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    Episode 37: Building A Profitable Creative Business – With Jeff Goins

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    Jeff Goins is a husband, father of two, best-selling author of five books, including Real Artists Don’t Starve, and currently helps aspiring writers hone their craft and find their tribe.

    Not only do I love Jeff’s work but he also shares the opinion that your business should be there to support your life and not the other way around.

    Why You Should Tune In?

    Jeff started a blog, learned how to monetize it, and created online course before they became the popular thing to do.

    Because of this experience, he’s able to provide advice today that will help you finally get started with your business.

    One of my favorite gems from this episode: “Clarity comes with action. We act our way into clarity.”

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    What Can You Expect?

    In this special episode, you’re going to hear how Jeff took his creative ideas and put them out into the world, different ways he tested what his audience wanted to hear from him, what he does professionally to help other writers get started, and how he’s modeling his business around his family life.

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