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    Episode 59: 7 Things Badass Professional Women Don’t Do – with Elena Lipson

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    Do You Want To Be A Badass Professional Woman?

    According to Elena Lipson, if you want to be a badass professional woman, there are seven things you shouldn’t do.

    Elena is the Founder of Mosaic Growth Partners who helps women gain the confidence and strategic vision to get the promotion, raise, and respect they deserve.

    In This Episode:

    While this typically a show about entrepreneurship, not every woman wants to start a business of their own or is at the point where they’re ready to take the leap.

    If you’re one of those women, this is the episode for you!

    By eliminating the seven things Elena talks about in this episode, you will get a better understanding of what you should be doing to protect yourself by setting boundaries to get what you want.

    Why You Can Expect:

    In this episode, Elena shares her story of how she unintentionally designed a business around her lifestyle and the seven things she says badass professional women do not do if they want to get ahead in their career and be respected.

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Mosaic Growth Partners

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    Elena’s Article: 7 Things Badass Professional Women Don’t Do

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