How To Lead In Your Niche By Creating Your Scalable Signature Program or Offer – with April Beach (Episode 260)

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    Coaches, consultants, speakers and authors who need to increase sales, and scale your business with a leading offer, course, training or program.



    If you’ve been spinning your wheels or struggling to get noticed, you’re not alone. In today’s fast paced world of online leaders, it’s not a surprise when new and established businesses struggle to get traction. So… how do you become known in world where every one is an “expert” and you’re too busy in the grind to toot your own horn to stand out. 
    The answer… develop a core signature offer guided by your leading framework, method, system, or process.  When you create a signature program, online course, membership, event, service, offer, and method things quickly change in your company that will impact your message, marketing and profit like never before. In this show we also dive into the most common types os scalable offers and which may be right for you. 
    “A signature offer is a unique service, that you create from your experience, method, framework, or expertise, that delivers predictable-transformational-measurable results”  – April Beach 
    This show is an expansion of the Your Signature Offer™ masterclass provided by April Beach and the SweetLife™ Company.

    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Identify if you’re ready to scale with a signature program or offer
    2. Identify areas of need you may have to stand out in your niche
    3. Know the most common types of scalable offers
    4. Know the two types of signature offers 
    5. Know the true definition of what a signature program or offer really is
    This show is an expansion of the Your Signature Offer™ trainings provided by April Beach and the SweetLife Company.  Join the next Your Signature Offer™ Masterclass or Offer Engineer™ Accelerator online.


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    260 (213)

    [00:00:00] Hi you guys and welcome to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m April Beach, your host, and I am so glad you’re here. You have tapped into one of our “Best of Episodes”. These episodes are cherry picked from our most popular episodes with the most downloads with the most comments. So these are the ones where whether it’s in a speaking engagement, or whether it’s by writing to us or sending us messages on social media where you guys have reached out and said, ‘hey, listen, this episode you did was really powerful for me’.

    [00:00:28] Thank you so much. And they’re also the other episodes that we believe are the most important as we move into the next year for the online business landscape that we are going into for coaches and consultants and experts and speakers, and authors. And so this episode is absolutely amazing.

    [00:00:46] Though it’s previously recorded, all of the resources can be found by clicking on You can visit us online and just very simply select the podcast and you’ll find all of the show notes in there for you with up to date links, making sure that you’re getting to the right place if you’re looking for a resource. 

    [00:01:08] Now special message to those of you guys that have been waiting for this show to come back. I am so excited to announce that the next generation of the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast is dropping the week after Christmas, before New Year’s as we roll into the new year, going from 22 to 23 and I can’t thank you guys enough. 

    [00:01:30] If you are a new listener to the show, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but after five years of faithfully dropping a business training or recording, a strategy for you every single week and winning awards for this show, I needed to step back and take a break.

    [00:01:46] And you guys have been so gracious in actually encouraging me to do that. So what turned out to be one month off, turned out to be about a year off of recording this show, but the reality is, is that we have been producing so many business trainings, hundreds and hundreds of them for five years, and entrepreneurs have relied on. I needed to take a step back and get a perspective. Of what you guys really needed for the next generation of the show. 

    [00:02:15] How should this show actually help you to continue to grow your businesses? And many of your businesses have significantly grown since we first started this show. And you are growing and we’re growing and what does that actually look like?

    [00:02:27] So I have had the gift of spending almost a year to build the entire next generation of the Sweet Life Podcast for you, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I’m so excited. So the wait is almost over and I wanted to send you a message about it. Thank you for the emails and the comments on social media encouraging me to enjoy my time off. But April, please come back. I need your show to grow my business. You guys are amazing and you have really been the fuel to the fire. That has helped me see clearly, clearly of where this show is gonna go in the next gen. It’s gonna sound a little bit different, but it will continue to be the place where you can come to for true proven business trainings that are transformational for your company, that is business coaching that isn’t pulled out of thin air from experts delivered to you in such a way that you can implement it. That’s why this show has been so popular over the years, and that’s what we will continue to do for you.

    [00:03:25] I can’t wait for you to hear what we have planned. The first series we’re kicking off is called Becoming Known and the Experts, so we have in here that are teaching you these proven business trainings without a hook to sell you something. They’re just coming in here to pour into you are absolutely epic. I can’t wait. So if you haven’t yet subscribe to the show, please click subscribe. Please share this with your friends. Please resubscribe in case that you were unsubscribed during my little hiatus. And I just love you guys so much, and I’m so excited to be back here. I can’t wait to drop the whole entire NextGen of the show and the episodes coming for you.

    [00:04:01] And in the meantime, enjoy this ‘best of’ it is very powerful and it’s been chosen for you for a reason. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

    [00:04:13] You’re listening to The Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast, Simplified strategies to grow your service business, and launch a life you love faster with business, mentor and entrepreneur activator April Beach.

    [00:04:31] Hey everybody, and welcome to episode number 213 here today. I’m April Beach your host. And it is such a pleasure to be able to talk to you again, yet another week here on the show. Today we’re talking about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. It is one of my favorite topics to discuss because this is one of my superpowers, is helping you create your signature offer in your unique methodology.

    [00:04:57] And so, we’re continuing the conversation we had on episode 212 last week, and we’re diving into the signature program creation side of your business. We’ve honestly talked about this so many times on the podcast. You can cruise to our podcast website at any point in time. All you have to do is type in the words signature offer or signature program, and you’re gonna be able to pull up all the times over the past four years that we’ve discussed this topic to help you get better results in this area.

    [00:05:27] So here we are for another show about this, and let’s be really specific in who this episode is for. So this is for any of you guys who are really ready to scale your business. You have an established business. You’re ready to, and we’re gonna talk actually, about the fundamentals of scaling on this show.

    [00:05:43] But you’re ready to increase your profit and it’s time. It’s time to create a framework of programs and offers that you have so that you can scale your business, increase your profit, and um, duplicate yourself. Even faster. So that’s what we’re diving into. If this is you, this means that you are in phase three of my start to scale up system.

    [00:06:08] If you aren’t sure what phase of the start to scale up system you’re in, you can cruise to and you can take a really short quiz and you’re gonna find out exactly where you are and this whole entire lifestyle business roadmap. This particular show is for those of you guys who are ready to scale, you know you’re ready to scale, and this is phase three.

    [00:06:31] This is a great episode for you entrepreneurs and experts who are ready to take the lead and become the undisputed leader in your space. Here’s the issue though, so this is why you know it’s good to hang out and listen to this show. So if you’ve been spining your wheels and struggling to get noticed, you’re definitely not alone in today’s everything, everybody is a leader, expert everywhere. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Everybody is an online expert of some kind. It’s really not a surprise that you might be struggling to stand out even if you’ve been in business for a really long time and you wanna become known. You’re probably very, very, very good at what you do, and you might be struggling with communicating that across the board, in your business, across social media, and really across your messaging too.

    [00:07:18] We’re gonna dive into that today. The answer to that is to develop your signature offer, and that’s guided by your leading framework, method system or process, which we discussed last week on the show. When you create a signature program, an online course, a membership, an event, or a service, or really an offer, and it’s derived from your unique method. It will change things in your company and it will impact your message and your profit like never before. So that’s what we’re diving, diving into on today’s show. 

    [00:07:53] And at the end of this episode, you can expect to; I’d be able to identify if you’re ready to scale with a signature program or offer. You’re gonna be able to identify areas of need that you may need to stand out in your niche. You are gonna know the most common types of scalable offers, and you’re gonna know the two different types of signature programs and offers, and you’re gonna know the true definition of what a true signature program and offer really is. So if you’re ready for that, let’s go ahead and dive in.

    [00:08:35] Okay guys, so first of all, I have to apologize to you because I’m slightly losing my voice. If you have been hanging out with me on Clubhouse for the past couple of months, then it’s not a surprise. You totally know why I’m spending a lot of time, our whole company and our whole team is spending a lot of time on Clubhouse, and we have actually talked about how to create your signature offer multiple times in private and public rooms on Clubhouse.

    [00:09:00] If that’s a topic beyond this podcast that you wanna dive into more with me, please do so. You can follow me at April Beach on Clubhouse, and we have our own Clubhouse Club now. Our Clubhouse Club sounds funny to say that Clubhouse Club, our Clubhouse Club is called Sweet Life Entrepreneurs. Of course it is. And uh, you can follow our club or officially join our club. If you are on clubhouse, just search the word sweetLife, one word under the clubs. We jam a lot on this, and I actually get to take your signature offer questions on clubhouse. But with that being said, that is why I’m losing my voice and I’m just super glad to be sharing this message with you on episode 213 here as well.

    [00:09:46] So thanks for being here. So this is what we’re talking about. We’re talking about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. But first, let’s take a look at actually why this is important, why this is an important conversation to have and why you may really need to be focusing in and leaning in with me here.

    [00:10:07] Number one, it’s hard to stand out with your marketing. If you’re struggling with your marketing, it’s usually because you aren’t being specific enough. And instead with this philosophy of going through and creating your signature program and offer, you’re gonna gain an immediate audience who clearly understands what you do and identifies you as the undisputed leader that’s gonna guide them. So the problem is you’re having trouble standing out. Your marketing is not specific enough. 

    [00:10:37] Problem number two is actually going through the process of creating a leading, scalable offer. It’s important for you to understand how to organize your ideas, how to turn your thoughts into reality, how to turn your expertise into a signature program, and actually regroup those things into your signature offer and the signature offer that scales.

    [00:10:58] So we’re gonna talk about that as well here on today’s show. And if you’re struggling because you have a lack of systemization in the back of your business, so your systems. Aren’t able to be scaled. You might not even have systems yet in certain places. Creating your signature offer certainly solves that problem in a faster way as well.

    [00:11:19] So first of all, let’s talk about some fundamentals here. What is a signature offer? This is a definition I wrote, Ooh gosh, back in 2018 when we first launched your signature offer masterclass. It was important to define actually what this is because there’s a lot of businesses out there that just launch a signature offer because it might be the most popular one or the most common one that sells. That’s not really what a signature offer is. Don’t worry. I’m gonna give you a lot more resources here. That will help you take this to the next level. 

    [00:11:51] But let me just start out by reading this definition. A signature offer is a unique program or service that you create from your expertise, method, and experience that delivers predictable, transformational, measurable results for your client every single time. Okay, so it’s created from your, IP, your experience, and we’re gonna dive more into this as. The reason why we’re talking about this so much here on the show and on Clubhouse is because right now our industry leading signature program called Your Signature Offer is opening again. We open it up a few times a year to help you, so we can roll up our sleeves with you to create your signature offer and become the indisputed leader in your space.

    [00:12:38] And so we’re talking about this on the podcast in our clubhouse rooms, in our live stream, in our 1 0 1 calls. It’s all about the most important thing I’m so passionate about for you is creating your signature offer, because it’s all in an effort to help you do two things. Number one, identify if your business is ready to develop your signature offer. And number two, if you’re ready for an expert to guide you through the process and give you the step by step method to develop your signature offer. So if that’s you and you already know you want more help with, please visit and we’ll make sure that is in the resources for you as well. But if you’re ready to dive in with us and have us link arms with you and give you our process to do this, visit signature 

    [00:13:28] Okay, so now let’s go ahead and dive into how we’re gonna break out the business training of this episode. We’re actually breaking it out piece by piece from the title. So let’s read the title of what we’re talking about here again today. The title is How to Lead in Your Niche, by creating your scalable signature program or offer. So I’m gonna break this up into three different parts that’s hopefully helpful for you to take these little pieces, wrap your head around them and start implementing them right here from the show.

    [00:14:01] I love being known as a podcast that gives you step by step business trainings that other coaches are gonna charge you thousands for. So I wanna make sure you’re leaving with awesome action steps to get profitable and clear results just from this podcast alone. So part one, we’re gonna talk about how to lead in your niche. Part two, we’re gonna talk about scalable, what scalable really means. And then part three of this show, we’re gonna talk about the actual definition of what is a true signature program or offer. 

    [00:14:30] So let’s go ahead and dive into part one first. Breaking out the title of this show, How to Lead in Your Niche. I know some of you say it niche. Sorry, I, I just call it a niche. So how you do this is by number one, having the very best program, that you are the best of, the best of the best at what you do, That you are undeniably the program to go to in your space, in your market, in your area, in your geographic area, whatever that is for you. Most people, it’s online area, so that you have the very best program. That’s a number one way. It’s a development of your content into your program. That is how you. And this is not in any particular order. These are all parts of the ways of how you lead. Number two, that you deliver the most transformational results. You guys are probably, especially those of you guys that listen to the podcast a lot and and are always in our online business community, you’re probably sick of hearing me say transformational results. I say like, predictable, transformational, measurable results. Those are the three words, and you’re probably sick of it, but here is what that means.

    [00:15:41] This is why, you need to deliver transformation through your signature program. There’s a bunch of different types of transformation you can deliver based on your area of expertise, but how you lead in your niche is by creating the very best program that delivers a transformation of your area of expertise, in your area of expertise. Also, how you lead is by becoming the most trusted leader. Now really let’s kind of break out what trust really means. That means somebody is submitted to your guidance and your leadership, that they are sold out in buying into the fact that you are going to navigate the way when they might totally be blind in this area, they completely trust you. When you develop a program, and this is all obviously around developing your signature offer, but when you develop a program and you move forward and you are the trusted leader for the people, they haven’t just bought your program, they actually trust you and they’re trusting you to guide the way, then that’s how you lead in your niche.

    [00:16:47] Also, you have the clearest message and therefore the clearest marketing messages. If you do not have your signature offer or your signature program developed, you might be struggling with this. You might be one of the many entrepreneurs that I talk to, even those that have been in business for years, that there’s so many messages cuz frankly, you’re so good at so many different things.

    [00:17:12] You wanna talk about it all. But what that does in today’s day and age of online business, way too loud, overwhelming drowning noise is. It doesn’t create that clear message and that clear marketing of your specific primary superpower. And so how to lead in your niche is to have the clearest message and to have the clearest marketing.

    [00:17:36] Also, we want you to have some of the best, highest, most profitable sales. One of the ways that we know you’re a leader is that you’re making the most money doing this because people trust you, because you deliver transformational results because you have the best program. So therefore, naturally you’re gonna be, if not the most profitable, one of the most profitable programs because people trust you and you deliver that transformation.

    [00:18:05] And this is what this means in order to become that leader in your space. When you do these things, it means you have the deepest client commitment. It means that you are sold out in love with giving your clients and your customers a transformation, that you promise that there’s nothing that’s gonna get in the way of you committing to do that for your clients, and it also means that you have the most thoughtful client experiences. And when we talk about client experiences, it’s really important as we talk about Signature Offer development. We teach this in our year Signature Offer Leaders program, is that there’s so much psychology behind the tactical things you’re delivering as well. That there are a lot of mindset and important psychological benchmarks that your clients have to hit and you are responsible to plan out, map out, and guide them through in order to be the leader in that space. 

    [00:19:07] Part one, based on the title of this show, How to Lead in Your Niche, You need to have the best program with the most transformational results, that you’re the most trusted leader with the clearest message in marketing, that you have some of the highest sales, if not the highest sales in this area, That you have the deepest client commitment and the most thoughtful client experiences. So that’s part one. And I promise you we’re breaking this up into three. 

    [00:19:33] Part two. Let’s go back and summarize our title again. We’re talking about how to lead in your niche, which we just covered by creating your scalable signature offer. So now we’re diving into part two, which is by creating your scalable. Signature offer. So what is a scalable offer? Scalable refers to a company’s ability to increase profit customers or services by creating systems and offer structures that deliver those results. So in quick terms, it basically means the ability to make more money by creating systems and offers that decrease time, increase efficiency, customer served and profit.

    [00:20:16] It means we are creating structures in your company systemization, behind the scenes. Automation behind the scenes, but the offers, the programs, the services, whatever they may be, courses, memberships, we’re gonna dive into that here in a second, is that they are built and designed. The structure of them, the architecture of those programs is designed in order to increase your capacity while either keeping your time the same or actually decreasing your workload. So that’s what we talk about when we talk about what a scalable offer really, really is. It eliminates or reduces one-on-one work by adding this traditional type of online service. In most cases, it’s a course or a membership community or an online event, but that isn’t it.

    [00:21:08] I love to talk about other ways, other unique, customized, scalable offer creation strategies as well. But those are the most common that people know. Scale’s also reached by designing custom or disruptive programs. Now this is usually a hybrid type of a program, so these are also offers and services unique to your business goals, profit and purpose.

    [00:21:34] You probably have heard me say before and you’re probably thinking yourself, frankly, you know, just because everybody else is launching a course, does that mean I need to do it just because everybody else is, you know, creating this sort of a program? Does that really what’s right for my business and my goals and my profit plan? And of course, the most important your customers. So when we talk about scale, it’s really about the architecture and the design of what you’re doing and how you’re delivering your services, and it enables you to deliver the same results to more people, either the same time as you were working before or reduced time.

    [00:22:10] Scaling also streamlines the processes that you teach, coach, or deliver so that then you can grow in your scale and scale your team. We don’t just scale the offer, we scale your way of delivering it so we can actually scale your method, scale your teaching, scale your processes so that we can grow your team. And that’s what we talk about when we work with businesses to actually scale your team. And it really moves you from overworking to what I call cluster working. That’s a very important thing, especially for entrepreneurs. You became an entrepreneur because you wanted quality of life, and this is how we do it.

    [00:22:52] It’s in the process of scaling your business that you really start to achieve this life design that you had always hoped for. And as long as you do it in a strategic way. And your entrepreneur IQ is leveled up on how to do that. As long as you fully understand how to do that, you will achieve those results. Scaling also streamlines your operations and your systems. So it’s not just your team systems or your coaches system. It’s all of your system. It’s your client onboarding system. It’s your client onboarding system, it’s your communication systems, your marketing systems. When we talk about creating scalable offers, all of these things need to be part of.

    [00:23:30] And just for one clear definition, Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘scalable’ as capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand. So there is the definition, so that’s the closure of part two. Again, part one, we talked about how to lead in your niche. Part two we’re talking about by creating scalable, and so we kind of defined here really what scalable is.

    [00:23:58] It’s not only the offers, but it’s the systems. It’s taking your methods and reaching and serving more people at less time or reduced time to increase profit. 

    [00:24:09] And then the part three of this week’s episode, this is number 213, is by creating Your Scalable, which talked about signature program or offer. And so we have to answer the question, what actually is that? What is a true signature offer or program? Again, I’ll read the definition that I originally wrote about four years ago, just to help you put it into context. So your signature offer is a unique program that you create from your intellectual property, that your experience, your method, and your expertise that delivers people predictable, transformational, measurable results every single time.

    [00:24:55] Okay, so the first note we have to make here is that there are actually two kinds of signature programs or offers. This is very important to understand because where you are in business, once we kind of understand this fundamental baseline, Signature program/ offer creation. It’s gonna help you understand the lines of thinking that you can have to move forward to get results faster.

    [00:25:21] So there are two kinds, and I’ll reference all the other podcast episodes over the last couple of years when I’ve talked about this as well. Two kinds. Number one is foundational. Number two is influential. Where you are in your business is gonna dictate really what type of your signature offer you’re building.

    [00:25:40] Both of those foundational and influential can scale, but which you choose truly depends on your business growth needs and capabilities right now. So a foundational signature offer, this is for those who have never created a signature offer or program before. You may be new in your niche. And this creation of your foundational signature offer gets you on the map, either in a certain area of expertise online or in a geographical area based on where you’re located. Or it’s for those of you guys who established business owners, but you really have not gotten the traction, or you really haven’t become known for something specific yet. So that’s a foundational signature offer. 

    [00:26:24] An influential signature offer is for those of you guys with an established track record of getting people results. So you are known usually in a one-on-one setting for getting people results in this particular area that you’re creating your signature offer and program around, and this influential signature offer stems from your unique method, process, framework, programming, mapped out steps, whatever you wanna call it, which you have tested and proven to be true.

    [00:27:00] Your signature offer or your signature program stems from your unique method or framework, which you have used in the past or you’re in the process of creating based on your experience or expertise. And an influential signature offer makes you known for a specific outcome, deliverable experience, program service, and it makes your method well known as.

    [00:27:26] And an influential signature offer when it is built correctly, can establish you as the leader in your industry so that other businesses are trying to follow along, trying to play catch up to you. This is how our, your signature offer program is. We’ve had this program for years. and honestly people are just popping up trying to create programs like it, but we’re well rooted in establishing our area of expertise in this because it’s our signature offer program, and that’s what I want for you as well.

    [00:28:02] The what you do. Others are going to try to follow you, but you are the undisputed leader because nobody does it the way you do it. Nobody has your unique method, your unique process, and frankly your experiences that come into it. Your personal opinions in the way you go about doing it, and the method in which you get people results.

    [00:28:26] So an influential signature offer can also really change the landscape of an industry and disrupt the space. Now let’s actually talk about, kind of breaking down some of the fundamentals here. What makes a signature offer an actual signature offer? Because we had talked about this in the beginning that just cuz it’s a thing that sells the most, or you know, if you are, let’s say for example, a graphic design firm, the most common product somebody may purchase from you is a logo design. But that doesn’t mean it’s your signature. Okay, so I actually get asked this question all the time, and I teach the components of a true signature offer in my Your Signature Offer Leaders Program. But for the sake of this podcast and just wrapping up this post question again, we’re answering the question of the title of this particular episode, How To Lead In Your Niche By Creating Your Scalable Signature Programmer Offer.

    [00:29:20] This is what I want you to take away. Your signature offer is unique to you. It’s created by you. It’s derived from your experience, your expertise, your views, your theories, your styles, and your beliefs. Your signature offer is built from the foundation of your method, your process, your system, or your framework.

    [00:29:43] And you can listen to last week’s episode 212 to dive all into how to create your unique method and your unique framework, and the difference between a method and a framwork. Your signature offer delivers predictable, transformational, measurable results. That’s what a real true signature offer is also. And your signature offer provides the roadmap for your clients to navigate the physical, psychological, and or tangible roadblocks that they have hit while trying to do it on your, on their.

    [00:30:16] But now your signature offer is that roadmap that helps ’em guide through the way you are the trusted leader when they feel blind ,or at least partially unable to see you know how to navigate through and get to the end result that they are looking for. Examples of business models of what your signature offer could be. So we don’t start with the actual business model. I’m a really big advocate for this. We don’t just say, Oh, I’m gonna launch a course. Oh, I gonna launch a membership site. That is the last thing we do, is actually building out the structure of the business model. The first thing we do is extracting your thoughts, turning your thoughts and your expertise into reality in the form of your signature offer.

    [00:31:03] And then here are the most common business models that Signature offers manifest and build into. It could be a full blown program. This could be a corporate program or a healthcare program or an educational program. Our clients develop amazing signature corporate, educational, industry leading signature programs. It’s really impressive. So that’s one of ’em. It could be a course. And how you deliver that course, whether it’s live or on demand. That’s, those are, We have a million other podcasts we can, you know, dive into about those. You’re welcome to search our podcast website. Just literally type in the Word course and it’ll bring you to every other podcast episode about courses and how to create your course.

    [00:31:51] It could be a membership community, it could be an event, a live virtual event, or an in-person event. Your signature offer could be a service. It could be a one hour of service. You could have like the crazy, most amazing transformational one hour service that is your signature offer that you are known for.

    [00:32:13] It could be a mastermind. And of course it could also be a hybrid business model, which most of our clients are, are building hybrid business models in order to get their clients results. And of course, I always want you to be realizing and remembering and frankly just thinking along the lines of the fact that it can be anything else. Just because a business model hasn’t been created yet doesn’t mean that you can’t create it. If that what works best for or your clients. So if you’re thinking, Wow, well I just kind of wanna do and deliver my, my signature content this way, and my signature offer this way and my signature program this way, but nobody’s really doing that. Please listen to yourself. You can do anything that you’re willing to build and strategize through. 

    [00:33:05] Here’s a quick story about that and then a will just wrap up this episode for you. In 2008, I had a crazy thriving consulting firm. I had licensed my trademark to offices in seven different states, and I had three babies at home at that time. By 2008, they were all under the age of six. and I could not do one-on-one consulting work anymore. I did not have the bandwidth, and so I, without even being some strategy, decided to launch an online course, and it wasn’t because it was the sexy thing to do. Nobody was doing online courses then you guys. I mean, it was like we had duct tape the thing together with a prerecorded Cisco WebEx. It was really, really, really clunky. So I didn’t copy what anybody else was doing cuz nobody was doing that yet. I did it because I literally had to figure out how to scale and increase profit while not even keeping the same time.

    [00:34:04] This mama, I had to decrease my time because I was freaking exhausted. So I just wanna inspire you that it wasn’t something that I just was following the crowd. I literally had to do it because that’s what worked for me. And frankly, the companies that were coming to me to learn to launch their own business, a lot of them were international in my time here in Colorado, didn’t work for their time in Australia or Switzerland. And so they wanted things on demand. So I launched my first and one of the first Evergreen on Demand courses. Because it needed to be done. So I share that story with you because if you’re thinking about delivering something some way that has never been done before, do it. Like go through the process. I would love to roll up my sleeves with you and help you develop out that new business model.

    [00:34:53] I’m a big advocate that we’re always evolving and there truly is always a better, deeper, and more efficient way where we can get our clients results. So I’m just gonna end this episode with encouraging you to be disruptive, to be creative on purpose, if that’s what works best for the creation of your signature offer.

    [00:35:10] So thank you so much for hanging out with me today. Again, this was episode number 213 here on the SweetLife Entrepreneurial Podcast. I’m April Beach host here on the show. We’re gonna begin re begin bringing a lot of our experts back into the show coming up here in the next few episodes, So I’m excited to dive into back to some business trainings in the form of interviews, and today we talked about how to lead in your niche by creating your scalable signature program or offer. If you would like to work with me and my team to create your signature offer, we have two really fun things coming up. If you’re listening to this podcast in real time, you can very simply go to signature

    [00:35:52] We have a one day live virtual event to create your signature offer, and we have our your Signature Offer Leaders program, which is opening up in the end of February as well. And I would love to link arms with you and give you my system to make sure that you are creating your signature offer and process to become the undisputed leader in your space.

    [00:36:16] I would love to do that for you. Okay. I hope you guys have a great afternoon or morning or night wherever you’re listening to, whenever you’re listening to this, and I’ll look forward to talking to you again soon. Bye-bye for now.



    Episode 166: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Business Opportunities and Tools To Work Remotely – with April Beach

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    • Local businesses affected by COVID-19
    • Small to midsize businesses ready to scale online
    • Entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand and ready to hyper-focus for big results


    There’s no doubt that COVD-19 will affect how some businesses run. These are hard times, but on this show, we’re talking about great opportunities to grow and scale your business online. These strategies will help you continue to reach and serve your clients while developing new streams of income and developing a new business model that leads to more lifestyle and location freedom for small business owners. 


    1. How to meet with your clients virtually
    2. Software to work as a team online
    3. 5 things you can do right now to grow your brand from home
    4. How brick and mortar stores can sell products creatively

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    Full Show Transcript:

    you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator A probe Age Hi there and welcome to the show Episode number 166 of The Sweet Life Entrepreneur A podcast and I’m April Beach Super glad to be talking to you. Not super glad to be talking about this topic, but we are finding the silver lining in today’s show. We’re actually going to dive in and talk about some really awesome business opportunities within the circumstance we find ourselves in with Cove in 19 across the world.
    Now, if we don’t know each other yet in April. Beach, founder of the Sweet Life Company and Baby Plundering and host here of the Sweet Life Entrepeneur, a podcast have three awesome teenage boys at home. My husband’s an entrepreneur, and it’s always gonna be connected with you. I know we have a lot of new followers and new listeners, so thank you so much for tuning into this show. In a nutshell. I help women scale their business in a strategic way that helps you actually create lifestyle freedom while building a multi six figure company.
    And so the strategy is that we talk about here on the show are to give you the steps to do that. This is a business development and business coaching podcast off the show. Notes from today’s episode can be found by visiting Suite Life Podcast Don con Okay, this is what you can expect on today’s show. We’re diving into business opportunities and how to find a silver lining with Kobe had 19. I am going to cover what to do if you are a local business, where you serve people face to face and you actually are used to seeing them physically.
    Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you go to your clients, we’re talking about different ways that you can continue to grow your business and serve your clients. During this time, we are also going to cover different ways to connect with your team and continue to communicate, to continue to grow your business, and I’m going to dive into very specific strategies for those of you who are independent entrepreneurs and Sola preneurs Thio focus on things that you can be doing to grow yourself and your company during this time as well as we’re gonna wrap up the show.
    And I’m gonna share with you personal things that you could be doing to grow as a professional. And then if you’re interested at the end of the show, I’m gonna be diving images, sharing some personal behind the scenes, just opening the front door of the beach house of our house and sharing with you some of the preparation that we do. Why we do certain preparation for certain emergency instances here in the beach house and also some scripture that I share with my kids to help sustain them and help them to feel strong and confident and at peace during really crazy times that we’re facing right now.
    So we’re gonna dive into all the business strategy first. I’d love it. If you are interested, you’ll hang out with me and tell the end, and I’m gonna share with you behind the scenes here at the beach house. This particular show is perfect for you. If you do have an established business that serves clients face to face. If you go to work at a place where you’re working with other people and a co working space. If you are not really sure how to continue to do your job and actually grow your company when you can’t see people face to face and it’s for all of you,
    Mom is out there just like me who are thinking big picture more than just about your business, about your life and your strategies and how to continue with the momentum that you’ve already experienced in 2020. If that is you, then stay tuned and very specifically for those of you guys who listen your faithful listeners, you know what phase of my lifestyle entrepreneur road map that you are in This particular show is tagged for every single phase of my life. So entrepreneur road map. Those were the five phases of business designed launch and growth.
    If you aren’t sure where you are, you’re welcome to go back to the show notes and take a quiz, and you can find out what exact phase of business growth and development urine and receive very specific tips to grow your business. Beyond that point, we usually tag each episode here on the suite Life podcast. So you know whether or not a particular business. Training applies to where you are in business right now, so you aren’t getting distracted or sidetracked. So this particular episode, of course, does apply to every single phase of business development in my lifestyle.
    Entrepreneur Road map For those of you guys that are wondering, Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s episode. First things first. I want to talk to those guys with local businesses. So if you have a business where you serve somebody face to face, maybe you’re a realtor. If you’re a massage therapist, maybe you are a counselor or a trainer, and you are used to actually having people interact with you at locally. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a brick and mortar store, but you’re used to interacting with people locally.
    Here are some suggestions and some things that you could do to continue to serve your clients during this time. These are business development strategies that we talk about all the time with established business owners. So here’s a little background of this and why this isn’t a downer. This is a really cool strategic opportunity here. I actually work with businesses, local businesses to help them scale their company by offering virtual service is right. Now, you find yourself if you have done that yet in a place where you’re forced to do that.
    But I want to let you know that what you might be forced to dio is a business strategy that we use all the time to help companies grow and actually make more money by offering a combination of local service is and virtual service is So here are some suggestions so that you can actually start tapping in already to the opportunities of online business scaling even if you didn’t want to. Okay, so the very first thing I recommend if you haven’t started this yet,
    is start to create a calendar online. And I’m gonna give a lot of different links to online software you can use in our show notes.
    So don’t worry about that. You can cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 and I will put the leaks of all of this software that I’m gonna recommend.
    But the function I want you to do is to set up an online calendar if you don’t have one Yet for your business.
    This gives people in your established clients an opportunity to book with you online. At that point in time,
    meet with your clients virtually in a video call. This is how I work with clients all over the world.
    And I have for over 12 years this is not something new. And if you haven’t tapped into this yet,
    believe me, as soon as you start meeting with people, virtually you’re gonna love it. You might not even want to go back.
    So start setting up virtual meetings. If you have a group of people that you’re used to serving, maybe you can’t show up to speak in an event.
    Maybe you’re not able to teach a group of people like you had planned or to coach your host something that you had planned locally.
    Maybe it’s a weekly class that you’ve done. I recommend that use. Do you think about creating a short term virtual online group again?
    I’ll put all these links for you, but couple examples are a pop up Facebook group. You can create a Facebook community for his long or a short as you want.
    Facebook does a really great job of helping you to connect with people and be able to serve them in Facebook communities.
    In addition to Facebook, there are also other platforms, which I love. 1st 1 is disciple disciples,
    an amazing on my platform where you can actually create in a community of your clients and customers and that you can connect with them and continue to serve them virtually an linked in Does a pretty good job with groups linked in is trying thio.
    Continue to emphasize groups on Lincoln as well. If you find the majority of your customers are on LinkedIn,
    then consider creating a short term linked in Group two. In fact, connect with your customers and provide virtual consulting and virtual service is to them.
    Idea. Number three. Go back to old school phone calls. You guys, I think somewhere along the way we lost the power of getting on the phone with somebody.
    It might not be a landline with a curly cord connected to the wall, but getting on the phone and connecting with your customers is a really powerful way to continue to serve them,
    hear what they’re saying, understand their struggles and continue to coach them or consult them or provide service is to them if you have products that you sell.
    So I’m talking to specifically to those of you guys who have a brick and mortar store with products, and you might even have a little bit of an online store.
    But your primary business is having people walk through your door and see the face to face you can during this time when people might not be out in about as much as they have before.
    How about featuring your products through live streams like a show and tell? How about showing up a couple of times a day from your business Facebook page from your instagram page and holding up one of the products talking about the products,
    the features of the products? It’s like the Home Shopping network thing. This is kind of what I’m thinking about.
    What an amazing way to talk to your customers about new items that just landed in your store that you know that they need anyway.
    Show up on Facebook live, show up on Instagram and do a video about a product you can even give a virtual tour of your store,
    and then I have a call to action for people that pick up the phone and call you in. Order that product over the phone.
    That’s for those of you guys that don’t have a virtual store yet. We’re going old school. They can pick up the phone.
    They can say, I really want that bag. It’s so cute and I can’t go in there and buy it.
    But I love the way it looks. Can I please buy it from you? You can ring them up through your online.
    Check out that you might have through PayPal or square up or any other online process it or that you have,
    and you can drop it in the mail. To them, this is a great way to increase your social media falling to continue to build a relationship with your clients and to continue to sell products if you have a local store.
    And, of course, if you have an online store and you haven’t really been able to have focused on that because you might have a local store as well.
    Now is amazing opportunity to really emphasize your online store and to do some other natural interaction through social media to increase your sales again great places to do in these live product show and tells our Facebook instagram LinkedIn.
    And if you have a high Twitter following, you might be able to get some traction as well on Twitter.
    What a creative, fun, disruptive way to continue to be in your customers lives moving on. Four.
    Those of you guys that have a team that you run you need to connect with your team. Here are some different platforms that you can use to continue to grow your team that will benefit you in the long run.
    Even when you come back together locally, you can use slack. It’s a great way to chat with teams you can use.
    Streak Streak is a plug in to Gmail for business that has your pipelines in your sails, and many people can tap into where customers are in the process,
    virtually through email by using streak. There are also other platforms, like Facebook, workplace, Vasana and Trail.
    Oh, and we’ll make sure that we put all the links to every single one of these platforms for you in the show notes.
    So if you’re driving your car right now or you’re busy and you can’t write this down. Just cruise over to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 and I’ll make sure that we’re sharing all of these really simple and powerful software platforms that can help you grow your business,
    serve your clients virtually and continue to connect with your team. Okay, now let’s switch gears a little bit.
    Now I want to talk to those of you guys specifically who are already entrepreneurs. You may already work from home.
    You may already have the laptop lifestyle Freedom. Congratulations to you If you do that, I can’t even tell you how grateful I am right now for the fact that I don’t have to leave the house.
    It is just a feeling of peace for me. And so if you have that as well, I’m grateful for you.
    If you do not have that, please hit me up here. You can send me a direct email to podcast at sweet life co dot com,
    and we’re happy to work with you to establish that sort of a business model in your company as well.
    For those of you guys who already have this business model, this is a really amazing time to start hyper focusing on what you need to be doing to continue to grow your personal and or your business brand.
    So some things that I want to challenge you. So you listeners other. You guys know you Are you private Listening to this podcast for a long time?
    You’re a coach or a service based consultant. You are really ready to continue to press in and grow your business.
    You might even have had big plans of what you were supposed to be doing in your company over the next couple of months.
    They might be getting a bit sidetracked Right now. I want to challenge you to do a couple of things to grow your business.
    During this time. Number one I want to talk to those of you guys who specifically know you have a book in you.
    Sometimes we need something disruptive like this in life to make us set aside the timeto outline or write that book.
    If you’ve had a book inside you and you find this time that is inspiring for you to sit down and write it.
    I want to encourage you to do that for those of you guys who’ve just been busy in the busy work of serving clients.
    You know what I mean? You’re busy in the busy work. You’re constantly serving clients. You have very little time to actually work on business about men.
    I want you to look at your weeks. Look, att. Some of the changes. Maybe you don’t have to be driving around as much taking your kids to all their activities.
    Maybe. You know, you aren’t going out to go to Costco to go shopping groceries getting delivered to you.
    The silver lining here. You’ve eyes. Is it? This situation with Cove in 19 is actually giving us the gift of time.
    Time to be home. Time to think about what’s important time to be with those people We love time to focus on our health and time to focus on our business.
    All right, So if you’ve been busy in the busy work with your business, I want to challenge you to sit down and start thinking about outlining new packages.
    Higher level service is deeper offers with better results. I want you to sit down. Look at what you’re offering and consider bringing your business to the next level by creating new offers,
    New packages. New service is your new programs. Take this time to brainstorm. Look at what people are buying and what they’re still challenged with and consider what you’re selling.
    I also want to encourage you that if you haven’t yet, now is a really great time to set up a virtual coffee.
    So we talked about this in last week’s podcast episode. Excuse me an episode number 1 64 We talked about this.
    So two weeks ago we talked about how to connect with people in a deeper way locally, and one of them was to create a smaller mastermind in set up virtual coffee with business colleagues.
    Do that now find five different people. If you don’t know them, reach out to them and Facebook groups or an instagram and ask them if they want to chill and have coffee with you.
    Talk shop, help each other out, really create business relationships with people that understand what it’s like to be exclusively in online entrepreneur.
    Another opportunity. I want to encourage you in. Have you been avoiding doing live streams because you’re not comfortable?
    Now is the time to get comfortable. I want to encourage you to do be doing more lives, dreams to connect with your audience.
    Maur to be sharing may be behind the scenes a little bit about what you’re doing in your company. Whatever that looks like to you,
    now is a great time. Thio Face any fears you might have had of going on video and going live in really encouraging your connection with your audience virtually and then just a couple other pro tips for you.
    Now is an amazing time to be pitching podcasts. Working on your media pack, working on your signature talk If you’ve been putting these things out,
    if you’ve been putting out booking yourself on podcasts or booking yourself on stage is, now is the time to dive into that because there’s always you can continue to grow your business virtually,
    and you are now given the gift of time. We’re looking again at the positives in this situation here.
    I know there are a lot of really sad and terrible things happening right now, but I wanted to create a show where we’re looking at the positives here together.
    Okay, now I want to give you some specific suggestions based on industry of different ways where you can utilize the opportunities here.
    First of all, if you’re a therapist or a psychologist or a counselor or a life coach uses time to help your clients find peace and grow internally,
    obviously you’re a psychologist or therapist. You already know that you’re the expert in that. Not me, but one of the things.
    And there are some regulations of what you can do based on your licensing. One of things you could do is hosting a virtual group,
    meeting or hosting a session where people can come together. They can share some concerns that they might be having together and really be able to talk about that.
    You could do that in zoom meeting rooms, and you can do that and go to meeting and a bunch of other software we’re gonna give you.
    The resource is to check out. But the point here is people are turning to you. People are looking to you because they need to find strengthen themselves and so looking at the situation,
    and I think it’s okay to not continue business as usual, or at least to look at what else can be done to connect us in a time where we might felt isolated or disconnected,
    and many people feel scared again. I know that there are certain regulations to that. For example, I called my child’s both my kids counselor who doesn’t have the ability to meet with them virtually because I didn’t want to bring my kids into the medical offices.
    So I do know there are some regulations to that that based on the regulations you have, I just really wanna encourage those of you who can to be creating an opportunity to bring people together in that.
    So it’s one business idea for you. If you’re in marketing, how can you help your clients create campaigns that work with Cove in 19?
    I’m not saying make a joke of it, but you’re the creators. You guys are marketing geniuses. How can you help your clients actually start talking about the situation,
    working with the situation, other than possibly ignoring it, pretending like it isn’t there? Or maybe that’s a terrible strategy.
    Maybe they do need to ignore it because it would be detrimental to their particular business if they honed in on that sort of,
    ah, of a negative focused again, you’re the experts. But consider helping your clients creating campaigns in response to this,
    or creating a business strategy with intentionally not focusing on this. For example, if you have a client that has a cruise ship,
    then you’re probably not gonna be talking about Cove in 19. But there are other marketing campaigns that that can be built on.
    If you have a physical product, you can increase your sales by making alterations to what you offer how you bundle your packages.
    Think about that. So if you sell, you know diffusers and CBD oil and you know in different hair bows for kids.
    Can you make packages? And can you market your packages? Can you create new products based on what people want right now with other things that are happening?
    And I want you to think creatively outside of the box? What can you do to create, or how can you alter what you already have in order to meet people’s names?
    If you’re in real estate, can you offer those virtual home tourist for your clients? So where you’re taking your cell phone,
    your face, timing them, Or maybe you’re going through each one of the homes that you have under your less teen and you’re doing video tours of the homes with your commentating,
    so it’s very personal. It’s just like you were there taking a client through a home. But instead they don’t have to be there.
    You can facetime them. They can say, Hey, can you go back? I want I want to see that room again and you can walk them through there.
    So really thinking outside of the box and disrupting business is normal in order to provide a really great amazing service and continue to grow your company.
    If you’re a travel blogger, what can you do? The highlight. Different things that people can do at home in the area outside.
    You know, these are all specific suggestions for you, and I want you to really be thinking outside of the box in different ways.
    You can continue to serve your clients, continue to increase your sales and continue to grow your business during this crazy time.
    Okay, and that ends our time together today, where we’re talking about strategies to bring your local business online during this time,
    different ways to connect with your team different outside of the box ideas to continue to grow your service is and continue to serve your clients.
    And, of course, for those of you were established online entrepreneurs already, we talked about different things that you could do to really focus in and bringing your brand to the next level during this time and for all the show notes from this episode,
    please cruise over to sweet Life podcast dot com forward slash 1 66 where you’ll also find business help to learn to grow in scale,
    your business online in different opportunities where we can help you do that immediately if needed. And if you’re interested in hearing the personal side of some of the preparations were doing,
    the things were focusing on as a family and how we’re helping our kids just hang on tight and I’ll be right back.
    Okay, welcome to the beach house. I’m opening the front door and sharing with you some pretty personal stuff regarding this episode.
    This issue that we’re all dealing with globally and just sharing with you. For those few were interested in a little bit about how how we deal with us,
    how we prepare for things like this, and so In order to give you some background, I need to tell you a story which many of you do not know.
    I don’t talk about it very often. But my youngest son, Samuel, was born with very severe food allergies.
    And at a very young age, I learned that if there was ever an emergency that the American Red Cross couldn’t feed him,
    he really could eat nothing in. So from the time he was a baby, I’ve always had stockpiles of food because I’ve had this deep rooted mama fear that he’s going to starve if they’re Waas something that happened in 2011.
    I believe it was. We were here in the 100 year flood in Colorado and I was very glad that we did have food supply because we needed it.
    And so we are very prepared as a family. There are reasons why we’re very prepared. I wish that I didn’t have to walk through is a mom and my son didn’t have to walk through all the scary times that he did.
    Is is a young kid with severe allergies, but because of those things, there’s always beauty in the ashes,
    you know, because of those things were always very prepared. So if you’re curious here in the beach house,
    yes, we have lots of supplies, but I want to encourage you to do whatever you feel is comfortable.
    You need to do what brings you peace. Obviously, they’re different guidelines or recommendations based on what country you live in in what your government recommends that you have.
    But I just want to encourage you, too, do you? And to find peace in whatever brings you peace.
    There are a few cool things that you could be doing at home with your kids, like maybe reading a series of books that you’ve never been able to dive into.
    I was just thinking of reading Call the Wild with my kids because I know the movie is out, and I haven’t read that since I was a kid.
    My boys have never read it, so I know there are a lot of things that I think about.
    It’s almost like what you think about if you’re stuck in a blizzard for a long time, all the fun things we could do at home.
    We as a family love Qattan. We absolutely, totally geek out on that game. And so we play a lot of Qattan,
    and there are multiple different things that you can do at home to really make this time with your kids super special in.
    So if you find yourself where you stuck at home, I don’t know if you will be when you listen to the show and I’m hoping that none of us have to be.
    But if we find ourselves a bit isolated, there are some really fun things that we could do to find the silver lining and to connect with each other more deeply.
    And I just want to encourage you guys to do that. And although this is not a Christian business podcast,
    I’m very transparent, and you guys know that I’m a Christian, even though I love using the F word and costing a lot as well that really trips a lot of people up any out.
    I’m not shy about that. And so one of the things that we’ve been doing is sharing with her two kids different scripture that they can stand on when they’re feeling afraid in giving them a couple of different tools every single day before they leave the house and I just want to share with you.
    This is very personal. I’m not saying that every family needs to do this, but I want to share with you guys what I do every day before I send my kids Doctor school.
    Besides the basic, you know, making sure their address didn’t have shoes on and something to eat every single day before they leave,
    we pray over them. We plead the blood of Jesus over them. And now I also anoint them with oil and those air things that based on Scripture.
    Lord says that as parents we have authority to do for our kids to help protect them in the world,
    not just in times like this, and honestly, shame on me for really ramping it up. Doing it now,
    in times when, you know, it could be a little sketch to send him out in the world.
    I should be doing this every day, but this is what we’re doing now. And they just wanted to close out and read you guys really cool little excerpt from Jesus Colleen on March the 10th.
    This is the day that I’m recording this show, so I thought I would just read for you guys real quickly here.
    It said what it says. It says your mind for all time and beyond time into eternity. No power can deny your inheritance in heaven.
    Even if you falter, is you journey through life. I will never let go of your hand. And that’s just a short little snippet from Jesus calling.
    And I have clients with many face. I serve and I connect, and I am very good friends with women who believe a variety of different things.
    And so I’m just sharing with you behind the scenes what we do as a family, and I just want to encourage you to tap into your piece to your source.
    During this time, we’re really strategic on a business building side, but we and you’ve heard me talk about this.
    If you’ve listened to this show for three years, I don’t believe in work. Life balance. I believe in building companies that harmoniously connect with each other,
    and now is just a CZ important to talk about that. So that’s today’s show. Thank you so much for hanging out with me.
    I adore you. I hope you found the strategy is helpful I hope those view establish entrepreneurs. Her listening you felt challenged to bring your brand to the next level during this time,
    focus on some things, maybe even putting on the back burner. And there are a lot of software.
    Resource is for you here in this show. You don’t have to remember them all. I will make sure that we have links to every single software resource for you to check out whether your new toe online business or you have been doing online business serving your clients online for a long time.
    I’ll make sure all the resources are in the show notes. You could find those show notes by visiting suite Life podcast dot com board slash one 66.
    Thanks so much, You guys, I’ll talk to you next week.
    That’s all folks!

    Episode 147: How to Become A Podcast Guest And Land (Almost) Any Show You Want To Grow Your Business – with April Beach [Episode 147]

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    Episode Highlights:
    1. The 3 steps to land your podcast guest dream spots
    2. The secrets to what podcast host are REALLY looking for
    3. Exactly what to say when you pitch a host
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    Speaking is the most powerful way to grow your business. In fact, every time you get on a stage.. be it a podcast or a local venue… your business will grow.

    Last week, my friend Pete Vargas was on the show and we broke down the exact steps to outline your signature talk. This week I’m giving you the exact steps to land almost any podcast guest spot you want.

    In this episode, I guide you through 3 simple steps to land any podcast, but of course, we go deeper so you really (really) know what you’re doing.

    I also reveal the secrets to what podcast hosts are looking for when they accept guests, and I get very transparent about what not to do when pitching yourself for a show.

    If you’ve been in business for years, or you haven’t launched your business yet, podcast guesting is a powerful way to get started.

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