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    (Becoming Known) The Secret Framework To Build A Million Dollar Talk That Moves People To Action – with Eileen Wilder Part 2 (Episode 275)

    (Becoming Known) The Secret Framework To Build A Million Dollar Talk That Moves People To Action – with Eileen Wilder Part 2


    This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 4  of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™

    Who is this episode for:

    Established coaches and consultants who are ready to take action and step into your next level of authority and influence through speaking. 



    This episode is for established coaches and consultants who are ready to take action and step into your next level of authority and influence through speaking, and for those who’ve felt the call to speak, but you’ve dragged your feet for one reason or another. 
    Eileen Wilder aka: Million Dollar Speaker, delivers a step by step workshop style two part episode and teaches you her winning framework for not only crafting your signature story but delivering talks that move people to action and even change the world. 
    Eileen taught so much gold that we’ve broken this episode into two. In this first episode #274 you’ll work with Eileen as she guides you to build your signature talk. In episode #275, Eileen breaks down the exact details of her formula to engage your audience, and move people to action in a way that the whole room is buzzing. 


    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Have your story board planned and the scene set for your signature talk
    2. Eileen’s winning framework and be able to apply it to your talk 
    3. Know that you can simplify your talk and create even more action
    4. Have Eileens Signature Talk Framework
    5. Know the secret sauce Eileen teaches her students to move audiences and bring massive emotion and action into the room
    Part 1 of this episode:
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    Full Show Transcript:



    [00:00:44] April: All right, so you guys are back for more. I don’t blame you. This is the part two of our teaching with Eileen Wilder. On how to establish yourself as a thought leader and truly grow and scale your company by using. , and if you didn’t yet, [00:01:00] please go back and listen to episode number 274, which was the beginning of this. 

    [00:01:05] April: Our guest expert is so powerful and she has so much to teach you that we actually broke this up into two separate episodes, and I wanna make sure that you don’t miss this in addition to that. These episodes come with a ton of free bonuses and including a free copy of Eileen’s book and how to tap into her frameworks and get free trainings on the things we’re talking about in the show even more. And I don’t want you to miss that. So make sure that you are cruising over to the show notes for both of these episodes by going to 

    [00:01:40] April: Now every single thing we talk about is in here. We’re gonna give you the details and how to get all of this. And not only that, both of these shows are video recorded. If you haven’t checked out our video yet on YouTube, cruise over and follow our YouTube channel as well, because Eileen is actually whiteboarding for you guys as she’s going [00:02:00] through the framework, and I don’t want you to miss it.

    [00:02:02] April: Again, welcome back to part two of our two part little mini series. Which just so happens to be part of another miniseries that we are doing on becoming known with the one and only Eileen Wilder. So let’s go ahead and dive right back in. 

    [00:02:17] Eileen: So say, say you’ve got your signature message. Now there’s obviously, um, you know, when I, when I’m teaching my students, so the crash course, there’s gonna be an intro, then there’s gonna be your story, which comprises of the problem, the solution, and the payoff.

    [00:02:32] Eileen: And then there’s gonna be what we call your in. So without going too deep, there is like an a a way to begin and a way to end this message. But let me give you the meat of how to make the crowd super engaged. Yes. And uh, and then if I have time, I’ll do like how to start and how to end. Okay. Yes. Okay, awesome.

    [00:02:54] Eileen: So, okay, my business partner and I studied over [00:03:00] 500 hours of the best speaker. that have all exists throughout all time. Jfk, Dr. Martin Luther King. We’ve studied mega pastors who get people voluntarily showing up every week, um, and get the crowd crazy excited. Now, I will give this to you guys free, this book free.

    [00:03:18] Eileen: It goes much deeper. It’s, it’s a, um, like a, it’ll be a digital ebook, but it’ll be worth going into these principles cuz if you do them like these famous pants speakers, you’ll be invited on the biggest stages. on the internet and in the world. And I’ve had the privilege of being a part of some of them.

    [00:03:38] Eileen: And I know you will too. Mm-hmm. . So here is the framework. Huge gift. Thank you. So as we, we watched all these videos, we found that these speakers were doing a pattern. Okay. Wow. And the pattern, when we start, we were like, are they doing this? And we’re like, oh my gosh. They’re all doing the same speaking framework pattern.

    [00:03:57] Eileen: And as they do it, the [00:04:00] audience starts, Like, um, just more and more engaged. So much so that some of the audiences are like talking back to the speaker. You know, it’s, it’s getting like, kind of like excited. It’s on. If you’ve ever been to like a Tony Robinson, you see how it’s like, it’s not quiet anymore.

    [00:04:15] Eileen: It’s like, it’s like, Well, we’re like having a lot of fun, right? Um, my business partner likes to call it like, black church, white church. Like, have you’ve ever been to a white church? Like, like I have and Uhhuh , you’ve ever been to a black church, which is, I actually grew up in a black church, so it’s like so much more fun.

    [00:04:32] Eileen: It’s so much more fun. So much more fun. . So here is the framework so you can implement it inside your signature message. All right, so. So when you’re telling your story and when you’re speaking, um, in front of podcasts or big crowds, or even if you’re talking to a person, one other person, consider using some of these techniques.

    [00:04:54] Eileen: So let’s go. Okay. The framework starts first. [00:05:00] In first person, I, I was here, I was in this place and I was doing this thing. You’re in first person, okay? Very quickly. within maybe 60 seconds or less. You wanna switch in your story to you, you second person. Hmm. Let me give you an example. I was in this apartment at three small kids.

    [00:05:28] Eileen: I felt overwhelmed and like I was never going to figure out how to make money, how to ever buy a house, how to ever have my dreams. Have you ever been in a place where life was turning out differently than you thought it was gonna turn out? Have you ever experienced overwhelming disappointment? At where you are.

    [00:05:56] Eileen: Like you’re older than you thought you would be to, you thought you’d [00:06:00] achieve more dreams, more goals by now, and there’s kind of a quiet desperation, simmering inside of you that makes you feel like you barely want to get out of bed in the morning. Cuz why? Right? So, so you’re first person. and then you’re into you.

    [00:06:19] Eileen: Have you ever? I’m immediately now. Cause you’re not there for you, right? Mm-hmm. , you’re not there to tell your story. You’re there to tell their story. Have you ever felt like B B B B You can do? Sometimes they call it the rule of three in speaking. So have you ever felt like this and felt like this and felt like this?

    [00:06:36] Eileen: And the minute you do that, watch this. When you do it, you’ll see the audience leans in. 

    [00:06:44] April: I mean, like I’m sitting here, even as you’re saying it, responding to even you teaching us how to do this. And I know, and I know that what you’re doing, . Yeah. You know what I’m doing. 

    [00:06:54] Eileen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m like, yes. And, and now that you know, you’ll see what everybody else is doing too.

    [00:06:58] Eileen: When you see them speak [00:07:00] so lot like professionals, they know how to do this, so and so, you’ll actually, what you will see as well as the audience will start nodding their head, they’ll start out loud, effortlessly, they’ll start going, mm. , it’ll be a verbal. Now in contrast, speakers who don’t know how to do this, it’s quiet.

    [00:07:19] Eileen: Yeah. And people start tuning out. You know what I’m talking about? Like, have you ever seen a boring speaker, right? Yes. 

    [00:07:25] April: Yes, yes. And I fear, Lord, please help me, Nina, not be that speaker when I’m on stage. is when 

    [00:07:32] Eileen: From Gods lips to your ear. Exactly. So I to you. . Mm-hmm. , Heidi, have you ever mm-hmm. , here’s another prompt.

    [00:07:41] Eileen: You know, when you, you know, when you’re in a place and you’ve tried everything the gurus told you to do, you’ve tried this, you’ve tried that, you’ve tried, and it’s not working. So you, you have, you ever, and you know, when, you know, when you, you, you, is the unlock for the audience to go [00:08:00] into the movie. So cool.

    [00:08:03] Eileen: I, okay, so that’s, so it goes, I. to you. Mm-hmm. so important. Just do that. If you’re listening, you’ll be a better speaker. Great. Next level. IU point. IU point. Extract the lesson from the story that, that they can apply now. Doesn’t like, so. . Let me give you some examples of this. The point doesn’t need to rhyme, doesn’t need to be fancy pants.

    [00:08:35] Eileen: What it kind of, what it needs to do is to introduce almost a contrarian idea or something for them to think about. Okay. Got it. Let give you some examples. So, mm-hmm. , IU point, very speakers don’t have, like, they’re not clear in what they’re trying to say. And if you just think about your problem, okay. You could introduce a point such as, I [00:09:00] didn’t know that.

    [00:09:04] Eileen: Let me, let me, hold on. Pause. Let me go. I didn’t know that. No, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna do a different point. I didn’t know that doing everything the system would tell me to do, going to school, going to college, and getting a job, I didn’t know that that pathway wouldn’t lead to wealth. that wasn’t as good. So I, I, so I’m, I’m 

    [00:09:29] April: like a little No, that’s a great one though. No, no, no, no. Yeah. I’m sharing absolutely. Mm-hmm. , just think about 

    [00:09:35] Eileen: an idea. Mm-hmm. , think about an idea for your problem that like, you could present as like, I didn’t know that this, and so it could be a lesson that they could apply. Let’s think about another lesson perhaps that you could be having as in your problem.

    [00:09:49] Eileen: Perhaps your problem is, I didn’t know that eating keto. would cause me to hold onto weight, not to release weight. Now, I, I have [00:10:00] no, I don’t even know anything about keto. I’m just making full , like I didn’t know this and there’s a point inside the problem. Okay. I you point, it doesn’t need to be fancy. It needs to be something where the audience will go.

    [00:10:13] Eileen: Hmm. . 

    [00:10:14] April: So we want them to rethink. We want them to rethink something that they have thought is what I’m getting from what you’re saying. Yeah. We want them to rethink a problem based on the story in your journey of what’s happened. 

    [00:10:26] Eileen: Mm-hmm. . Yep. Just kind of a clear one sentence articulating perhaps a false limiting belief that you had.

    [00:10:33] Eileen: Mm-hmm. that they maybe hadn’t thought about recently. Okay. Got in another bit that I have. One of my points is, . I didn’t, I thought that working hard equaled wealth. Hmm. And I didn’t realize that it’s not about working harder, it’s about working. . Mm. And then I explain, then I go and explains. But that’s my point in that session.

    [00:10:54] Eileen: Mm-hmm. . So it’s like, I didn’t realize Clear point. Mm-hmm. , when you have a clear point inside your story, [00:11:00] the audience will most likely write it down. You’ll see them start writing it down. Now they’re in the movie, they’re like, oh my gosh, I think that Right. I believe 

    [00:11:06] April: that. Right. I have a million things flying through my head right now. Okay. Yes. This is, this is so good. So, you know, people could say, I didn’t know that. Even if after I. All the social media strategy and all of the things that it, it actually wouldn’t equal dollars in my pocket. But then I realized that doing this one thing, was what I really needed. And I think that might apply to our, a lot of our listeners or I didn’t know that if I just launched an online course like everybody else, that they, that they wouldn’t come.

    [00:11:41] April: That I, and I realized that I needed, or, you know, wanted to do this. And once I learned this, or once I did this mm-hmm. , it was the difference. Granted, I’m falling all over my words and I’m taking too many words 

    [00:11:54] Eileen: as you want. Me too. I mean, I know, I’m kind of thinking of stuff off the cuff too, but that, that’s the idea though.

    [00:11:59] Eileen: What’s a, [00:12:00] what’s like a, a clear one liner lesson from what you were experiencing Right. In this problem. Right. Because most likely they’re ha they’re thinking that same thing. Like, wait, I thought that working hard world wealth. Like, what are you saying? What? Right. So it, it creates intrigue, curiosity. In fact, the best speaker that I’ve studied in making a clear point is Joel Osteen.

    [00:12:20] Eileen: Oh 

    [00:12:21] April: yeah. Who was scared to death to speak in the beginning. 

    [00:12:24] Eileen: So he a point. So don’t everyone here don’t, don’t have to be like super fancy pants. He doesn’t need to rhyme. Just state a one-liner. That was something you were thinking and it’s clear from your, from your story. Got it. Yes. I U point now. Oh, this is my favorite part.

    [00:12:42] Eileen: I’ll go quick. IU point. You can go back into iu. Sometimes it’s little of a dance. So there I was in the apartment, da da da da. So, but, so we call that the IU dance, but if we go straight through the framework, IU point, they, they, they [00:13:00] is the, Now, let me articulate. There’s a, a quote from Winston Churchill that said, nothing unites at people more than having a common enemy.

    [00:13:09] Eileen: Yes. Okay. So here is the moment that you can get the crowd the most engaged, because if you can identify an enemy, that’s also their enemy, bring their awareness to the enemy and be like, Everything in your life that’s gone wrong has been kinda like a result of this enemy. Like this is actually who you’re actually fighting.

    [00:13:35] Eileen: You’re not fighting yourself and you’re not fighting, um, your mom and dad. You’re not fighting who like these phantom, like this is actually, uh, you who’s is an enemy set against you. Okay? And when that happens, there’s something inside of us as humans and, uh, men and women we like are we want to. . Mm-hmm.

    [00:13:57] Eileen: We wanna fight and we want, we wanna [00:14:00] win . So we do. So we’re like, um, like think about just football and sports. It’s like we we’re programmed to be like us, be them, us for them, right? So give your audience someone to fight. Wow. Now what, what two things will happen here? , high emotions, sometimes anger, which is really great.

    [00:14:20] Eileen: Like if you can get the crowd like in a good way, in a good way, I’ll show you, I’ll show you. Get the crowd angry in a good way. Now they’re united against this enemy and now the crowd is united in and amongst themselves. So now they’re like, the crowd now becomes a un unified tribe. Okay? Right? Mm-hmm. . And so it’s, it’s like this is the best part when you can do this in the audience.

    [00:14:41] Eileen: Oh, so an enemy. So it’s a they So IU point, they Mm, they, mm. So, alright. This is so fun because what you wanna be thinking here is like, who is who was, [00:15:00] or is your they. Hmm. Let me give you some examples. When I was speaking at FHL a couple years ago, I did a they, which was, uh, the enemy in your mind. Now in church they use the devil a lot.

    [00:15:20] Eileen: So I was kind of playing off this idea cause it’s an external character that I was like, some people call it the devil. Some people call it um, uh, Satan. Some people call it the adversary. I don’t care what you call it. How many of you, okay, now I’m back to you have heard a voice in your mind that pulls you.

    [00:15:37] Eileen: from what you know that you are called to create, how many of you mm-hmm. have had that? Mm-hmm. , how many of you have felt, uh, resistance to publishing what you know you’re born to publish? How many of you had that? Uh, and I’m, I’m going back to you, you hear me going back into you? Mm-hmm. . Um, and then I go, I go one more.

    [00:15:57] Eileen: So now I’m doing what’s called the rule of three. How many of [00:16:00] you have felt, uh, I don’t know what I said. Uh, like. . I don’t know, just something pulling you back from the calling that you know you are meant to step into. How many of you, how many of you ever heard a voice like this? See now I’m doing crowd.

    [00:16:14] Eileen: Now I’ll show you. Crowd engagement. And by that time, the audience, every time I’m saying that is seeing them in the movie, they’re like, I’ve had the wait. There’s an enemy. Mm-hmm. in my, in my thoughts. Okay. . Now they’re starting to get like white hot and heated and this is what I want you guys to do. I make a they.

    [00:16:34] Eileen: Another speech I did. I was like, the system told you right. , go to school. Right? Go to college, get a job, and you’ll be wealthy. Right? How many of you grew up here in that lie? Mm-hmm. . So now, now I’m, I’m, I’m, uh, putting words in the enemy’s mouth. Okay. I hope this is making sense. 

    [00:16:52] April: This makes, okay. Perfect sense.

    [00:16:54] Eileen: Okay. All right. So then the, the capital off, but the, they is my favorite part, and that’s where you, you can get [00:17:00] ’em on their feet and like, they’re just, they’re just like, what? . Okay. And so, so they’re, they’ve got this, they, and then in the middle of the, they drop a sound bite, so in the middle. So you’ve got the, they, they’re freaking out.

    [00:17:17] Eileen: They’re like, I am Wonder Woman, and I am about to take the enemy down. That’s like how your audience is feeling right there, and you’re like, take ’em. Yeah, like go like now you’re just like, they’re in their story, they’re in their movie, and they are at war with this enemy, and you’re just. . Like, like what the, the guy in the back Go, go.

    [00:17:40] Eileen: Yeah, go. Just go. So then when, so in the middle of this white, hot, emotional heat, if you drop a sound bite, which is like a point, but it rhymes. Okay. They will go 

    [00:17:53] April: crazy like 

    [00:17:55] Eileen: bananas. Like, but like running around like, like screaming, like, [00:18:00] like what? Like say that again. You know, they’re writing it down as fast as they’re tweeting it out.

    [00:18:04] Eileen: Like it’s like taking screenshots of the thing. It’s like, it’s like, it’s like this is what the pattern was. Do they, all these speakers are, they’re doing this pattern in these speeches and you’re just like, and, and I, so, okay, so this is it. So then people are like, oh my gosh, how do I make a sound bite?

    [00:18:25] Eileen: And I’m like, okay, okay, . You’re like, oh my gosh. So I have a favorite secret cool website that musicians use, and it’s called rhyme And take some of your ideas, your points, things you say, go in there. have some fun with some alliteration. Uh, I’ll give you an example of one of mine. I actually love to do this ninja thing. Now. You guys know all my secrets. 

    [00:18:53] April: All of your secrets. , you could call a sound. You’re 

    [00:18:55] Eileen: amazing stack. So a soundbite stack is like where you use a quote of a famous [00:19:00] person, another quote from a famous person, and then you drop your quote. Sound bites. 

    [00:19:06] April: Oh yeah. That’s 

    [00:19:07] Eileen: so good. So, uh, let’s see. One soundbite stack is,

    [00:19:12] Eileen: So I’ll say something about like w Clemon stone. I’m like, uh, because w clemen stone, the number one enemy of wealth. I have this whole bit. And then I say, w clemen stone understood the number one enemy of wealth isn’t mindset, it’s delay. Hmm. How many of you have been delay how You see, I’m going back into the, how many of you have been delaying some things in your life?

    [00:19:33] Eileen: Napoleon Hill says it like this, that successful people make decisions quickly. and change their mind slowly. Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their mind often and quickly. Mm-hmm. , I like to say it like this. Procrastination is the assassination of your destination. and when boom, I do that, then it’s like, yeah.

    [00:19:54] Eileen: So yeah, it’s like boom, boom, boom. And then soundbites stack. But you [00:20:00] can come up with your own soundbites. Mm-hmm. , it’s super fun. Think of yourself like a rapper or a songwriter or someone very creative and that you’ll see that the great speakers, it’s, it’s more like music. Mm-hmm. . So if you’ll do your signature story using this speaking framework, I guarantee.

    [00:20:21] Eileen: I just like, I, I could like bet money in it. People will come up to you and be like, that message changed my life. 

    [00:20:29] April: Wow. This podcast is going to change people’s lives and businesses. Wow. . So, okay, so I have questions. So first the delivering the framework and then you usually go over this, the iu them at, at the end.

    [00:20:48] April: That’s, that’s when after that, After the entire signature framework that you go through? Well, well, 

    [00:20:54] Eileen: what I’ll do is like, I’ll have people introduce the message and then while they’re telling their story, their [00:21:00] problems, which pay off, they do it in this way. Got 

    [00:21:03] April: it, 

    [00:21:03] Eileen: got it, got it. The idea, a way to always talk or a way to always, um, tell a story or a way to just communicate that’s very helpful for people, God, Eileen, because it’s clear.

    [00:21:17] Eileen: Um, You’re using a speaking tech technique called just high contrast. When you have the enemy now they’re like, they do it this way, but we do it like this. So you’re, you’re employing very helpful communication success habits when you, when you talk like this. So we’ll have them tell their story like that.

    [00:21:39] Eileen: Now we do a lot of role playing on. Give feedback cuz you know, pe you know, right? Yeah. Mm-hmm. . And 

    [00:21:45] April: it takes a, this, this whole entire process. First of all, um, thank you for taking the time to study all the people that you have done and then be so giving. In everything that you do, giving away the book for free.

    [00:21:59] April: Mm-hmm. , you [00:22:00] guys, I, I have read this is really incredible. Um, and in speaking and teaching us so freely and then obviously being here on the show, just pouring into us, we’re gonna, we’re gonna turn this into two podcast episodes, is so good. One, your ability to see these, this pattern and understand this, and then turn around and teach it, is an incredible gift.

    [00:22:20] April: Oh, thanks. So thank you for paying attention to your gift and then turning around and teaching it to. Hmm. I, I think that there are, obviously, there are so many different ways to, uh, to give a talk and give a teaching, but what you are teaching us is how to move people. Mm-hmm. . And that is, I believe, the missing component that many of our listeners have had.

    [00:22:46] April: in their becoming known strategy. Yeah. It’s, it’s, and even you guys, it doesn’t have to be a million people that you’re known with. It can be a hundred people that know you and you change, you change their lives. [00:23:00] This strategy that you talked about, this way of storytelling, Hmm. Truly moves people to action in.

    [00:23:08] April: What is so powerful about the way that you teach this and, and all of your ninja skills that you do with your clients, is that, It really does remove the speaker from being the spotlight. Yeah, and like I said in the beginning, I think there’s a lot of people that are hesitant to step into the quote unquote spotlight because they don’t wanna be in the spotlight, they want.

    [00:23:32] April: Their methodology or their change or whatever, whatever transformation they deliver to be the highlight. They don’t want to be that front person, but they do want to create change. And so there’s been some hesitation. I know, and I’ve talked to a lot of clients where there has been a significant level of hesitation because they wanna figure out another way to do it without having it for them to be the one standing up there.

    [00:23:54] April: What would you say to those people who. Are what they know. [00:24:00] They feel that pole. We talked about it. Mm-hmm. , you teach on it. You speak on it, that know that they are supposed to do this and their feet are stuck in cement. What, what would you say to that person who’s listening? 

    [00:24:14] Eileen: Yeah, I love that. Um, well, I think one thought that can be incredibly motivating and incredibly.

    [00:24:23] Eileen: um, energizing, making you want to do this more or, you know, speak on stages and podcasts and do all this stuff, is thinking about all of the people that don’t know what you know, right? They don’t know this tips, like they don’t have the steps, they don’t know the information and because they don’t have that information, to some degree.

    [00:24:48] Eileen: You’re experiencing what the Bible talks about, like, which is like people perish for their lack of knowledge. Mm-hmm. . So it’s, it means like there’s some part of their life that isn’t in fullness, isn’t in abundance, [00:25:00] isn’t in the kind of increase that they could be experiencing if they just knew like one or two things that, you know, and we discount and discredit our personal story because it’s so per, so unique to us.

    [00:25:16] Eileen: right? Yeah. Like this is my thing. I don’t even know if this would like even really help anybody, but when you start opening your mouth and taking, being vulnerable and taking that courageous step forward, and you start seeing that your story is the linchpin for thousands, maybe if not millions of people to experience greatness, which is kind of crazy.

    [00:25:42] Eileen: I mean, it’s not like, not to be like heaviness or. . There’s a heaviness to that, but it’s like an excitement. One person said it to me like this, and I’ll toss it back to you, April. They said, stop focusing on you. And what, you [00:26:00] know, what you, you keeping your story quiet? They said, start focusing on the prison that everyone else is in tormented because they haven’t heard what you.

    [00:26:12] Eileen: right? So it’s that calling toward contribution that I feel can unlock for people. Like just, uh, people need. People need, they need what you have. They need your story. And that’s, uh, it can be just like a never ending amazing addiction is just people coming up to you being like, thank you for ch thank you for that message.

    [00:26:35] Eileen: Thank you for changing my life. That’s what happens. right when you decided to speaker. Wow. Wow, 

    [00:26:41] April: wow. Um. , there’s so many responses I wanna say right now. Uh, I think that it’s important for our listeners, again, because I unpack everything. This show is not about me at all. Um, but I want to share with you guys something that happened to me in [00:27:00] this case.

    [00:27:01] April: and actually it was at a funnel hacking live. And I mean, all transparently. I don’t use ClickFunnel. Sorry, Russell. I mean, I just don’t, I just go and my friends are there. You’re there. You know, it’s, it’s great leadership. I love learning there. It’s just an amazing place to be. Anyways, my first year, there was only a couple years ago, two years ago, I think it was, you were speaking and I remember being there in the a.

    [00:27:25] April: I was actually standing behind you, I think, and Garrett White was speaking. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like going to church in there. Yeah. Um, but anyway, and I remember in that moment, hearing that you have to stop keeping it to yourself. And it was such a, it was such a moving event. I was actually bawling crying you guys in this conference around people I didn’t even really know.

    [00:27:51] April: Yeah. Um, actually I hardly knew any of ’em. Mm-hmm. and uh, and I was just this bawling, crying hot mess because I learned in that [00:28:00] moment that I could no longer sit on what I. Wow. And granted, I’ve had this podcast for five years, six years there. There’s a different level that I have been supposed to walk into, and so I remember that moment, right?

    [00:28:13] April: And I share that with you guys. I ended up sending out to my whole email list about how I ugly cried and Funnel Hagging live, and this is what I learned. I actually got more responses to that email than any other email I’ve ever sent out. But the, the message was that if once you feel that. You guys can’t go back.

    [00:28:34] April: I haven’t able to go back since once I knew and I heard that. I mean, to me it came from God, but whatever you guys believe, and we have listeners of all faith in here and you know, whatever that is, whatever that intuition is inside of you that says that, like Eileen saying, if you guys have heard this, th that is why I binge everything that Eileen puts out.

    [00:28:57] April: Because I know she’s feeding me [00:29:00] to the next level that I’m supposed to be at. That’s why I’m so excited about her being here on this show, because I can personally attest to what I learned, and I’m not even in Eileen’s paid programs yet. I mean, just the amount of information that I learn. So I, I share that story with you guys.

    [00:29:18] April: Because I want you guys to take a moment and tap into when that was for you. You’re sitting here listening to this episode. You already know that you’re supposed to be speaking and otherwise you wouldn’t have made it to the end of this episode. This wasn’t, this wouldn’t be a valuable use of your time.

    [00:29:36] April: Oh, and, and really hear what Eileen is saying and utilize this framework that you’ve learned here on this show to move forward and start taking action. And if you’re listening and you haven’t heard that yet, then maybe it’s time to press in. Whatever that looks like for you, and get really clear on whether or not this is an action you should take.

    [00:29:58] April: This isn’t for [00:30:00] everybody. We we’re, we’re not sitting here saying that everybody needs to be, you know, this amazing world game changing speaker, but we are saying for those of you who haven’t experienced it yet or aren’t sure, or you just feel stuck, you can’t move into that place where you know that you should be creating change based on the business that you have.

    [00:30:22] April: Then consider what Eileen is saying to you here. Tap into her ecosystem as we have. Wow. And, and learn from this wisdom. Hmm. Yeah. Because it will serve you 

    [00:30:37] Eileen: well. Yeah. Speaking is just the best feeling in the world, and also will help you give and contribute like you never have. and then you’ll also be crazy pants shocked at how much business you’ll start doing when you decide to take that step forward.

    [00:30:57] Eileen: That’s so good. April. 

    [00:30:58] April: Wow. [00:31:00] Super. Oops. It’s super good everything you’re saying. I was so excited about this episode. Yeah. Uh, these two episodes now, we’re gonna break ’em up for you guys. Okay. In summary, we have talked about the importance of using your voice to create change and to become known. We’ve talked about how to tap in and Eileen has given you the framework to craft your signature story.

    [00:31:25] April: Uh, holy moly. I mean, this is just amazing that what you guys have received here, and you should see my notes. I actually have front and back pages of notes, uh, and I can’t wait to, to get this out and transcribe this whole. You have that storytelling framework, and then on top of that you have the, the secret sauce that Eileen teaches to her exclusive clients on the iu, them punchline, and the three parts that she dropped for you on how to use [00:32:00] quotes from leaders.

    [00:32:01] April: Very, very sneakily in a perfect way. Put your little rhyming quote in there. If you’re like me, I have three teenage boys. I’m gonna give this to them to figure, to figure out my, my, my, my rhyme rap for whatever that’s gonna be. Um, or you can go to the web website that Eileen mentioned here. Um, I, I really can’t, words don’t even cover my gratitude for you being here on the show and sharing all of this wisdom.

    [00:32:26] April: Mm-hmm. with, with our listeners. Thank. so much. Oh, so fun. How can people connect with you and be part of your ecosystem? Like we. 

    [00:32:36] Eileen: Yes, I would love to stay in touch with all of you listening because I love April and I love like her people. I know, I’m sure you are amazing listening to this. So you can go to become a paid, you can access a training that I have.

    [00:32:50] Eileen: I go a little bit deeper in how to, I know, make the relationships to get on stages and connect with people who will invite you to even bigger stages. And that training is [00:33:00] super, uh, high value. And I also, if you want our. I’ll give you our free Yes. You want her book ? Um, find me on Instagram and message. My assistant will deliver it to you.

    [00:33:11] Eileen: Just pick, maybe just be like, April Beach, you’ll just message me. April Beach I’ll know. And then my assistant will send you. The book will be so helpful in helping you think through iu. They IU point a sound bite and then. Keep, keep me in touch. Let me know how you crush it 

    [00:33:29] April: up there. Mm. You can find her at Eileen Wilder on Instagram, guys.

    [00:33:33] April: Oh 

    [00:33:33] Eileen: yes. Sorry, Eileen Wild, my bad. Eagle. Eileen. 

    [00:33:36] April: Eileen Wild on Instagram at Eileen Wild. Yes. Perfect. Okay, and we’ll make sure all those links for you guys are in the show notes. Thank you so much again. Yes. I appreciate all of your time. I adore you. And just keep, keep letting them up. That’s great. Thank you.

    [00:33:51] April: Thank. Hey friends. All right. We are wrapping up. This is episode number 275 in both episode 2 74, and this [00:34:00] episode are with the One and only Eileen Wilder. This is part of a series that we’ve been delivering to you here on the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast called Becoming Known. And in these two episodes, Eileen unpacked these secrets that are proven ways where she and her students and the speakers she’s studied move audiences to take action.

    [00:34:23] April: And so if you are in that place, and I shared a little bit of my story of being moved to action and when I knew and I felt that calling, if you are in that place where you know you need to step out and speak for whatever reason that your feet. Felt like they were in quicksand for a while. Now maybe is the time to take that action as we are here.

    [00:34:44] April: You’re listening to this episode and it’s not by accident, and I want you to take action in implementing. So we did talk about a lot of things at the end of shows where we have guests, I love to work with you and help. Pinpoint, what is that one action step from [00:35:00] all the things that Eileen talked about that is going to help you move forward in this direction?

    [00:35:05] April: Many people don’t take action and inaction causes a failure before they’ve even tried. And I don’t want that to be you guys. I don’t want that to be our listeners. Okay, so step number one, obviously the super easy action you can take is to go to become a paid and connect with Eileen and download all the resources she has there.

    [00:35:25] April: If that’s the only thing you do, start there. Alright. Become a paid Go connect with Eileen and her team and just be part of their family and their ecosystem, and it’s just an amazing business community over there. Number two. Eileen was really generous in giving you guys a free copy of her book, million Dollar Speaker.

    [00:35:44] April: I have this book. I’m reading this book. I’ve binged this book. I have notes all over this book. I want you to have this book too. She was generous enough to give you guys a free copy. But I want you to grab it in a timely manner. So connect with Eileen on Instagram to get a free copy of her book. [00:36:00] You can follow her at Eileen Wild and all you have to do is DM her my name and then her assistant will know what that is and send out a free copy of the book.

    [00:36:08] April: So just DM her April Beach and they will n and then her team will send you, um, how to get a free copy of that. Okay. Those are two easy action steps. Now let’s get into, um, more of the thought process where a lot of people get stuck in their brain, uh, because we can’t decide on, on what we should do first.

    [00:36:28] April: The first thing that I recommend you do is think about that story like Eileen taught, like unpacking the Pixar methodology of storytelling picture. You see yourself even. It like a third person aerial view like you’re an angel flying over the situation, and there you are. Go back to the beginning of the story that you want to tell.

    [00:36:51] April: And of course I want that story to relate to the offer that you are engineering, the product that we’re selling. So [00:37:00] please make sure that you are very clear on the product that you were selling at the end of your campaign of becoming known through speaking. We need to make sure we have that engineered first, so, Think and make sure that you’re very clear on what you wanna become known for through your speaking.

    [00:37:18] April: What product or program that you have engineered or you’re in the process of engineering to, to drive people to take action about. And then picture that story in your mind of when that story began to unfold in how you came to the solution of creating that product or program or solution that you. So those are three action steps.

    [00:37:41] April: Number one, go to become a paid to dm. I lean steam and get a free copy of the book. And then the third thing is to be very clear about what you’re selling if you aren’t clear about your offer. That is what we do here at the Sweet Life Company. We help you engineer transformational offers and programs, courses, masterminds, [00:38:00] licensed programs.

    [00:38:00] April: We help. Build your certification programs. We help you build your genius product and your intellectual property to scale your business exponentially if you’re stuck there. Of course, cruise over to sweet life and that’s what we will help you with. But this show is all about your next step actions that you do after that in making sure that we’re very clear on what you wanna become known for.

    [00:38:24] April: And, and I’m just so grateful to Eileen in all the time that she spent with all of us here. Um, she is truly one of the greats and, um, I’m very, very, very happy that you are here at the end of this show. And, It is not, as I said by accident that you are. So this is episode number 275 here at the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast.

    [00:38:47] April: We have kicked off the next gen of the podcast. This is year six, and we are so grateful that you are here. Please take a moment to share this show. We do not have our advertising on this show intentionally because that would drive me crazy as a [00:39:00] listener, so we don’t advertise. We really rely on you guys to share these episodes and I appreciate you doing so and all of the show.

    [00:39:06] April: All of the resources, all of the links, all the instructions on how to get the free book and details about what Eileen talked about can be found by vi, by visiting suite life 2 75. Again, suite life 2 75. And if you forget everything else, you can just go there and we’ll make it easier for you and you can click on the links to connect with Eileen further.

    [00:39:31] April: All right, have an awesome day. I’m so glad that you guys are here. Thanks for listening.