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    Episode 132: Break The Fake: How To Be Authentic and Transparent On Social Media To Grow Your Business – with Brian Fanzo

    Brian Fanzo SweetLife Entrepreneur April Beach


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    Episode Highlights:
    1. Breaking the cycle of being fake on social media.
    2. Facing your fears of being transparent.
    3. How to find the balance of sharing personal things on your business accounts.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    We know fake when we see it. We’ve all come across those Instagram accounts that immediately scream, “Fake!”

    Brian Fanzo is a millennial keynote speaker and podcaster who helps global brands and events leverage emerging technology, digital marketing, and social media to connect with digital natives.

    I first approached Brian a year ago about being on the podcast because he is really powerful at inspiring others to be authentic and share what actually needs to be shared in order to grow your business and allow people to have access to your life on social media.

    If you’ve been struggling to create content and you don’t why or you’ve had difficulty connecting with your audience or if you feel the need to make things seem better than they really are, this is the episode for you.

    How to Take Action:
    1. Brainstorm how you can provide your social media followers with access to new areas of your life and business and begin to implement some of those ideas.
    2. Remove the people who aren’t a positive influence from your social media feeds.
    3. Join me in my business mentorship and mastermind, The Committed.

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