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    (Becoming Known) The Secret Framework To Build A Million Dollar Talk That Moves People To Action – with Eileen Wilder Part 1 (Episode 274)

    (Becoming Known) The Secret Framework To Build A Million Dollar Talk That Moves People To Action - with Eileen Wilder Part 1


    This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 4  of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™

    Who is this episode for:

    Established coaches and consultants who are ready to take action and step into your next level of authority and influence through speaking. 



    This episode is for established coaches and consultants who are ready to take action and step into your next level of authority and influence through speaking, and for those who’ve felt the call to speak, but you’ve dragged your feet for one reason or another. 
    Eileen Wilder aka: Million Dollar Speaker, delivers a step by step workshop style two part episode and teaches you her winning framework for not only crafting your signature story but delivering talks that move people to action and even change the world. 
    Eileen taught so much gold that we’ve broken this episode into two. In this first episode #274 you’ll work with Eileen as she guides you to build your signature talk. In episode #275, Eileen breaks down the exact details of her formula to engage your audience, and move people to action in a way that the whole room is buzzing. 


    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Have your story board planned and the scene set for your signature talk
    2. Eileen’s winning framework and be able to apply it to your talk 
    3. Know that you can simplify your talk and create even more action
    4. Have Eileens Signature Talk Framework
    5. Know the secret sauce Eileen teaches her students to move audiences and bring massive emotion and action into the room
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:45] April: Hi guys. Welcome back to another episode here at the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. I am so glad you’re here. You are definitely not here by accident. This show and the one after it, it, it is one of these divine moments where you may be moved to action that could change your [00:01:00] business forever and in six years. I’ve never actually told you that before, any episode. So listen up. Here’s what you can expect.

    [00:01:07] April: First of all, it was so good. That our guest expert poured so much into us. In this show, we actually broke it up into two episodes, so this is part one of part two. But all of these episodes happening right now. We now have a collection of six episodes are all part of our becoming known series. So the series of episodes running from 2 71 all the way up through these episodes.

    [00:01:29] April: And beyond are all about helping you establish your strategy to become known. And today’s expert is a one and only Eileen Wilder. If you don’t know her, she’s gonna share her story with you on this show. So I’m not gonna do that right now, but I want you to know that you’re in the presence truly of one of the greats.

    [00:01:44] April: She is known as the Queen of Stages. She is spoken with Tony Robinson, Russell Branson, Kevin Harrington, Dan Kennedy, and. As you hear her teach and the way she is going to take you through what is a true workshop here setting on this show, you’re gonna [00:02:00] understand that she is unlike any other, and I’m so glad you’re here, and I know she is so incredibly glad that you’re here as well.

    [00:02:08] April: So this is who this show is for, and this is how to prepare. This is for those of you who are established coaches, consultants, and experts, and you’re ready to scale your business up. You’re ready to step into thought leadership. You have a proven offer, methodology, framework, and strategy that we already know we have in place that we wanna sell on the backside of speaking.

    [00:02:28] April: If you don’t have that, Still listen to this show, but cruise over to sweet life and we will help you engineer your industry leading transformational programs and offers, license programs or certification programs. That’s what we do here. As many of you know, I just wanna make sure that you have that in place.

    [00:02:44] April: So as we’re diving into what we’re implementing here on the show, We know what you’re speaking towards and about. You have to have your offer. We need to know what you’re selling right in, in order to best utilize and implement what Eileen is teaching us here. [00:03:00] So again, this is for those of you guys who are established, and Eileen is gonna deliver a step-by-step workshop style that we’ve broken up into two episodes where she is gonna deliver you her winning frameworks for not only crafting your signature.

    [00:03:13] April: But how to deliver it, which is the goal. Like that’s where I feel like I get stuck. Like I can, you know, I’m up there and I speak and I talk, but I don’t know about you. My greatest fear is having people leave unchanged. So whatever that is for you, whatever cement you’ve been carrying in your feet, uh, regarding speaking on, on big stages and changing lives, you are in the right place.

    [00:03:38] April: All of the show notes for this show can be found by visiting suite life 2 74. And this is what you can expect at the end of these two shows, you’re gonna have your storyboard and you’re gonna understand how to set the scene for your signature talk, you are gonna know and have full awareness of Eileen’s super powerful signature [00:04:00] talk framework, as well as her secret framework of how to deliver your signature talk to move audiences.

    [00:04:06] April: A k a move mountain. So if that is what you were looking for, you were truly in the right place. If you’re new to the Sweet Life Podcast, welcome to our listener family. I’m so glad you’re here. We don’t have advertising on this show. We never have. We want you to be able to dive into these business trainings that you would pay thousands of dollars elsewhere for. So please, we ask that you do share this and Eileen has led with incredible giving. And I would want, I would love to have you help us get this episode into more and more people’s hands and spread her work that she’s continuing to do in helping all of us be able to spread our work that we do. What an amazing, give, give ecosystem here. And I am very, very glad that you’re here. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive into this show. 

    [00:04:52] April: All right, you guys. I am very excited to be joined by my friend Eileen, and I’ve been wanting to bring [00:05:00] Eileen before you here on this show for a long time because what she speaks about is something that I’m personally working on and looking to achieve.

    [00:05:09] April: And all you guys know, I share all the behind the scenes of the things I’m trying to do. But it’s very, very important for all of us, and that is using our voice in speaking to create change for other people. To serve other people, to help other people. And the approach that Eileen uses as she does this is so genuine.

    [00:05:32] April: It’s so, um, uh, absorbable. , it’s so when you’re sitting in the audience and Eileen speaking, she moves you, you know, uh, to action and levels up your IQ and, and helps you move in a way that maybe you didn’t necessarily have what it took to move before then. And so that’s why I’m really excited to have her on the podcast. So welcome to the Sweet Life Podcast, Eileen. I’m so glad that you’re [00:06:00] here. 

    [00:06:00] Eileen: Hi April. So pumped to be here. Yeah, I 

    [00:06:02] April: know. Really, really exciting. So today we’re talking about how to use your voice to become known, to establish thought leadership and how to do that through speaking, how to expand your work through speaking.

    [00:06:17] April: Can you give a little bit of a background story about how you got here, why you are the bees knee of teaching people how to do this now? , um, I, I hold up your. We’ll put it back in the, yeah. Hold up. Eileen’s book. I have a copy too sitting here, but there you go. How to become a million dollar speaker. There you go.

    [00:06:35] April: It’s awesome. All right, so share, share with our listeners. Mm-hmm. , how you got here and why. This is so important, uh, in, in your business and how you help others. 

    [00:06:48] Eileen: Oh my gosh, yes. Absolutely. Well, thanks again April. This is so cool getting to hang. So I got into, um, helping people become million dollar speakers just like two and a half years ago.

    [00:06:58] Eileen: So I actually was a [00:07:00] ministry for 18 years. I was a pastor, so I was a speaker. Uh, but I didn’t really iden, I identified more of a pa being a pastor and, and making no money. Particularly I was in nonprofit ministry. My husband was actually an Uber driver to support us in our nonprofit salary, which is literally nonprofit.

    [00:07:18] Eileen: But it was great because we, uh, we loved serving people. So many of our friends that, um, we’ve gotten to meet over the years are people that. Really want, they really want to make an impact, like a legitimate, I really want to leave this planet changing as many lives as possible. And that’s where I was. I was like, I mean, but then I found out through coming to a conference called Funnel Hacking Live, that I could, I could not only have a huge impact, but I could also make money as a speaker.

    [00:07:53] Eileen: So at that conference is where I got the strategy for how to do that. And in kind of less than a couple [00:08:00] years, we started doing multiple millions of dollars and now our clients do multiple millions of dollars using speaking as the primary way to get their voice and their message out to as literally as many people as possible.

    [00:08:13] Eileen: But at the same time, massive profit. So that’s what my passion is now, is releasing people into their calling. So if you’re listening, if you’ve like felt that thing, you know, you feel it. It’s almost an uncomfortability inside where you can’t, almost like you’re like, I have to get this out. , I have to get this message out.

    [00:08:32] Eileen: I have to get this book out. I have to get this story out. Um, so there’s a, we love to help people craft their signature message, which is what I’d love to do with you in the next couple minutes. I would love that by crafting their signature message and their signature story, it can transform the audience while you give it.

    [00:08:50] Eileen: So it’s, it’s just incredibly fulfilling work. Not scary at all, but it, and then to see. , we, we love to see table rushes at the end of our [00:09:00] signature message. We can cause a table rush to happen. Where people now they’re taking that next step with you and in your business and it’s just kind of like, I laid down last night and I was like, I like can’t believe this is my life now.

    [00:09:11] Eileen: Mm-hmm. like, it really wasn’t that long. Sometimes I tell, I tell my friend Russell, I was like, how was Uber driving? Like, Like, my husband was Uber driving. It was like two and a half years ago, right? Like that was like not that. Now we’re in this like, huge expansion. It’s like, I don’t know, 1.5 million. I never thought I could do something like that.

    [00:09:28] Eileen: So it’s just kind of crazy town. April, the opportunity that, uh, is there for somebody who wants to step forward and use their voice. Mm-hmm. 

    [00:09:38] April: told you guys, I’m sure many of you already know Eileen. Uh, if you don. . Well, now you’ve met and now you know why I love her. So, uh, for those of you who are listening, and you have been in the online coaching and consulting space and you’ve been doing the rat race and you’ve been chasing the things, and you’ve been trying to do all the things to get your work [00:10:00] to the surface, to get the, the transformation that you deliver to your clients, to the surface, And you have not really been able to do it.

    [00:10:09] April: You may be getting tired. Most of our listeners have been in business for a really long time and you guys are like the best kept secret and you may be getting tired. Look at what Eileen just said to you. Look at this case study. It’s been two years, two years ago. The rest of us in this space, we’re still using these old tactics and here comes Eileen, this fresh eyes, and she just goes for it cuz she sees this pathway that’s laid out before her.

    [00:10:31] April: So it’s really important that I really want. Like I am here taking notes, you guys. I have all my notes here as you know. I do, and we have guests on this show that to, to stop for a second wherever you are, or positive episode, or make sure you come back and listen to it because the steps we’re gonna talk about here are really, really powerful and these are proven.

    [00:10:50] April: So let’s go ahead and dive into that. Yeah. Thank you so much. I’m very excited about this. as people are considering, what the heck am I gonna say? Like, I [00:11:00] think I know what I’m gonna do. Or why does anybody care what I have to say? I just want them to buy my program or buy my product or whatever. You know what I mean?

    [00:11:08] April: Why do they need to know me? How do I present myself in a way that I’m relatable? Um, help our listeners go through that process of crafting that communication strategy. Yeah. 

    [00:11:19] Eileen: So good. A hundred percent. So, so the big thing is kind of recognizing. Like, your story is so powerful. Like if you’re listening to this, like the story of how you like, um, birthed the company that you have or created the product or the certification or the coaching program, like the story surrounding the origin story is like, Uh, is very, very important.

    [00:11:41] Eileen: And many people, just after hearing that story, uh, could they, they normally, they’re just like, oh my gosh, I want that . I want that . That’s like how it was when I first met April. I was like, I wanna know all the things that April knows and I want to buy all the things that [00:12:00] April has. Like, you know what I’m saying?

    [00:12:02] Eileen: So every one of you. So it’s kind of recognizing how do I, how do I articulate and unpack that story? So my favorite. , um, organization to study this for is actually Pixar because Pixar, every Pixar movie I have little kids, but they, every movie they release is like a blockbuster. and they’ve just crushed this formula for a story.

    [00:12:22] Eileen: So as you’re, as I go through this formula, think about your story because this is the nucleus of your signature message, is what I’m about to show you right now. The nucleus is pen your story. Okay? And what’s cool about the way I’m gonna teach it is what you’re gonna do as you tell your story is as you tell your story, the audience is gonna see the.

    [00:12:43] Eileen: Inside your story because the purpose of when you’re speaking to an audience is not to share, just not to talk about yourself, right? It’s to talk about their story. So you know that feeling when you’re in a movie, a really good one, and you’re just lost, like, [00:13:00] and you, you forget that you’re in this like dark room with other people, or you’re just literally captivated the entire time.

    [00:13:08] Eileen: If you do this, like, I’ll show you here. This is where the audience will get like swept up into hu as you’re sharing your story. They’re gonna be like having their own internal movie and epiphany happening, which is what causes such an emotional swell, which I’ll teach you in this training too. It causes such a, uh, Almost the audience starts in, in, when I’m speaking, they start erupting emotionally.

    [00:13:34] Eileen: Like the other day, April, I was at the biggest conference and um, and in eight minutes I short, I stared, I shared a short story. The audience jumped up, started jumping up on their feet. First it was a couple trickle, and then there was a couple little pocket, and then everyone, like it actually got, I’ve, I got outta control, like actually, so the audience starts shouting back at me like, Like, like a [00:14:00] really cool church service.

    [00:14:01] Eileen: And I was like, I actually was like, I had a moment before I was like, I literally don’t know what to do right now. 

    [00:14:07] April: Like, you’re turning around. Goodness, there’s something behind me that I don’t, 

    [00:14:11] Eileen: so, so it was so, but like the, if you can, you know’s the power of a story, the power of your story, it, your story has all the ingredient. to impact people in a sniper way. So let’s dive in. Okay. Let’s, yeah. 

    [00:14:26] April: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, and yes, you’re right. I Pi Pixar method. Yeah. 

    [00:14:30] Eileen: Yeah. Okay, so I have this awesome glare, so I’m, so I’m gonna say it out loud. So the Pixar method is, what was the problem that you had? Like what was the problem? The drama.

    [00:14:46] Eileen: what was the challenge you were facing? Uh, so as an example, my challenge was I was in a small two bedroom apartment with three kids and my husband’s Uber driving to support us. [00:15:00] Okay. So what was the problem? That was my problem. And how did it make you feel? Hmm. . Hmm. So as an example, so if you’re, I kind of use these as like prompts.

    [00:15:10] Eileen: So some people like, pause me and like, so what was the problem? What did it, when you’re describing the problem, you wanna make it like a scene, like, I was here in this place doing this thing and I felt like, I felt like I was a total failure and I was never gonna figure this out. And I, I felt terrified.

    [00:15:33] Eileen: Here’s another, so you wanna use emotional? I felt terrified that my three kids would grow up in an apartment without a home and without grass. Like, I can still think about how, yeah. Frightening that was for me. April, like, I was like, oh my gosh, they’re never gonna be like able to play lacrosse out front or like, like, like they’re gonna grow up in this tiny apartment.

    [00:15:54] Eileen: uh, and I will also go insane because they’re so loud and like, it’s like [00:16:00] there’s, anyway, so the scene, what was the problem? What was the scene? How did you feel? 

    [00:16:06] April: All right. So you guys yeah. Be thinking about as Eileen’s guiding us through this. We’re using this as a workshop like we do here on this. . And so really be th saying it out loud, if you’re on the subway or you’re driving your car, you’re in the carpool lane.

    [00:16:20] April: Wherever you are, you’re listening to this. If you’re at the gym, picture this. Take a moment and yeah. So we can actually do this work together here on this show as Eileen’s guiding us. 

    [00:16:30] Eileen: Yeah. Yeah. So fun. So fun to think about, like what was, what was the problem? Like what was the scene and then how’d you feel?

    [00:16:37] Eileen: And then what is the story of the. , so there’s a solution that you found and describe what that looked like. Many times people have sometimes an aha moment when they’re reading something, or sometimes it’s perhaps something a mentor said, [00:17:00] or maybe you figured out like a system and you were like, oh my gosh, like if I just did this and this and this.

    [00:17:10] Eileen: So some, maybe sometimes it’s like a guide or a mentor showed you, but maybe you just like figured, stumbled across something happened. So you wanna think back like what happened? Like I walked into Funnel Hacky Live and I heard Russell talk about how I could impact the world and make money. And he taught me at the event how to make an offer, how to have like a.

    [00:17:29] Eileen: Something I could sell. And I was like, what? In the, what? I was like, I never thought, I dunno, I dunno why that had never crossed my mind, but it had, so I walked out and I was like, oh my gosh. Like I can make money, um, as like a coach. Like I ne that. So what happened for you though? That was like the pivotal moment.

    [00:17:50] Eileen: Okay. So there’s a solution that you found. So the problem, so. , and then you kind of wanna talk about it as like, almost like [00:18:00] this, like, and then one day or like suddenly or, but then I found a coach or a mentor and he said, so you wanna describe it almost similarly like a scene because people think in pictures, right?

    [00:18:14] Eileen: So they’re thinking, okay, so their solution now, oh, I, okay, I have, so, I’m so excited. I have so much. Okay, so now after, after the. , then you’re gonna, then you’re gonna do the payoff. Okay? Now the payoff is what showed up for you after you implemented the solution. It’s like, uh, and then I did this, and then, and you wanna describe it like first outwardly outward payoff, so it could look like, and then, , I set up the system like April, talk April.

    [00:18:51] Eileen: So April told me this and I set up the system and suddenly I’m working half as much, making three times as more. [00:19:00] 

    [00:19:00] April: So you wanna focus on the deliverables, like the tangible deliverables of that solution. I, I have my, my muted while you’re talking because my dog, my dogs are so excited about this. They’re, they’re barking.

    [00:19:12] April: So hearing Eileen talk, um, , uh, the tangible solutions is Nick. So that payoff first you’re saying we talk about those tangible solutions or that people can, people can measure and they can be like, oh my gosh, I only did this, or whatever. Yeah, yeah. Okay. 

    [00:19:28] Eileen: So, good. And then, um, and so kinda like, so what I like to say is like, what showed up for you in your outward, outward world?

    [00:19:37] Eileen: Like, did your business start experiencing some, some, some breakthroughs maybe. You know, some people I work with have a relationship offer and they like found the love of their life or you know, maybe their harmony in their home. You know, it could look like their blood pressure, whatever the results look like.

    [00:19:54] Eileen: Right? Right. And then people, so immediately right there, the audience is like, whoa. . I [00:20:00] want that. Now. They’re very, now that you’ve actually created desire for the solution, inadvertently, but then talk about the payoff that shows up internally. So this would be like, uh, the hero’s journey. Mm-hmm. in a, this is like for real people, hero’s journey for like real people payoff.

    [00:20:16] Eileen: Like, so did you have more peace? I re um, I remember April the day that somebody bought my first coaching program. , I think I sold it for like $297 , and I almost fell off my chair. I’m not kidding. I can still remember it. I was like, she was like, yeah, I, I’m in, I’m like, wait, 

    [00:20:38] April: what? What? What did you just say?

    [00:20:39] April: You are, are you sure? I was like, and it was 

    [00:20:41] Eileen: like the, the, like the, the, I don’t know, just the mind shift that somebody was gonna pay me money for the knowledge that was in my head. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . And when that happened, so now it’s outward payoff. This incredible sense of peace [00:21:00] came over me because now I felt like I had found a system.

    [00:21:06] Eileen: Hmm. Like a thing that I could rely on. I could do it again, right? And bring income in for my family. So this incredible piece, so this internal pay. Could free, could be incredible confidence, incredible sense of command, authority. It could be a number of emotional, like the internal result that you started experiencing, and that actually is what the audience wants more than the external payoff, right?

    [00:21:39] Eileen: Right. We actually want that more, right? So when you start talking about that, you’re increasing the tempera. Of desire. Let me bounce that back to you April and then I’ll talk about how to get the crowd prompt. 

    [00:21:48] April: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is, this is so good. What The first thing I was actually thinking about as you were saying it, cuz this is something as you know I’ve been working on for a long time, is that,

    [00:21:58] April: When [00:22:00] people hear signature talk, signature story, sometimes they think that that has to cover a, a longer period of time. But as you were going through this framework here, which is genius is amazing. You’re genius as you know, I love you so much. Mm-hmm. , I’m going through and saying, wow, you know, I could craft this whole entire story for just one solution.

    [00:22:21] April: That’s a really powerful solution, and. , super honest, where I feel like one of the areas that I, and I have my signature talks and I, I speak, but. When we’re talking about really creating change through a powerful signature talk that you can become known for. Yeah. Like the series of podcast episodes we’re doing here right now, I’m realizing for myself, and hopefully you guys who are listening can take this from me, that it doesn’t have to be my story.

    [00:22:48] April: Since I was 13. We can talk about what just happened in a moment like Eileen shared, of where she was before this event, this hap that happened in where she is now. And [00:23:00] I think personally for me, I’ve been trying to fit too darn much in it. And as you’re saying this, it would be like Pixar covering all of the stories of all of the characters, of all of their journeys, rather.

    [00:23:12] April: One little dude who had a problem and he created this solution in one movie. Yeah, that’s what I’m getting from This is actual a pure simplification of understanding that you guys, you don’t have to share. everything in, in a bag of chips, right? Yeah. Mm-hmm. , we can share one thing about one problem, about one solution as long as it relates to the product and program you’re selling, right?

    [00:23:41] April: Absolutely. That’s what I’m pulling from this right now. I’m saying, wow. You know, I think that, I think I’ve overcrowded my signature talk probably for years. . 

    [00:23:52] Eileen: Wow. That, yeah, it’s so, um, and you got yeah. Simple, simple, simple, right? And it, and it’s amazing how a quick story, [00:24:00] now you can take the story and make it short and make it long, but the streamlined method of the, how Pixar does it starts to really engage the audience at all the lo all the levels.

    [00:24:11] Eileen: Because now they’re starting to, they’re seeing, I’ll, I’ll show you how to get them to see their story inside of it, but it’s like, it’s very clear. And the more important thing is it’s now, it’s created. Internal desire and what we like, like buyer’s momentum for what you’re gonna offer. 

    [00:24:26] April: Amazing. I absolutely love this. Okay, so we have this, we have this framework. Obviously this will all be in the show notes for you guys Well, and hit replay and, and played in slow motion. Yeah. And all this stuff. So now what do we do next? We’ve crafted the story. Where do we go? 

    [00:24:41] April: Alright, friends. Well, I am going to stop this show right here because what you don’t know. Is Eileen stayed with us for another 40 minutes, giving her entire behind the scenes framework of what to do in the process of delivering your signature talk and. [00:25:00] It will absolutely blow your socks off, and I wanted to make sure that we were giving you ample time to do the work that she already talked about in the higher level.

    [00:25:10] April: Signature message crafting and the next episode that we’re gonna break up for you. So part one and part two, this is all part of our becoming known series. Is going to take you through serious, very, very serious. I have three pages of notes here. Uh, . Very, very, um, tangible, actionable ways that you can deliver your talk.

    [00:25:35] April: And not only that, Eileen gives you information on how to get a free copy of her book and so many other resources and how to connect with her on Instagram. Um, I will drop this for you guys right now to get a free copy of Eileen’s book. Connect with her on Instagram. It’s at Eileen Wild. And DM her my name, DM her April Beach, and her assistant will know exactly what that [00:26:00] means.

    [00:26:00] April: And they’re gonna drop a copy for you, a link for you to grab a free copy of her book. Million Dollar Speaker. I am currently reading this book. It is amazing. It reveals in more, even more in depth, um, some of the secrets that Eileen teaches. And I wanna make sure you guys get that. action Item four right now is replay this episode on the importance of your signature story and how Eileen broke out the processes of how to craft your signature story and then grab her book in the meantime.

    [00:26:30] April: Again, at Eileen Wild on Instagram, DM her my name, April Beach, and they will send you a free copy of her book. Next week’s show is part two, where we’re gonna unpack the how to actually go about doing this, and we have so many more resources for you as well. Thank you so much for being a listener of this show.

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    [00:27:10] April: Alright you guys, this is episode number 274. All of the show notes can be found by going to sweet life seven. Four. I’ll see you next week.