
And it’s okay to say that everything’s not fine for a little bit. I think it’s important as a leader,
as a business leader to remain relevant. So stuff number one is take a look. And if you need to ditch your plan,
you know, for heaven’s sake, stop downloading all those freebies. I instagram that say we’re going to give you your content to go live for the next 30 days.
Stop downloading those stop following a plan that comes from somebody else. You are the leader, and it’s time for you to lead.
Okay, so ask yourself these questions. What are people really listening to right now? What is being told?
Talked at poured into your clients right now. And what do they actually want to be listening to right now?
There’s a really good chance that what is coming at your clients, whether it be from you or somebody else.
If you haven’t made this sort of pivot shift, there’s a really good chance that is not what they want.
And so they’re going to start tuning out. And so I want you to ask yourself, What do they want right now?
Dig into their psyche, dig into their aspirations, dig into their fears, dig in to maybe some things that they’re dealing with that could possibly have nothing to do with your business at all.
But ask yourself those tough questions and ditch your plan if you need Teoh. The next thing is, I want you to start sharing connecting in leading.
All right, so more than ever before, you should be present. You should be live streaming. Know that.
Probably make some of you just like swallow your your heart because live streaming can seem really scary. And I’ll give you some tips.
Here. The end of this recording. Okay, so the end of this podcast, I promise you as I’m saying this out loud,
I’m going to give some tips that are gonna make live streaming really easy for you. Okay, But let’s get through the strategies here that I have for you.
I want you to go live away to go live a lot. I want you to go live on your Facebook page.
I’m going to go live on Instagram. Wherever your clients are, focus your attention on the places your clients are,
whether it’s posting videos on lengthen, you know, even YouTube, whatever that may be. Be present and go live.
And here are three types of content that you can and frankly, you should be posting. Number one is content that connects you to your audience.
This is a big one right now. This might actually be over 60% of the content that you are posting right now.
Content that connects you to your audience are behind the scenes, you know, kind of showing people what’s going on in your life in your home,
how you’re setting up your home office, how you’re managing your team’s air remote, working with your teams.
Those are things that are behind the scenes content. That’s content that connects you to your audience. It shows that you’re vulnerable.
It shows them what’s happening, and it shows them that you’re cool with them, not seeing everything perfect.
When you show up like that, it opens the door for them to talk back and say, Hey,
you know what? Things aren’t perfect here, either, and it starts a dialogue and it starts a conversation in what’s really cool about it is it creates connections with your existing audience about new things.
So if you previously might have, I had a connection with your audience because you’re a graphic designer, and certainly that’s why you’ve connected with them.
They hired you to do their graphic design. Now you might find that you’re connecting because you both loathe homeschooling or you both Can’t,
you know, figure out how to come up with something new to cook for dinner. You know when we’re in quarantine.
So finding those connection pieces is so valuable right now in a note to those of you guys who are brands.
So if you have a brand and you yourself aren’t your brand, right? So if you have a business with you know 10 15 25 employees and you’re wondering like how we show up here authentically as a company as a brand.
You can still do this. People want to see the CEO. People want to see the marketing director take turns taking over the companies INSTAGRAM account and going live take turns popping in and posting.
You know, videos about how you’re doing things behind the scene on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand or you’re in individual brand or company ran an individual ground number one.
Creating content that connects is the most important thing for you to do. Right now, Number two is creating content that proves that you know what you’re doing.
So this could be pictures of you with clients in the past social proof testimonies, screenshots of D. M’s that people are sending to you screenshots of emails for the other clients,
or sending to you asking questions and talking about how you work with other people, how you been able to get other people of results in the past and just reminding your audience that you really,
really good at what you do, even if you might be doing it a little bit differently right now.
or even Perhaps, if you’re not serving clients at all right now. So the 1st 1 is content that connects.
The 2nd 1 is content. That proves that you know what you’re doing. And the 3rd 1 is content that teaches.
This is content where you’re gonna share your coaching, your expertise, data leadership You’re pouring in. What it is that you do as a leader,
as a business leader in your area, your niece, your area of expertise. So I want you to start sharing these three types of content regularly.
Want you to ditch the plan, Look at the content of your sharing and make sure it’s relevant to what is happening right now.
And my challenge to you is to do this. Number one Seriously, stop hiding out. I know it’s hard to show up when you don’t know how you should be showing up,
but the first step is showing up. So show up and be present. That is going to solidify that you’re strong and you’re a leader.
But you’re also vulnerable. And you’re willing, Teoh, just show up for your people. I recommend that you go live seriously.
Seven days for the next seven days straight. I recommend that you go live on your social media feeds.
It might seem like overkill, especially if you’ve never gone life before. Ah, lot of reasons why we do this is because the Social media algorithm,
frankly, when you go live the first couple of times, there’s nobody that’s gonna be there. It doesn’t show people that you’re going live.
And so after you do it a couple of times, whether it’s instagram or Facebook, it’s going to start to catch on to be like,
Hey, you know, April’s live again. It’s gonna start start showing it to more people. But what it does is it also shows your commitment to your audience and that you want to be president.
You want to be there for them. You can also share what you’re struggling with and create these common connection points,
whether it’s parenting or loneliness or the fact that you’re drinking way too much wine or what we call it,
like the cove, it 18 instead of like the freshman 10 or the freshman 20. Whatever college freshman you know,
pounds were on the cove, it 18 you, right? You know, if you’ve been sitting there eating bond bonds and drinking wine and you know,
whatever. Share that, just be Rheal and eat and be who you are and show your strength. Even if you don’t feel like it,
we’ll be sure with you like a little case study. I, of course, have been doing this myself before.
I’m gonna come on here and tell you guys to do this because I always want to make sure I’m giving you proven strategies that work in your business.
And I’m not very often live on my Facebook page, and I have started running. Now, don’t laugh too loud.
I’m a terrible runner. You buys it is between like teen in my knees, earning. I mean,
I suck it running, okay? And so I went out for a run on Saturday and there was snow all around me.
I just had to get out of the house. I wanted to push my body. I was craving that and in the middle of my run,
in a nice excuse for a NH opportunity to breathe, I pulled out my phone and I did a live stream,
and I did a live stream, you know, just regarding data and the trajectory of businesses. I looked like shit.
I was out of breath. I was just canting. You could clearly tell I was not some agile runner out there,
and I did This live stream video lasted, you know, maybe like six minutes in that video got organically more views than any of my other live streams of me sitting here in my office.
Why? Because people wanted to see that I look like shit. People had to see what I was doing that had nothing to do with,
you know, business development strategy. And I think that people also wanted to see the fact that I’m pushing myself.
I want to see my leaders pushing themselves, because when I see people that I follow when I see people that I admire what that when I see people that I learned from pushing themselves to new levels even when it seems out of place or impossible or don’t feel like it,
it inspires me to be pushed to do levels to. And so that’s just a little case study. And I just want to encourage you in that so show leadership inspire,
encourage, be uplifting and be strong, even if you don’t feel strong, Believe me, I did not feel strong making that video,
and I certainly didn’t feel strong running. Okay. And the next thing is to be the glue. If you have an opportunity to create a community in a connection amongst your clients and your fans and your followers,
do it. Now is a perfect time to launch a Facebook group. Now is a perfect time to create some sort of connection or community,
whether it’s a text group or a boxer community, whatever it may be, now is an excellent time for you to create that group and lead that group through this uncertain time.
In doing these things, you are going to remain relevant in doing these things. You are going to show your strength and leadership,
even if the things that you’re talking about don’t necessarily directly relate with the primary signature service or offer that you have released in the past.
But we want you to stay strong. We want you to stay top of the mind off your followers so that after this time is over,
you don’t have to build these relationships from scratch, and the best way to do that is to lead authentically and to show up often,
especially right now. You have a captive audience. Everybody is home. Everybody’s online more than ever, and now is the time to step out and be present.
Okay, Before I wrap this up, I promised you that I would share a little tip about live streams.
Number one. If you want to practice going live, join us in our Facebook community. It’s sweet life community dot com.
It’s a totally free Facebook community. There’s awesome small business owners and their and we do these things where we actually let you practice going live in our Facebook community because sometimes it’s weird and you don’t know where to look,
and you don’t know what buttons to push. Cruise over to sweet left interview. Not common. Join us,
but here the tips I was going to give you When you are speaking to a camera, whether you’re going live or you’re talking to a video camera and recording videos or you’re on television,
for example, this is how I originally learn. This is when I used to contribute to our local news stations here in Colorado.
When you’re looking at a camera, think about the fact that you’re only talking toe one person. If you think Oh my gosh,
I’m talking to the masses and thousands of people are watching me right now and thousands of people are looking at me.
You will totally freeze and it will be really awkward and it’ll scare you to that, right? But if you just picture that you’re talking toe one person,
that only one person is going to see this and whatever’s on your heart or your mind, whatever you want to share,
whether it’s business or personal, whether it’s you know, that content that proves you’re the expert or content that coaches people,
you’re only talking to one person. When you look at that camera lens, OK, I promise you,
if you only think one person’s looking, a look at this one person is going to see it, and that’s this One person talking to right now is my ideal client.
You can even name that person if it helps you. You can even picture one of your friends on the other side of that camera.
That’s the tip. That’s how you get over the fear of live streams and the fear of life video because you know what?
In the end, technically, any time we create content, we want to only create that content for that one ideal audience,
that one ideal client until by thinking these things, you’re not off base because, in fact, anything you’re saying is for that one ideal client.
So that’s your tip for getting over life. Okay, today we talked about the importance of showing up and being relevant.
We talked about ditching the plan if you have had a plan in place, and it totally is unrelated to what’s happening right now,
we talked about the three different types of content, but you should be sharing number one content that connects,
showing people behind the scenes and what you’re doing. Number two content that proves that you’re a badass. That’s content that shows testimonies from people have you worked with or pictures of people you’ve worked with or you know,
anything that can share that You know what you’re doing that you’ve helped other people get awesome results, and then the third type of content is content that teaches,
and this is content that shares your expertise to give some tips in different sorts of ah insider know how that comes from an expert like you.
All right, And then one more thing. If you have an offer, if you’ve developed a new habit offer that you have for people,
let them know that. Invite them to join your pivot plan and bite them to join your offer. Invite them to join what it is that you’ve done,
but do it in a way that you’re connected with them authentically. The most important thing here is that we aren’t selling.
The world were serving the world during this time. And so any plan that you create should be serving the world and not selling the world in your content in your social media,
and your messaging should come across that way as well. And if you’re struggling with losing leadership and you don’t have a product,
you’re not sure how to pivot or your business is becoming less relevant. Now is the time to make the shift.
I’ve been working with a small group of entrepreneurs and established small business owners to help them create offers, scaling from offline to online and bringing offers into the picture that your clients actually really want need offers that can really,
truly be a life raft where your clients are right now, if you aren’t really sure how to scale your business online,
what actual virtual offers to create what that means to the big picture of your business. If you’re struggling to choose that online business model,
and if you’re struggling because you don’t know how to create messaging, that’s really authentic, and you want to make sure you’re companies still profiting,
then I invite you to learn more about what I’m doing with this small group of businesses. We’re calling it Shift 2020 and to get more information on that,
you can just go to the show notes for this episode. Or you can simply text the word shift to the number 31996 and I’ll send you a link on where you can get more information.
All right, you guys, I hope you’re doing well, and I hope this message finds that everybody in your household is well.
Also, I love connected with you. Thanks so much for staying tuned with me here again, Resource is for you Are number one went to the show notes for this episode at Sweet Life Podcast dot com ford slash 172 Resource number two is to join our free Facebook community.
You can find that by visiting sweet life. Community dot com and Resource number three is to join me in shifting your business for 2020 so that you stay profiting,
leading and your marketing in the right ways. To get more information on shift 2020 you can just text to the word shift to the number 31996 Or you can cruise over to the show notes,
and they’ll be a link for you to learn more about shift 2020. All right, help! You guys are awesome.
Talk to you soon. Bye for now.

Episode 171: Should You Pivot Your Business Right Now? – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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This episode is for entrepreneurs and small business who aren’t sure if you need to shift your offers, confused about how/if you should be marketing and who want clear answers as to if you should hold tight or make changes. 


This episode is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who aren’t sure if you need to shift your offers, confused about how or if you should be marketing your services online. We cover the 3 greatest dangers to small businesses are facing and thoughtful solutions to overcome each pitfall. This show will help you identify what stage of action your business is in, if it’s time to move, and how to move with intention based on what’s appropriate right now.


  1. Identify your business position grasping on to the current business opportunities
  2. Identify the 3 biggest pitfalls small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing and how to overcome each
  3. Change your mindset to become a leader and build strong relationships

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Full Show Transcript:

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe Age Hey, guys! And welcome to episode number 171 On today’s show, we are talking about the shift, also known as your pivot plan. I wanted to dive into this because it’s really timely to be really honest with you. I had been avoiding recording to show strictly on pivoting based on the wave of the economy and the way that our world is.
And this is very strange time that we find ourselves in because a part of me kept waiting to just wake up the next morning and it would be different. And even though I knew in my mind that rationally that was not gonna happen, I kept hoping for it. So I feel like I wish that I had released this to you two or three weeks ago. But here it is now, because it’s really important that we talk about the three dangers that entrepreneurs and small businesses air facing right now and what you can be doing to shift your business to pivot your business.
It’s also really important that we dive into how long is this pivot for and what to do if you feel like you don’t want to pivot. And so that’s the gist of everything we’re talking about on today’s show and you’re gonna leave with very clear strategy is very clear. Questions. To ask yourself to answer your own personal questions is, should I shift and should I pivot my business? How do I know whether or not I need to make changes and how confident I am? I as a business leader to the people that I’m responsible to take care of,
which are your clients and your customers in yourself in your own family? How am I doing right now in this current very strange world that we’re all a part of? And how can I find the opportunities within what’s happening right now to protect and rise up myself on those people around me? Those are all the questions were answering on today’s podcast. If you’re on the go, which you shouldn’t be, by the way, you all should be staying at home. But if you can’t take notes, cruise over to our podcast website,
which has found its sweet life podcast dot com where all the show notes from everything we talk about today and links and resource is I’m gonna be sharing with you in today Show to give you actionable items that you can do right now to make smart decisions for your business. All of those air found over at sweet life podcast dot com. Okay, let’s dive into today as we talk about pivoting as we talk about shifting the biggest danger. Actually, that face is small businesses and entrepreneurs is our mindset, and I’ve been in round tables hand smog herb leadership meetings online.
Now for about I think the first leadership meeting that we actually held was now over a month ago or right around four weeks ago. Seems like 4000 years ago. But I’m still hearing the same questions, and you might be asking these questions and there, you know, what should I be doing right now? Should I be selling? Should I be marketing what I sell? How do I connect with people? What will people think of me if I sell right now? Should I be reducing my prices? And I’m hearing statements like I’m lost,
I’m stuck. I’m afraid I don’t know what to do. We’ve been talking a lot about this in my podcast community. By the way, if you are in this place as a small business as an entrepreneur, you should not be doing this alone. Cruise over to my podcast group. My Facebook group is totally free. You should not be here alone. And so I want to make sure that you’re getting connected with other like minds. Really cool, amazing people that can help you through that. So you could just go to sweet life community dot com and join us in the Facebook community in there.
So little side note Resource number one for you. So let’s dive into this. The mindset problem is that you aren’t really sure what to do. And so you may feel lost or confused about this and not really sure how to take action. There are three types of people three times of business owners that have been identified, two responding in certain ways during this shift that were going through, I learned about this in a leadership meeting. I was really fortunate for really thankful to be in been taught. Hermann was speaking in this meeting,
and he was explaining that there are really three kinds of people and how they’re responding. And these air from CEOs of big, huge companies down to, you know, solo entrepreneurs and freelancers said that first of all, there’s this a type of person who is totally stuck, right, not taking any action at all. They aren’t pivoting. They’re moving, they’re doing anything. It’s almost like if you’re this person, you feel like you’re your feet are stuck in wet cement, this solidifying around you and you can’t take any action at all.
You might feel some depression. You obviously feel anxiety and fear, and you aren’t changing anything in your business or whatever, because you feel completely out of control. You feel like you have no control over anything in, so you are just completely subdued in your space. First of all, if this is you, it’s okay is a matter of fact. The majority of businesses are still in this place. You are not alone.
I understand that. And then there’s this second person, so Category B, I guess we’ll call it.
The second person is this entrepreneur who is willing business owner willing to make moves, willing to pivot, willing to make adjustments.
But there’s no direction. And so there’s zero confidence in that. Like you want to do something you want to move,
you’re looking to move, and maybe you’ve been trying a bunch of little different little things, and nothing is sticking and you’re not really sure what direction to go.
So there’s no clear plan, no confidence, and you’re only doing like the bare minimum. And then there’s the third entrepreneur.
So Group C, which actually makes up at the time that I heard the data of this lesson. 9% of all business owners in this group is the one that is pivoting,
taking action scene opportunities, creating solutions and actually making moves. That’s only 9% of people all right, and even out of those 9%.
Most of them are not sure at all what moves they should be making. They’re just making moves in making big steps because they refuse.
Thio, frankly, be a victim and I have their business. Be a victim of what’s happening, so wherever you are,
wherever you find yourself in this first, I want you to know that you are not alone until we’re gonna dive into some of these mindset issues and how to help you solve them.
Therefore, giving you the questions in the action steps toe act upon to help you make smart decisions for your business in the direction that you will go.
So if you find yourself in this place where your mindset is saying I don’t know what to do, you know,
and you’re you’re kind of weekend of every day feeling a little lost, wondering what’s gonna happen. What should I do now?
What should I sell which I offer? The reason why you’re in this situation is because you don’t feel valuable.
You don’t have an offer that people desperately need. Right now, you don’t have confidence in what you’re saying,
and so perhaps you just aren’t saying anything at all, and you, frankly don’t have a plan. And the reason for that isn’t because you want to,
like, sit there and not do anything. It’s because I totally believe this is that you want to make sure that whatever you offer whatever you do is good and helpful and worthy.
It’s not because you don’t want to do anything. It’s because you really want to do the right things.
Does that sound like you? I’m betting that you’re like shaking your head, being like, yeah, that’s me.
You want to do the right things. You only want to offer something that’s good and hopeful and relevant.
You don’t want to take advantage of the situation, and you would never take advantage of people. We know that.
But you also know that there are business opportunities out there and you want, and you need to make sure that they’re not passing you by,
especially right now. So if that’s you, let’s go ahead and go into the next section of this recording here.
Okay, I want you to be aware of three really big dangers. And when I say them out loud,
it’s not gonna be like Thanks for the epiphany, April. It’s gonna be Yes, April, Captain.
Obvious. But just bear with me here because as we talk through them, I believe that in these discussions it’s gonna help.
You really kind of reframe your mind and help you identify if and how you should be pivoting are shifting in your business.
So danger number one that we’re seeing that I’m hearing from my clients that people on my communities we’re talking about and actually on this one I mean,
I’ll be honest with you. People aren’t talking about this as much as they are dangerous two and three.
So this one you can hear in the whispers of everybody’s subconscious. The problem is, is it you might be losing your relevance like that Hurts,
especially for those of you guys who have worked years to build your audience, is years creating content, sending it out every single weekend,
email faithfully doing your live streams, creating content again and again and again. If you’re afraid you’re losing your relevance.
It feels like you might be losing that leadership role like no one is looking at you for help because they don’t see you as somebody that can be relevant to help them.
Right now, you could be feeling like you’re losing opportunities to connect with your audience and that there’s this chasm that is growing whiter and whiter,
and it’s gonna be a really long jump to get from where you were in your relationship, and you know your banter and your friendship and your back and forth,
you know that you might have had with your with your community and your fans and your followers and your lists and your clients and your customers.
So what’s gonna happen in the future that that kind of seems like on the way far side of this Grand Canyon,
and you’re just not really sure how big the Kenyans gonna be? And so if you feel like you might be losing your relevance,
that you might be coming insignificant to your audience, then that is a really big problem. That’s a boom indicator that we need to shift something so that you’re creating relevant content and you’re taking mindful actions and that your connecting authentically with your community in a way that meets them where they are right now.
Okay, now it’s brings us to danger to this is the completely obvious one that still people are not talking about is number three.
But y’all are thinking this, and that is your sales are in jeopardy. You know, we’re talking about finances.
They are a hard thing to discuss, especially when the going gets tough. But what happens then? That’s when the tough get going and that’s we’re talking about on this show.
If you’re in this place, if you’re feeling this pitfall, right, if you’re feeling this danger in your business now,
I will tell you not everybody is feeling this. I have clients whose businesses are thriving right now. What they had in their offers and what they do is just really aligned with what people need.
Right now. Our own companies are doing really well because we are online business developers. And so this isn’t the case for everybody.
But this may be the case for you. If what you’re selling is the wrong thing, you’re in danger of actually losing more and more income,
either established clients or and or not bringing in new customers into your business or you could be not selling anything at all,
so you could be selling things. But they just are the wrong things, and it just doesn’t feel good to sell those things right now.
Or you could have nothing to sell whatsoever at all that is relevant or nothing is selling. This can also be you if you’re feeling like you have an insignificant offer,
so you’re feeling guilty about what it is that you are in fact offering. Maybe you offer some sort of a lavish service,
and you just don’t really feel comfortable. Here’s one of things I want to say to you. And you.
I don’t hear this a lot because it isn’t super quote unquote. And I’m sitting here to myself doing my air quotes,
Strategic. But if you feel like what you’re offering, just doesn’t feel good to sell. Right now,
I really want to encourage you to listen to yourself that that is your intuition, that is your spirit,
that is, whatever you call it. That’s your own inner wisdom, saying, You know what? I’m just kind of getting a check here,
that it doesn’t feel this great to sell it. And if you are feeling that way, I just want to encourage you to listen to that.
You know, one of the things that also want to encourage you is that if you have offers in that,
they’re not really the right things. Your service is aren’t going anywhere. What we’re talking about here is creating a bridge or just a little detour out of some construction bumps in the road were just shifting gears a little bit for a little while to drive people back to where we were before,
but in the better way that we have ever been. Okay, So if you’re struggling with sales in this area,
I want you to really think about what are your clients, your customers? What are their greatest needs right now?
We talk about, you know, identifying the needs, coming up the solutions. That’s business. Wanna one right?
But I want you to go further with us. I want you to really think about it in a way that it’s like this.
Imagine a map you has. No, I’m a geek. I geek out over maps. I even,
like, used to draw on, create maps for fun. When I was a little girl, Imagine a map and it’s a road map of your client’s journey.
And in the past, especially for you established business owners, you have their journey mapped out for them.
That’s great. But something has happened, and you have to create a detour. And along the detour are a couple of different pitfalls that is even the old enough.
Listening to this, you guys remember the video game pitfall where we had to, like, actually grab the rope.
It was like an Atari game pitfall. Okay, well, that’s what’s happening right now. There are pitfalls along your clients.
Customers journey, whether you’re taking them to a journey of wellness or a journey to having a marketing plan or attorney to have a no well branded business where a journey to learning to speak on stage or write a book,
or a journey to re finishing antique furniture, or going from not having house to buying a house. Whatever the journey is right.
There’s, um, roadblocks, and you are responsible for creating a new path for them that brings them to the same destination britches in a different way.
And that’s what we’re talking about right now. That’s what’s important right now. If you’re feeling like your sales are in danger,
if you are in that group of businesses where you aren’t selling anything or you’re you’re starting to slip, then I want you to take a really hard look at what it is that you’re offering and the pathway that you are getting people from point a to point.
In this case, it’s just only see in the past you might have taken them from a to Z.
But right now, maybe they just need your help getting from A to F. And that’s cool. That is really important,
because that’s what they need right now. Less danger. Number two is your sales danger Number three and this is the one that everybody’s talking about.
Is is your marketing. And here is why everybody’s talking about it because nobody wants to sound like a sleaze bucket.
Okay, nobody wants to go out there in, sell their stuff and have people be like, Oh,
my gosh, that person is so insensitive. What? I can’t believe that she is out there just peddling her product when our world is in such a precarious state,
right? I know that you don’t want that. So if you feel like you’re risking being insensitive or if you feel like you don’t know what to say in your marketing or that you just can’t market as usual.
But you aren’t sure how to change that, that is another indicator for you. But you need to make a shift that you need to make a pivot the way that we do.
This is totally authentic. There isn’t any grand marketing strategy behind this. You guys. It is seriously just calling the elephant in the room out the way it is and saying,
Hey, Lis and we’re changing. Something’s up here just for a little while because things were different for a little while.
There’s nothing wrong with just calling elephant in the room like Sarah tomes. She was on last week’s podcast.
Sarah’s a very good friend of mine, and I’m very grateful that she’s our Facebook ad strategists and part of our team.
She’s like, You gotta read the temperature in the room, and if it’s too hot, let’s talk about the fact that it’s too hot.
So we’re going to turn on the A C. Whatever that ISS. Just take your marketing strategy head on and talk about the things that are already on your client’s minds.
Don’t pretend like they aren’t there. I’m not saying I want you to listen to me very carefully that you should not go with a Doom Sayer type of approach,
right? Nobody wants to hear more about the problems with the situations they’re having. They do want to hear from mindful,
authentic, full hearted leaders who are giving them solutions, cause everybody wants to be doing good and thriving and were craving.
I already feel it like, Don’t you feel it? Were craving our feelings of crawling our way back to greatness?
It feel it right now. I know you do, too. And so, with your marketing, your marketing should talk about why make Maybe you’re making some small shifts or pivots in your business or how you’re doing things different.
You’ve already seen the TV commercials doing it saying, Hey, we deliver, you know, contact free food delivery because we know that’s what you want.
Right now, that’s what you should be doing, too. So if you find yourself that you’re not doing any marketing or you’ve stopped marketing altogether,
it’s because you’re not really sure how to actually just take it as it is in share. It is it.
It’s and I just want to fill you up again with creativity and encouragement and telling you that you’re an entrepreneur.
You do not give yourself enough credit. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs are the most important people right now.
Entrepreneurs are the ones figuring out how to get P, p e and from other places and how tow rig ventilators and how to come up with medicine to help all of us.
They’re entrepreneurs in their scientists, their creative people in you’re one of them, too. We’re the most creative,
disruptive, tenacious, tough, unstoppable group people on earth. So you can take your marketing and you can take all the thoughts that you have,
and you can pivot them and ship them to the degree in which they should be, which it could be a great deal for your business.
Or it could be just like a teeny tiny smidge. But talk about that. Talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it in your marketing.
Start with relationships, personally connect with people and really create ah, marketing communication that builds relationships. Dive into relationship with your clients.
It’s a very best thing that you could be doing right now, no matter what you do, pivoting in what degree in your business.
So today we talked about dangers, the businesses we’re facing right now, why you may be facing it.
And if you remember in the beginning I talked about the greatest dangers, our mindset, and we talked about all the different questions the business’s owners are asking themselves right now.
and you might have found yourself asking some of these questions. Then we dove into the three problems. The lack of relevance that your business maybe having the lack of sales in the lack of marketing in overall,
the lack of leadership. If you find that you’re struggling with what to do or what your place is right now,
it’s very simply because you have yet to create a solution that you go to sleep at night, vote really good about in know that people need because you might not necessarily see your business as a life raft that they need.
And if that’s the case, if that’s where you are, I want to encourage you to dive in and to really think about how you can and possibly should be shifting and pivoting just for a little bit right now,
in order to be what people want and need for you to be right now and in order to meet people where they are not in unauthentic way in order to build and create a bridge for your clients to walk from where they were with you,
toe where they will be with you again in the future when we all reset. I was on another leadership call a couple weeks ago with Jeffrey has led of Sea Sweetened.
It was it was a really cool call to be a part of. I don’t normally sit in C suite.
Leadership calls. As many of you know, I’ve never worked in a corporate office in the day of my life.
But it’s always a challenge for me to surround myself with people that do different things, you know? And one of the things that Jeffrey was saying was that we’re in a race to reset,
and that’s where we are right now. As an economy, that’s where we are. It’s not a fast race.
It’s actually really careful race. Instead, we should call it like a cross country run to reset and we’re having to take these detours is a business,
and we’re having to guide people along with us and to carry people. We are called to carry people and to serve people to the degree that obviously makes sense within your business.
So I wanted to let you know what just encourage you if you feel like you’re not being relevant right now,
if you feel like you’re you’re slipping, Your business is slipping. Take a look at those three danger areas.
Are you loosing relevance? Are you not selling things? And are you not really sure about what you should be saying in your marketing?
If those are the areas that you’re getting hung up, then then go back and replay this podcast episode.
And then here are two other resource is for you. Number one. I really don’t want you to be alone.
We need to connect, We need to support each other. And, like I said, lift each other up.
During this time, I invite you to join us over in our free Facebook community at sweet Life community dot com.
The second opportunity and this is not going to be there forever because thes podcast episodes air evergreen. This will be out there in 2021 2023 this will not be available.
But it is right now, So right now we have launched a program. It’s a short term program,
guys, because this is a short term fix in the program is called Shift 2020 and it’s a time for you to dive in,
not to everything this is not in everything program. This is a get what you need. Get your important ducks in a row for your business.
Identify what your clients need and delivered to that program. If you feel like you’re trapped and you’re losing significance and relevance with your audience that they aren’t looking to you for leadership or you’re losing the relationships that you have worked really hard to build for years and years and years or frankly,
if you have never established with the relationships with people before, if you are slipping in your sales or you’re losing sales,
we’re not bringing in any more clients than the shift is an important programme for you to be a part of right now.
And if you’re not really sure what to do in your marketing or how to communicate authentically or how to really pivot or what you should be doing,
who you should be connecting with, how often? How frequently, even though that means the same thing.
You know in what way, If you’re not sure about any of those things, then I highly recommend that you check out our shift program.
It’s called Shift 2020 again. It’s only a short term program. But what we do know is that we need to make some shifts for the next 30 60 90 maybe the next 120 days.
And this podcast and everything we do here is dedicated to helping you in your business. Arrive to the degree in which you may need to make a shift is only going to be revealed based on digging into the strategy and how people are responding and who you want to need to be is a business and is possibly a personal brand to your industry.
So if you guys want more information about shift 2020 here are two different ways you can find it. There’s no website for it.
There’s no long as sales page to join because that’s not what we’re doing right now, because that’s not relevant.
Right now, we’re just helping you get what you need immediately so that you can help your people get what they need immediately.
So for more information on the shift 2020 you can go to the show notes for this episode, so there will be a link in the show notes for the episode.
You can get there by going to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 171 So sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 171 Or you can very simply text the word shift to the number 31996 will shoot over links.
You could just read more information on it. Let us know if you want in love to have you there.
It seemed like the right fit for you again. That is texting the word shift to the number 31996 All right,
you guys help your Well, I understand that things were rough right now things air give you a little tense here in the beach house also.
Ah, we have been on lock down at the day of this recording. I’m we’re on day 33 1 of my boys was just so restless.
He literally went outside golfing barefoot in the snow in our front yard today. So people are totally going crazy,
but we’re still here, and we’re well, and we’re thankful for that. And I pray that you guys were well and those that you know,
a few work on the front lines or somebody in your family does. We’re praying for you guys. And just thank you so much for for all that you’re doing.
Thanks for listening to the show and sharing it with your friends again. Show notes are at sweet life podcast dot com slash 171 and more information on the shift is by texting 31996 And just type in the word shift.
Okay, guys, Bye for now.
That’s all folks!

Episode 169: How To Launch Your Services Online: Small Business Help Part 2 – with April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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This episode is for small businesses that want to launch live group coaching and need help getting started. Software makes up the nuts and bolts of your online business, but it tends to overwhelm some to the point of stopping. Trust me when I say that if I can use (and now teach on) software, anyone can! The important part is making sure the software you choose works for you! This show is for business owners who are considering building a group coaching program and want to make smart choices.


How to build a powerful group coaching program.  In this show, I break down how to plan your group purpose, how to choose the best software, and how to bill, onboard and pick the best platforms for success. Every business is different and this episode helps you find the right answers for your business. We also discuss the power (and joy) of hosting live group calls and what types of entrepreneurs will thrive with this business offering. 
Today’s episode will help you plan your group’s purpose, schedule, taking payment, onboarding customers and deciding the best platform for your group goals. 


  1. Determine what type of group you’re building
  2. Choose the online platform to build your group in
  3. Set up how people pay you.
  4. Understand why AI plays a key role in customer satisfaction. 

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Full Show Transcript:

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator A probe age How you guys, um, welcome back to the show. You are listening to the sweet life entrepreneur in business podcast, and I’m a pro beach online business development expert in strategist, and I am here to help you continue to grow your current business online. Or for those of you who are interested in launching new online service is or a new online business.
All of the show notes and the resource is that we have for you can be found by visiting Suite life podcast dot com Now on today’s show, we’re actually continuing a two part training that we started last week about how tow launch your online service is. This is something that is an amazing way to grow your business. It’s an important way to scale your business, meaning you could duplicate yourself and reach more people. Bye and launching online coaching, consulting and digital service is digital products, and we’re diving into the actual nuts and bolts of some things that you need to have in place to watch group coaching service’s and some different considerations based on the type of delivery that you may want to have.
A CE faras sharing service is to groping people online. So this is perfect for you if you find yourself in a place where your company is ready to scale so you’ve reached capacity, meaning you can no longer see people face to face or one on one. And right now, if you’re listening to this riel time were stuck in this sad and funky Corona virus economy, so we can’t see people face to phase right now, anyway. And so it’s a great opportunity for you to continue to reach groups of people.
Reach your audience, Reacher established customers gain more customers by launching Group Coaching Service’s. This is also perfect for you. Have you been thinking about hosting on online mastermind group? Or if you’ve been thinking about hosting instruction or some sort of training two groups of people at once, this is an ideal chauffeur you to listen to. All of the show notes will be found at Sweet Life, podcast dot com, forward slash 1 69 and for advanced business development coaching programs, courses and masterminds cruise over to sweet life co dot com,
and there are a variety of opportunities for you to help you take your business to the next level Online over there for you. Okay, All right, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s business training. All right, As we’re talking about group coaching, it’s important to differentiate that the type of group coaching we’re discussing is different than if you were coaching a team. This is actually for those of you who are experts, mentors, leaders, skill teachers, coaches and consultants. And you want to host a group where each individual in the group has their own story,
their own track. So it’s different than if you were coaching a team all for one purpose. To learn to do one exact thing. Group coaching is where you still have similar goals, and you have to outline the expectations for any grip you launch. But each person is creating their own reality out of the instruction that you are giving. So I just wanted to differentiate that here in the beginning, and there are generally two different types of groups that you can think about creating and you know, the sky’s the limit on this.
But for the sake of this podcast in this training, this is the easiest way to just really move us along here and get your group coaching started faster. So the 1st 1 is instructional group in an instructional group is really where you are teaching strategies so people can take them, make them their own, apply them to their own life or their own business, and then move forward or the other type of group. Coaching can be community based, where you’re actually facilitating, Ah, place for people to work together,
work amongst each other, really connect with each other over the similarity that they have in the topics that you are leading them with. And most group programs actually contain an aspect of both of that, whether it’s instruction the majority of the time. And then there’s a community component for an afterburn effect, or whether it is established within that particular group coaching program from the very beginning. Another thing I wanted to talk to you about is that if you are launching a course that a group of people are going to go through,
that isn’t what we’re talking about on today’s show, but we’re really talking about live events where you’re coaching a group of people at a time. So I just wanted to clarify that before we dove into this particular episode now a couple reasons why this is amazing. First of all, one of my favorite things to Dio is to connect with people live in a group there, so much fire that goes around and passion, and people start talking and inspiring each other. It is one of the best ways to coach people,
so I just wanted to share. Everybody’s experience is different, but it’s one of my favorite things to do is to see that happen based on the leadership that I give to a group of women entrepreneurs in. So if you are a type of business leader that your personality loves, that community loves mentoring and inspiring others. A live group program could be a really excellent business model for you know, we always want you to pick a business model where you’re happy and you thrive at what you’re doing, cause that’s gonna make you even better at what you already are in your area of expertise.
So the first thing is to establish. What is the purpose of this group? Is this strictly for instruction? Is this a community based group?
Am I delivering content on a certain schedule within this community? What are people going to expect out to be part of this group?
And how should I set this group up for success again? It could be a combination of all these things.
Or you can just host groups based on one of those aspects again, community instruction or content delivery. And so,
after you’ve made that choice, step Number two is diving in and picking the platform. So where is this group gonna live?
Where do you want to live there? So many options? The 1st 1 Let’s just get it out of the way.
First is a Facebook group. You know, I hate Facebook groups, but I also have Facebook groups because they’re easy and people are there all the time.
It’s hard to retrain an entire audience on something there, naturally doing everyday anyway. But Facebook groups have their pros and cons,
and so that might or it might not be a good place for you to host your group, but I just wanted to mention that first,
because it’s one of the first ones that people think of another option, which is doing a great job.
It can be competing with Facebook, and we talked about this on the last few episodes. I’ve spoken about this platform a couple of times,
but it’s called Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks is a super rad app. I will tell you I love being part of mighty networks.
I’ve had my tea networks groups. It’s so nice because it gives me, like, a push notification on the sleep screen of my phone when somebody has posted to me and I can I can set up my notifications for that rather than having to go into Facebook and scroll through all my notifications that came from my sister and my cousin and my clients.
It’s a terrible thing to do, especially for people like me that have at least 10 different squirrel moments every single day.
It’s really hard for me to stave, bogus. And so that’s why baseball is another reason why Facebook is a terrible option for me.
But Mighty host does a really good job of creating topics so people can communicate, and in post under them and taking people outside of really that cluster.
You know what that happens inside Facebook? The downfall of that is there is no live streaming into my tea house.
And that’s one of the reasons why I’m still in place because I love and you might love this, too.
And this is thinking about how you want to connect with your group. I love being able to pick up my phone,
click the Gold Life button and just be able to talk in there and say, Hey, how’s everybody doing today?
That’s something that’s important for me. It’s something that my community expects and wants for me. And unfortunately,
at the recording of this, it’s just not an option that’s available in mighty House. But I just wanted to share those two things because they’re the 1st 2 platforms that entrepreneurs usually hook on to.
Mighty host does integrate with zoom so you can in bed video through zoom. But it still requires you to log on to a totally different platform rather than just clicking a go live button.
And when you’re a busy woman man, every step counts, doesn’t it? All right, couple other platforms I wanted to throw out there for you.
You’re gonna have to test which one you like. The 1st 1 we already mentioned is Zoom. I’m sure you know,
zoom by now. There are two different types. Asim Platforms. As we mentioned on last week’s podcast,
There’s Zoom Meeting and they’re Zoom webinar and they both have totally different functions. So it’s based on how you want those platforms to function,
and you can use either one for group coaching. The other two are Google hangouts. I will admit I just attended my very first Google hangout last Friday,
and I thought it would be a lot harder to get into Google hangouts. It wasn’t something that I ever felt like I wanted to even try.
And there was a meeting that I wanted to connect with a group of really cool women here in Colorado from women who start up and they had a Google hangout and it was pretty cool.
There were some downfalls to it that I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t see everybody like you can in a zoom platform,
but it was easy. It was easy for me to get on there and it was clearly integrated with my Google business email,
so that was very simple, too. So Google hangouts could be something that’s may be a first step if you want to host community in Host group Coaching service is online and then the other one is crowd cast.
I Love crowd cast. I’ve used crowd cast numerous times. It has a great integration feature where you can see people’s live chat,
especially when you’re on crowd cast online. Unfortunately, crowd cast has had quite a few technical problems every time I’ve tried to use it.
But you know what, ladies? That could just be me, because I swear there’s like some magnetic field around me that if some software or tech is going to break,
it will break at some point in time on my watch. So it definitely could just be me. I love the way the platform works.
I love the way it’s set up in that has a green room function. And so those are just some suggestions for you.
I know a lot of the last podcast episodes. We have talked about software, and if you’re building an online business,
it is software software are the boards and the foundation and the nuts and bolts of your house instead of just having a storefront.
And so that’s why this software that you choose will make or break your business. And it’s not that it’s the software itself.
It’s how you use this software, how you needed to function, why you’ve chosen that software and frankly,
whether or not you know how to use it in a TV for you. At the end of the day,
we want things that are easy, because then you will perform better and everything else that you d’oh So again I will make sure all of these resources are available for you in the show notes and links to try these things in the show notes for this episode.
So if you haven’t ever gone a rich our podcast website yet, it’s really cool. It’s like a whole business resource center.
We rebuilt it about a year and 1/2 ago for you guys in. You go in there under the show notes for this and has all these links to everything we talked about in the show in a whole bunch of other free business training that most business coaches charge thousands of dollars for.
It’s a huge database of free stuff in there for you guys. So just cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com,
and you can. You can grab all that and check it out. So we talked about number one.
She’s in the purpose of your group number two. Choosing your platform. Granted, this is not an exhaustive list of platforms.
I’m sure there are other platforms out there. These are just the ones that we tend to talk about the most with businesses that are growing and scaling online.
The third thing is is to create a schedule just like the parameters that we set up in last week’s show about how to set expectations to establish your one on one coaching.
Virtually the same goes with your group, so it’s important that you have a set schedule that people like you and like me about if you’re listening to the show about you’re a planner like I am,
I geek out on my calendar that’s one across my wall, and I won’t commit to anything unless I know that I can fit it in my calendar in.
So if those are the type of people you’re serving, then you want to make sure that you’re prepared and you have a schedule set out now where people register for your group.
Coaching is really what I want to kind of drill into today. So some of the platforms we talked about have that built in where you can schedule your medians in advance in Zoom,
and you can even have multiple mediums. Another place you can do this is if you choose to host your online group coaching in Facebook in a private Facebook group.
You can also create events within Facebook and actually scheduled the events there within Facebook itself. So I just wanted to share that with you two options.
Make sure you have a place where people can sign up. You have a software that gives them notifications and reminders to show up.
Because Justcause people sign up doesn’t mean people show up into the end of the day. We want people to obviously show up,
and so that is an important aspect of whatever software you choose. Make sure that you do have the ability to have people schedule online and get reminders so they will show up for you okay.
And before we dive into step number four a little behind the scenes here, my husband and my three boys just got back from a long word skateboard ride,
getting some fresh air, and everybody just came barreling through the door with their shoes and the dogs and the skateboards and everything.
Welcome to my life. I love my life. Actually, I felt so blessed. But there’s a lot of noise in the background for all these podcasts were recording right now when everybody is home together.
So thanks so much for bearing with me through that. So step number four is How will you, Bill,
you got to make money, right? That’s why you do what you do. Yes. You probably love what you d’oh,
but let’s make you some money so you can keep doing it and help more people. You need to decide how you’re gonna build for your group coaching program.
Do you want to build once and they get unlimited access to all of your events? Do you want to set them up on a subscription where they’re automatically charged every two weeks or every week or every month?
And of course, how you lay out your program. The content of what you’re delivering is gonna dictate obviously,
how long this is gonna go. The point I’m making is it. We have to make sure that your software is set up to support you in this.
We want to make it easy for people to give you money. Amen. Amen. OK, so this means that whether or not you choose Facebook or you choose zoom or you choose another platform.
You know, you have to make sure that you’ve determined how you are going to build people, how frequently and how you’re gonna take money in depending on that platform,
they either have that built in or they don’t. Now, this is a great advantage of mighty networks,
mighty networks. You can actually receive payment through mighty networks, and everything is all in one there. Another reason why I do love that platform again.
Nothing’s perfect. So you can’t go live in there. But maybe there are other things you could do to improvise that sort of connection with in your group.
So I just want you to pay attention to how you’re gonna take money, how frequently you’re gonna build in the most common payment processors are stripe Pei Pao in some people even use square or square up,
and each of those enables you to create a type of service. Now I’m can’t verify for sure if square up frankly allows you to create subscriptions.
It’s not a platform I’m an expert in, but I do know that they allow you to charge and build for service is,
and we have a lot of clients that you square up for. You know, even local service is like esta Titian’s.
You square up to take payment and my eyelash girl use the square of today payment. And so if you have a one time payment,
that might just be the easiest thing to do to get people to onboard to your group coaching program. If you’re looking for more of a subscription billing plan,
then stripe and paper. How are your options? And they have those sort of different payment options integrated within them in those two platforms,
integrate with most community online platforms as well. So number four the most important thing is make sure you know how you are going to charge people and make sure it’s easy for them to pay you in the last thing I just wanted to touch on.
Gosh, I think it’s actually been a while since I recorded a whole entire episode on email marketing. Maybe it’s time.
Message me. Send me a d M on instagram If you want more trains on email marketing email marketing is not your regular business email,
so it’s not my email address. Email marketing is actually a c R E M. It’s client relations management system and the type of email marketing that I want you to think about.
Having four group coaching is automated email marketing. This means that when somebody signs up for your group coaching program,
they get automatic e mails. It’s like using a I. This is how we’re starting to integrate heart official intelligence into our online businesses.
So the software knows somebody signed up and the software sends them an automatic email that’s written by you super personal,
thanking them for joining whatever program that you’re doing, letting them notable what to look forward to and it’s automatically sent to them.
In a perfect world, we want this software to send them a couple of different emails reminding them of the upcoming meeting,
helping them get onto your platform. Whether that is how to get onto crowd cast or how to join our Facebook group or how to post a topic and mighty host.
Whatever it is, we want your email marketing to create a relationship with them. Anto walk them on,
boarding into your program in little teeny baby steps so that they feel super taking care of from this second they pay.
We want to make sure that the second somebody pays you, they don’t have what most people have is like this momentary panic of buyer remorse where you’re like Oh my gosh,
I should I should I should have done that, you know, we want them to immediately get any mail and in a perfect world,
really be redirected to a page. It says, Awesome. And so glad that you’re here. I can’t wait to work with you or I can’t wait to have you join our program.
This is what you can expect. This is where to go for questions. We’re here for you. We understand what you’re looking for.
And we have paved the way for you to have an amazing experience in my group coaching platform or program or whenever it ISS.
That’s why we need an email marketing manager. Now the reality is, is a lot of these platforms don’t have email marketing built in.
So if you’re choosing these platforms based on the platform itself, it’s not necessarily in all in one. So you might have to go in source an email marketing manager and make sure it connects.
Or it’s what we call integrates with your community platform of choice. And so listen, it’s like baking a cake.
There’s 1000 different things that you can put into your set up to make it customized for you if you have questions about this.
First of all, everybody has questions about this. This isn’t business strategy, you guys, that this is the nuts and bolts of business.
I am happy to answer your questions about platforms any time I do answer questions about this and how to help you pick your best platform.
Answer questions about this all the time. Cruise over to our podcast community, our Facebook community. It’s totally free,
and you can go in there and just plug away any questions that you have, and I’m in there frequently supporting you guys,
So just go to a sweet life community dot com, and it’ll redirect you to our Facebook community and you can ask any questions.
So here on the podcast, let me just give you some samples of platforms based on the ones have talked about that have the most capabilities.
So so far, based on needing to have a platform where you could deliver content, having a schedule that you composed,
having a way to bill and having notifications go out, then mighty hosts is the way to go. That’s the Gold Star again,
their downfalls like I still can’t use it because I really appreciate being able to go live with my community.
I’m willing to piecemeal other parts of software together so that I could still go live with my community, but that might not be a big thing for you,
so I just wanted to make the easy button up here that mighty hosts and granted, you have to pay for more bells and whistles,
but is usually the way that businesses go when they’re creating community platforms and community coaching. So far, the other one that I’ve mentioned on other shows,
which I haven’t had a chance to test yet. But when I first checked it out a year ago and loved it,
I ran away because I looked to the price tag. It was like $5000 I’m not gonna pay $5000 to play with something.
But they have a sense rebuild the platform and I can’t wait to get in there. And it’s called Disciple Media.
In So Disciple Media, I think, has everything it did the last time I checked. Everything that that we want you are gonna play will pay more for it.
So I will also go ahead and make sure that there’s a link to the new platform built by Disciple Media.
So you can go in there and try that as well. So let’s go ahead. Let me just do a quick recap.
You might be able to hear my dogs barking because, seriously, every single person walks by my house and I have a little Chihuahua that never stops parking.
And especially now that everybody is going for a walk 20 times a day in my neighborhood, that damn dog just never stops working.
So we’re just gonna push on, aren’t we ladies. Okay, so the recap for today’s show is how to watch your online group Coaching service’s again.
This is perfect for you guys of your established businesses, and you want to reach more people you want to sell more.
Service is you want. Establish your expertise or if you’re a new business and you just want to head out the gates with launching group coaching.
I know that there are quite a few new businesses that have come through our doors in the last six months that are actually launching certification programs,
so it doesn’t even have to be an actual business. It could be more of an educational certification based program.
Yeah, group coaching is away, right? So first of all, we talked about platforms and making sure you’re choosing the purpose of your group,
whether it’s instructional or community or, you know, just strictly sharing content or a combination of any of those choosing your platforms.
We talked about Facebook groups, mighty networks, crowd cast Google hangouts and zoom. Those are the top ones that people seem to be going through.
Currently, the recording of this we could probably record this same show in six months and I might give you a different list.
Number two or diving in the next part is creating a schedule and making sure it’s easy for people to register.
Easy for them to know what’s coming up again. The clearer in the more, the more simple you lay out your program,
the more money you are going to make, the more people you are going to enroll the next episode making sure it’s easy to pay you,
making sure that the experience of going online registering and pays you d picks the experience that you want to give your customers.
And so you want the whole entire process to aligned with your branding your experience the way you want your customers to feel when they start working with you.
So if you are a high end brand and you are delivering high end group coaching, you’re not going to take money through Venmo,
right? Right. So we talked about stripe and papal integration and making sure that it’s smooth sailing there to set up subscriptions,
accounts or one time payments. We also talked about square up and how that could be an auction for some people as well.
And then we talked about email marketing to the extent that I would love for you, just a walk away with either new knowledge if you didn’t have this,
or just reinforce knowledge to what you already know about how important it is to utilize a I in creating automated e mails that are going out to people who have already paid you to reassure them that they’re in the right place.
So we don’t want any buyer’s remorse who want to create raving fans that are sharing how great it is to work with you over and over again with all of their friends.
So that is today’s show. This is episode number 169 of The Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast. Thank you guys so much for being here.
If you have not yet. I would love it if you’d leave us a review on iTunes. That really helps other podcast listeners find our show.
And it’s something that we really appreciate very much from you guys. So you could just cruise overto apple and leave us a review.
And a lot of times we actually read these reviews live online, and we feature a business which is exactly what I’m going to do right now,
all right? And this is so sweet. I just went over to pole are featured review this week,
and all you moms will get this. My son Sam, I saw left me. Review. It’s up Sand Beach and says,
My mom’s podcast. Love you, Mama. Five stars. So not my future business is weak, but that melts my heart.
I do want a big C tour to five four for your review. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on here,
You say. That’s so good. It’s like talking to a business Vesti really relate to our style of business advice and how protective she is over her audience.
Just pinged a few episodes and I’m hooked. Keep it going. Thank you so much for leaving that review.
That really means a lot, but I don’t know your businesses and I want to shout out and help you get eyes on your business is well,
so if this is your business d m me directly on Instagram, you confined me at sweet life. Underscore entrepreneur.
That’s my instagram account, where I share a lot of business and a lot of mom with three teenage boys.
Life in de Emmy there and let me know your business so we can go ahead and make sure that we give you a shout right back out.
See tour to 54 All right, you guys, thank you so much for hanging out with me on today’s show.
Next week we have Sarah tomes are Facebook and Instagram ads expert back in the house, and she’s diving through the seven steps to set up your Facebook business page or fix your broken Facebook business page to make sure you are optimizing your results in the time you put in there.
Next week’s show, All right.
That’s all folks!

Episode 167: Online Business Launch Tips and Revenue Streams – with April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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Online Business Pre-Launch Checklist

COVID-19 Small Business Resource Center

Who This Episode is Great For:

  • Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers who are looking to expand your business online
  • You’re looking for clear steps to make your business transition to online
  • You’re interested in launching 1-1 coaching services virtually


This episode is important to help save you time. I meet a lot of business owners who’ve worked hard to build the wrong kind of business. This is an unfiltered episode that lays out some tough love and inspiration to help you launch your online business the right way including; how you’ll make money, how you’ll serve your clients online, and launching products that people love. 
This show also helps you define your perfect day routine and choose the best online business that aligns with your plans because having an online business does not mean you will be working less.
I also give specific recommendations of ideas of online courses, membership sites and other things you could consider to add to your offering menu and why it’s important to master one first. Why you can’t set it and forget it and that you need to have an active growth plan, as well as the truth about the hard work it takes to build your business online. 


  1. How to choose the right kinds of online services, products, and revenue streams
  2. The two types of popular online courses people buy
  3. What a membership site is and why you might want to launch one 
  4. Important online relationships you’ll need to build 
  5. How to stand out online 

Resources Mentioned:


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Full Show Transcript:

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe Age Hi there. Episode number 167 of The Sweet Life Entrepreneur in Business Podcast I’m April Beach and we are in Week two here at my house that the recording of this were actually on date number four of Corona virus locked down. My boys are restless and this is a very strange and surreal time. And there’s a lot of bad news out there, a lot of scary things that are being talked about.
And so here, the Sweet Life Company and on the podcast, we are focusing in on all of the positives, the positives from a business standpoint and the positives from a personal standpoint. There is beauty from the ashes. There’s a silver lining to this, and so that’s what we’re going to talk about here on today’s show and is a business. We’re really striving to focus on those things also, it puts us in a very unique situation because my company’s expertise is developing online businesses. The podcast is dedicated towards small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch your service is and grow your company online in.
So there is certainly a silver lining in this, that this particular podcast is strategically designed to be pouring into you as an entrepreneur right now in the state of the world that we’re in. So I hope this show is a blessing to you. And I hope that you use the free tools and business strategies that we have here to grow your business online because there has never been a more important time to do that. If you and I don’t know each other yet, I’m April Beach, and I’m super glad that you’re here.
You can get to know me more by cruising over to sweet life co dot com. In the meantime, this is what you can expect on today’s episode. We’re diving in, and I’m actually giving you a pre online business launch checklist that goes along with the teachings I have on today’s show. The idea behind this is that many of you who may have not launched your existing business or brought a new business online before are in the process of doing it in I know that there is a rush to get online.
I understand the importance. I have kids, I have a home. I have people that I love to take care of this well, it’s a very scary and surreal time right now that’s happening in the world until I understand that there is a rush Tau launch your business online. With that being said, it’s my intention to make sure that as you bring your business online, you’re doing it mindfully in a very smart way that works with your life, aligns with your profit plan and establishes your business in your brand as the leader.
So on today’s show, you’re going to get the business training, and I have a complete online business pre launch checklist for you to download. You can cruise over to the show Notes for this, which are found at Sweet Life podcast dot com forward slash 167 On top of that, I have also partnered with my good friend, who’s also been a podcast guest here on the show back in 2019. Elizabeth McFadden Elizabeth is the cofounder of Novella Brand House out of Kansas City, and they are the ultimate branding and marketing Ninjas,
Sweet Life Company. My business and this podcast, a novella brand house, have partnered that we have created a completely free cove in 19 small business resource center that I want to make sure that you guys know about You can go right away to sweet life. Coat dot com Ford slash cove It small business. Now I know that you might be busy and maybe not able to write that down. And so I will make sure that the link to the Free Cove in 19 Small Business Marketing, an online business development resource center,
is available to you in the show notes again. So the on Lee you’re all you need to remember is cruising over to sweet life. Podcast dot com ford slash 1 67 This resource and the online business prelaunch checklist are all totally free for you, and we’re talking marketing training’s how to create an online content counter and things that both of our companies actually usually charge a lot of money for. We’ve made them all free to you to grab at this cove. It Small business resource center again cruise over to the sweet life podcast website,
and we’ll make sure that we’re getting those in your hands. Okay. On today’s show, we are specifically talking about four things you should know before launching your online business. Online businesses are the new frontier of entrepreneurship. We all know that I’m not telling you something you don’t know. But how are you going to build your online business in a way that it’s still gonna work with your family in a way that you feel like you are doing a good job strategically positioning yourself with what other online businesses air doing and meaning your client’s needs?
Those are a lot of things to think about watching your online business. It’s very different than just launching your business when you get into the point of launching the online part of your business or online service is there are quite a few different things that you should be thinking about ahead of time so that you don’t waste your time and we’re gonna talk about four of those things that you should be thinking about ahead of time on this episode. So if you’re new here, this is the drill. If you are one of my fans,
it’s here all the time in my followers again. I appreciate you so much. So just bear with me while I go through this because I want to make sure this is really great use of your time. If you’re new to the podcast, I cover three questions in the beginning. So you know if this is a great use of your time. Number one. Who is this Episode four Number two. Why is this important? And Number three, what can you expect to discover or learn? So here are the answers to those questions.
Number one This episodes is for coaches, consultants and service providers who are looking to expand your business online. This means that you’re looking for where to start in clear steps of what you should do first before you make that transition that jumped online. This is also for you if you really have not had a one on one in person service business before, but you want to get into launching an online business or online coaching or consulting service is why is this important thing is important so you don’t jump in blindly because if you don’t do your homework and you don’t know the answers or the thoughts and strategies that I’m gonna bring forward in these four different things I want you to be aware of.
Then you are gonna waste your time. And time is money. So don’t waste your money. You can expect that I’m going to download you on these four different areas and topics that I want you to be aware of.
And I’m going to be really honest. This is going to be pretty unfiltered. And I’m just gonna lay it out there and tell you exactly what I want you to be aware of with each one of these four points.
So there’s gonna be a little bit of tough love in here, and then there’s going to be hopefully a lot of inspiration and learning from some of my mistakes.
I’m gonna share those with you and a really quick note of you are one of my established listeners. You know that I tackled the episodes by phase of business you’re in.
So this particular episode is for those of you who are in my lifestyle. Entrepreneur roadmap phases one and two.
If you’re interested in taking a quiz to find out where you are simply visit sweet life co dot com aboard slash Quiz.
So you want to launch an online business, join the club. Here are four things that I would like you to be aware of.
First number one. How are you gonna make money? You need to know your business model. And what will your revenue streams be?
What will they look like? How are you gonna bring revenue into your new online business? So I’m gonna give you a sample of different types of revenue streams that you can consider for your business and break them up into three different categories to help you understand and kind of wrap your head around this a little bit more.
So the first revenue stream is selling service is or selling digital products. So if you’re a coach or a consultant,
this could look like creating downloads or templates to be sold. Maybe you want to create a workbook to be sold or a planner.
There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are creating these in really amazing planners for other entrepreneurs. I love them.
I’m such a sucker for those. They’re making great money doing it. Their specialty is creating planners. So that is certainly one area If your coach,
our consultants and you want to make money through digital products. If you’re a service provider and you want an online business than you could bring in revenue by creating graphic design result based products,
whether it’s logo design or PDF design or slide design, you also could be doing ah website design and anything that the delivery of the product is digital.
The results of what you’re creating is also a digital result. So those were two examples of how you could make money with your new expanding on my business through digital products.
Granted, there are so many others you can do social media design. Do you have the list goes on and on,
depending on what your specialty is, You can also consider creating beautiful, like signs and paintings and different things to be sold on etc.
And it’s still considered an online digital business. So I just wanted to mention some of those again. If you’re a coach or a service provider consultant than digital products is,
a revenue stream would look like downloads, workbooks, graphic design, Web design, anything that the result is digital based or a settling of that service or product is digital rather than meeting with somebody one on one and face to face or selling it like an art and craft show or something.
A second example of how to make money online is specifically for those of you guys who are coaches, teachers or consultants,
and these would be to launch an online course or perhaps to offer instruction through teaching webinars. Now there are two different types of online courses that you can consider watching,
and we are going to dive too deep into these because I don’t want to dump truck you with too much information.
But there are basically two different types of online courses. One is known as Evergreen, and that is the type of course that you would create and you’d pre record and it would be available all the time.
Anybody conjoining it, it’s on demand. They could just jump into your course whenever they find you and whenever they’re ready.
And then the other type, of course, is one that’s more of an open enclosed car course. So it is only open a couple times a year,
if that, and there’s a lot of marketing a lot of hype around when you open up the list for people to join that.
And then there’s a very hard deadline for when you close the doors to that course. And then the course begins and everybody works together through the course,
usually at the same pace. Those are two different types of options you can consider as faras only courses you also might want to consider.
Teaching live in live is a great way to connect with people. There’s so many different ways to offer live training’s.
You can do live webinars through like Zoom or go to Webinar. You can also do live like Facebook,
Live Training’s within a closed private community. And then the third opportunity for you to consider is like a membership site or an association.
A membership site is a little different than an online course, because a membership site is something where you need to make sure that you’re constantly nurturing your members.
There are always people joining and some people coming in. There’s kind of this ebb and flow off the members that come in and out of your community,
so it’s always important to be creating at least like one new training in a month for them, or,
you know, they have perhaps a core content that they come into. And then maybe you could even charge more and do a smaller upgrade for them To get the newest latest training,
you could have membership levels. There’s so many different things to consider with the membership site, but it is a little bit different than just a straight cut and dry online course.
It doesn’t have that beginning point in that completion point. As an online course, Teso membership site is something that’s a bit longer of a commitment for you.
So I just want you to be aware of that. And the same is true of about creating an association because you have members in your association that you need to nurture and you need to keep supporting.
So going back to question number one, you need to know how you’re gonna make money, and I want you to fully investigate every single one of the opportunities.
But I also want you to consider going back to that vision. What is your vision for your business?
What does an Every day we could look like owning and running your business. Do you want to have more contact with your clients?
Is something like a membership site where you’re constantly connecting with them in meeting with them and having relationships with them?
Is that something that that you like? Word. Are you thinking maybe like an online course? You can create more passive income that you can create more income that you work really hard in.
I am going to tell you that launching online courses a lot of work. It’s worth it, but it’s a lot of work,
you guys, and so you know you’re gonna do all that work up front. And then there’s also the marketing in the list building that goes around that.
But is that something that’s more your style? You know, I personally I I love online courses because I don’t have the capacity based on how I designed my life to constantly be in a membership site all the time.
But then, of course, I make up for that because I have a really great online Facebook community.
So I do get to have those relationships that I want, and they just look different than they would with a full blown membership site.
So there are so many options for you. I wanted to give you a brief overview of each one because you do need to make a choice.
And once you make a choice, please start with one master, one of them. First, I would not go out wanting the launcher on light business with trying to do an online course and a membership site and creating a downloadable digital product.
Yes, I want you to have multiple streams of revenue, but you do need to do one of them well in.
So in order to do things well, I want you to make sure that you’re really just having opportunity.
Given yourself that opportunity to focus on one of them at a time. Okay, The second thing I want you to be aware of before you launching your online business is how much you’re going to be working online Does not mean that you are working less.
If you thought that or if anybody told you that, then they’re not telling you the truth. Yes,
you can make your own schedule. Yes, you can choose to only work 20 hours a week, but when you’re first getting your business started and you’re developing your online courses and programs and materials and service is and everything that you’re gonna be offering,
including your brand and making yourself visible to your ideal clients. It is a lot of work, you guys,
so if you launch it, they won’t come. I have so many clients that are like, Oh,
I can’t wait. I, you know, work somewhere, and I can’t wait to just finally launch my website or I can’t wait to just,
you know, finally get my course up and running. And then it’s like crickets. So I want you to be aware of the fact that it takes a lot more than just showing up on the Web in order to make money online.
Online has more moving parts than you’re in person business. And as you get into this, you’re gonna discover it.
So let’s make sure you have a plan for how you’re gonna manage that. Moving parts in your online business look different,
though, than they would if you’re meeting with somebody one on one and giving them nutrition, coaching or if you’re a doula and your meeting with them one on one,
and in helping them prepare for their baby that it looks a lot different when you move your business online,
your work time shifts. So it’s shifts in that you aren’t necessarily working in your business so much. But the amount of time you’re working on your business is actually going to increase,
And this is gonna look like new types of relationships that you need to build. You’re not gonna have an opportunity as much to connect with people face to face and build those relationships.
So the relationships that you are now gonna build our very intentional and sadly, they take a little bit longer to take root because you’re not seeing somebody face to face.
And that’s obviously what’s gonna happen when you weren’t physically with somebody is building that relationship. In that trust,
it’s going to take a little bit longer. And these relationships, certain referring to are not only to your new clients but to new business colleagues and affiliates and influencers.
So when you launch this online business after your website is up because I want youto have your your brand represented well,
before you start reaching out in saying you know what you do to these potential clients. I want to make sure that you’re at least your splash pages up,
and then you haven’t opt in and your brand is is well represented. You don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.
Then we need to dig into the relationship building inside. So you’re gonna build intentional relationships with your fans and with your new online friends.
And these relationships take work, and they take time. Now, I’m not saying that you’re not gonna have face to face contact,
and we’ll talk about that in a second. But you have to create this optimal lead magnets to attract people to you.
And then after you’ve created that there is a period of time and work that you are gonna need to put in to get your information in front of your ideal audience in order to grow your list and to grow your amount of followers in one of the most powerful ways to do this is to get other businesses and other influencers to tell people about your business.
But one of the ways to get other businesses and other influencers to tell people about your business is develop relationships with them in those relationships take time,
they take trust and they take time. So if you’re working backwards, it looks like launching your business,
being clear about what you’re offering and then connecting with other people that you may need to mentor you to help guide you through continuing,
develop your relationship and then also putting your business out there so that others can share your business with their fans in their followers.
And these things do take time. They take time in the number of hours that you will need to work each week because the more you work,
I will say the more that you get done, that might not sound very popular. But the more time you put in,
the more ground you’re gonna cover, it also means that the summary is basically me saying when you launch your Web site,
you aren’t just going to be plowed over with people dying to join your online course. That is a lie.
That’s not gonna happen. You have to grow your list and grow your influence and grow your brand. The only thing I want you to know about online businesses is that you can’t stop connecting with people,
face to face. I told you I’d be honest with you. And so here this is me being honest.
I suck it connecting with people face to face. I say that online business and working at home gets lonely and sometimes that it does,
but not very often to me. I’m actually pretty good here in my office and then going to the gym in the morning and seeing my very small circle of friends.
I don’t need more than that. My body, my mind doesn’t need more than that. However, I’ve really learned in the last two years that my creativity does,
and that been ordered to continue bringing my business to the place that I want to bring it to. I need to surround myself with other people that I allow to speak into my business and speak to me and mentor me and guide me.
And really, those types of relationships are built best by that face to face connection. I might meet them through a digital online mastermind or an online community or an online Facebook group.
But in order to really facilitate those relationships, I need to start taking the time to invest in being with them face to face.
And I have started to do that in the past two years. And what’s happened to me professionally in my development and in my business is night and day from all of the years that I was like in the trenches of being in my office by myself.
So I just want to be honest with you and tell you that it is important. It’s a new development for me in the last couple of years.
How important that is in that even though you are going to launch your online business, you still need to develop these face to face relationships with mentors and influencers and people that you will allow to come around you as a community and speak into your life and into your business.
Okay, Number three, how are you going to master the technology? You guys have heard me say I kill technology over and over again,
and I totally d’oh, but I want you to have my philosophy. I am prepared that I am not going to be scared.
That is my philosophy. Be prepared to not be scared for technology and is it going to die? And it’s something gonna go wrong like the 1st 5 times.
Yeah, totally. So I kind of set my bar pretty low when I get in there. And I learned a new software.
I am going to suck at it and it’s not gonna work right? And so there I’m gonna have those phone calls where I’m calling my husband or my friends and just saying I’m killing this.
I can’t do it. And I’m to the place, and I want you to be at the place where you need to hire somebody to do the tech stuff for you.
You don’t have to be a tech wizard to have an online business Hire help Hire it out. If you aren’t in place yet where you can’t afford to hire it out yet.
Then you’re gonna have to, you know, figure it out. But the reality is, is be prepared that you’re not going to be scared.
You’re gonna master the technology. And so you have to set aside the time to tackle that learning curve to master the technology.
In order to master your technology, I want you to do your research and I want you to choose the right website platform before you ever launch.
Don’t launch because a weekly site is cheap. Don’t choose Oh squarespace site because they have really beautiful templates and you can do it yourself.
And honestly, don’t even choose a WordPress site because you’ve heard me say on here, I would totally recommend one with a wordpress dot org’s site.
That is not why I want you to choose a site. I want you to sit down, go back to number one,
figure out what you’re going to be delivering and how you’re gonna be delivering it, whether it’s in courses or products.
And take a look at the big picture of what you’d like to deliver online and then choose the best website platform that is going to deliver you the capabilities to do that.
That is step number one. The second thing I want you to know is technology is becoming more and more simple every day.
We have online videos. They have amazing technical support. So if you’re struggling with something like lead pages or active campaign or convert kit,
call them and ask them and choose the technology based on the support and the help that you need. It doesn’t have to be all about all the bells and whistles.
The most expensive one isn’t the best one for you necessarily. So go with what you can do. Because if you can’t do it and you can’t master,
it is not gonna do you any good anyway, right? So choose the technology that if you have to master it yourself,
then you could master well in the beginning. And then once you have an opportunity, go with a technology support person.
Attacked Guru, one of those wonderful people that just loves to master in mold technology, toe work perfectly to your benefit.
And the some of that I’m just telling you, don’t let the technology scare you. Is it going to be easy?
No, it’s not gonna be easy. Is it worth it? Yes, it’s totally worth it. And you can do it.
I’m gonna put a link in here to the technology that I use in the software that I use to house my website.
I’ve gone through so many different online course software because I’ve had online courses since 2008 on, and so it really has been a long journey of transitioning through multiple different software options I’m in order for me to find the one that I love now on the one that works for me.
Now, you now need to find what works for you and number four. You need to know how to stand out.
So the fourth thing I want you to know before you launch your on my business is how you will stand out.
And here are my suggestions for you. The first thing is to be your brand. You have to be your brand.
Not everybody’s gonna like you. And you shouldn’t try to be somebody else. This is something that is incredibly easier said than done.
You absolutely deserve an opportunity to build a business. That is the representation of the brand that you want to put forth and your ideal clients.
Because you’re in a perfect world developing your brand for her, for that ideal person. She is gonna love it,
but everybody else might not. And that is okay. I don’t want you to be afraid to niche down.
I don’t want you to be afraid that you are narrowing your audience. I want you to know in your heart who you serve specifically and I want you to be that branch.
And let me tell you a little quick story. An example of this One of the first areas of consulting that I started specializing in was the maternity industry.
And I became an expert at launching service and consulting business in maternity industry. So I was an expert at launching businesses for Obi Joan’s in maternity concierge and of the,
you know, private our ends in anybody in the maternity field because I was so niche specific. I never advertised.
I never did. Google AdWords high never, ever spent a dime marketing my business, and it was always a constant stream of income because it was so clear on who I served in what results that they would expect was I afraid that I wasn’t going to meet the needs of somebody who wanted to do something else back in 2008?
Absolutely not. I was totally dead set on serving only the maternity industry and coaching and launching those businesses.
So there is power. There’s massive power in niche ing down. Now my niche is obviously changed. I launched coaches,
consultants and service providers who want to reach that 20 hour work week business model. That’s what I do.
That’s not what you need for me. That’s okay, but that’s what I do. I want you to get that specific as well.
Don’t be afraid to be authentic. And don’t try to please everybody. And then the other thing I just want to make sure that you’re aware of is that you need to be consistent.
You need to be consistently in front of your audience, often being online. There is a footprint that will be there forever.
People can look back and see how often you posted when you posted what you posted, what you were seeing on your block.
So you have to create a plan in which you are going to be consistently showing up. It doesn’t mean you have to show up every day,
and it doesn’t mean it even has to be every week. Just start consistently. If you can only blogged once a month,
then commit to blogged once a month. If you think you can do it twice a month and then commit to do it twice a month but don’t fail at that,
that’s when we get into misrepresenting your brand and people will question your trust and whether or not your business they want to work with subconsciously because of the fact that you weren’t consistently in front of them.
So I just want to be honest with you about the fact that it’s going to take consistent communication with your audience for you to prove that you want to serve them and for them to notice you,
especially with all of the images in all of the things that are being thrown at them. Currently four online businesses,
they’re getting so many messages, so many images, so many different things, air coming at them all at once.
So that’s what it takes. And I wanted to be up front with us because so many of you guys are ready to take that jump,
and it’s so amazing. This is what you have worked for it. This is what you’ve wants your business and taken your ideas and brought them forward for to this point where you get to now share it with the world.
So let’s make sure that you’re going into with eyes wide open again. What are we going over first thing is,
how are you gonna make money? How are you going to make money? You can do multiple different streams of income.
But let’s make sure that you’re picking the one that you want to start with first and that you are putting out a great product number to know how much time you’re gonna be working.
When you’re first getting started, you are not gonna be working less hours. It takes awhile to build the business to the point where you can scale it back to that 20 hour work week.
That’s the truth. Launching and growing and scaling your business is a journey Number three. Be prepared to not be scared by technology.
Technology does not have to scare you. It’s getting simpler. It’s getting easier to master. It’s getting better and you are ready for it.
You can do it. If I can do it, you can do it, I promise you. And number four,
I know how you’re going to stand out and be willing to be true to your brand. Don’t try to be somebody else.
Don’t try to compete with somebody else. Don’t try to serve everybody. Know who you serve. Why you serve that person?
What your purpose, What your mission is and how you are going to communicate it and then communicate it consistently.
All right, you guys, that’s a wrap. This was episode number 167 And so all of the resource is we mentioned the Corona Virus,
Small Business Resource Center and the business Launch Check list, including the online business software that we use so that you can copy and just check it out for yourself.
If you like it, you can find all those in the show notes for today’s show by visiting Suite Life podcast dot com forward slash 167 And before we go,
I just want to leave you with an encouraging word and then give our listener of the week a shout out.
We’re in a super uncertain time, a very surreal, very strange time where our faith is tested, where businesses air tested and where we grow.
We have been called into leadership. I believe you’ve been called into leadership. That’s why you’re listening to this show.
And so thank you so much for being here, and I just want to encourage you that we’re praying for you and as a community of global community of women business owners together we will pull through this.
Our hearts go out to the families who have lost our hearts, go out to people that are suffering and just together as a community.
Let’s just all agree to listen. Lift them up in prayer and support and everywhere we can, and that starts with helping our neighbor’s.
That starts with pouring into other businesses as you continue to grow yourself. Just like Henry Ford said. If everyone is moving forward together than success takes care of itself.
And before we leave, I want to give a shout out to Shannon Baker. She is the owner of socially savvy V A and the creator of the upcoming podcast called the More than Capable Mom.
Preneurs. Shannon’s an awesome Lister, owner of this show. She messages a ton back and forth with us on Instagram,
and we love her because she is a systems geek. So her company again is socially savvy. V.
A U confined her at socially savvy via on instagram and online Shannon. Thanks so much for listening to the show and creating Amazing service is the poor into businesses.
All right, you guys have a fantastic week. Be blessed. Be well, talk to you again soon
That’s all folks!

Episode 166: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Opportunities and Tools To Work Remotely – with April Beach

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  • Local businesses affected by COVID-19
  • Small to midsize businesses ready to scale online
  • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand and ready to hyper-focus for big results


There’s no doubt that COVD-19 will affect how some businesses run. These are hard times, but on this show, we’re talking about great opportunities to grow and scale your business online. These strategies will help you continue to reach and serve your clients while developing new streams of income and developing a new business model that leads to more lifestyle and location freedom for small business owners. 


  1. How to meet with your clients virtually
  2. Software to work as a team online
  3. 5 things you can do right now to grow your brand from home
  4. How brick and mortar stores can sell products creatively

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Full Show Transcript:

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator A probe Age Hi there and welcome to the show Episode number 166 of The Sweet Life Entrepreneur A podcast and I’m April Beach Super glad to be talking to you. Not super glad to be talking about this topic, but we are finding the silver lining in today’s show. We’re actually going to dive in and talk about some really awesome business opportunities within the circumstance we find ourselves in with Cove in 19 across the world.
Now, if we don’t know each other yet in April. Beach, founder of the Sweet Life Company and Baby Plundering and host here of the Sweet Life Entrepeneur, a podcast have three awesome teenage boys at home. My husband’s an entrepreneur, and it’s always gonna be connected with you. I know we have a lot of new followers and new listeners, so thank you so much for tuning into this show. In a nutshell. I help women scale their business in a strategic way that helps you actually create lifestyle freedom while building a multi six figure company.
And so the strategy is that we talk about here on the show are to give you the steps to do that. This is a business development and business coaching podcast off the show. Notes from today’s episode can be found by visiting Suite Life Podcast Don con Okay, this is what you can expect on today’s show. We’re diving into business opportunities and how to find a silver lining with Kobe had 19. I am going to cover what to do if you are a local business, where you serve people face to face and you actually are used to seeing them physically.
Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you go to your clients, we’re talking about different ways that you can continue to grow your business and serve your clients. During this time, we are also going to cover different ways to connect with your team and continue to communicate, to continue to grow your business, and I’m going to dive into very specific strategies for those of you who are independent entrepreneurs and Sola preneurs Thio focus on things that you can be doing to grow yourself and your company during this time as well as we’re gonna wrap up the show.
And I’m gonna share with you personal things that you could be doing to grow as a professional. And then if you’re interested at the end of the show, I’m gonna be diving images, sharing some personal behind the scenes, just opening the front door of the beach house of our house and sharing with you some of the preparation that we do. Why we do certain preparation for certain emergency instances here in the beach house and also some scripture that I share with my kids to help sustain them and help them to feel strong and confident and at peace during really crazy times that we’re facing right now.
So we’re gonna dive into all the business strategy first. I’d love it. If you are interested, you’ll hang out with me and tell the end, and I’m gonna share with you behind the scenes here at the beach house. This particular show is perfect for you. If you do have an established business that serves clients face to face. If you go to work at a place where you’re working with other people and a co working space. If you are not really sure how to continue to do your job and actually grow your company when you can’t see people face to face and it’s for all of you,
Mom is out there just like me who are thinking big picture more than just about your business, about your life and your strategies and how to continue with the momentum that you’ve already experienced in 2020. If that is you, then stay tuned and very specifically for those of you guys who listen your faithful listeners, you know what phase of my lifestyle entrepreneur road map that you are in This particular show is tagged for every single phase of my life. So entrepreneur road map. Those were the five phases of business designed launch and growth.
If you aren’t sure where you are, you’re welcome to go back to the show notes and take a quiz, and you can find out what exact phase of business growth and development urine and receive very specific tips to grow your business. Beyond that point, we usually tag each episode here on the suite Life podcast. So you know whether or not a particular business. Training applies to where you are in business right now, so you aren’t getting distracted or sidetracked. So this particular episode, of course, does apply to every single phase of business development in my lifestyle.
Entrepreneur Road map For those of you guys that are wondering, Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode. First things first. I want to talk to those guys with local businesses. So if you have a business where you serve somebody face to face, maybe you’re a realtor. If you’re a massage therapist, maybe you are a counselor or a trainer, and you are used to actually having people interact with you at locally. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a brick and mortar store, but you’re used to interacting with people locally.
Here are some suggestions and some things that you could do to continue to serve your clients during this time. These are business development strategies that we talk about all the time with established business owners. So here’s a little background of this and why this isn’t a downer. This is a really cool strategic opportunity here. I actually work with businesses, local businesses to help them scale their company by offering virtual service is right. Now, you find yourself if you have done that yet in a place where you’re forced to do that.
But I want to let you know that what you might be forced to dio is a business strategy that we use all the time to help companies grow and actually make more money by offering a combination of local service is and virtual service is So here are some suggestions so that you can actually start tapping in already to the opportunities of online business scaling even if you didn’t want to. Okay, so the very first thing I recommend if you haven’t started this yet,
is start to create a calendar online. And I’m gonna give a lot of different links to online software you can use in our show notes.
So don’t worry about that. You can cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 and I will put the leaks of all of this software that I’m gonna recommend.
But the function I want you to do is to set up an online calendar if you don’t have one Yet for your business.
This gives people in your established clients an opportunity to book with you online. At that point in time,
meet with your clients virtually in a video call. This is how I work with clients all over the world.
And I have for over 12 years this is not something new. And if you haven’t tapped into this yet,
believe me, as soon as you start meeting with people, virtually you’re gonna love it. You might not even want to go back.
So start setting up virtual meetings. If you have a group of people that you’re used to serving, maybe you can’t show up to speak in an event.
Maybe you’re not able to teach a group of people like you had planned or to coach your host something that you had planned locally.
Maybe it’s a weekly class that you’ve done. I recommend that use. Do you think about creating a short term virtual online group again?
I’ll put all these links for you, but couple examples are a pop up Facebook group. You can create a Facebook community for his long or a short as you want.
Facebook does a really great job of helping you to connect with people and be able to serve them in Facebook communities.
In addition to Facebook, there are also other platforms, which I love. 1st 1 is disciple disciples,
an amazing on my platform where you can actually create in a community of your clients and customers and that you can connect with them and continue to serve them virtually an linked in Does a pretty good job with groups linked in is trying thio.
Continue to emphasize groups on Lincoln as well. If you find the majority of your customers are on LinkedIn,
then consider creating a short term linked in Group two. In fact, connect with your customers and provide virtual consulting and virtual service is to them.
Idea. Number three. Go back to old school phone calls. You guys, I think somewhere along the way we lost the power of getting on the phone with somebody.
It might not be a landline with a curly cord connected to the wall, but getting on the phone and connecting with your customers is a really powerful way to continue to serve them,
hear what they’re saying, understand their struggles and continue to coach them or consult them or provide service is to them if you have products that you sell.
So I’m talking to specifically to those of you guys who have a brick and mortar store with products, and you might even have a little bit of an online store.
But your primary business is having people walk through your door and see the face to face you can during this time when people might not be out in about as much as they have before.
How about featuring your products through live streams like a show and tell? How about showing up a couple of times a day from your business Facebook page from your instagram page and holding up one of the products talking about the products,
the features of the products? It’s like the Home Shopping network thing. This is kind of what I’m thinking about.
What an amazing way to talk to your customers about new items that just landed in your store that you know that they need anyway.
Show up on Facebook live, show up on Instagram and do a video about a product you can even give a virtual tour of your store,
and then I have a call to action for people that pick up the phone and call you in. Order that product over the phone.
That’s for those of you guys that don’t have a virtual store yet. We’re going old school. They can pick up the phone.
They can say, I really want that bag. It’s so cute and I can’t go in there and buy it.
But I love the way it looks. Can I please buy it from you? You can ring them up through your online.
Check out that you might have through PayPal or square up or any other online process it or that you have,
and you can drop it in the mail. To them, this is a great way to increase your social media falling to continue to build a relationship with your clients and to continue to sell products if you have a local store.
And, of course, if you have an online store and you haven’t really been able to have focused on that because you might have a local store as well.
Now is amazing opportunity to really emphasize your online store and to do some other natural interaction through social media to increase your sales again great places to do in these live product show and tells our Facebook instagram LinkedIn.
And if you have a high Twitter following, you might be able to get some traction as well on Twitter.
What a creative, fun, disruptive way to continue to be in your customers lives moving on. Four.
Those of you guys that have a team that you run you need to connect with your team. Here are some different platforms that you can use to continue to grow your team that will benefit you in the long run.
Even when you come back together locally, you can use slack. It’s a great way to chat with teams you can use.
Streak Streak is a plug in to Gmail for business that has your pipelines in your sails, and many people can tap into where customers are in the process,
virtually through email by using streak. There are also other platforms, like Facebook, workplace, Vasana and Trail.
Oh, and we’ll make sure that we put all the links to every single one of these platforms for you in the show notes.
So if you’re driving your car right now or you’re busy and you can’t write this down. Just cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 and I’ll make sure that we’re sharing all of these really simple and powerful software platforms that can help you grow your business,
serve your clients virtually and continue to connect with your team. Okay, now let’s switch gears a little bit.
Now I want to talk to those of you guys specifically who are already entrepreneurs. You may already work from home.
You may already have the laptop lifestyle Freedom. Congratulations to you If you do that, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am right now for the fact that I don’t have to leave the house.
It is just a feeling of peace for me. And so if you have that as well, I’m grateful for you.
If you do not have that, please hit me up here. You can send me a direct email to podcast at sweet life co dot com,
and we’re happy to work with you to establish that sort of a business model in your company as well.
For those of you guys who already have this business model, this is a really amazing time to start hyper focusing on what you need to be doing to continue to grow your personal and or your business brand.
So some things that I want to challenge you. So you listeners other. You guys know you Are you private Listening to this podcast for a long time?
You’re a coach or a service based consultant. You are really ready to continue to press in and grow your business.
You might even have had big plans of what you were supposed to be doing in your company over the next couple of months.
They might be getting a bit sidetracked Right now. I want to challenge you to do a couple of things to grow your business.
During this time. Number one I want to talk to those of you guys who specifically know you have a book in you.
Sometimes we need something disruptive like this in life to make us set aside the timeto outline or write that book.
If you’ve had a book inside you and you find this time that is inspiring for you to sit down and write it.
I want to encourage you to do that for those of you guys who’ve just been busy in the busy work of serving clients.
You know what I mean? You’re busy in the busy work. You’re constantly serving clients. You have very little time to actually work on business about men.
I want you to look at your weeks. Look, att. Some of the changes. Maybe you don’t have to be driving around as much taking your kids to all their activities.
Maybe. You know, you aren’t going out to go to Costco to go shopping groceries getting delivered to you.
The silver lining here. You’ve eyes. Is it? This situation with Cove in 19 is actually giving us the gift of time.
Time to be home. Time to think about what’s important time to be with those people We love time to focus on our health and time to focus on our business.
All right, So if you’ve been busy in the busy work with your business, I want to challenge you to sit down and start thinking about outlining new packages.
Higher level service is deeper offers with better results. I want you to sit down. Look at what you’re offering and consider bringing your business to the next level by creating new offers,
New packages. New service is your new programs. Take this time to brainstorm. Look at what people are buying and what they’re still challenged with and consider what you’re selling.
I also want to encourage you that if you haven’t yet, now is a really great time to set up a virtual coffee.
So we talked about this in last week’s podcast episode. Excuse me an episode number 1 64 We talked about this.
So two weeks ago we talked about how to connect with people in a deeper way locally, and one of them was to create a smaller mastermind in set up virtual coffee with business colleagues.
Do that now find five different people. If you don’t know them, reach out to them and Facebook groups or an instagram and ask them if they want to chill and have coffee with you.
Talk shop, help each other out, really create business relationships with people that understand what it’s like to be exclusively in online entrepreneur.
Another opportunity. I want to encourage you in. Have you been avoiding doing live streams because you’re not comfortable?
Now is the time to get comfortable. I want to encourage you to do be doing more lives, dreams to connect with your audience.
Maur to be sharing may be behind the scenes a little bit about what you’re doing in your company. Whatever that looks like to you,
now is a great time. Thio Face any fears you might have had of going on video and going live in really encouraging your connection with your audience virtually and then just a couple other pro tips for you.
Now is an amazing time to be pitching podcasts. Working on your media pack, working on your signature talk If you’ve been putting these things out,
if you’ve been putting out booking yourself on podcasts or booking yourself on stage is, now is the time to dive into that because there’s always you can continue to grow your business virtually,
and you are now given the gift of time. We’re looking again at the positives in this situation here.
I know there are a lot of really sad and terrible things happening right now, but I wanted to create a show where we’re looking at the positives here together.
Okay, now I want to give you some specific suggestions based on industry of different ways where you can utilize the opportunities here.
First of all, if you’re a therapist or a psychologist or a counselor or a life coach uses time to help your clients find peace and grow internally,
obviously you’re a psychologist or therapist. You already know that you’re the expert in that. Not me, but one of the things.
And there are some regulations of what you can do based on your licensing. One of things you could do is hosting a virtual group,
meeting or hosting a session where people can come together. They can share some concerns that they might be having together and really be able to talk about that.
You could do that in zoom meeting rooms, and you can do that and go to meeting and a bunch of other software we’re gonna give you.
The resource is to check out. But the point here is people are turning to you. People are looking to you because they need to find strengthen themselves and so looking at the situation,
and I think it’s okay to not continue business as usual, or at least to look at what else can be done to connect us in a time where we might felt isolated or disconnected,
and many people feel scared again. I know that there are certain regulations to that. For example, I called my child’s both my kids counselor who doesn’t have the ability to meet with them virtually because I didn’t want to bring my kids into the medical offices.
So I do know there are some regulations to that that based on the regulations you have, I just really wanna encourage those of you who can to be creating an opportunity to bring people together in that.
So it’s one business idea for you. If you’re in marketing, how can you help your clients create campaigns that work with Cove in 19?
I’m not saying make a joke of it, but you’re the creators. You guys are marketing geniuses. How can you help your clients actually start talking about the situation,
working with the situation, other than possibly ignoring it, pretending like it isn’t there? Or maybe that’s a terrible strategy.
Maybe they do need to ignore it because it would be detrimental to their particular business if they honed in on that sort of,
ah, of a negative focused again, you’re the experts. But consider helping your clients creating campaigns in response to this,
or creating a business strategy with intentionally not focusing on this. For example, if you have a client that has a cruise ship,
then you’re probably not gonna be talking about Cove in 19. But there are other marketing campaigns that that can be built on.
If you have a physical product, you can increase your sales by making alterations to what you offer how you bundle your packages.
Think about that. So if you sell, you know diffusers and CBD oil and you know in different hair bows for kids.
Can you make packages? And can you market your packages? Can you create new products based on what people want right now with other things that are happening?
And I want you to think creatively outside of the box? What can you do to create, or how can you alter what you already have in order to meet people’s names?
If you’re in real estate, can you offer those virtual home tourist for your clients? So where you’re taking your cell phone,
your face, timing them, Or maybe you’re going through each one of the homes that you have under your less teen and you’re doing video tours of the homes with your commentating,
so it’s very personal. It’s just like you were there taking a client through a home. But instead they don’t have to be there.
You can facetime them. They can say, Hey, can you go back? I want I want to see that room again and you can walk them through there.
So really thinking outside of the box and disrupting business is normal in order to provide a really great amazing service and continue to grow your company.
If you’re a travel blogger, what can you do? The highlight. Different things that people can do at home in the area outside.
You know, these are all specific suggestions for you, and I want you to really be thinking outside of the box in different ways.
You can continue to serve your clients, continue to increase your sales and continue to grow your business during this crazy time.
Okay, and that ends our time together today, where we’re talking about strategies to bring your local business online during this time,
different ways to connect with your team different outside of the box ideas to continue to grow your service is and continue to serve your clients.
And, of course, for those of you were established online entrepreneurs already, we talked about different things that you could do to really focus in and bringing your brand to the next level during this time and for all the show notes from this episode,
please cruise over to sweet Life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 where you’ll also find business help to learn to grow in scale,
your business online in different opportunities where we can help you do that immediately if needed. And if you’re interested in hearing the personal side of some of the preparations were doing,
the things were focusing on as a family and how we’re helping our kids just hang on tight and I’ll be right back.
Okay, welcome to the beach house. I’m opening the front door and sharing with you some pretty personal stuff regarding this episode.
This issue that we’re all dealing with globally and just sharing with you. For those few were interested in a little bit about how how we deal with us,
how we prepare for things like this, and so In order to give you some background, I need to tell you a story which many of you do not know.
I don’t talk about it very often. But my youngest son, Samuel, was born with very severe food allergies.
And at a very young age, I learned that if there was ever an emergency that the American Red Cross couldn’t feed him,
he really could eat nothing in. So from the time he was a baby, I’ve always had stockpiles of food because I’ve had this deep rooted mama fear that he’s going to starve if they’re Waas something that happened in 2011.
I believe it was. We were here in the 100 year flood in Colorado and I was very glad that we did have food supply because we needed it.
And so we are very prepared as a family. There are reasons why we’re very prepared. I wish that I didn’t have to walk through is a mom and my son didn’t have to walk through all the scary times that he did.
Is is a young kid with severe allergies, but because of those things, there’s always beauty in the ashes,
you know, because of those things were always very prepared. So if you’re curious here in the beach house,
yes, we have lots of supplies, but I want to encourage you to do whatever you feel is comfortable.
You need to do what brings you peace. Obviously, they’re different guidelines or recommendations based on what country you live in in what your government recommends that you have.
But I just want to encourage you, too, do you? And to find peace in whatever brings you peace.
There are a few cool things that you could be doing at home with your kids, like maybe reading a series of books that you’ve never been able to dive into.
I was just thinking of reading Call the Wild with my kids because I know the movie is out, and I haven’t read that since I was a kid.
My boys have never read it, so I know there are a lot of things that I think about.
It’s almost like what you think about if you’re stuck in a blizzard for a long time, all the fun things we could do at home.
We as a family love Qattan. We absolutely, totally geek out on that game. And so we play a lot of Qattan,
and there are multiple different things that you can do at home to really make this time with your kids super special in.
So if you find yourself where you stuck at home, I don’t know if you will be when you listen to the show and I’m hoping that none of us have to be.
But if we find ourselves a bit isolated, there are some really fun things that we could do to find the silver lining and to connect with each other more deeply.
And I just want to encourage you guys to do that. And although this is not a Christian business podcast,
I’m very transparent, and you guys know that I’m a Christian, even though I love using the F word and costing a lot as well that really trips a lot of people up any out.
I’m not shy about that. And so one of the things that we’ve been doing is sharing with her two kids different scripture that they can stand on when they’re feeling afraid in giving them a couple of different tools every single day before they leave the house and I just want to share with you.
This is very personal. I’m not saying that every family needs to do this, but I want to share with you guys what I do every day before I send my kids Doctor school.
Besides the basic, you know, making sure their address didn’t have shoes on and something to eat every single day before they leave,
we pray over them. We plead the blood of Jesus over them. And now I also anoint them with oil and those air things that based on Scripture.
Lord says that as parents we have authority to do for our kids to help protect them in the world,
not just in times like this, and honestly, shame on me for really ramping it up. Doing it now,
in times when, you know, it could be a little sketch to send him out in the world.
I should be doing this every day, but this is what we’re doing now. And they just wanted to close out and read you guys really cool little excerpt from Jesus Colleen on March the 10th.
This is the day that I’m recording this show, so I thought I would just read for you guys real quickly here.
It said what it says. It says your mind for all time and beyond time into eternity. No power can deny your inheritance in heaven.
Even if you falter, is you journey through life. I will never let go of your hand. And that’s just a short little snippet from Jesus calling.
And I have clients with many face. I serve and I connect, and I am very good friends with women who believe a variety of different things.
And so I’m just sharing with you behind the scenes what we do as a family, and I just want to encourage you to tap into your piece to your source.
During this time, we’re really strategic on a business building side, but we and you’ve heard me talk about this.
If you’ve listened to this show for three years, I don’t believe in work. Life balance. I believe in building companies that harmoniously connect with each other,
and now is just a CZ important to talk about that. So that’s today’s show. Thank you so much for hanging out with me.
I adore you. I hope you found the strategy is helpful I hope those view establish entrepreneurs. Her listening you felt challenged to bring your brand to the next level during this time,
focus on some things, maybe even putting on the back burner. And there are a lot of software.
Resource is for you here in this show. You don’t have to remember them all. I will make sure that we have links to every single software resource for you to check out whether your new toe online business or you have been doing online business serving your clients online for a long time.
I’ll make sure all the resources are in the show notes. You could find those show notes by visiting suite Life podcast dot com board slash one 66.
Thanks so much, You guys, I’ll talk to you next week.
That’s all folks!

Episode 161: How To Build A 6 Figure Coaching Business While Working 9-5 – with April Beach and Luisa Zhou

Luisa Zhou SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


Who This Episode Great For:

  1. You’re working 9-5 and want to launch your own business and break free but you don’t know-how.
  2. You want your own thriving 6-figure coaching business.
  3. You plan to keep working until your new company takes off.

Show Highlights:

  • 3 simple steps to launch your new business while still working your 9-5
  • What you can offer and sell while still working your full-time job
  • How to grow your email list while you’re still working
  • How to serve clients while still working
  • How to get over the fear of charging higher fees in the very beginning

About the Guest:

Luisa Zhou is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure plus business working for themselves.

Luisa’s helped thousands of students, including health and business coaches, designers, copywriters, and consultants, to launch their own businesses that generate anywhere from 30K to 100K in less than a year.

Luisa’s advice has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and more.

Take Action with Episode Bonuses:

Luisa Zhou’s Free Gift | Your 9-5 Escape Velocity Plan Ready to leave your 9-5? Download the free step-by-step business launch calendar Join the SweetLife Facebook Community

Resources Mentioned:

Louisa Zhou’s Website Louisa Zhou on Instagram Join SweetLife Launch™ – 90 Day Business Launch Mentorship

April Beach on Instagram The SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast on YouTube

you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe Age. Hi there. And welcome back to the show. I’m April Beach lifestyle business development expert for women, and you are in the right place, especially if you’re ready to grow your business, continuing to grow your business and you want to leave your 9 to 5. Today’s show is about how to build a six figure coaching business while still working your 9 to 5.
And this is a perfect episode for those of you guys who are in phase one or phase two off my lifestyle Entrepreneur Road map. My lifestyle entrepreneur system. That is a five step process that takes you from the idea of having your business all the way through arriving company. That gives you a lifestyle freedom. And if you don’t know where you are in the Lifestyle entrepreneur road map, then cruise over to sweet life co dot com forward slash quiz. Or you can simply text the word Sweet life, which is one word to the number 31996 and you’ll be sent a short link where you could take a short self assessment.
And that’s gonna tell you exactly where you are right now in business development, and you’re going to get the complete map so you’ll see the whole entire overview of where you’re going and a list of what you should be working on right now. So again, this episode is for those of you guys who are in face one or in phase two of my lifestyle Entrepreneur Road map. This is also a great episode for those of you guys. They’re still working your 9 to 5, and you want to launch your own business.
You want to break free and you don’t really know how. And here’s what you can expect. At the end of listening to this episode, you’re gonna know three simple steps to launch your new business. While you’re still working your old job, you are gonna understand what you can offer and sell While you’re still working your full time job, you will know how to grow your email list while you’re still working your full time job. How to serve clients, which is tough, especially when you’re still working here full time job,
and you’re also gonna know how to get over your fear of charging high prices in the very beginning so that you can, in fact, realistically replace your full time job. But before we dive into today’s episode, I want to make sure that you have an opportunity to join Sweet Life Launch, especially if you’re looking for support and a step by step plan toe. Leave your 9 to 5 Sweet Life Launch is our signature business launch program for women Just like you. It’s a 90 day business launch program with coaching private mentor ship group Mentorship.
Plus, you get an extra month of support, so it’s actually a four month program that gives you the exact steps toe. Launch your six figure business and leave your 9 to 5. No more being lost or confused or not knowing how to start or what to do or what’s a good use of your time. Sweet life Launch is my signature program, and it only opens a couple times a year, and that program is opening here in the month of February. If you’re listening to this podcast live visit Sweet Life launch dot com For all the details in today’s listener,
shout out Goes to Jamie, Fight with Jamie Fight Nutrition Jamie, thank you so much for being crazy. Amazing faithful listener of this podcast for showing up to almost every single one of our Instagram lives for connecting with us. Commenting on our stuff in sharing this show faithfully, You guys check out Jamie Fight Jamie Fight Nutrition Jamie is also ah, private client of mine. She’s been in my private business mentorship program and in Sweet Life Launch and this woman is a go getter. This woman is one of the hardest workers I have ever met Mom of four daughters and she just released her first book.
So, Jamie, thanks for being an awesome listener. And if you would like a shout out on this show, just leave us a review on Apple or on our Facebook page, and I can’t wait to highlight your business as well. Okay, on today’s show, we have a really awesome guest. Louisa Joe is here, and I loved talking to her because everything we talk about, she followed this step to a T. Louisa Joe is the creator of the employees to entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to leave their do don’t day job and start their own six figure plus business working for themselves.
She’s helped thousands of students, including health and business coaches, designers, copywriters and consultants launch your own business that generate anywhere from 30,000 to $100,000 in less than a year. Her advice has been featured in numerous online and print publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine and More So. Welcome to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast Louisa, give yourself an intro here. Somebody knows who you are. Yeah, thank you so much for having me. So, guys Super brief intro About six plus years ago, I was in 95.
I was struggling Thio replace my income and build my own business. And through a series of mistakes and lessons which we’re gonna talk about today, I took my job skills at the time in digital advertising and use that to build a coaching business which broke six figures before I turned in my notice. After that, people start asking me, Hey, how’d you do it? And I I was thinking, you know what? It took me so long, so many mistakes. I’m gonna help you. And so that gradually transitioned to my current business,
which I’ve been in for going on 56 years now. And what I do is help people go from employee to entrepreneur. So awesome. Great. We’re gonna get dive through this system here today. Let me ask you a question. What did it feel like? Still being in your job? Like, what were some of those initial triggers? When you’re like, I have got to get out of here, let the heck am I gonna do because we are talking. I mean, in the grand scheme of time,
this is a short period of time. But in online business, this is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. 56 years ago, online business was just, you know, up in coming. And a lot of people in online business now have only been here for the last 24 months. So when we’re talking five or six years ago, how on earth did you come up with this idea? Because still very few people had this business model agreed back then, coaching I what I remember.
So before that I spent two or three years thinking, you know, I need to leave. I needed a have more control. I don’t want to be like in another 10 years like my v p s v p pushing like doing power points in the same old same old. Yeah, but like you said, drink time coaching was not really that comment of a thing. And so all I saw, the only examples were like, you know, do you affiliate stuff or, you know, learn to be a copywriter and make a few $100 a month.
And I was sitting there thinking, There’s no way that could replace my income. I’m gonna have to go,
I don’t know, moving with my parents or something on I. I wasn’t going to do that. And so I just remember researching so long.
Just Google searches. Whatever I could think of online business, you know, leave job, whatever. Until one day I started seeing coaching,
I can remember the first coach I saw. It was, I think was very gradual, like I didn’t hit me the first time I saw some Microsoft Excel coaches.
I saw some career coaches and I tried doing that a little bit myself and I got some clients through those which made me realize,
Oh, whoa, coaching is a thing. And then I saw one or two people who said, Hey,
I built a six figure multiple, six bigger coaching business. I thought, All right, I can do this to let me figure this out So it’s a very gradual process 11 and I want a diamond more to the emotional side of it,
because I think it’s so important. But let’s dig into the strategies first. So somebody’s in there 9 to 5 job,
you know, They’re thinking, Oh, my gosh, this is me. She’s speaking my language, but I don’t know how to exit out here.
You’re gonna walk us through those steps today. So Step one, you actually say, Start with the coaching itself.
Talk a little bit about that. Yes. So the key is with building a business while in your job,
you need a few things. You need something that is relatively higher value, so you don’t need to sell like 1000 products every month to replace your income.
You also need something that allows you to do it while working a full time job so it can’t take 80 hours a week on the side.
So what I did was I realized, OK, the coaching model fits beautifully into this because if you start out,
you sell something for 1000 1,502,000 or more, right? You. Let’s say you need to make $5000 a month,
or for me it was a little bit higher. Let’s say 10,000. Alright. At 2000 pop, five sales a month gets you to 10,000 month.
That’s doable. It ISS so really just taking. The number’s not building this big, huge thing, but just being really clear about what you’re offering and actually start with coaching people in a higher price,
usually to start out. Is that what you’re recommending? Yes, exactly and what this also does. It makes a massive difference because then when you are starting out,
you’re not relying on a beautiful website or how good your copyrighting remarketing is because no one starts out good at any of those.
All you’re doing is talking to people and sharing with them what you know and helping them so that they understand.
Oh, this person’s legit. They know what they’re talking about? I trust them enough to hire them,
right? And what I think is so cool about this is so most new entrepreneurs there sketched out about charging higher prices.
But the fact of the matter is, if you actually want to leave your 9 to 5 job, you need to create a valuable offer and you need to position yourself is valuable.
So the technical truth is by starting out with a really well priced coaching offer, you kind of don’t have anything to lose,
right? If somebody’s like, okay, I’m not paying youth two or $3000 you know, No big deal.
You, right now you want to get out of there, but you still have your job. It’s not like some other entrepreneurs were like,
Oh my gosh, I have to sell this program where we sea establish entrepreneurs like cutting their prices down if you’re still in your non.
If I Is it fair to say, start where you want to be exactly. I love that you said this because it’s such a flip toe.
How many people in John ob stink and how I thought to where I thought, You know, I need to be out.
I need to be out. But that’s the truth. I came to gradually realize. Oh, yeah.
If I don’t make a sale, it sucks. But I’m still gonna have food on the table. I move,
but I have a roof over my head. Right. So let’s make the sale with the perfect client.
That the price I want to sell it for. I think that’s so awesome. Okay, so and the second thing you talked about is leveraging groups.
So what does that look like when you’re new? A ce faras to coaching a consulting? Yes. So the beauty of starting with coaching people one on one is you know what?
You know, whatever that is. Health, relationship, career, whatever. Any industry, whatever you know,
however, what you don’t know is how other people will respond to the way you teach, right? So things that might seem super obvious to you.
You could have a client saying, Well, what can you slow down and talk me through it? So coaching a handful of clients one on one helps you develop your process for communicating what you know to them and helping them get the results.
And then after just I started seeing the systems and the parents after I would say about three clients, so it doesn’t take that many.
What you’re able to do is say, Okay, here’s my system and then transition into a group type model,
which were essentially, you still can do a lot of one on one coaching, but the biggest bottleneck for one on one.
Coaching us after you having to do like one call a week per client. You group those calls into one group call a week.
So you’re allowed. You’re able to take on more clients while spending about the same amount of time. And then,
instead of spending that called teaching the same material the time you can say, Hey, here’s this Google document I put up that I created through coaching my one on one clients,
right? I love that, and one of the things that we didn’t mention here, and I think that we need to hit on is you’re talking about building a business that somebody already has a skill in.
We have a lot of listeners that are trying to launch a business, and they’re also trying to launch a business in a new skill set.
Yeah, super hard. It’s definitely doable. Listen, ladies, you could do whatever the hell you want to do,
right? You can do anything you set your mind to. But what leases talking about and what you did is your first coaching business.
You launch by coaching other people with the skills you were doing at work. Yes, and I love that we’re talking about this because look,
even back then, I knew I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life talking about adds it just did not appeal to me over what I thought about was at the time.
What’s my primary goal? It wasn’t necessarily that Build a business that I was gonna do forever. It was to build a business I enjoyed enough.
And that gave enough value for Mita be able to replace my income. And then you couldn’t say Okay,
What’s next? Exactly? Okay, that’s super cool. All right. And so in step number two,
we’re talking about scaling, right? So it’s creating this first course courses, air really popular. Not only are they popular,
so you have to identify that we’re kind of in this little bubble here, even though we think we’re in this huge world that saturated you guys.
When we’re talking about online business, we’re like, not even a drop in the bucket to what online business will be 5 10 years from hell.
And so people don’t really speak this language. Courses in membership sides and all those things are common to those of us that are in this space.
And for our listeners, they’re either very commoner. They’re becoming more common. But, you know, toe outside people that are not in the business online business,
space courses, air still like, Oh, wow, I can take an online course to learn how to do,
you know, Facebook ads. Or I can take an online course stiff, you know, learn how to meal plan on Sunday night or whatever in so courses are not saturated.
I say this to save courses are not saturate, and they’re an amazing way to skill your business. And so what you did is you created the course like what kind of course did you create And how did you roll that out when you were still working?
Yes. Okay. So something I’m gonna share both how I created it. And then like we were talking about earlier How I do not actually recommend that exact thing anymore.
So what I did was I took just like we talked about the stuff that I had put into documents from working with a handful of clients.
And I basically put it in your course. And it’s important to note I didn’t put up a fancy course website or anything like that.
I basically had some Google documents and PDS and put people into a Facebook group. And I knew that was gonna be great because I only charged a few $100 for it.
But also, I knew the value was gonna come from me showing up and basically like providing so much coaching and value,
just two people that they wouldn’t care. That wasn’t fancy pediatric or sight. And so I sold my first course that way.
Now, as we were talking about earlier, I hustled my butt off cause I didn’t know better. And I did an open and closed cart.
I said, Okay, I’m gonna start on the state after this day. You cannot buy it. And so I I just talked to so many people.
I you know, I made some sales, thankfully, but it was really stressful. So at this point,
what I recommend is a slightly different thing where you do the same, you know, systematize ation group coaching course material,
but do it in ongoing enrollment. So there’s no stress for all. I have to make this many sales by the state,
right and love that and and I’m I’m really glad you hit on that. Thank you so much because there are these open include,
like, I don’t recommend open and close launch courses for entrepreneurs that have, you know, kids and that you travel a lot.
There’s just really a lot of pressure and last year, doing like a big affiliate launch. And those were really for signature courses and not what you’re talking about here,
which are foundational courses. It’s really hard to fill a course if you’re a new entrepreneur. And so I’m glad that you should,
on the difference between just having it open for people to join as your business grows versus being like OK,
No, you’re out. And everybody is like putting all your eggs in one basket during one point in time.
Okay, so one of the things that I want you to hit on is your strategy for building your business to $1.1 million in sales in the 1st 11 months.
How exactly did you do that? Yeah. So basically, I did what we just talked about not recommending doing,
but again, there was a very specific situation, and I also again didn’t know better. So I worked with what I knew,
which was I’m good at connecting with people. When I do a live stream or a video, they connect with me Really?
Well, my content starting to gain traction. And so I did a massive course launch, and I went all in.
I don’t have kids, so yeah, putting that right out there like literally joining my launch. That’s all I did.
And I did a big program launch, and, you know, before I tested a few smaller launches,
so I knew my numbers. I knew how much to spend on cold traffic, my existing audience. If I was gonna have a Phillies,
I had all of those things mapped out. And so through one really big course launch, we ended up doing about $800,000 in sales.
That was the result of having like a first A $10,000 loans than $100,000 launch and then scaling it up.
And then those previous launches in that year. Plus, my coaching brought me to over 1.1 million. Yeah,
that’s so awesome. It’s so impressive. So for those people that are still listening to the 95 they’re like,
they’re in the 95 they’re listening to this, they’re like, OK, I don’t need to be at 1.1 million Know what Oh,
I need to do right now where I am Obviously Step one, We said, start actually coaching people.
You talk about creating this first package, and we talked about that and making sure that first packages is a higher price.
And then you talked about creating like a mini horse or a smaller course so people can get your information with you scaling your time.
So you’re not trading, you know, dollars for hours. Now what did they do? They’re still there,
and they’re like, OK, this process might take a little while. What’s the next step they do after that?
What’s coming next? Yes, so after that, it really is Look, you’ve got your product in place.
You know how What content to put out, To get people to talk to you. You know how to do sales and you’re starting to build some testimonials and social proof online.
So then the big focus is not on creating new products or figuring out some, like, distracting things like that.
It’s so how can I get in front of more people? And so there are a few different ways depending on where you are in your existing assets.
So for some of the people I’ve worked with over the years, they have a massive existing network. I didn’t.
But some people d’oh and so literally they can sell out their programs. I’m a very common example. Is career coaches right?
You’ve built up your career. Your network knows how good you are at it. You say I’m gonna be doing career coaching.
It could be relatively easier. Still not easy, but relatively to sell that out through that network. Another option for most people who don’t have the network is to start on social media right where you’re building up your own.
Let’s say Facebook community, instagram community, whatever that looks like and really connecting with people better than you can do through email or traditional formats so that your for me a connection faster.
You’re building a two way relationship, and you are really driving more sales. That personally made a big difference for me.
I was on Facebook. I wasn’t other Facebook groups. I created my own, and I was just talking to people in there all day,
whenever I had my lunch break before after work, just showing up and building that and then another source.
That makes a big difference, but it takes longer. Is organic traffic you to blogging that I don’t recommend?
You don’t necessarily need to be able to replace your income. Instead, What I teach and what I did as well is using hate traffic.
Now the key is not to spend a ton of money up front or anything. It’s on Lee. After you’ve gotten clients organic,
not gambling on social media or through your network. You know what sells and you have a feel for who your audience is and proven data for all of that.
You take all of that, you drive ads and you know you can do an e mail system funnel.
You can do a webinar, really? Just taking what you’ve realized people want and need to hear before they’re ready to hire you.
Putting it into that putting ads in that, testing each process in approaching it methodically with the data you’ve gathered to then be able to know.
Okay, everyone, dollar I spend, I make this much money and then you scale that I love it.
I love it. And I love you. Said that to paid ads. And again, a lot of entrepreneurs starting from scratch don’t necessarily have that ad budget.
But those guys that are still in your 9 to 5 have a little bit more, you know, inventive instead of your little started right.
And there is such a difference between, you know, paid ads, earned media and sweat equity. And although all of them are important to do in the big picture of your business,
the fastest way to grow your audience is through paid ads. And frankly, when you’re working 9 to 5 job,
you don’t have the extra time to put in all this. What equity to be sitting there doing, You know,
all these live streams, all day long and hanging out. You know, especially for those of our listeners are like,
Oh, shit. I have, like, five kids and I’m travelling commute two hours a day. How on earth am I gonna do this,
girls, By the way, we know you could do this. And that’s why Louise and I are here talking to you about this on the show.
We have got your back. Tell our listeners where they can find you. Had it connected to your energy is awesome.
I just love what you brought to the show today. Oh, thank you so much. So, yeah,
there are a few places Thio connect with me. The first is out through my website, right. So And I have ah,
special pdf for your listeners, which is a pdf on how to build your own online six bigger coaching business.
And that is at Louisa joe dot com slash gift. Now, let me spell my name really quickly because it’s not spelled out.
It sounds It’s l u I s a z, as in zebra, h o u dot com slash gift.
And then if you get that, pdf you’re gonna be added to my email list. You’re gonna learn about my programs.
You’re gonna get lots of amazing content from me. So that’s how well, the best way to stay in touch.
I’m also on Instagram. I’m loving instagram right now. And on my count is Luisa Dodge. Oh,
so same thing, just a dot in the middle. But those are the really two best ways to connect with me right now.
I love it, and then we should do fun. Instagram live for this show. If you guys are listening to this this week,
tune in and it will promote this up on instagram for you guys to All right. Thank you so much for being there.
And we’ll make sure all of those links are in our show Notes. Thank you. Thanks for listening to this episode of The Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast.
I’m a pro beach. I’m so glad that you were here. This is episode number 1 61 So everything we talked about and all the links can be found by visiting suite life podcast dot com forward slash 161 I’ll talk to you next
That’s all folks!

Episode 160: How to Choose Your New Business Idea – with Kat McLead

Kat McLead SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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Episode Highlights:
  1. Kat’s four steps to coming up with your business idea.
  2. Kat’s take on purpose vs. profit.
  3. Why you should focus on the skills you already have rather than trying to start a business that requires you to learn a new one.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:
Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur: the proven framework for creating a highly profitable business that you love while working 2 hours a day.
She started her first multiple 6-figure business 20 years ago and hasn’t slowed down since — not even after having her son. A fun fact: That business’s profits meant that she had way more money than her husband when they first got married, and was able to pay the entire $450,000 down payment on their home. Not that he minded!
So, if you’re thinking about starting a business or you’ve already launched one, but it’s not doing as well as you’d like, you don’t want to miss this episode!
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Episode 159: How to Become An Influencer In Your Industry – Part 2 – with Kathy Haan

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Kathy Haan is a business coach, travel blogger, influencer, podcaster, and travel agency owner. You can find her work featured in places like Forbes, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and Thrive Global. When she’s not at home in Iowa with her husband, three children, and two enormous Great Pyrenees dogs, you can usually find her traveling the world, creating content, and storytelling on stages.

Take a listen to this final part with Kathy to understand why she says, “The best way to gain authority is to borrow it from someone else,” and how you can become an influencer in your industry!

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Episode 158: How to Become An Influencer In Your Industry – Part 1 – with Kathy Haan

Kathy Haan SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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  1. What influencer marketing is.
  2. Why you need influencer marketing.
  3. The first three strategies to get influencer marketing.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

This is not an episode about how to have a million followers. If you care more about the numbers than the results you deliver and the relationships you build, you will fail.

However, if you want to learn from a true international influencer whose story and work has changed lives and if you want to develop your influencer marketing plan for the right reasons, this is the episode for you.

Kathy Haan is a business coach, travel blogger, influencer, podcaster, and travel agency owner. You can find her work featured in places like Forbes, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and Thrive Global. When she’s not at home in Iowa with her husband, three children, and two enormous Great Pyrenees dogs, you can usually find her traveling the world, creating content, and storytelling on stages.

Kathy had so many amazing insights and tips that we’ve decided to split this episode into two parts. So, make you don’t miss part two.

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Episode 157: How It’s Made: Behind-the-Scenes of the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™ As It Turns Three Years Old – with Britany Felix and April Beach

SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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Episode Highlights:
  1. What it really means for my business to bring you this show each and every week so you can evaluate if a podcast is right for your business.
  2. The good, bad, and the ugly behind every aspect of the podcast and step in the process of making it.
  3. The free gifts I have for you as a thank you for making these past three years so special for me.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

I love getting to pour into you every week and provide you with the trainings and guidance that helps you build your business and find lifestyle freedom.

This podcast has allowed me to connect with you in a way nothing else has.

That’s why I could think of no better way to celebrate our third birthday than by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring you a new episode each week.

And, I could think of no one better to help me with this than Britany Felix.

Britany has been a part of this journey as my editor and producer since the very first episode. This podcast literally wouldn’t have launched without her and I’m so happy I get to celebrate this birthday with her and you, my amazing listeners!

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you. You’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe Age. Wow. Wow. Wow. Okay, welcome to this show. It is episode number 157. Do you know what that means? I honestly didn’t even sink into me and tell the end of November when I was planning our podcast episodes. It is our third podcast birthday. We have been podcasting. You and I have been together.
We’ve been delivering episodes to you every single week for three complete years. Like we don’t turn three until that year’s completed. Wow, I just can’t even believe that we’re here. To be really honest, this podcast has been such a blessing because it’s given me an opportunity to connect with you on a much deeper level than we can do through any social media. Even through writing a book, I’ve written two books. Nothing I’ve done in the past. His enabled us to break down the barriers between technology like podcasting does.
And I am so grateful for you. Literally. I have some big gifts I’m giving you guys big gifts this week for our podcast birthday. It’s gonna be a celebration that want our week long. And I’m so stoked about that before we dive into this, it’s gonna be a little bit of a different episode today. A cool one. I hope you love it. That plan, because it’s a little bit longer than our normal episodes. So just a heads up about that. But it’s gonna give you some awesome insight,
especially if you’re wondering what podcasting is like, what it’s like behind the scenes, how I plan these episodes, how it affects my life and my kids and my money and my travel in my sanity and my sleep and my systems and everything. We’re talking about everything behind the scenes here, but before we get started, I just want it. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. This podcast would not keep going without you without you subscribing without you sharing this show with your friends without you sending me direct messages on Instagram saying,
Hey, April what you said resonated with me. Those things hit home to me and want to get those comments from you buys when I when I see you sharing it or when I get an email that says, Hey, April, thank you so much for giving this training the way that you did and not charging for it. When I get those messages from you guys, it really keeps me going. That feedback is is so important, because this show really is a love offering and a labor of love for you.
You know, before we started this show, I really felt strongly that any woman that wants to launch a business and grow a business deserved really trustworthy in free, proven, actionable business trainings. And that’s why I created the show in the first place is to make sure that there is good, safe, solid, trusted business coaching for any woman that chooses to watch and grow her business and design her life through entrepreneurship. And if you don’t know me yet, or maybe not that well, maybe your new listener.
Thank you so much for tuning, and I’ve been coaching women tow, watch and grow their business for 23 years, and I’m an online business pioneer. I launch my first online courses back in 2008. Well, we were like duct taping stuff together and my core purpose is to teach women how to design their life through entrepreneurship. So this show really is an extension of my why. And it’s just all about you. So thank you so much for tune into it. And so I want to pour into you guys today immediately here on the show right away and bless you and give you gifts for our birthday.
So let’s start out with that. And then we’re gonna dive into today’s episode, and then we’re going to give more gifts away at the end of today’s episode. So the very first thing is, I want to give you guys. If you are listening right now, during the time that we’re recording this show, so during our birthday week only, which means you’re a subscriber, you’re getting this podcast real time. So it’s January 13th 2020 through January 1920 20. So within this week, if you were in between January 13th and January 1920 20 you get Theresa.
I talk about on today’s show. The first thing is anybody listening? I’m giving you completely free access to my ideal client Avatar. Master class. This is an amazing class and It comes with a huge workbook where you’re gonna be able to hone in and find your ideal clients. And what’s even cooler about this is when you’re done with this class, you’re gonna walk away with the copy written for your website Marketing copy Already planned out. It is a killer class and I’m giving you totally free access to it as our birthday present.
How does that sound? So here are the rules. Every single person listening this week who follows these rules is going to get free access to this master class. The rules are number one share. This podcast episode even shared on linked in you can share it on Instagram. You can share it on Facebook. So I want you to share this podcast episode wherever you want to share. You can share in your instagram stories. And when you share it right, a little message or something about why you like this show.
So people understand why the heck you’re sharing it. And you can also tag us If you’re on instagram at Sweet Life entrepreneur or at April Beach, you could find me that way as well. We’d appreciate you sharing it purposefully not just sharing whatever works for you and then take a screenshot of where you shared it. An email, your screen shot. Two podcast at sweet life co dot com. Okay, so again, sure. The episode Take a screenshot email the screen shot The podcast at sweet life coat dot com has to be This week has to be between January 13th January 19th and we’re gonna send you completely free access to my icy A My ideal client avatar Master class,
which is like the gold standard Master class. If you are in a place where you are having trouble finding your clients or communicating with them or you don’t know what you’re niches, this is all for you. And then on top of that, one person is going to win a two hour deep dive business strategy training with me, and that is a $700 value. Okay, so share the episode, and then one person who does that and gets access yes to the master class is also going to get a two hour,
totally free deep dive business strategy and planning session with me. So I hope that gets you totally excited, and I want you to listen to the whole inter show but positive show right now, and you can share it and send your screen shot and make sure that you get access and that you are intertwined The strategy session. Okay, so this show, like I said, it’s a little bit different. There is no one better that I could think about celebrating our third birthday with us, then Britney Felix.
Britney Felix is our podcast producer, and I found Britney and you’ll hear a little bit about this story. I found Britney because, frankly, I had thought that I could produce his podcast myself. I was like a card. Could this be got into a very quickly and realize that? Yeah. No, that’s just not gonna happen. And so I immediately found Britney, and I will tell you this show would not have launched without Britney. Britney Felix is a podcast editor and consultant who founded podcasting for coaches,
where she specializes in helping female coaches and consultants either launch a podcast for their business or improve their existing podcast so that they can develop relationships with their ideal clients, build brand awareness, generate new leads and making valuable networking connections she’s awesome. And so she is going to interview me on this week’s show, and we’re gonna share a lot of behind the scenes. You guys, we talk about what it really means to produce a podcast week in and week out. For those of you guys that are thinking about hot casting,
I know a lot of people start podcasting and then drop out, which is not great for your brand. And so this show is gonna help you determine Maybe if podcasting can be part of your future can help you connect with your audience more. But then we’re also sharing the good the bad. Am the super duper ugly? You guys were gonna know how I cut corners behind the scenes when I choose guests and why I choose guests and why I choose certain guests over other guests. We’re totally getting into it,
and we’re sharing the complete production. So I’m sure you exactly step by step how we produce this show, what I do in what order what we upload to wear and how the show is completely produced from the audio Thio, the research behind each one of the show’s toe actually marketing the show as well. So sit back. Grab a glass of wine. Celebrate with me. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you guys so much. This is sweet life Entrepreneur Podcast Episode number 157 and all the show notes can be found by visiting suite life podcast dot com forward slash 157 All right,
you guys, this is a really special episode. And that is because we have reached our third podcast birthday. The Sweet Life Entrepreneur. A podcast is turning three this week. Maybe it was last week, someplace in the middle of this weekend, next week, and and that we’re just so grateful to you. This is a celebration episode, and I have Britney Felix on the show, and we’re gonna do something a little bit different today. First of all, as I introduced before, Britney is a reason why this podcast launched you guys.
It definitely could not have gotten off the ground or continued to be produced. Especially which is the high quality and attention to detail that Britney and her team bring Thio Not only my podcast, to be honest, but like so many women’s podcasts, she’s just an icon in this space. And I’m so grateful to have her as part of our smart, hard 10 team bringing this show. And so we’re inducing a little bit different. We’re actually like flipping the interview. And Britney is gonna interview me on today’s show regarding how we go through and produce the sweet life entrepreneur podcast and also talk a little bit about behind the scenes of what it takes to bring this podcast to you guys for 157 episodes three years in a row.
So thanks so much for being on the show. Britney and everything. You D’oh! Give everybody an intro. Dios. They don’t know you yet. Yeah, Thank you so much, April. I always love being on the show because you just shower me with compliments. And of course, that feels amazing. But I am thrilled to still be working with you three years later. This is kind of surreal to me. You are actually my very first launch client. So you’re the first person who’s client are who show I helped officially,
like, launch into the world. So I consider the show a little bit of my baby as well and I really look forward to the information that you provide as a listener. Even so, even if I weren’t getting paid for it, I would still wanna listen to the show. Because I love the rial take and the raw information that you provide to people you don’t hold back. You’re no holds barred, and I just I love that there’s not enough of that in the world right now. Thank you so much.
Thank you. All right, so this is gonna be a cool thing. Britney knows how hard it is for me. Toe. Create content and bring this episode to you guys. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s really, really difficult. Usually that all spins around what’s happening in my life with my kids. Is most of you guys know been faithful listeners for three years, and so we’re gonna flip this a little bit and give Britney and opportunity thio kind of walk me through the steps as I share them with you on how we bring this podcast of life.
So the first area we’re gonna dive into is actually the podcast planning process. And as we get into more of the production, then Britney is really gonna be able to share even more behind the scenes of what it takes to bring this show to you. So, Britney, you know, you see this planning process that I put together, You know what would be the questions that other podcasters or people considering podcasting might ask about the planning process. So one thing I would say is I see the end result of the planning.
Basically, I see it when it comes on our spreadsheet. For those that aren’t aware of April’s process, we use a system called Air Table. It’s an online spreadsheet. Platform is completely free, and it just helps us kind of keep everything organized. So I see the topics that are going to be coming up. But I have no idea what goes into deciding what you’re gonna talk about and when. So what’s that process like for you? How do you determine what topics are gonna be discussed in what episode and how does that intermingle with what’s happening in your overall business in life?
Great. Okay, so I have a four step planning process for this show. The first thing I do is I usually look at what’s happening with my business.
So what programs do I have that air coming open? What sales do we have? You know, that might be happening in the Desert times throughout the year.
What events, whether it’s a retreat or one of the mastermind events that we have happening. And then what’s also happening with my affiliate partners?
Because I do have some other businesses away affiliate with that we support. So the very first thing I dio is I look at my whole entire 12 month calendar now as a reference point for you guys.
If you haven’t laid out your 2020 calendar yet, gold back and listen to episode number 1 51 and actually give you the steps toe,
lay out your whole 12 month calendar. And so I do that. And I’m pretty faithful about doing that because the purpose of what we’re doing here is to make sure that in a perfect world,
it’s not always perfect. But in a perfect world, what I’m talking about on the show aligns with what’s happening in my business.
Maybe, um, I’m opening a new program or it’s a new training course or it’s a new event,
and so I want to make sure I’m talking about on the show what’s happening with what we’re offering and the extra help we’re giving entrepreneurs.
And then the second thing that I do, which I don’t know if this is like what everybody else does.
This is just my life, because everything I do is I actually look at what’s happening in my own life with my kids.
You know, where am I gonna be? What is the season of that life? So, for example,
my oldest son is graduating from high school this May. So the podcast episodes that I’ve artist sketch to talk about or what happens to you and your business when you know you’re not totally empty nest.
But when your kids are starting to move on to what they want to do and you have a more of an opportunity to design a different version of your life,
then you have for the last 18 years. And so that’s kind of how I am lined the episodes with what’s happening in my life.
Also seasons, right? So is it summertime? You know, our people trying to plan a vacation in other happenings that are going on is far as trends in the year,
for example, and this is just hypothetical. I don’t have this plant, but it would be like how to do a big you know,
Mother’s Day sale. If that Mother’s Day is in May, then that would be a show that that I would plan to do and released in April.
So I really kind of take a look at what’s happening in my life and what’s happening with what we’re offering and what’s happening within the sales of the year as well.
And then I look at the needs of you, buys the listeners, and this is really what it comes down to.
I can lay it all out here on the counter, and I think it’s a great idea. But what really is like the final check is what you buys need.
And so we look at things very carefully. You’ve been listening to this show for a while. You know,
we specialize in service based business development, whether it’s online or offline. Still, So what’s happening in the industry?
What’s happening with online business? What’s happening with courses? Many of you might have heard the episode that I did last year and I’ll look up the episode and put it in the reference for you of the show notes.
But it was like our online courses really working, and that was a really important episode to have because so many people have launched online courses.
But at that time when we recorded it, the data was not great about how many people were actually buying and finishing them until that was an important show to host.
So it’s kind of an example of what I look at what’s happening in the industry and in what you guys need,
what problems need to be solved, what bottlenecks you guys were facing, what fears or different issues could be coming up.
And I listened very carefully, toe obviously my clients to the women in my mastermind programs, to the women,
my Facebook community and I pay really close attention to those of you who connect with me and share your problems and your issues.
And I develop shows to solve those issues. And the final question I really ask is, what is the injuries?
Olt of a show And I do that actually, even before I start recording the show. So you know What’s the Andrews?
Well, what’s the final need? What’s the final goal or knowledge? Or a problem that’s solved at the end of recording a specific show?
And then the last step I do as faras the planning process is I determine whether or not that particular episode is gonna be a solo at this old or whether or not it should be a guest that I should bring on the show.
And I think, Britney, you think we’re probably about 50 50 solo and guest episodes. I don’t know what it works out to at the end of the year,
because I know you kind of go through phases, which might be something else to talk about where you have mostly solo episodes for a month or two,
and then maybe you have mostly interviews for a month or two, and I think that’s a deliberate choice as well.
Yeah, yeah, I can definitely speak to that, and we’ll talk more about, like the recording schedule and the actual production process.
But I d’oh, so I host a lot more solo episodes, usually before I’m about to open a registration for one of my master minds or registration to work with me in some capacity.
I do that because it helps my audience connect with me more. And it helps me to really clearly communicate and help my audience and my clients to identify is is something they actually need help with before the opportunity arises as to whether or not they want to invest in themselves to get the solution to that.
And so I feels, hear me doing a lot more solo episodes before my sweet life launch programs or before one of my master minded programs opens.
But I look for a lot of guest episodes during the times where I know that I am almost totally out of office,
and I think that’s what breaks easily, too. So it’s kind of brings us to our recording in production phase.
So I am mainly out of office from June through August. This particular year. You guys, I don’t know how I’m gonna do it yet.
Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and and send me some encouraging mama entrepreneur vibes because and when I’m looking at my calendar,
I’m pretty much traveling from May all the way through the end of August in although that you know, that’s a laptop life.
That’s what we all want. It’s really difficult to maintain the podcast during those times, and so I have to be a super awesome planner to make sure that I have guests lined up and we’ve already pre recorded.
So this kind of how this works for me, I usually have a week blocked off on my calendar.
That is all podcast production week, whatever that week is. I do a very good job of not scheduling when I want private client meetings not filling out my calendar with anything else in that week,
and it changes. It’s not always like the first or the third week of the month. It does change,
but its planned well in advance in that week is just too match, recording with guests and producing podcast episodes,
researching my own episodes and outlining my own podcast radiance that I host. So I do that one week a month,
but I don’t record in June, July and August, so that means that I have to start batch ng really early,
and this is for any of you have applied to be a guest on my show. Just know that so I’m already recording.
You know, those summer show’s starting in the month of February were batch ing those. So I do have guests more often during the summertime when I’m not really there,
and it just helps me to be able to serve our listeners more because I am that put in time,
usually only working like a 15 hour work week and traveling around with my kids. I love that you do patching,
and that is what I recommend any of my clients. D’oh! Because it really does help you get into this frame of mind where you can just knock all of these things out.
And how great is it to know that you have your content for Well, you know, like three months plan now?
And it’s not something you have to worry about when you travel, because I can personally attest to this.
I actually, whenever I travel, I find it so difficult that I put my podcast on hiatus every time,
every time, meaning whatever I travel for, like a month or two at a time, because I do that.
So I think that it’s great that you planned this out ahead of time and it’s absolutely critical that is planned out ahead of time.
There’s no way that you can start doing this even a month before you want to take off and travel like this or enter an extremely busy season where,
you know, you’re just not gonna be able to put the time and effort into it, right? And I love Okay,
So you guys that don’t know Britney yet you should definitely connect with her. She travels everywhere, and I think that’s why Britney and I work together so well together because she’ll send me a message or email usually is earlier she can and saying,
OK, hey, I’m gonna be in Scotland for a month or whatever, you know. And so we worked together where she’s,
you know, she might come to me and say, OK, April, I know your batch recording just wanted to let you know I’m gonna be out for this period of time,
too. So let’s try to get in all your batch recording ahead of time so that so it works for both of our travel schedules,
and I think that’s one of the reasons why she and I worked so well together. Very grateful for that because our lives are travel,
lives are very, very similar. And, you know, I think that one of the things I do have to say that’s important about pre recording and connecting with the right audience is even though I’m traveling in June,
July and August, I’m still working with clients. I’m still running my master minds and still coaching entrepreneurs.
I’m still hosting my programs, and so all of my energy during that time is actually poured into direct work with the clients it that are in our community.
And so it’s incredibly important to me to make sure that I have guests on the show that can keep pouring in at the level that I want for our listeners who aren’t yet in our community.
And so I really try to seek out those gas that are experts in their space in order to deliver deliver shows that are timely for that time of year.
So when I say I travel in most of you know this, it doesn’t mean I’m not working at all.
It just means I don’t have extra time to be thinking about making sure we’re putting out great content on this podcast because that would be very,
very difficult. I’ve never recorded a podcast away from home. I know many people do where they can,
like recorded podcast in the hotel. It just doesn’t work for my creative mind. Like I need to be in my space,
my creative space not staring at some, you know, hotel wallpaper in order to be inspired to create a show for you guys.
And so I record everything here. I do not record on the go. I think that’s important to mention.
Yeah, it is. Because you definitely can do this on the go. I mean, I know people who travel full time,
as I’m sure you d’oh! And they still record content. So it is possible. But I agree.
I do prefer to record a home. I have bought travel microphones. Ah, few different ones. And I take them with me planning to record,
you know, maybe like a solo episode. And it never happens because it’s just I’m not in the frame of mind like you are.
Yeah, and I think that that’s just knowing who you are. So if you’re thinking about starting a podcast and you’re wondering how you could do it or you can do it from.
I think knowing how you best create content is a really important question to ask yourself before you decide that.
Hey, I can record, you know, from the car. Or, you know, I could record anywhere.
And so I think that’s just important thing. To know yourself well and to kind of get into that healthy ecosystem that inspires you to create really awesome stuff.
And and this just happens to me, my home office space, you know, which obviously comes with its drawbacks because,
for example, like when the kids were on vacation, a lot of shows, they’re like the dogs were barking and somebody is like,
coming at last, have, like, 10 boys stop in through the garage and drop their skateboards everywhere.
And and that’s just the way it is. And that’s actually in nature of this show, and so it doesn’t bother me,
but that might not be a great thing for somebody else, depending on where you guys choose to record,
right. So before we moved to the next phase in the process, I am curious when you do these batch recordings and you do emus faras a few months in advance.
Are you ever concerned? Because I know this is something I hear pretty often about this information not being relevant anymore or about the links not even being good.
A lot of people don’t think about that. You know a program no longer being available. Does that ever occur when you’re kind of planning out this process to think about that?
Yes, 100%. And so the guests that I curate for the show. So if we backtrack a little bit,
the first thing I want to clarify is that after I’ve determined the right episodes that you guys need to solve the problems that you’re currently facing in your business or the trends within the online business space,
I then go to our guest application list, and I then look for guests that can solve those problems for you.
So that’s my process of doing it. I’m very particular about who we curate and how we bring guests to you guys to pour into you.
And if there is not a guest on my application list that I will go find one. We’ve had quite a few guests and show where I’ve hunted down and said,
Hey, listen, my people need what you have to teach and I will go after them and I will personally find them until with that being said,
when I talk about batch ing ahead of time. So with guests, I always make sure that anything they’re sharing it has to have longevity.
If they’re launching a program or something that is timely in the show has to be produced and released on a certain amount of time in order to support them.
That’s something that’s planned well in advance. So that’s something that’ll do with our affiliate partners. And we’ve done that in the past with,
like, Pete Vargas was on the show because we supported his stage to scale method. But we had those plants planned well in advance,
so I usually don’t bring guests on the show for the purpose of selling their programs. It’s usually for the purpose of pouring into our listeners to give them a skill set that they would normally pay thousands of dollars to learn.
And then I love to honor our guests, however, though, that if we can figure out how to then give our our listeners the extra bump with having an opportunity to join their program.
Then that’s planned really well in advance. And then for my own, you know, lengths and making sure everything is in a way that is always timely and always up to date for you guys.
All of our things that we deliver to you are planned out for the whole entire year and very well in advance.
And so I already know exactly what we’re delivering and when we’re delivering it and in what capacity and the links for those things.
And I actually create them at the time that we produce the show. Okay? And I do actually want to go back really quickly to the planning session.
We walked through your four step process there, but what does it look like when you actually sit down to record?
Do you scripted out? Do you have a bullet list? You just kind of let it flow. What does that process look like for you?
I love that question. Okay, so I outlined all of the business trainings, and then I research and make sure that I have all the most up to date data and then I’m delivering the best training that I can.
And so it’s. It’s a lot of old school writing at first, and after three years of podcasting,
you guys were totally gonna laugh at me. I have a five inch, three ring binder that is hand written notes for every single episode.
It is so old school. It’s being born in 1976 and it comes naturally to me. And so I have notes,
and I have pages and pages based on the training that I’m giving now 2020 I finally and Britney, I just sent this to you.
With our most recent episodes, I’m finally and transferring the whole entire outline in outlining every single episode in Dropbox paper.
So we use is for a software We use Dropbox in order to share files and produces podcast amongst our teams.
And so I am riding out in outlining episode of Dropbox Paper, which does a couple of things. First of all,
it’s not gonna go if my house ever burns down. Secondly, there’s a flight or something terrible. Secondly,
yeah, I’m hoping that really helps Britney’s team to produce our show notes, and it helps my team to create the E mails in the articles and the Social media posts to produce the show because it’s directly coming from me instead of having people have to listen to the episode,
go through the transcription and write a summary to the best they can. And so I just really started doing that.
And I’m hoping it’s gonna be able. Thio Give our listeners even more thorough content throughout the week for every single podcast we’re producing,
more in depth content, more steps and actions. So whether they’re listening to the show on audio or rather than reading the block post,
which will be coming up with the block post for every single show as well, however, they like to absorb content,
so that is my process of doing it. But it’s not just the process of recording the show. It’s for a much greater distribution process of the content to get an entire listeners hands that make sense.
Yeah, no, definitely. And I appreciate you breaking down that process because I know for me, I’ve always been curious because I listened to the raw audio.
I listen to it before, gets edited, and you were so well spoken, and if I didn’t know any better.
I would think it was scripted and that you were like the greatest actress in the world because you just run through this content and they’re I mean,
they’re almost no stumbles. Obviously, we all have our verbal ticks and things that we d’oh. But I mean,
you just breeze through this content and I am always so impressed. Well, thank you so much. Yeah,
I just I just want to talk our listeners through it. I think it’s important to talk to them just as if they were standing face to face with me in a live event I was hosting here in Boulder,
Colorado, and I was teaching them the same training. So I do outline it, but nothing scripted.
I don’t read anything. I have heard that before. I know there are some podcasters that even get like teleprompters to read through.
I am not a great reader, you guys, I’ve never been a fast reader. It’s just not who I am.
So if I Meridian something, it does not come out pretty out of my mouth, so that would not be a good option for me or somebody else.
That may be great and that might be where they’re you know, they’re strength is for me. I just need to look at the outline and then I can teach the outline cause I will.
And also, I should say this. I don’t record a podcaster. I don’t teach a podcast in an area where I am not very well qualified or an expert in right.
I’m not just kind of like Polian podcast episodes and Training’s out of thin air and hoping to give somebody results.
I really don’t teacher training and less. I have extensive experience in getting clients results in exactly what I’m teaching.
I don’t have to go back through and read a word for word because I already know it. I just really need the outline to help my mind stay on task so I don’t go on too many tangents throughout the episode,
which I still do anyway, changes their fun, though, so don’t get rid of all the tangent.
Okay, but now that we’re in the process of talking about what it’s like when you sit down and record,
why don’t you want the listener through what that is like recording your solo episodes and recording with your guests yet.
So after I’ve outlined my notes with the sole episodes, I use GarageBand, Britney has All of our sounds are music,
so she mixes it. So I just go through and I just record the hold. Everything in garage man,
there are some times we all have to stop and delete in. Usually, I stop in the lead and start again.
If I look at the timer on garage Band and I’ve been talking for eight minutes and I don’t think I made a point After eight minutes of talking,
I will even look at me like, What did you just say? If in somebody’s valuable eight minutes of their time,
it’s all totally start again. So I will say that that would be the time when I have to come back to the beginning and say,
How can you get this message across faster without his many, you know, mumbo jumbo words? And so I’ll do that’ll take me a few times in Garage Band to go through that.
But once I’m on a roll once, the show is usually with the intro. Once I’m on a roll.
Michelle was started at Flo’s really Easy and Then I export and upload that MP three file to our shared Dropbox folder.
And then I’ll shoot Britney and email and say, Okay, you know, 1 56 is in the box is really all the email says Our system is so smooth now I don’t have to send anything else to her.
And she actually even gets probably a dropbox alert that I’ve uploaded it. So technically, I probably don’t even need to send her that particular email.
And then when I’m recording with guests, I use Skype, which is super archaic. I will say that you guys,
Skype is like, who uses Skype anymore? But we d’oh! And I know there are a lot of other podcasts recording platforms,
so we get switched to. We’ve always used Skype. Our audio quality is really great on Skype, and so we continue to stay with Skye.
But that’s certainly something that, you know, we revisit every single year. Britney and I have a conversation about that and,
um, talk about if that makes sense, still to stay there and then with those files, I actually record video.
So many of you guys might follow us on our YouTube channel where I share behind the scenes video of the podcast.
Super funny. I even share like the pre recording time and all the bloopers and dogs barking and people spilling coffee and everything before we actually hit record.
So if you’re a youtuber, you should check out the YouTube channel for the podcast and you’ll see those on there.
But then we export split tracks and audio files and bring me Why is that? See, this is when we get into your area.
Talk to me about recording this separate audio files on why that’s important. Yeah, so when it comes to recording multiple people,
so even if you have a show where you don’t necessarily have a guest B of a co host. So anytime there’s more than one person and you have to use like 1/3 party recording program like Skype and the recorder that comes with it,
squad cast is another one. Any of those programs you need to have each person on their own track because if you’re both on the same track and one of you coughs,
for example, while the other one is talking, there’s nothing that can be done about that from an editing standpoint,
that cough is gonna stay in there and live in that content and annoy the listener forever. But if they’re on a separate track literally,
it’s a matter of just highlighting it. Clicking one button and that cough is gone, and no one knows that it ever happened.
And it makes it a much, much more enjoyable experience for your listener, which should be just about your main ultimate goal.
From this podcast. You want your listener to love your show. You never want them to be annoyed or think that it’s poor quality.
Yeah, 100%. Thank you for taking care of all that for us. And then we. So we export this guy files same place,
send him to drop box, and then Britney. Britney’s team produces them and and then she sends us a message back after the files have been produced and she and her team manage.
Uploading it. Thio, do you want to share where we put our files and our distribution processes for us?
The tech side to read me? Yeah. So what? This looks like in terms of what I do in this process,
April sends me the files you know, she sends the email like she just mentioned, so that I know I can go and download them from Dropbox.
I do all of my magic, the program that I used to edit. I have some other programs that are way more expensive.
But audacity, which is a free program anyone can edit with it. There’s some basics you can learn.
It’s one of the easiest programs to get started with, and that’s what I use for the actual content at its still as a professional.
I have, like a $900 editing program that holds me clean it up, but I don’t do any of my contact editing in it because audacity is still better to use for that.
So we put it all together with the music and the intros and the Outro owes. And then we have a final MP three file that we upload to April’s hosting service,
which is listen, and that is who I recommend going with. Once we have that in there and reschedule for publication,
it automatically pushes it out to every platform that April is on, which right now is every one of them.
I’m pretty sure I don’t think we’ve missed one. So So we only have to put it in one place and then lips and sends it everywhere.
So it’s not as complicated or difficult as some people think it is before they start a podcast. It’s not like you’re going and submitting this individual episode every single time toe all of these different platforms.
Yeah, and just a little plug there. You guys, we are now on Pandora. I think we’ve been on panderer for a couple of months.
So if you’re a Pandora listener and you have not searched podcasts, I know they’re really doing a big face lift to their home terrace.
Sight, Please describe to us on Pandora. We would love to have more listeners over there because it’s a whole new podcasting platform That would be super cool for us.
It is podcaster only available on Pandora’s mobile platform at the moment. Just kind of us. Enough. I gotcha.
Okay. Cool. Thank you. Yeah. All right. So and then one of the things I wanted to mention about this,
you know, this is when it comes to business delegation in the production, the podcast. There are some things as a business owner.
You should totally delegate that somebody else could do for you and that somebody else should be doing for you.
And there are some things as a business owner that make you happy. One of the things that make me happy that I could totally delegate is selecting pictures and selecting the photography for our podcast episodes.
If you’ve ever been to sweet life podcast dot com, you’ll see there’s a lot of photography on that site because I think the photography tells a story.
I personally choose every single picture for every single podcast episode. And if you’d haven’t noticed every single picture with maybe the exception of a couple and and it’s still in there somewhere,
even if you can’t see it, it has water in it. And that’s just my brand. And it’s our company,
and it’s the soul of our company is really the ocean. And so every single photograph will have some aspect of water in it someplace,
and that just brings me joy away. And so I just wanted to share that you guys don’t. If you’re thinking about launching a podcast,
you you don’t have to delegate everything and the things that make you happy? That’s an important part to mention.
It just makes me happy. And so I do it. I’ve tried to delegate it before, and it made me sad.
So I keep that in house after that. So the podcast goes to different places. What we talked about goes to Britney to produce it,
and then the other half of it, which is the last part of producing this show, is I send it to my marketing in my content quarterback team and what that means is there so much podcast?
There’s so much information. There are so many tips and there’s so many steps with an ever single one of the business training podcast that we now need to distribute it out and get in in the hands of everybody.
And so that goes in their direction. And this is also an important reason why I need to match record because it makes everybody’s life better,
makes Britney’s life better, that she has the audio files ahead of time. It also makes my marketing teams life easier because they already know that they have four weeks to create the content in the social media posts in the little video snippets and all these things that go out for every single episode well in advance.
So when I do my job and makes it easier for everybody else to do their job, I will say that it is very hard to match record sometimes when things were going on with my life and my kids and when I’m doing a lot of traveling.
So this fall I did not do a great job match recording. There were a couple times where I was getting Britney and episode look right on the deadline for her to be able to produce it.
So it’s not always perfect, and I’m not always great at this. But when I am, my stress is much less in.
Everybody’s able to do their job much better, and that brings us to that last part, which is the last part of producing the show is really the impact on you guys.
I’m always asking myself, How can I make this show more impactful, more actionable, more usable, more simple for you to implement in your business?
So how can I help you? Our listeners take the tree means and actually apply them to your business or help you to think or strategize or help you to turn your thoughts into reality based on each one of the episodes.
And so a couple ways we’ve done this in the past, and we’re honestly, we’re always revisiting this to see what you guys are actually responding.
Thio. So we’ve done live streams on Facebook. We’ve done weekly live streams on instagram. We’ve done behind the scenes videos like I mentioned in YouTube.
We have published the full audio file in a video format to our Facebook page, and I also have hosted and still do.
I host a monthly live question and answer business training session for those vests that are in our podcast insiders community.
And so we try to make sure that we’re not just giving you the information, but we’re helping you implement it,
because in the end of the day, this is for you. I heard you know all this. I’m the one teaching it.
I’m not doing this for me to sit there and share a business training. It’s making sure that you,
our listeners or getting the help in the support you need that honestly will have other business coaches charged thousands and thousands of dollars for in a way that you can actually them in your business right away.
And that’s part of being a social entrepreneur. That’s part of our mission of the sweet life podcast is to give you guys trusted,
proven business training center free and that you can take to the bank and applying your business right away. And so I Oh,
the third part of this is just really asking ourselves, How do we help you implement it more? How do we help you actually use the content in the training that we have created?
So before we wrap up, I have a couple of things that I am just curious about even myself,
as someone who has seen you grow and this podcast grow over the past three years. And I’m sure your listeners a curious about this as well,
especially if they’re considering starting their own podcast. What have been some of the biggest struggles or some of the biggest growth moments and opportunities over the past three years with this podcast,
what have you really maybe learned the hard way and and now you know, you’re gonna take those lessons and move it forward to just make this podcast even better in 2020.
Definitely scheduling and having to stay on top of my schedule in batch recording. That has been very difficult for me to d’oh.
So that struggle number one, number two in the beginning. And I’m sure this before in the beginning,
I thought that I could do everything myself, and I learned very quickly that I couldn’t produce the show without you,
I didn’t get the first episode off the ground, so I identified very well that technology and April don’t get along that well,
and I needed to get that off my plate. But then the third thing, I would say we’re just for me.
Personally, I feel like I have grown as a leader in the fact that I have to be very clear about the injuries.
Old I’m giving people from each episode. So in the beginning, and I don’t no, that I was quite is clear.
And I still think that I have a lot of work to do to grow into this, but I’m trying to always share that in the beginning of every episode,
you know, this is what you’re gonna learn This is the end result of hanging out with me for the next 25 minutes if you are in this place than you need this.
So I’m trying to do a better job, actually communicating the expectations of listening to every single show and the better it outlining the show tree means I’m also trying to be a better speaker and not go on as many tensions.
And that’s a little hard, because I I just wanna hang out with my listeners. You know, like I’m just talking just to you right now,
and we’re just talking to one other person listening. It doesn’t matter who else is listening. We’re talking to the one person that is tuned into her computer or her phone listeningto us talk right now,
and I really am striving to make sure it’s like we’re sitting across the kitchen table from each other. But she’s getting a kick ass business training for free,
so I think I need to continue to work hard at being better at that, too. So you mentioned a little bit ago about outsourcing and figuring out what isn’t exactly your strong suit.
I am curious, and I think that this is going to apply to more than just podcasting. This can work for a social media manager,
a marketer via any of these things. We have had moments in the past to be, you know,
completely real and honest, where because I think of a lack of communication, things just weren’t clicking between us,
where we’ve had some tension in some moments of confusion. So what is that like? I mean, we have been working together for technically over three years at this point,
and there have been times where you’ve had to set some boundaries. I’ve had to set some boundaries, but I love that we do it in such a respectful way.
At least I feel so that it doesn’t really impact our working relationship. And even, you know, at this point,
I consider you a friend. So what is that like? How do you navigate that world of outsourcing and working with in other people’s boundaries while also still making sure that you set your own?
Mmm, That is a very hard question. And honestly, answer it. So I am not a great delegator.
I am an entrepreneur. My who I am and my strength that completely into that entrepreneur personality and that is creating and teaching and,
you know, mental rain. When it comes to stopping to think about what I need and then creating a system for it to delegate it,
it’s something that I’m really, really bad out. And so when I bring somebody on board my team,
I have Thio have a very healthy understanding that I’m bringing like you onboard this team because you know more about this than I do.
I don’t have to know everything about everything. And so when you say this is how this has to be and as long as I understand the why behind it,
then I submit to you in that because I’ve given you that place of authority and my company and on my like extended team because,
you know, and I don’t in. So although it pisses me off that I don’t know everything, and sometimes it really hurts and ruffles my feathers when you’re like April,
you have got to get this episode in right now or whatever, you know what I mean? I need that and that’s why I hired you.
And I think that all women, as they’re growing their team. They should have a healthy level of respect for the people that they bring in their team.
You need to take the time. If you identify like me that you’re not a great delegator. Understand that you’re not a great delegator because therefore,
you need to be a better communicator because you understand that you understand that you might not be a great delegator,
and there has to be this incredible level of trust and mutual respect. The other thing that I will say is that you know,
when you’re growing your team, a lot of people start out bringing people on their team, especially women as their best friends.
And you can’t be too nice, but they’re overly nice. Let’s have coffee. Let’s take our kids to the park or whatever,
right? You’re hiring somebody to do a job. And so I think that friendship develops after the establishment,
and that’s what I’ve found. Two. Because I used to do that all the time, and it was very hard to then draw find hard lines in the boundaries between Frank,
my team. So I used to want to be in everybody’s best friend and they could come over for dinner and you know all those things in a night In the last five years,
I haven’t grown my team that way. First, I hire somebody for their area of expertise, and then we develop mutually respectful,
you know, boundaries in a relationship. And then the friendship grows like you went and saw Jacob dancing on the dance with me.
I mean, the way we do stuff together, that’s a business relationship. And I will say this,
you guys, this is why you see men do a better job growing teams and women, cause we all just want to be already is friend.
But it comes down to the bottom line of getting a job done in finding the right person that believes in your mission that believes in what you’re doing.
The resonates with the purpose behind what you’re producing, whatever that may be, and that they have the right area of expertise.
If you do all those things, the friendship’s gonna come out of that. But that’s where I believe that it starts.
Okay, so as is the case when I normally interview someone, this is going on a little bit long.
So let’s wrap this up here and I am curious. What are your three favorite episodes from the podcasts over these last three years?
Okay, I’m so glad you asked me that. So I have to say, in year one, my favorite episode that we did is still the podcast trailer.
It’s episode number 00 if you guys haven’t listened to it before, I cried in that thing like I was so moved and I was so determined to get this podcast off the ground It totally start crying in it.
And I remember reaching out to Britney and being like, I can’t do this. This can’t be the trailer.
And you’re like, No, this is the trailer were producing this and this is in the beginning, we were producing this.
This is what we’re putting out there because this is who you really are. April. It’s just like six minutes long.
It’s my lifestyle entrepreneur manifesto because all of it is still so true. And it’s just everything this partner.
So I love that one. I would say in 2018 it was pretty awesome having Amy Porter field on the show,
and I really love that one. That’s episode number 87. If you guys haven’t heard that one yet.
I love that one because I had known Amy for a few years before we recorded that episode, and I was able to get her on the show and talk not about online courses or marketing until was a really cool show for her to share some vulnerability.
That show is about being brave and bold and being authentic to communicate with your TRIBE. And I loved the opportunity also for Amy,
but then for us to see and hear her talk about things she doesn’t always talk about on her own podcast.
And so I really liked that one. And then for 2019 this shows that I’m a business modeling geek.
It’s definitely number 122. How to choose the best business model for your life because I think that’s way where it needs to start.
For all of you guys, if you don’t choose the right business model the build you’re gonna be totally miserable.
You could even make all the tea in China, and you’d still be miserable if your business model isn’t right.
So it would be episode number 122 from this year. Awesome. Well, I know that you have some incredible listeners,
and you have an audience that absolutely adores you. And I don’t know why they wouldn’t. So is there anybody that you want,
Thio particularly give a shadow too? Yes, In here something. It’s so hard just to pick a couple.
And so I’m just gonna read some reviews for those you guys that have taken a chance. I’m to leave us some reviews on iTunes,
and I would just appreciate you guys being listeners. So much. So the domestic diva said this podcast is informational,
interesting and educational. Thank you so much for posting this violet. And I really, really appreciate that.
We’re going back, like, a couple of years, too. And, uh, see, Nam Lee said this is just what everybody who needs a business who’s starting a business needs step by step all the tools at your fingertips making it clear and easy.
I absolutely love this. Jay said Creative, informative, very enlightening. You totally have to check this out.
And then Caroline Cole said April is terrific. Tune into your strategies you can use immediately to move the needle on your life in your business.
Well done, April. I do appreciate you guys so much. There are so many reviews on here.
It was really hard, really hard to pick. I will say one more from Lila Davidson. She says she loves his podcast for its practical on actionable advice,
and she finds a pro to be more personal than some personable than some other podcast does with the Miller content is probably because I tell why let all my dirty laundry behind the scenes,
I could relate to her mom, entrepreneur and sensibility and reminders on keeping things real as we work hard and build our businesses.
And so, Lila, thank you so much for taking the time to write that review and all the guys,
if you haven’t reviewed us yet on Apple, we would totally love it. And thank you so much,
Britney. We have to give, like, clap my golf club behind the scenes. You guys wouldn’t have this show without Britney.
And so for our third podcast birthday, stay tuned here after we wrap up and we we say goodbye to Britney and I’ll be giving you a bunch of information.
That, and gifts and cool things that you guys can take with you after today’s show. So thank you,
Brittany. I appreciate it. Of course. Thank you. April. Thank you so much for sticking around at the end of this episode.
I know it was longer than most far our episodes. I appreciate you so much more than me sitting here can say in this Mike.
But when I record this show, I don’t imagine myself speaking to hundreds of thousands of people that have downloaded this show.
I just imagine sitting here like me and you with a glass of wine woman to woman talking about business,
talking shop and me pouring into you every time you connect with me on instagram or you share this show with your friends.
I see that on on the other side, too. And I just fully appreciate it so much. Your support for the sweet Life entrepreneur a podcast.
I am some massively awesome episodes plan for you guys in 2020 who? Just wait where I really get your business to the next level.
I’m so excited to pour into you in 2020 and beyond. So as we talked about your birthday present,
the sweet life podcast is giving you a birthday present. I’m giving you completely free access to my ideal client Avatar Master Class.
This is an hour long training and a complete workbook to help you hone in on your ideal clients really decide on your niche and actually write the copy that could go on your website and in all of your marketing,
so that you can make a ton of money. That’s the thing. When you get your messaging right,
that’s when your business is just catapulted to the next level. And so I’m giving you completely free access to my eye.
I see a master class, and one person is also going to receive a free to our deep dive business strategy session with me,
which is $700 value. So in order to get the free master class and have an opportunity to work with me totally free in the deep of strategy session,
here’s a recap. This is the three short steps you need to do Number one share this episode and number two take a screenshot of what you’ve done sharing this episode.
Then number three email s your screen shot to podcast at sweet life co dot com. But the rule is you have to do that this week,
so this is only valid. January 13th through January 1920 20. So that’s rule. So I appreciate you guys.
Thanks for tuning in to the show. All of the show notes can be found by visiting Suite Life co dot com and again email your screen shot of your share to podcast at Sweet life co dot com.
Thanks so much.
No more resu

Episode 156: How To Create Your 2020 Strategic Plan: A Guide For Lifestyle Entrepreneurs – with April Beach

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  1. What a strategic plan is and why you need one for your business.
  2. The three steps to identifying your strategic plan.
  3. The five core areas you should focus on when creating your strategic plan.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

You’ve been dreaming big and know that the next decade will define your life, you just may not know exactly how yet.

Now is the time to claim your leadership, influence, and role in your own future – and that starts with your business.

Based on what we’ve seen the past few years and what the trends and research tells us about the next decade, there are five core areas you should be focusing on when planning for 2020 and beyond.

This podcast episode will help you lay out your strategic plan to kick start your best decade ever.

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Episode 155: Clear Space To Make Big Moves In 2020: Detox and Declutter Your Business – with April Beach

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  2. Routines that will help you get in the flow of a clean mind and business and remove distractions.
  3. Different ways this podcast and the SweetLife Entrepreneur community can help you move into 2020 in an intentional way.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

As a mom who owns two companies and has three boys, the reality is that sometimes my life gets a little messy.

Unfortunately, this carries over into my businesses and I just can’t do great work or produce very well when things are cluttered and disorganized.

I know you’re planning big things for 2020 so, if you’re anything like me, let’s help declutter your business so you can focus on the things that will bring you those big results.

Whether you’ve just gotten your first idea for a business or you’ve been in business for years, this episode is going to help you sort through the mess in your mind, clean-up your business, and start this next decade off on the right foot so it can change the course of the rest of your life.

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Episode 154: Lifestyle Entrepreneurship: How To Manage Business, Marriage, Parenting, and Self Care As An Entrepreneur Couple – with April and Aaron Beach

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  1. How entrepreneurship has affected our marriage, intimacy, and communication.
  2. How we teach our boys to brand themselves and chase their dreams.
  3. The family meeting and mastermind schedule we use to take control.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:
I often get asked how we manage such a chaotic life with business and kids. The truth is, it’s not glamorous. Aaron and I struggled a lot in the beginning.
When you’re growing multiple businesses with three boys and facing the reality of living with medical needs, marriage challenges, lifestyle changes and the desire to control your future… it’s never easy, but that’s okay because what you’re fighting for is worth it.
If you’re concerned about how entrepreneurship is affecting your kids, you feel like your marriage is struggling, or you want to hear family systems you can use in your life, this is the episode for you.
You love hard. You work hard. And you want to do great things. And you shall.
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Episode 153: 3 Simple Ways To Manage December and Prepare Your Life And Business For 2020 Success – with Joy Wilder

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Episode Highlights:
  1. How to set a vision and boundaries for the month of December.
  2. How to outsource and delegate specifically in the month of December.
  3. How to micro-plan your last two weeks of December.
Why This Episode Is Awesome:

December is a chaotic time of year for most people even if they’re not running their own business like you are. If you’re feeling especially overwhelmed you can’t miss this episode with Joy Wilder.

Joy is the founder of the Brilliant Life™ Business and Micro-Planning™ Systems where she helps women design insanely successful businesses around a life they love without sacrificing their family or themselves.

Joy’s a certified business coach and specializes in Micro-Planning™, helping others turn their passion into profit and optimizing existing businesses’ profitability. She’s the mom of four children under the age of eight, owner of three small businesses, and former Location Pastor.

She has a passion for coaching others to live their Brilliant Life™ while impacting their communities for good.

When not raising her businesses and babies, Joy loves date nights with her husband, is a spinning junkie and a Settlers groupie.

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