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    Episode 50: Behind the Scenes of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Family – with April & Aaron Beach

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    Want to Know the Raw Truth About Being an Entrepreneurial Family?

    In this special episode, I’m joined by the amazing Aaron Beach. Not only is Aaron a father of three and an entrepreneur, but he’s also my incredible husband.

    While I’ve pretty much always been an entrepreneur, Aaron didn’t begin his entrepreneurial journey until a little over three years ago.

    Today, we run multiple businesses, and our household, in a way that allows us to live the life we’ve always wanted.

    Why You Should Tune In?

    Being an entrepreneur is difficult. Being an entrepreneur with young kids at home is incredibly difficult.

    However, Aaron and I are proof that all that struggles and sacrifices are are worth it.

    It’s absolutely worth fighting for the life you want, even if you’re not entirely sure what that looks like yet.

    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, Aaron and I get real about the struggles we’ve both experienced during our entrepreneurial journeys, the sacrifices we’ve had to make as a family and how they’ve helped us become a closer unit, and how our kids are becoming change-makers and entrepreneurs themselves.

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