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    (Becoming Known) How To Expand Your Reach, Increase Sales and Become a Thought Leader (Episode 271)

    Becoming Known: How To Expand Your Reach, Increase Sales and Become a Thought Leader




    This episode is for those in Phase  2 – 4  of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™

    Who is this episode for/Summary:

    This episode is for those of you who are moving into higher levels, more impact, bigger stages, more influence, more income, more impact. If you’re an established coach, consultant, speaker, author or niche service expert, and it’s time to move up. 
    In this episode, we kick off with the most powerful things you must have in place before you start your “becoming known” campaign. We’ll cover a short check list of foundations and  work on your strategy to become known. You’ll receive a list of action items and also a list of strategic decisions, including how to make these choices and where to start. 
    It’s hard to become known when you’re head down in your work. You’re busy taking care of your clients, not telling everyone about the work you’re doing. You just do the work, and hope people will tell their friends about your awesomeness. 
    Or, perhaps you do have a huge social following? You’ve mastered the art of communication, you love being on your social platforms and your following has grown, but now it’s time to become known on the next level to move up, not only move forward. 
    This series of shows breaks down proven strategies from the Greats, that you can leverage today to become known, establish leadership and rise above the noise, or break into new noise, with guests Brielle Cotterman, Eileen Wilder, Angie Trueblood, and more…
    Let’s get going… 
    At the end of this episode you will: 
    1. Have a punch list of assets you need to have in place before you start your “becoming known” campaign
    2. Have clarity on how to use the next 5 SweetLife Podcast episodes to your advantage (so you don’t pay a coach $$$ to tell you what you’re getting here for free) 
    3. Plot your Becoming Known course and start moving your business in that direction now 
    4. Have the steps to build your leading method you’ll become known for
    Resources mentioned: 

    8 Steps to Create  Your Signature Process, Coaching Method, or Framework –

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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:00] You are listening to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast with business mentor and entrepreneur activator April Beach, connecting great people with great people to do great things. That is dope. Today I’m giving you a framework. I love you. This transformation process, you say, here you go. Yes, this is it.

    [00:00:26] Everything you just said, April, wow, that is the best business architecture and business engineering. I’ve never really thought of it like that, but right away when you said that, Thank you, April. I appreciate you, dude. Yeah. 

    [00:00:44] Hi you guys, and welcome to the kickoff episode of a new mini-series we’re doing called Becoming Known. You are in the right place if you’re an established coach or a consultant and you have used a lot of these PR and influence and awareness [00:01:00] strategies in the past. But now it’s time to move up. Not only move on with your business, but move up. So let me explain to you exactly what we were talking about in this show.

    [00:01:10] This is the kickoff of our little mini-series called Becoming Known. We have some powerful treats coming up for you in addition to what we’re talking about here today. In the future, you are going to hear from the greats like Eileen Wilder. We have two episodes where Eileen breaks down her entire million dollar speaking framework in a workshop format for you that is coming.

    [00:01:33] You also get to hear from Angie Trueblood, which she is, in my opinion, the number one podcast guest placement strategist. She’s absolutely amazing, and Brielle Cotterman, who is a PR, an influence strategist, is gonna be here as well. All of these. Are partnering here with us on the Sweet Life Podcast throughout this little miniseries to help you have strategies that you can take to the bank to become known [00:02:00] and expand your reach and increase your sales and become a thought leader in your space.

    [00:02:04] You’re gonna hear my little dog barking. He’s not feeling well next to me, so welcome to behind the scenes of. The Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. This is episode number 271. And so all of the show notes that we’re talking about can be found by visiting sweet life Click on our podcast button and this is episode number 271 where we’re gonna detail every single thing we are talking about here for you on the show.

    [00:02:29] Now, who is this episode four and who is this series for? Let me make sure you’re in the right place. We have a lot of shows for beginning business owners, but that is not who this series is for. This is for those of you who are established coaches, established consultants. You’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for a while, and it’s time to move you up to higher levels, higher levels of influence, higher levels of impact, higher levels income. 

    [00:02:57] The strategies that we’re talking about in this [00:03:00] becoming known series are not the basics, like how to pitch yourself to be a podcast guest. We have those episodes here for you, though you can just very easily search how to, how to become a podcast guest and tap into those shows. These are for those of you guys that are ready for higher levels in more income, and what does this actually look like for you?

    [00:03:20] It looks like you are now at this place where you find in your professional life where it’s time for us to engineer that next level of your business. That next business model that you want to take you into the next 3, 5, 10 years. This show in this series, and really everything we’re doing on the next gen of the Sweet Life Podcast here as we move into your number six is for you.

    [00:03:43] This is a kickoff episode, and in this episode we’re gonna talk about all the things that you need to have in place in order to implement the episodes in this series. Follow it. So I’m gonna give you a breakdown and actually a checklist of what we already have to have in place and what you already need to have decided from a [00:04:00] strategy standpoint in order to implement the series that we’re talking about here and all of the workshops that our guest experts are delivering to you.

    [00:04:08] So at the end of this show, you’re gonna have a punch list of things that you need to make sure are in place in order for you to utilize the becoming known series. You’re also gonna have clarity, okay? So I want you to have clarity on your becoming known strategies. We’re using this episode here. Number 2 71 is a place where you and I can get together and just really kind of unpack your strategy.

    [00:04:35] What you wanna be known for moving forward and how it fits into your bigger business. B. , that’s what we’re talking about today on this show, and we are going to plot your becoming known course. So who do you wanna be known to? Why should they know you? And are we even in a process of leveling up and perhaps even finding a different audience and building a separate division of your company?

    [00:04:59] Those are [00:05:00] all the things that we’re talking about on today’s show. So if that’s what you’re in for, then you’re in the right place. Again, all the show. All the bonuses we have for you can be found by visiting sweet life Head over to the podcast cabinets there for you. If as you’re listening to this, you wanna make sure you’re not missing any of it, make sure you click subscribe and please share this show with your friends.

    [00:05:21] We don’t have advertising in the show. Never have, never will, because I hate listening to ads on shows. I’m just gonna be really honest, and I don’t really think you like it either. So we really rely on you guys sharing the show organically with your friends across social media, and we’d really appreciate you doing that.

    [00:05:35] All right. You. Let’s go. Okay, you guys, we are diving into how to become known, how to establish your authority and your space. And in this show, I’m helping you prepare and strategize and position yourself so that we can do that and utilize the upcoming episodes. So first things first, let’s pause for a second and I want you to ask yourself those question, what do you wanna become known?

    [00:05:59] Just [00:06:00] actually take a minute. Those of us who have been in business and have been entrepreneurs for decades, this has changed over the years. We grow into different things, so please take a moment and ask yourself, what is your strategic objective? That is the end result of the strategy we’re about to apply.

    [00:06:19] Are you moving from perhaps what has been a solo entrepreneur or a small team role more into a c e O role? Are we finding you a new audience? What is the, what is the strategy of why you’re tapping into this show and really, why do we need to do this for you? Why is it important? Do you feel like you’re that best kept secret?

    [00:06:42] Um, have you had your head down for so many years working with the clients and giving amazing results that you haven’t really paid a lot of attention to? Make sure everybody knows who you are, because frankly, it doesn’t really matter to you, but maybe just maybe [00:07:00] you’ve now realized that it’s the time to step forward and step in the spotlight.

    [00:07:06] for all of the amazing transformation and golden work that you have been doing for such a long time. So I want you to give yourself a second here to ask yourself why now? Why is this different than you tapping into maybe a handful of podcast episodes on how to speak from stages and, and how to become a podcast?

    [00:07:31] Because your answer to why, why now is going to be what we use to craft the path that you’re gonna utilize these workshop trainings to make sure that we’re actually pointing your ship in the right direction of where you wanna go for the next 3, 5, 5, and 10 years of your business. So why is this important?

    [00:07:49] What do you want this leverage and this influence to deliver to you in your business and in your personal life? That’s the first thing. I want you to [00:08:00] stop and take a minute to decide. Now a couple of you guys and, and I was just actually on calls with a few new clients that are, are working with us this year, are moving from a place where you really need to step into that c e O leadership role and other people are running your systems, running your programs, working your business for you.

    [00:08:20] And so now we get to. Pluck you out of that and share your message to then of course drive more profit and income back to your programs, but it’s in a different way. You’re maybe no longer the the worker bee and you’re the leader. And so that is another reason why I want you to be really strategic and think about why you’re utilizing these strategies.

    [00:08:44] We’re here talking on. So what is the strategy? What is the reason for you becoming known in this next generation of you? And stop for a minute. And now I want you to think about what have you been known [00:09:00] for in the past? Because we could be trying to land if you will nail a new objective for something that’s a pivot.

    [00:09:11] Maybe You have been known for building yoga studios. And now you wanna be known for something totally different. So, you know, a case study, it’s really interesting. Many of you guys may know, uh, the story of Rachel Cook. I love Rachel Cook. She’s one of the people that I learned from all the time, and I admire her strategy and her wisdom.

    [00:09:30] She’s been a guest here on the podcast and she’s one of our experts that comes in and teaches our clients and our Wavemaker ecosystem. Rachel Cook is. Seriously, one of the greatest minds in operational systems business, Rachel started out by building, helping entrepreneurs build yoga studios. You would never know that.

    [00:09:52] So I share that story with you because if you’re to that place where if you’re ready to pivot from one area to another, . Now, let’s make [00:10:00] that decision together here on this podcast. I mean, it’s your decision, not mine. I’m just here triggering you and telling you, Hey, make the decision now. What does that look like?

    [00:10:09] Because decision is that first step. And as you’ll hear in the upcoming episodes, as I, Eileen Wilder says, you know, fast decision, slow to change your mind is what creates the most impact in your business. So let’s go ahead and make a decision. But make sure it’s a strategic decision of, of now what is the reasoning for this?

    [00:10:29] Is this maybe something new that you wanna be known for? And then who do you need to be known to? This is the next thing I want you to identify, and there is no worksheet for this guys. This one doesn’t come with a download. These are questions that I would love for you to pause and answer and speak out loud wherever you are as you’re listening to.

    [00:10:51] Who do you want to become known to and why are you trying to reach a [00:11:00] new audience? Do we need to get you in front of more people? So here’s your choices. We either need to have you become known to people who don’t know you yet, or we need to pour on the gas to increase the awareness with an established audience.

    [00:11:17] It’s pretty much two choices. They either don’t know you or they already know you, and more of them need to know you. What does that look like for you? If, and I’m just gonna kind of talk you through this here as you’re thinking, as I’m speaking. If we are building a B to B side of your business, and in the past you’ve always sold to maybe individuals, and now we are building next level programs, particularly for those of you guys that are building, uh, bigger, higher level group programs or masterminds.

    [00:11:50] Especially for those of you guys who are building license programs. If you’re licensing your IP or you’re building certification programs, you know this is the podcast [00:12:00] and we at the Sweet Life Company are ready and waiting to help you do that. That’s actually a different audience, guys, because when we are selling to companies, we’re no longer making you known to the end user.

    [00:12:13] We might have to find that middleman, what I call that bridge buyer. to be aware of you and the solutions you provide because then they wanna bring that program in for their people or their staff or their benefits or their organization or whatever that is. So perhaps you may be already really well known to that individual audience at B2C audience, but it’s time for us to introduce you to a whole nother audience, even though it’s the same product, if you will.

    [00:12:46] Because we have a different buyer, perhaps that’s what we’re doing. So I want you to think about who do you need to become known to, and are we adding more gravity, more fire to an [00:13:00] established audience, and increasing that and raising you up to the top of a swimming pool of a thousand water droplets. And we want you to be that wave on the top.

    [00:13:09] Or are we putting you in a totally different ocean where nobody knows who you are and we need to introduce you from scratch? So let me repeat those three strategic questions that I want you to think about before we dive into this becoming known series. Number one, what do you wanna become known for?

    [00:13:28] What does this next level of your business look like? How do you play a role in that? Number two, why? What is the strategy behind this? What are we trying to accomplish here within your next level, becoming known strategy? And number three, who do you need to become known to? , is it the same audience and we wanna increase it, or are we introducing you to a totally new audience and nobody knows who you are?

    [00:13:57] And we are kind of starting from scratch, [00:14:00] which those of you guys have been in business for a while, that that feels a little exciting. It’s almost like being back at the very beginning. It’s not, it’s actually really level. But there are some new challenges that certainly come along with that, that we’re gonna be dressing here in the next couple of episodes in this series.

    [00:14:17] So once you’ve answered those three questions, I’m gonna give you a really quick punch list and then we’re gonna wrap up this episode because you know, qual quality doesn’t equal quantity. I wanna give you exactly what you need and get you outta here so you can be working on these things cuz we have some big time episodes coming up.

    [00:14:33] I want to make sure I’m saving your time and your energy for, so here’s a punch list of things that you should have in place before we enter into a becoming known campaign. All right. The first thing is, is you need to have an established method, framework, or process where you know that you deliver people predictable, transformational, measurable results.

    [00:14:56] You guys hear me say that exact statement like a million times on this [00:15:00] show, right? So you have to be very good at what you do. You need to have gotten people results in the. And you need to have your frameworks in place in order to do that. If you’re struggling with that, one of the bonuses we have here for you is access to how to create your frameworks and access to our Offer Engineer, which is part of our Signature Offer masterclass series.

    [00:15:22] We’ll help you do that. That’s what we do as a company. We extract your genius and build it into industry leading programs. , you guys have to make sure you have your offer in place, or at least we know the offer you’re building or the direction you’re going. If you are building a whole new ecosystem of higher level offers, like you’re moving from that B to C side, you’ve, you’ve had programs, you’ve been a coach for a long time, and now we’re moving you into licensing or creating a certification program.

    [00:15:52] as long as we know that that’s where you’re going, that’s enough for you to move forward in this. But please, we need to know what you’re selling and who [00:16:00] you’re selling it to. Number three in this. So first one is method of framework. Second one is your offer is in place and your programs are in place.

    [00:16:07] Number three, please make sure your bios are updated. I know this kind of seems super basic, but I’m giving you this checklist. When is actually the last time you updated your bio or your photos or the messaging about who you are in your. . Those are things we do in the very beginning and if you go back and you read some of your bios, it, they’re probably a little out of date, especially for those of you guys who have been around for a while.

    [00:16:32] So please make sure your bios and even the imagery of you. I was using this one headshot, which is so funny. Uh, my teenager took of me. I loved, it wasn’t even a headshot cuz I don’t like professional head shots. It was more of like a lifestyle shot that I used for everything. And it had been this kind of poster of me and finally I realized I was like 20 pounds less and way less wrinkles.

    [00:16:56] And I remember seeing that picture and thinking to myself, [00:17:00] holy moly, if somebody saw me now, they would be sorely disappointed if that’s, if that’s who they thought they were meeting. You know, I mean, I’m just keeping it real. Make sure your photos are updated. Make sure that how you present yourself represents who you are and your personality and your strength and, and shoot even your weaknesses.

    [00:17:20] If you’re like me, I just try to air out all of our dirty laundry so you can, so you can learn from my mistakes. Don’t, don’t use a very, very old headshot from when you were super skinny and a bikini when you were 18. If you are 55 years old, all right. Okay. So make sure those things are updated. Uh, and number four, let’s make sure you have a full media kit.

    [00:17:39] Okay. There’s a couple things that I want you guys to have in place. We aren’t even talking about these. This triggers me to maybe do a podcast episode on how to create a media kit. But a media kit are multiple pages that break down who you are, the, the areas you speak to, your areas of expertise, but then they also break down your audiences and who you reach and [00:18:00] the different media platforms you’ve been featured on.

    [00:18:03] A media kit also, uh, breaks down the brands that you’ve partnered with. So Media Kit is, is actually a full kit and it can be multiple pages with, you know, your story on one page of bio on another page, case studies on another page, audience reach and breakdown on another page, brands you’ve partnered with on another page.

    [00:18:23] We use media kits in some instances, and those instances moving forward, uh, will arise here on the podcast. As we are moving into a becoming known series, I just wanna mention to you that you should have, especially those of you leaders who have been doing what you’ve been doing for a long time, you should have a full media kit in place it, and then at the least, you should have a one pager on who you are, especially for speaking.

    [00:18:49] We’re also not breaking down how to do that in the show. Usually might have a different one pager for podcast casting, speaking on stages, teaching locally, we wanna curate your. [00:19:00] To the audience. We don’t want generic assets. You’re gonna send everybody the same dang one pager. That’s probably not gonna land you what you want, especially in a very competitive space.

    [00:19:09] We want you to stand out and be thoughtfully disruptive. So just make sure your one pagers, your media kits so they are curated and crafted towards your audience. Okay? And then in that you can also do, you know, your client case studies and testimonies. Other assets that are really important for you to have in place are, please make sure your update, your website is updated.

    [00:19:31] Funny thing, those of us again, who have been here for a while, like sometimes. We’re so busy doing the work, uh, we kind of forget to go back and have a powwow with our team that maybe that is out of date. Just make sure your, your website is up to date. Your social media is up to date. Uh, the content that you’re sharing is up to date and the data that you’re sharing is up to date.

    [00:19:53] All of those things, please make sure that they’re in place. So that you can utilize what we’re talking [00:20:00] about here on the next coming episodes. This mini-series is all about becoming known, and we’re bringing you experts and pulling back behind the curtains about different strategies that are cherry picked to help you make these decisions for yourself so you can hit the ground running with trusted implementation steps.

    [00:20:21] And that is what we’re doing here, and that’s our objective for you as we move into this next series. I hope that sounds great. I’m really excited about it. I can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming from these leaders. There are some huge, huge, valuable, very expensive bombs that are dropped on these upcoming episodes, so please share this and get ready because we’re about to dive into our series on becoming.

    [00:20:49] If you are new here, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m April Beach. I help experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors extract your genius and build transformational next [00:21:00] level programs to scale your business past millions courses, masterminds, retreats, licensing programs and certification programs. So if you’re stuck on.

    [00:21:12] And you want somebody to help you engineer your next level, offer ecosystem, extract your thoughts, help you organize it, and build it into next level programs. Cruise over to sweet life and you can apply to work with us. Otherwise, all of the resources that we are talking about here on this show, in the past episodes and the upcoming episodes are found Simply click on the podcast. This is episode number 2 71, and I can’t wait for the next couple weeks. Please share this with your friends. It would really mean a great deal to us. All right, see all soon. Bye.[00:22:00]