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    (Becoming Known) The In Person Networking System To Grow Your Online Business – with Elizabeth McFadden (Episode 276)

    (Becoming Known) The In Person Networking System To Grow Your Online Business - with Elizabeth McFadden


    This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 4  of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™


    Networking, when done properly, is an overlooked gem of wealth to grow your online business. However few businesses actually have a networking strategy and fewer have a networking system. This episode is for CEOs in founders Hall looking to expand your brand reach, generate leads, build relationships, and therefore increase your profit in out of the box ways, with fantastic results. 
    In this episode we are diving into the system of networking and how you can do much more than show up to simply shake hands and kiss babies. This episode and unpacks strategic steps and actions that you should do before during and after in person networking events and attending conferences that will exponentially increase relationships and build ideal leads intentionally. 
    We’re diving in with CEO and founder of Novella Brand house, Elizabeth McFadden, as she shares her system of networking she’s used for years to become the leader in her local market and an online leading company with clients across the country. The system is intentional and when used correctly it will generate ideal results every single time.


    At the end of this episode you will: 

    • Learn Elizabeth’s networking strategy system
    • Know key actions you take before attending a conference or an event to Connect with the exact people you’re looking for
    • Understand what assets digital and physical you should bring with you to each of that and why
    • Have key strategies if you were an introvert to maximize networking opportunities in your own authentic way
    • And you’ll have a very specific after event step-by-step process that grows your list build strategic partnerships and closes deals
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