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    Episode 212: 8 Steps to Create Your Leading Coaching Method, Process, or Framework – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

    Episode Bonuses:

    Grab the 8 Steps to Create Your Leading Process or Method here

    Who This Episode is Great For:

    Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale your business but lack a method, process or framework that delivers the transformational results your clients receive.


    You’re good at what you do, but you may be struggling to scale, get noticed or establish undisputed leadership. I often find this is because you’re lacking a proven method, process or framework that scales your business to the top. 
    Though most business coaches don’t talk about method development, it’s usually the first place we start to get our clients results. Without a method, you’ll struggle to scale, become known and you could risk not delivering the transformational results you should be able to guarantee. 
    In this show we’re expanding on concepts we’ve previously taught on Leading Offer™ creation and diving deep into leading methodologies. 

    At the end of this episode you will:

    1. Determine your need for creating your unique method or process
    2. Have 8 clear steps to follow to jump start your method creation
    3. Understand how YOUR METHOD is the core of all services, offers and the future to scale

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    Grab the 8 Steps to Create Your Leading Process or Method here
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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Aaron, welcome back to the show. This is episode number 212. And today we are talking about eight steps to create your leading method or framework. I’m April, each founder of the Sweetlife company and host here for the past four plus years on the Sweetlife life entrepreneur and business podcast.

    And I’m super glad you’re tuned in today. This is a really important topic and something I’m incredibly passionate about something that I teach frequently. And so I’m glad to dive into it more on today’s show. So, first of all, if you’re new to listening to this show, we tag every single episode based on the phase of business that you’re in. I want to make sure that the things we’re talking about in the business trainings,

    we’re delivering align with what you should be working on right now in your business. So each episode is tagged with a phase based on my start to scale up business system. If you are not sure what phase of business you’re in cruise over to sweet life forward slash quiz. Again, that’s, Sweetlife forward slash quiz. And just answer six simple questions.

    You will learn the phase of business that you’re in and you’ll know exactly what you should be focusing on right now to grow and scale your business faster. So this particular episode is strategically designed for those of you in phases, two or three of the start to scale up system. Some of you may also know my business system as a suite life entrepreneur business system or roadmap.

    And so this is the same system that we’ve had for years and so glad to be able to help you hone in and get focused on what you should be working on right now. So in today’s episode, we are talking to those of you guys who may lack a method or process or framework that delivers transformational results to your clients. So if you’re ready to scale your business,

    but you’re lacking a method or a framework, we’re going to run into some problems. And so that’s why, what we’re talking about here is so important because you’re probably incredibly good at what you do, but you might be struggling to scale or get noticed or establish undisputed leadership. And I often find this is because you are lacking a proven method or a process or a framework that scales your business to the top,

    but by doing so, you’re getting your people, your clients, these amazing predictable transformational results. That’s why we need a method. And honestly, most business coaches don’t talk about method development, but it’s usually the first place we start with our clients because without a method you are going to struggle to grow your business and other areas, but with a method we can exponentially scale your business across all levels,

    across your offers in the content that you’re talking about. And so creating this methodology is usually the first step that we want to talk about. The first area that we look at in the process of working with companies that are really ready to take it to the next level and really ready to lead in your niche. So at the end of this episode, you will determine your need for creating a unique method or process.

    You’re going to have eight clear steps to follow, to jumpstart the creation of your method or your process. And you’re going to understand how your method is the core of all the other services, your leading offers and your leading programs, and really the future of scaling your business. In addition to what I’m talking about here on the show, I’m also giving you a free resource.

    We do this oftentimes with most of our episodes, you’re going to get some really cool free tools. This episodes free tool is literally a worksheet that guides you through the eight steps to create your method. And so you can grab that by going to sweet life forward slash method. And of course we will have all these resources in the show notes for you.

    So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and dive on into today’s show.<inaudible> Okay. First things first, let’s talk about having a method and why it’s important. Having a method is important because this means that you are creating a system that guarantees predictable transformational, measurable results, every single time to your clients and in doing so, you’re going to increase your efficiency and you’re going to be able to better systematize and scale your business and your clients are going to get predictable transformational results.

    Your clients are going to know what to expect in working with you, and then it has even more compound amazing effects. So you’re going to be able to create a team that you can scale, and you can train other coaches if that’s within your business model based on your method. So for example, in my company, in the Sweetlife company, one of our methods is called sweet live launch.

    It’s a 90 day launch system. I’ve taught this system for over 12 years. I have other expert business consultants that I have trained on my method, and it’s very easy for them to follow. So when you have a method, you can actually train other coaches in your method and you have just created exponential results, like dropping a stone into a Lake.

    And these ripple effects of going out of how many more businesses you can touch. And it really all starts with creating your method. And then you’re also able to become known and in a sea of much noise, it’s really important that we have your message clear and people know what your Ninja skill is, what your superpower is. And by creating your method,

    that is the first step. One of the first steps that we do in the process of helping you to become known and stand out in your space. And then once you have your unique method created, you are able to create a suite of offers around it. These could be programs or products or books or leading talks all around your method. So the method is like the center of the earth.

    The method is the core of what you’re known for what your superpower is. And then we build your leading program. Services offers your leading suite of products all around this, including all the other big dreams that I know you have because you’re an entrepreneur or you’re a creator. So you’re always creating all these things in your mind that you want to do truly it starts with your method.

    So let’s go ahead and dive a little bit more into what a method is and why it’s important. And then I’m going to download you on these eight steps. And of course, don’t forget to grab the worksheet that goes along with forward slash method. It’s going to be really helpful for you to implement the things that we’re talking about here on today’s show.

    So a method is basically a set of principles and tools and processes that guide your clients to achieve a particular transformational result. Your unique coaching method is developed from your IP, your intellectual property, your experience, your expertise, but then also your beliefs and your systems and your processes that you use within your coaching process to support your clients. So it’s your technique,

    it’s your system. It’s your way, it’s your method of getting people results. Now let’s just talk for a sec because there’s also another terminology that’s put out there that I work with clients to develop as well. And it’s called a framework. A method really is your unique way, your unique style of bringing people to Results. Whereas a framework is more of a structure.

    It’s more of a loose system that allows for movement within that system, where your clients can bring in their own tools, their own system, their own information to be organized and better understood within the guidance of your framework. So frameworks, examples, you know, can be concepts or core principles or thought processes, even blueprints that people can build upon or springboard from.

    In one instance, I’ve heard it referred to as we’re a framework is a noun. Whereas your method is a verb. If that helps you to kind of separate them. And honestly, clients work with me to develop their method and their framework. So a great example of this is a client of ours. Grace, who’s a founder of the Grace has both a genius framework that she delivers within her incubator program and her unique method known as the zone of grace that guides our clients through core principles to achieve the highest business in life.

    Results. And also just so you know, at the end of this episode, and we’re going to dive into the teaching here, but in the end of this episode, I’m going to share some of the frameworks that I’ve created within my companies that I’ve owned. And they’re truly the reason why we scaled past seven figures in multiple occasions. It’s because people know what to expect because we have a very clear framework of what we do and people know what to expect from us.

    So let’s go ahead and dive into these eight steps to create your method or framework. Step. Number one is truly honing in on your ideal client. Now this might be like, thank you, captain obvious. I know I have to do that for most of you that are in the scale phase of your business. But when we’re talking about your method,

    it actually might be a little bit harder. You might be like my friend, Brian Fanzo calls, like he’s like team, no niche where he can get a lot of different companies in a lot of different areas, great results. And that’s terrific wherever it is, whoever you’re serving, we do need to hone in on who the ideal buyers are. They don’t have to be all the same people,

    but what pain point or deep desire is your method solving or is your framework delivering really, really focused? Maybe not so much on the people themselves, but on the problem or the deep desire. That’s what people buy. They buy a serious pain point. They need help overcoming or a deep desire that they want incredibly badly. So step number one is really deciding what solution,

    what pain point is my method going to solve or deliver. And then step number two is actually laying out what I call the transformation story or your transformation timeline. And it’s your job as the teacher, as a leader to lay this out. And this is identifying where people are right now and where they’re going to be when they are done working with you.

    When they’re done experiencing your method, following your framework, following your roadmap, blueprint process, those are all different interchangeable words we use for this type of coaching. And a couple of questions you should ask yourself, how is my method? How’s my framework or my process going to improve their life? How can it increase their sales, improve their business? Does it improve their efficiency?

    Does it give them more clarity? Does it give them better health and wellness? Does it help them to serve more clients and scale their business faster? There is going to be a transformation that your people go through along the route of following your method or your framework. And it’s your job to actually lay out that transformation and determine where are they going to be when they are done with this transformation.

    It’s our responsibility. As teachers, as coaches and consultants, as leaders to define the end result that we are going to take people through and it’s our job to get them there. That’s also why having a method is so incredibly important so that you can guarantee predictable results within your programs. And then step number three is to pinpoint the problems and define the process.

    Now, along that transformation timeline of creating your method, there are problems and your problems become what I call your benchmarks along that way. But one of the things I want to caution you on is that these problems, these mini solutions or points of knowledge that you’re teaching them along, guiding them through your process, they can be both physical problems and psychological problems.

    So here’s an example. I want to give you a client of mine. She has an amazing method that I helped her design and create called the convergence method. So Ariana grace is her name and she has the convergence method. And we developed her method specifically because she helps Christian course creators get their students better Results but Ariana realized that it wasn’t just what the people needed to learn,

    that there were some spiritual blocks that people were experiencing going along through these courses. So Arianna’s method that she designed helps, Christian course creators, get their students better results by pinpointing the problems along the way that identify both the physical and the psychological needs within that method. So that’s an example of how you, when you’re creating your method should be thinking, I’m not just giving these business results,

    or I’m not just giving these health results or these financial results, but what are the psychological needs that are happening? That what’s the mindset behind what I’m taking my students through as well, because it is just as important in some cases, based on what your teaching or your area of expertise to pinpoint both along the creation line of your establishing your method. And then number four is to actually produce your method,

    outline, create your method plan, really sit down, get to work, outline your method, create the plan and make sure that you are at the end of the day saying, I know that I know that I know that I outlined this in a way that people are going to get the results that I promise when they follow my method, my process,

    or work within my framework. Number five is to pace yourself and really think about it. How long is it going to take somebody to get results within your method? And this is not necessarily even talking about the business model of your method, but still talking about the process in which someone needs to follow and how long can your clients, can your students expect?

    So number five is to pace yourself and to define how long it’s going to take somebody to get results within your method. Number six is to brand the heck out of it. So give it a great name, a name like Arianna’s, that is the convergence method, or like my other client, grace, which is the zone of grace, given an amazing name that is yours.

    And nobody can take from you and it separates you from everybody else. But it’s also clear about what it is that your method delivers. So pick a name, brand it, own it, share it with the world. Number seven is really getting in and having testing, testing, and traction for your method. This is really committing to those first people that you are testing your method on.

    That’s what we do. You need to make sure that you apply it to the world, but then you’re also committed to listen, get feedback, listen to your students in perfected. The first time we put something out there in the world, it’s not going to be perfect things, evolve our methods, our programs, our systems, all evolve. And that’s a process of growing as a leader while we’re,

    while we’re growing our students and our clients as well is always being, being willing to listen, always being willing to have feedback and really taking a look at the method that you’ve presented and making sure that that is for sure working, getting the feedback from people that are in your process and in your method and testing it and making sure it’s getting traction and that they’re getting results.

    And then step number eight is to scale and exponentially increase your profit. While in most cases you can decrease your time by choosing business models that scale. So number eight is scale and increase profit in double down and use your hard work and your method to create leading offers, programs, suites of offers and services that can scale your business exponentially. This is when you know what,

    if you’ve nailed your method, maybe it’s time to write a book on it. If you’ve nailed your method, let’s turn it into your leading talk. There’s so many other things that we can do once you nail your method, your process, your unique methodology, that gives people amazing. World-class transformational results. That’s what we’re talking about here. That’s what we do as a company.

    If you want to work with us, you can always work with us as well to develop your method and process. That’s what we’re here for. And that’s what I want to talk about today. On, on today’s show is really emphasizing the importance of creating your method and why every single coach or consultant or service-based provider needs a method that you can rely on and that your people can trust.

    So let’s do a really quick recap. We talked about eight steps to create your method or framework. First one was choosing your ideal client. Second one was laying out for transformation. Third one was pinpointing the problems and defining both the physical and the psychological needs that your method has to deliver. The fourth is producing your method outline and your method plan. The fifth is pacing yourself and determining the timeline.

    The six is picking your name and branding it. The seventh is testing and traction and the eighth is scaling exponentially. And so that’s a recap of why creating your method, your process, your framework is so important. And I told you, if you hung out until the end, I’m going to give you some examples of some of the methods that we have created as a program creator as a method creator.

    Of course, I honestly have like a method for everything, but let me just share a couple of them with you so you can get your wheels spinning as well as you’re thinking about creating yours. So for example, my 90 day business launch system is called Sweetlife launch. My five phase business design launch and scale roadmap is the one we use here in the beginning of our podcast.

    That’s the one that outlines all the five phases of business design, launch and scale. And it’s a long-term roadmap. Clients follow our roadmap for years. I have clients that are in phase three and four, and they’ve been there for five years. It’s the whole life cycle of a lifestyle, highly profitable business. We call that the sweet life business roadmap,

    and it’s also referred to, and the tech side of it as the start to scale up system, that’s our framework. And so, for example, if you’re a podcaster, I love teaching other podcasts is to figure out a way to tag your episodes so that you can organize them. And you can really build a relationship with people in certain, with certain tags and then funnel them into your programs.

    But you guys can do this for anything. You don’t have to be a podcaster to do this, but this is another example of why having a system, a process, a framework is so incredibly important. Another example is my process to teach entrepreneurs and experts, to develop your method and your leading offer and your leading programs. And it’s called my method creation system.

    And then the last one, but definitely not least is my three step proprietary process. That turns everyday entrepreneurs into undisputed leaders who live life on their terms. And that’s called my sweet life entrepreneur system. So see, there’s like a method to everything, but these are things that I have learned and built over decades of coaching other businesses. These didn’t come overnight.

    So going back to yours, your first step is to define what you want to be known for who you’re serving and create your method and talk about it, share it, share that you have a method. This develops a higher level of trust between your audience and you between your potential clients, because they know you’ve taken the time to develop a method. If you are one business and you might be doing Facebook ads and you say,

    Hey listen, but we have a method of getting our clients results and you spell it out versus your competitor who also might do Facebook ads. Obviously it’s just an example, might do Facebook ads, but they just kind of put some services on their website. Let me tell you what I’m going with one with the method, because I trust that you have laid out the process to get me results.

    That’s why a method is so incredibly important. Okay. Here is a couple of resources for you to take action on this now. So we want you to listen to this show and then we need to take action on it. Again, the first thing is grab the eight step guide to develop your method. You can grab that by going to sweet life

    forward slash method. The second thing we have for you is depending on when you listen to this show, we host a one-day live virtual event on creating your leading offer or method. So I will put this in the show notes for you, but you can join our one day live virtual event and creating your leading offer or method by going to Sweetlife forward slash leading offer event.

    And if you listen to this, if you subscribe to this podcast and listen to it real time tickets for that event for the whole day right now are on sale for only $77. It’s crazy. So again, Sweetlife forward slash leading offer event. And I’m going to be helping you build out your methodology that day. It’s going to be amazing day.

    And of course, if you are not yet on clubhouse, I talk about this all the time on clubhouse. So I’m always hosting rooms on clubhouse regarding methodology creation and leading offer and business scaling. I would love to chat with you. So if you’re on clubhouse, follow me at April beach, get notifications turned on and I will love to talk to you and answer your direct questions about creating your method and your leading offer,

    and really, truly designing a blueprint for your business for high profit and the lifestyle you want, and then helping you reverse engineer it to actually get there. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. I dropped a lot of links and a lot of resources. There’s a lot of gold in this episode. So if you forgot every other link that we’re talking about,

    here’s the last one and everything is going to be under this one link. You’re ready. Okay. You can go to sweet life forward slash two one two. So Sweetlife forward slash two 12 in all of the show notes, the transcription for this show, the summary of this show and all the links to all the resources we’re going to drop right in there for you to make it super easy.

    You can also find the link to this show and the latest podcast by visiting us on Instagram at April beach life. All right, you guys have an awesome day. I love talking to you always thank you so much for being part of the show for so long. And if you’re a new listener here, it’s absolutely awesome to get to connect with you.

    I’ll talk to you guys