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    Episode 170: 7 Steps To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page – with Sarah Tomes and April Beach

    Sarah Tomes SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

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    Any business that wants to optimize their Facebook business page and has spent time winging it. Entrepreneurs who aren’t sure how to get more engagement on Facebook. 80% of businesses out there who are missing the basics that could be costing them thousands. 


    If you’ve created a Facebook Business Page, but you aren’t sure EXACTLY how to use it, you’re not alone. Over 80% of small businesses we meet with don’t have the basics of their page set up and could be losing thousands. In this week’s show Sarah Tomes, our in house Facebook Ads expert is delivering “7 Steps To Make Sure Your Facebook Page Is Good To Go”.


    1. How to create a catchy title banner that establishes you as a leader
    2. How and what you should be linking to in your posts (and why)
    3. What CTAs (calls to action) to use and which ones are a “no-no”
    4. The difference between Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads and how to choose the right one. 

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    Full Show Transcript:

    you’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast Simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator a probe age Hey, you guys and walk back to the show. I’m really glad you’re here. We’re diving into a topic that we’ve talked about many times previously on this show, and this is about leveraging Facebook and Instagram ads to grow your business. But specifically, what we find is a lot of people actually don’t have their Facebook business page set up in a way that’s gonna optimize the money that you’re spending on ads.
    So I asked Sarah tomes, Who’s our in house? Facebook and Instagram Add strategist and the founder of Tomes Social Media to come back into the show into chat with us. Now, this is a perfect episode for those of you guys who you haven’t established Facebook page. But you either don’t know how to use it. You kind of just threw it up there, and you’re not exactly sure the features in there and how they can help you connect with your audience or grow your audience or you have a page,
    but you haven’t leveraged the features like Facebook pixels, and you might have been spending money boosting posts with no results whatsoever. So for those guys who haven’t established business Facebook Page, this is a great show for you to make sure that you’re using the right. And then it’s also a great show for you if you have never set up your Facebook business page before we talk about the difference between business pages and personal pages. And no, some people use personal pages. Four business activities when Sarah actually breaks down.
    So we’re talking about seven steps to set up your Facebook business page and to start connecting with your perfect audience and growing your audience. We’re diving into all these steps today on the show. If you haven’t listened to the show before. Welcome. I’m April Beach on my business development strategist and host here at the Suite Life podcast in all of the show notes that we are talking about. So the links in a recap of the show can be found by cruising over to sweet life podcast dot com forward slash 170 because this is episode number 170 now,
    a quick note about the recording of this show. Right now, all of our kids were home. We’re home. My husband’s home. All three of my kids are home. Sarah’s home, her boys air home. Everybody’s home, which means that the Internet is pretty overwhelmed with band wit. And so we actually had trouble connecting and getting a great WiFi signal to record this particular podcast episode. And so because of that, instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, we actually recorded this episode for you still in our sky platform but through a Skype phone call instead of the usual video that we do so a mind sound a little bit different than our regular recordings.
    Thank you for bearing with us. Thanks for continuing to tune into the show, and I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up of it. Sounds a little different audio wise. It’s because we had to improvise, and that’s what we d’oh we’re entrepreneurs, right? But what we do, we figure out how to make it work, and we make it work. So we certainly did that on today’s show, and for those of you guys who have any questions about Facebook ads. How to set up your Facebook page in any of the things that Sarah’s talking about today On this show,
    I invite you to join us in our free small business and women entrepreneur community over on Facebook. By tapping sweet life community dot com, you can just enter that in. It will redirect you to our Facebook community. We love to connect with you there. Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show. Hey, you guys, we are back again with Sarah tomes. Sarah is the sweet life company, so she’s our companies. Go to Facebook and Instagram ads strategist. She’s the very best of what she does.
    And she frankly, she has to be to deal with us because I do a really good job of killing Facebook ads all the time. And for years, Sarah has been the one to make sure online ad strategy. It’s just X selling. She’s also the one that works with all of our clients, and so she’s always has her sleeves rolled up in our communities, and today we’re diving into how thio make your business Facebook page visible, so you’re attracting the right leads. How to use adds to connect with the right leads what the post went to post it and really overall,
    how to set up your Facebook business page to be completely optimized in acting the exact way that you want it. Thio As we’re going through here, we’re gonna talk about a lot of things, But we want you to know that if you have questions, cruise over and join us in our community. This is a totally free community for women, small business owners and entrepreneurs to join. Sarah is in there all the time. She’s always giving, giving, giving. So if you guys have a question about anything we’ve talked about today,
    join us over at sweet life community dot com and we’ll be there to support you. So, Sarah, welcome to the show. Besides, being are like superhero when it comes to Facebook and instagram ads, can you give yourself another introduction as faras? What? What else? You d’oh! Oh, hey, it’s good to be here again. I love doing these podcasts with you. It’s like girlfriend time so fun. I specialize in Facebook and instagram ads. You guys know that Facebook and Instagram with same company just a little bit different platform.
    I focus on them because they it work. They’re the most authentic way to connect your brand to the people that you want to connect with as a brand. The arrow eyes are still amazing, and I just really enjoy it. And I think the thing that I like about it the most is I, you know, had a lot of trouble with it at first because it is so complicated. I think social media is just like people don’t know what to d’oh. It’s overwhelming, and I have been able to figure it out.
    Make it easy. And I love helping people get through it and make it easy to understand. And I loving instead your community because it’s love answering questions and making sure that people don’t feel, you know, like they’re asking something that’s that’s silly. And there’s no silly questions inside of there. So that’s why you need to come join us so you can get all the help inside. Yeah, thank you so much. And you do you pour into us and what’s really interesting for those of you guys that are our listeners to the show?
    You always listen to a state, sir, has been on a ton of these episodes, and so we’ve been talking about Facebook for years. She’s always in here giving, as you guys know, but one of things we find is that these questions that might feel like stupid questions in the beginning these questions don’t just come from new entrepreneurs. These are questions that established brands established companies that do have a social media presence that are either not understanding how to leverage that. Like all of these,
    these questions come from all directions. So it’s not just you, and she is not joking you when she’s telling you she’s there to pour into you and help.
    So thank you so much. So today on the show, we’re talking about seven steps to set up your Facebook business page and make sure it’s optimized,
    meaning it’s gonna track the right people to buy from. You build a relationship from you and to establish your business,
    your brand, how you want to be established into your space. So let’s go ahead and dive into the seven different steps.
    We’re gonna roll on some of these here together, so the 1st 1 is obviously setting up your business page.
    Some of the people that we talk Thio use their personal page as a business, so shot a little bit about that.
    And then let’s talk about actually setting up a Facebook business page and and really, how to go about that?
    Yes, if you have a business, you need to have a business page. You don’t want to be running your business from your personal page.
    It’s maybe not technically against Facebook’s terms of service, but they don’t like it. I’ve heard of accounts or personal Facebook.
    Page is getting shut down for conducting business because people don’t want to see that. You know, I I know that my friends don’t want to hear about Facebook ads.
    They could care less, right, so you need to set up a business page. It’s very easy to do,
    but it also has to have a lot of elements to make sure that your audience is connecting with you.
    You have to remember that it’s essentially like a business card these days. You have to have one. You need to have a website.
    You need to have a Facebook page. People are starting to really need to be on Instagram. Now we’re finding through studies that people sometimes go to Facebook instead of Google if they are interested in your business,
    so you want to make sure that it really represents who you are. So the first thing that you need to establish is a cover photograph that’s the one of the top,
    the long photograph for most businesses. I think it’s great Thio be focusing on now, like what you’re launching,
    what product you’re pushing, what course you’re pushing, what often you’re pushing. That’s a really great way to do it.
    If you don’t want to do that, makes something that’s very clear. Concise has maybe a little bit of text,
    but not too much something that’s easy to read. But my absolute favorite timeline is not. A photo is actually a video that’s a fairly new feature to Facebook,
    where you can put a video instead of a photographed anything of you doing anything looking like a boss, like speaking at an event that would be great.
    Another way to take advantage of that timeline photo is, if you have any press accolades, that’s place to put it,
    cause someone in Milan a little be like Oh, this business has been featured in this magazine or this publication,
    and it gives credibility to your business. So the other thing that I really see people make a big mistake is your cover photo.
    So it’s a very small right, and a lot of people will put like a group shot of her team and you can’t see it or they’ll put a version of their logo.
    That’s really not easy to read if you were representing your company. If you’re the peace of your company,
    use a professional shot. Use that same shot across all of your social media channels so that you’re easily recognizable,
    whether someone’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. And I think April you had a good example of somebody who does that really well,
    is it Todd Herman. Yeah, Todd Herman does a great job of that. If you guys follow Todd Herman on Instagram or even unlinked in its his head shot,
    and then it’s a bright yellow background. So it’s super consistent, you know, across the board on all the social media platforms.
    But then it’s also really eye catching its basic. It isn’t, you know, elaborate. It’s his head shot with a yellow background,
    and it is by far like the best example that I have seen. If somebody doing that really well yet,
    yeah, that’s a really important thing to do. And just make sure that it’s very easy to see.
    You want to even look at it on a mobile phone, not just your desktop, cause it’s going to be even smaller there.
    And then it’s even smaller on Instagram. Very, very small, right? Right. And you know,
    one of the things that you’ve said to us before is that some people’s logos were really small. And so let’s talk about the use of an actual logo it in that place and what you recommend.
    Whatever version of your logo is the easiest to read in the most recognizable that has, like the most color is the one that you’re gonna want to use.
    You don’t want to use something that’s really, really busy because no one will be able to recognize you across the different channels.
    Yeah, thank you so much for saying that I love it. I love the video idea, certainly,
    and I think that would be very eye catching if I went to somebody’s Facebook page. I would certainly stop and watch what they’re doing in the video,
    for sure. So that’s step one step from our two. People want to know When should they post how frequently you know what time of day it really?
    What content should they be putting out there? What’s your take on that right now? Because this changes.
    I mean, let’s face it. We’ve recorded the show similar to this, and we’ll record more down the road and it could be totally different based on what’s happening right now,
    which is why it’s so important to stay on top of these things. Well, what’s going on right now is that Internet traffic is way up,
    right, because we’re at the time of this recording were all at home working s O. This is the ultimate time to get in front of your audience,
    So typically I would recommend about three times a week. I don’t really think it’s worth it to get worked up and feel like you have to post like,
    five times a day. You don’t. You just need to post quality content, and one thing that is very important is to make sure that if you’re posting and you’re letting somebody go off of the Facebook platform that they’re going to one of your assets,
    So they’re going to your website. They’re going to your blogged. They’re going to Anything that you own is better than sending them to an article.
    I see a lot of business owners they like, Oh wow, I found this great article on entrepreneur dot com Then entrepreneur dot com Get your traffic and they own your traffic.
    So if you could send them to your website, that is so much better. I’m not saying you don’t You can’t post things like that,
    but really try to make a habit of not doing that very much. Another type of post that is the most valuable is video posts,
    and especially if it could be video of you or what’s going on inside of your business. Video is just the most wonderful way to connect with people.
    We all grew up watching television, and we connect. We does national. We connect through video. That’s what we do.
    And Facebook loves video, and they we’ll give you preference if you use it. And I know April and I’ve had discussions about how difficult it can be too comfortable around video.
    But this is the time to do it. And you know what? You could even come inside of our group in post video and no one’s gonna judge you.
    You can come in like, bone up everything right? I love that you just said that. So before this recording,
    I just got off the phone with a perspective client for our business that wants to work with us and where she was sharing about how difficult it is to really get the routine of posting video.
    And so let me share with you guys to some of the stuff that I just said to her. So when you’re recording a video,
    whether it’s live or it’s a pretty apart of video, I want you to just imagine that you’re talking to a one person like your ideal client.
    If you’re sitting there and you’re looking at your camera, you’re looking at your laptop and you recorded a video,
    and it gets really overwhelming when you hit record. It’s because you’re imagining that you’re speaking to the potential masses,
    you know, and it gets really intimidating. You kind of forget what you’re saying so The reality is,
    is when you first go live, You guys, nobody’s gonna be there watching you. You might get one view here,
    one of you there because people aren’t used to you going live. That’s normal. It happens to everybody.
    The more you do that, the more people are gonna be like, Oh, hey, great. You know,
    Julie’s going live in and I can’t wait to see what she’s posting today or you know, any other video.
    So, you know, first of all, like just bring it back to the basics. Just imagine you’re talking to one person.
    We could do a whole nother. I won’t continue going on attention on that, but I love what Sarah said to So we have,
    like, practice going live sessions in our Facebook community, and that is literally for us to go in there and practice going live in the community before you go.
    11. Your business page. You’re totally welcome to do that in our free entrepreneur community. People do it all the time,
    and they’re like, Oh, my gosh, where do I hit this button and what I do and what I look like And can you guys hear me,
    Okay. It’s totally a place for you to practice, so we just want to share with you that you’re welcome to do that.
    Okay, So step number three is asked people to take action on your post. So what kind of action are we talking about?
    Like, what does that mean for people that might not be aware? Well, you just want to remember the Facebook is a social platform.
    And if you have social interactions with your audience, you’re going to be rewarded in the algorithm. So if I post something and I’m starting to get a lot of likes Ah,
    lot of people are commenting. They’re sharing the post than that says to Facebook. Okay, this is a good post.
    We’re going to start showing it more. Ah, lot of people make the mistake of saying, you know,
    like, comment and share, and that’s actually something Facebook does not like. So you just want to ask questions.
    You want to get them to have conversations with you and each other When they comment on your post, make sure that you reply thoughtfully.
    I see so many businesses just with very lame replies that are probably you know some sort of pot or employees.
    That’s not getting them to engage. But if they answer a question, asked him a question. Keep the ball going,
    make it like a volley and that we will really get things going now when you were doing a Facebook alive and you can say something like,
    you know, press the heart button. If you agree, that’s fine to do. And that’s I think a really good strategy to get your Facebook live going is to get them to comment,
    get them to hit that heart button, and that will trigger the algorithm to give you the more organic reach.
    Yeah, love that, too. So the difference between calling Tau action, like on a live stream versus calling the action on a on a static poster video.
    Okay, so, you know, you had an example, and I think it’s important to share examples to reassure some,
    but like an interior designer and the post that she was doing, I love that example. Can you share that hurt here?
    Just so people really know what it is that you’re talking about? Like the color of the foursome. Yeah.
    Say, if you were redecorating your office and you were trying to decide what color to paint your walls or whatever.
    Asked them Thio give their opinion cause that will connect you to them. It makes the algorithm decided that they like the post and the more people will see the post.
    So stuff like that is fun. Like I really like when businesses do post like that where you can give an opinion.
    And it’s a really great way for you to ask your audience questions on what’s going on with them. I think that you can ask them thio like Post where they’re working from today.
    Like opposed to picture. Show me. Show me your virtual office like you re a picture of your animal is your co worker you just get creative with?
    Yeah, totally. I’m gonna go do all those right now because everybody’s home right now. Okay. So step number four is get verified.
    So talk to us about what does it mean to be a verified account? And who needs this? Yeah.
    So when I talk to people about getting verified, they think about the blue badge or the blue checkmark on instagram.
    That’s for public figures and celebrities and global brands. That’s not what we’re talking about right now. Getting verified is a process that you go through because Facebook wants pages on Facebook to be authentic and trustworthy.
    We know that there are so many fake pages. Are there pages that have started and they just they’re dead.
    So they want businesses that are trustworthy and what you dio is you go to the security center on your Facebook page.
    That’s like where all of your privacy settings are. And there’s a section in there to get verified, and it depends on what type of business you have.
    You’re a brick and mortar business, and you have a telephone that’s registered. It’s a really simple, just verification process with your telephone.
    If you were like an online business, like most of us probably are, it usually requires that you,
    like, upload your business documents like your LLC documents, and then sometimes they’ll ask for, like a website domain proof of ownership.
    It takes about like four or five days for to get verified. But then, once you do, you have access to Facebook product’s developer futures,
    and Facebook does a lot of really cool focus groups where they will pay you. They’ll give you gift cards.
    You could be part of a study you could be part of. Ah, Beta testing sometimes will fly you out to Facebook headquarters.
    Like if they notice that your pages doing some amazing things and it’s verified, You can really do some amazing things with Facebook.
    So it’s just one of those things. Like while we’re around, we’ve got a huge to do list that we’re all going Drew right now.
    Just do it. It takes, like, 15 minutes, and it’s really worth your time. And they don’t say that it increases your reach,
    but I think it really does. If you have a verified business, okay, thank you so much for all those details.
    All right. And then step number five is diving into creating your about section on your Facebook business page.
    What are your best practices for that section? So that section is statistically the place people go when they land on your Facebook business page.
    So you need to put a lot of thought and ever into it. And right now it really does allow you to pictures.
    And there it allows you to write quite a bit of copy. It used to be very simple. So now is the time to really,
    like showcase what your company stands for and why whoever’s landed should be interested in what’s in it for that.
    It’s also a very unique opportunity for you to put a link to your Optima or to schedule a call or whatever it is in your business that people would want to know to get started.
    So really, show your vision in there and get creative and connect with your community. In that about Paige,
    that’s really, really important. Super. I love that love that so much and yes, posting the lead to the link to the lead magnet or get started or whatever it’s,
    it’s absolutely perfect place to put that. And I don’t think people are utilized in That is a matter of fact.
    I have been looking just kind of casually, and I haven’t really seen very many businesses doing that, and the way that it could be Okay,
    so that was number five. Now six and seven, we’re going to dive into here. We can’t go in depth about them,
    but there are some really important things that you want to share with our audience about these issues. We’re talking about Facebook ads,
    and we’re talking about Facebook pixels. Let’s start with the Facebook pixel and really what it is, why businesses need it.
    And we’ve talked about this numerous times on the show before. For years we’ve talked about the Facebook pixel,
    and yet so many companies are missing this fairly easy, important step. Yes, I mean, I would say 80% of companies don’t have it installed,
    which is mind blowing. All it is is a pixel code that you, uh, install very easily onto your website.
    Used to kind of be a pain in the butt to do. But Facebook now integrates with, like squarespace,
    WordPress wicks most of the major platforms to allow it to be just really a click of a few buttons.
    You just goto business dot facebook dot com and you click on events, and that will take you to your pixel,
    and it basically just takes you through the process and what it does. It’s that little piece of code that’s in charge of all the things that Facebook does that are totally creepy.
    It follows you around the Internet. It tracks where you’re going, what you’re doing, what your habits are,
    which is completely creepy. And it’s something that we all just like about Facebook, but as an advertiser and is a business.
    It is a dream because you have so much intelligence on what your user is doing. So if you have it installed in your sight and you go to run Facebook ads,
    you know exactly who has landed on what page, and you can re target them and do a lot of really creative re marketing.
    And it’s, you know, a 5 to 10 minute process to get it installed. You may already have it installed.
    If you had a decent Web developer, we hope that they put it on there for you. But inside of the community,
    there’s a tutorial to figure out whether or not it’s installed on. And if it’s not installed, I can help you walk up the process.
    Yeah, so definitely don’t hesitate toe to reach out and again, you can join us. It’s totally free community,
    you guys. This is where we connect with other like minded women business owners. We love it, and Sarah’s in their relentlessly giving,
    importing into this community So there is a video tutorial, and they’re showing you how to check whether or not your code is installed.
    This is basic business, honestly, marketing 101 And I don’t know, maybe marketing companies charge for this,
    but I love Sarah. She’s always giving first. And you know, we believe these are kind of basic things that you guys should have in orderto leverage your business account on Facebook and grow your business.
    So cruise over and join us in sweet life community dot com. It’ll redirect you to that Facebook group,
    and you’re you’re welcome to go in there, find that pixel post you can search in the community for that and the poster questions and tags era and them.
    And she’s always in their connecting with you guys. So let’s talk about Facebook ads now. The most important question that I hear you get when you’re in doing business trainings in our community and everywhere else is why can’t I just boost my post?
    Facebook makes it so easy to boost my post. And really, what is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?
    Well, the boosted poster a very easy way to get your ads in front of an audience, but I found that typically they don’t do very well.
    And the really big difference is you can’t see the data is to what’s going on, because if you’re starting an ad and it’s not working,
    you need to know that it’s not working in these boost interests. Just don’t give you the data that you need.
    They don’t allow for the building of audiences. So what you need to do is go to business at facebook dot com and get comfortable with ads manager and build your abs inside of there.
    And then that way you can split test audiences. You can split test images. You can split test copy.
    You can take a look at the data, and you can say, Okay, this ad is doing awesome.
    I’m going to keep it running, or you can say it’s not and you have to adjust. But boosting post is a really it’s very easy to do,
    and it’s not worth your marketing dollars to do that right now. Add costs are down about 60% and it’s a very,
    very, very good time to get in front of your audience because They’re listening now. So true. So true.
    Okay, so let’s recap a bit. What we chatted about here today. Seven steps Thio, Optimize your Facebook business page and get in front of your perfect audience.
    We talked about how to set up that page. You gave some really awesome suggestions as faras the video in the header and really,
    how to establish what it is that you want your audience to know within that that was so smart. I love that number two We talked about posting times three.
    We talked about asking people to take action and how to ask them, like what kind of action they should be taking,
    and you should be prompting them to do based on the type of post. We also talked about getting verified and what that means utilizing the about section to the best of your business.
    And your options actually grow your list through that process. And then we dove into pixels and adds, Is there anything else that people you know really need to know right now and what’s happening,
    or anything to stay away from? As a business owner? Just anything else you’d like to add to this Sarah This is a really good time to really know your audience and use your intuition.
    It’s a very delicate situation right now where there’s a fine line that you have to be constantly aware of.
    I know that like I scheduled some of my post and I went in, I was like, Scratch that that doesn’t exactly fit.
    And I think a lot of businesses air sending out emails that aren’t addressing the elephant in the room. And you have to be.
    You have to be aware of that. And I really believe one thing that not everyone is a copywriter.
    A messaging could be very difficult, right? But follow big brands. They have the best copy writers in the world working on how to address the elephant in the room and how to be sensitive in the right words to use right now.
    So, you know, watch your commercials during her who lose sessions, see what they’re saying. Open your e mails from trusted companies and listen to what words they’re using and just be very intuitive about how you should go about things.
    And I think it’s different for different companies and just be careful. But also like you know don’t necessarily be a free to sell right now.
    Don’t be afraid to grow. Your email is don’t be afraid to run traffic to your website. Don’t be afraid to run ads is actually a great time while we have people on the Internet to get your business in front of all of these people.
    And it’s definitely at a way lower cost than it was a week ago. So maybe have the ad dollars to spend.
    This is a great time to spend it growing your audience. I love it. Thank you so much,
    Sarah. Thanks for all your wisdom and seriously just giving so much to our clients and those people that aren’t our clients.
    Just the the entrepreneur community is general again. A few guys would like to join us, cruise over to sweet life community dot com and plug in there on our Facebook group for us or with us.
    Give yourself an introduction and then tap in to Sarah for any questions you have about this episode or any of our other episodes were both in there all the time answering business questions.
    Thanks so much for being on the show and you can find all the show notes for this episode of by cruising Over to sweet life.
    Podcast dot com forward slash 170 So it’s 1 70 It’s episode number 1 70 Yanda Again in the community By connecting with us.
    It’s sweet life community dot com. Thanks, sir. I appreciate it. Thanks, April.
    That’s all folks!