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    6 Must-Have Components of a Strong Coaching Offer with April Beach (Episode 283)

    6 Must-Have Components of a Strong Coaching Offer





    Welcome to our podcast on the 6 pillars of a strong coaching offer. In this episode, we will discuss why these six areas – client systems, operations systems, fulfillment and assets, model, pricing, and sales – are essential to building a strong coaching program or course. We’ll cover why it’s important to audit your coaching program regularly, and what the downfalls are if you don’t.
    If you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or small business owner, this episode is for you. You’ll learn how to evaluate your coaching program or course in each of these six areas, and identify areas where you may need to make improvements. You’ll gain insights into how to optimize your systems and processes to increase efficiency and profitability, and how to ensure client satisfaction by delivering high-quality services that meet their needs and expectations. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of the key factors that contribute to a strong coaching offer, and be equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to take your coaching program or course to the next level.


    At the end of this episode, you will:

      1. Know the 6 Components of a Strong and Scalable Coaching Program
      2. Have a quick view on your program and where you may need improvements
      3. Know how to optimize your program without building it from scratch
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    Full Show Transcript:


    00:00:46] Hi you guys. Welcome back to another episode here. This is episode number 283, and I’m April Beach, the host here at the Sweet Life Entrepreneur in Business Podcast. Founder and CEO of the Sweet Life Company, and I’m so [00:01:00] glad that you have joined us for this episode. We talk a lot about offer engineering here on this podcast because of a couple of different reasons.

    [00:01:08] First of all, your offer is the most important part of your business. All of the most amazing marketing and branding in the world can’t save a business whose actual product. Is lacking. And so your offer is engineered out of your genius, and we want your offer to scale and reach millions of people and millions of dollars.

    [00:01:28] And so you’ll find here on the show that that’s a lot about what we talk about. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then this podcast is a good place for you to be. In addition to all the other amazing outside ex experts we bring in for you, we have just wrapped up a whole series with a bunch of incredible experts, everything from AI to marketing, and now we’re diving into a conversation, just a little intimate fireside chat between just me and you.

    [00:01:54] If you aren’t watching us now, this is on YouTube as well, so you can listen to us on all of your favorite [00:02:00] podcast listening apps or cruise over to YouTube and we can hang out together and you can see me here and going over all my show notes I have for you. I’m really excited to dive in with you today.

    [00:02:10] This show is brought to you by Offer Engineer. The Offer Engineer is a masterclass workshop that we host here at the Sweet Life Company that helps those of you who are established subject matter experts, coaches and consultants, speakers and authors to level up your offers and get them to the next level. It’s a very powerful workshop. You can find information on that by visiting the

    [00:02:34] Okay, so let’s go ahead and dive into what we are talking about today. Today we’re actually unpacking a framework that we teach here at the Sweet Life Company. This is proprietary to us, but I wanted to share it here with you on the show. I share a lot of our frameworks here publicly on the podcast, and we’re talking about the six components of building a strong, scalable program. Now this could be a coaching program, a consulting program. It could be [00:03:00] a technical program where you’re teaching or guiding somebody else through this. What’s beautiful about what we’re gonna talk about today is it actually applies to any type of business model that you were building.

    [00:03:10] And what I have found over the years, I’ve been consulting experts to extract their genius and engineer their leading programs for 27 years. You guys, I know, it seems like a really, really long time, 17 years. Specifically with online business experts, and what I’ve found in helping to build the frameworks behind so many programs is there are six components that every single program needs to have, and that’s what we’re talking about here on the show today.

    [00:03:36] I’m gonna give you all six and I’m gonna help you go through the process of actually unpacking these and considering these for one or, or possibly even many of your programs in offer. So we’re diving into how strong is. Coaching program or your consulting program or offer, and we’re gonna dive into all six of these components.

    [00:03:57] At the end of this show, you are gonna know what [00:04:00] all six of these components are, and so you’re very mindful about this and how to apply it to your business. You’re also gonna have a very quick view of how well you are doing and fulfilling each one of these components in any of your offers. So this is gonna give you a very fast snapshot.

    [00:04:15] So you can take it away and run with it of what part of your offer you may need to level up or upgrade and you’re gonna know how to optimize your program fast. This offer engineering, you can use it to either build a program from scratch, but I find this audit is truly best. For those of you who’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for a while, we wanna take another second glance at it and make sure that it’s optimized and.

    [00:04:40] All of the show notes, everything that we’re talking about can be found by visiting 283. This is episode number 283, and I have a tool for you today. So grab this tool, everything we’re talking about, I have a complete. Offer Audit worksheet for you to go along with [00:05:00] this episode, we’ll make sure that the link to that offer audit worksheet, you can download it just by going over to the show notes again at and it’s our offer audit worksheet and everything we’re talking about, I actually go into more detail for you and help you actually audit your own offers based on these components.

    [00:05:19] So if that is what you’re ready for, if that sounds like what you signed up for. Then let’s go ahead and dive in. So let’s talk about this first. How strong is your coaching offer? How strong actually is your product? You know, one of the things that you guys might not know is that I own multiple companies and my husband owns multiple, multiple companies.

    [00:05:41] And in the company is that he collectively, there are five businesses between the two of us right now, and some of the companies that he owns are physical product C. And the difference is in a physical product company, the very first thing we build is the actual product, right? If you don’t have a product, you don’t have a business.

    [00:05:58] But what’s different [00:06:00] about online business, because there are so many shiny marketing funnels and all these things you can do and reels, and you guys know exactly what I’m talking about, right? The difference is that you actually do see businesses. Build on online business that might have a terrible product.

    [00:06:18] It doesn’t hinge on the product. Whereas physical product businesses or software businesses, everything hinges on how well we’ve engineered the actual product. Online business coaching and consulting comes out of your expertise. So if your expertise is not engineered correctly, if your program isn’t structured correctly to give people guaranteed results, you can still come across businesses who failed at that.

    [00:06:41] Business may look amazing. They may have bought followers or whatever that is, and their product actually sucks. And so we’re on a mission here to make sure every True Experts program is engineered correctly. So why is this important to do so doing a program audit isn’t being. Is important because we need to [00:07:00] identify areas of improvement, right?

    [00:07:01] We wanna con, continually optimize your program. We wanna continually make sure that you are always ahead of the game, ahead of your competition. Another reason is to make sure that your clients are really satisfied, and I always love to go be above and beyond that. We wanna say that we want your clients transformed.

    [00:07:17] Nobody needs more content. They just need a transformation and they are hiring us to deliver that transformation. And then the third reason why we wanna make sure that we’re doing an audit is to make sure that you also are still happy with the program that you’re delivering. Your happiness as a leader can’t be underestimated.

    [00:07:36] I wanna make sure that you love what you’re doing. And sometimes when we stop and we look at what we’ve been doing, maybe for so long, we realize, hey, you know, that isn’t the way I wanna live my life or flow through my cadence of my work. And so it’s important that you give yourself an opportunity to stop and do an offer audit for all of those reasons.

    [00:07:53] It’s not just about money. It’s not just about clients being satisfied, but it’s also about you being happy. I’m a [00:08:00] really big advocate for that, as you probably know. As you’ve probably been listening to this show for years, and so what happens if we don’t do this? Okay? What happens if we don’t stop and do an offer audit?

    [00:08:11] You are gonna find some stagnant stagnation in why I can’t even say that. Stagnation. In your program, you are gonna find that, you know, it’s just kind of getting dull or boring, or maybe you’re getting bored with it. That’s what’s gonna happen if we don’t stop and do that. Also, if we don’t stop and audit the systems and operations of your offer every once in a.

    [00:08:31] It could become very inefficient. So some of the things that you built in the beginning of delivering your program and your offer probably worked great then. But now are there different tools? Tools and software and technology that we can actually upgrade that particular offer, offer to, to actually save you time and money?

    [00:08:48] And then last but not least, is if you don’t take a pause to audit your offer, and we’re gonna talk about the six components of offers and how to do that here in a sec, then what’s gonna happen [00:09:00] is your competition is gonna surge above you because especially the competition that you need to really pay attention to the true business builders, they stop and they.

    [00:09:11] And so I wanna make sure that everybody is stopping and doing this and that. My responsibility here, you know, on the show is I always wanna just pour into you and keep you the tip of the sword in your niche. And so that’s why we’re talking about this today. Okay? So let’s go ahead and dive into what are actually the six pillars of a strong scalable coaching program.

    [00:09:32] So these are not in any particular order, and again, as I said, it doesn’t actually matter what type of program you. These pillars can apply to a mastermind. They can apply to a v i P day. They can apply to, um, an r r, they can apply to a course or a membership. They can apply to your content licensed program or your certification program.

    [00:09:56] It doesn’t matter what type of program you’re building. That’s really important [00:10:00] to understand and because when. We look at true program success, it needs to have all these six components. Okay? So that’s rule number one. However, the reason why as I go through these, they aren’t in any particular order, is because your program is beautifully different than mine.

    [00:10:17] Everybody’s program is, and frankly should be engineered uniquely and differently. And so what may be a really important component or a c pillar of my program just might not actually be so important to you. So that’s why there is no hierarchy in each one of these pillars except for here is rule number one.

    [00:10:35] The very first pillar I’m gonna share with you is the most important and without, and then they can come in any order you want. Without this first pillar built strongly in your program, you have no program. So let’s go ahead and dive into that first. The very first component or pillar of a strong, scalable coaching program is your intellectual property.

    [00:10:57] It’s your assets. It’s your [00:11:00] genius. It’s the most important part of everything that you’re building around there. It’s your method, it’s your framework, your method or your process of getting people results, your framework of getting people results. It’s your genius curriculum. And when that is curated correctly, when it’s extracted out of your brain and built into a framework.

    [00:11:22] Our framework we teach is called transformational program design. It works with any program out there, and it’s guaranteed to organize your thoughts and expertise into a transformational program, but for you, Not, but by the way, you can tap into that. You know where to find us if you wanna tap into that.

    [00:11:40] For right now. For the purpose of this podcast, I want you to know the pillar number one is your IP and assets. And so I want you to take a pause for a second here as I’m speaking through this, and ask yourself, this is where the auditing comes in. And again, grab our worksheet to do a full audit. Super fun, but just ask yourself and pause for a [00:12:00] second.

    [00:12:00] How well do you think that you’ve done extracting and engineering your own genius? How clear are your own thoughts about the expertise you’re teaching? The flow in which you’re teaching is your transformation guaranteed not only in the whole program, but in each one of the benchmarks? And so give yourself a little grade there.

    [00:12:17] Say, Hey, listen, I, you can do like a red, green, or yellow sometimes. We, we do that grading system when we’re doing this in a live. We host this fun event called Offer Audit Live. You guys should definitely join in on that sometime. It’s totally free to join in on, but we, I ask people, Hey, listen, you know, give yourself like a, a signal.

    [00:12:36] Give yourself a red, greener yellow on how well you have done engineering your IP and your assets. And so give yourself a red, greener a yellow on that right now. And it, and uh, or if you haven’t even started, if you’re listening to this and you’re considering building a new offer, then that’s where you wanna start.

    [00:12:51] Pillar number two is your model. Okay, so let’s talk about what a business model is. People get confused all the time. A business model is how you work with your [00:13:00] clients and how you actually deliver your services. So this is the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your. All right. So is it a course? Is it a hybrid program? Is it a mastermind? Is it an MRR, which is a monthly reoccurring revenue program, but it’s different than a membership. Is it a content or a course for packaging up for licensing? How well is this model crafted and how well is it working for both you and your clients? That is the second component. I want you to give yourself a second here and give yourself a, just a brief pause and say, Hey, you know, what is that a red?

    [00:13:38] Like, do I really need to take a look at this? Is it a yellow, ah, it’s okay. Or is it a green? Hey, we’ve nailed this Pillar. Component number three are your client systems. So client systems are, these are the, these are the things you guys. Your clients rave about, these are the things they actually tell their friends about.

    [00:13:58] It’s how they [00:14:00] felt when they were part of your ecosystem, when they were part of your program. It’s the things that you did to keep them moving forward. It might be a gift in the mail or a handwritten card or you know, sending them something they didn’t expect. What about, you know, what, as far as client experience systems have you done to engineer into this?

    [00:14:18] And that is component number three of a strong program. You need to have client exer experience systems built into your program. I, in relation to whatever it is your program does, right. Um, as it applies to what you do, how well have you done with that? Or is that an area you wanna improve on?

    [00:14:36] Component number four are your operational systems. These are all the things behind the scenes, right? How does your program run like clockwork? This is scheduling. These are the systems to actually make sure that your team is tracking everybody and where they are. This is everything that actually makes the program become effective.

    [00:14:57] How well have you done [00:15:00] engineering your operat? Systems, how well is your team if you’re working with a team, executing things that need to be done within your offer? Red, green or yellow there. Just kind of give yourself a a little rating. The fifth pillar is money. The fifth pillar is are you reaching your financial benchmarks?

    [00:15:17] Are you hitting your profit benchmarks for this program? That’s one area that fits under the component of money, but there’s so much more than that. In addition to just understanding and judging about how well you’ve done there, I want you to think. What about, how’s your pricing? How is your pricing actually structured?

    [00:15:36] Are you taking into consideration a guaranteed ROI for the investment? How well have you priced your program? There’s so much out there. You hear me talking about it all the time and, and you know, it might seem like I’m bashing it, but. I’m a, I’m a realist and I’m a business strategist and I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time.

    [00:15:53] So when I see programs out there that are saying, oh, just charge more, charge more, charge more, and just add on all these things [00:16:00] that might be frivolous, that’s not how we build high ticket. That’s unethical. How we build high ticket is building ROI in assets into the program that do equal the value. I mean, I have some pretty dang high ticket programs, right?

    [00:16:15] But they weren’t pulled outta blue sky, like little unicorns off of clouds to just come up with a number I wanted to come up with. So how well have you done pulling your assets together and actually evaluating the value of your program?

    [00:16:29] And then pillar number six are your sales. Okay, so this is a little bit different than money. This is your actual sales, uh, pipeline and how people come into the journey with you. How well have you done engineering the journey into working with you or using sales calls? Are using webinars? Are you using sell by chat? Are you using referrals or affiliates? Are you, uh, are you out there networking right in, in shaking hands and kissing babies.

    [00:16:53] All of your clients come to you through networking and referrals. I will say I love networking and referrals. Uh, [00:17:00] it’s one of the primary ways that we actually here at the Sweet Life Company receive our clients as well too. I was just hosting an office hours for our clients and Wavemaker and. Had three different clients come in there last week and say, oh my gosh, I can’t believe the number of referrals from partners that have come.

    [00:17:18] You know, clients of referrals from partners that have come our way. And they were so ecstatic. But the reason for that is because they had engineered this sales process really, really well. So it made it easy for people to refer clients to them. So how well have you done that in your business? How well in, in this particular, How well is that sales journey pipeline engineered into your offer and how well have you done laying out the prerequisites of the benchmarks of worship people are in order to, um, make sure that they’re in the right place to work with you?

    [00:17:52] So in summary, Let me go back and recap the six pillars of a strong, scalable, pro encroaching program. First one is your IP. You’re [00:18:00] genius. We have nothing without it. And then the other ones you can dance through them with, uh, strength according to your program. Number two is your model. How well is the model engineered?

    [00:18:10] Do you need to upgrade your model? Maybe it’s been a course forever and you wanna move into licensing your course to other companies. And so if you’re thinking about moving your program from a chorus to licensing, go over to sweet life and we have a million resources for you in that. The third component are your client systems.

    [00:18:28] The fourth component are your operational systems. The fifth is money, and the sixth is your sales pipeline. And so as an expert, I wanted to record this show for you. It’s something we do internally with our clients. I’ve been hosting these offer audit lives, which are so much fun. We have given, uh, you this entire.

    [00:18:47] Coaching offer components Worksheet for you. Again, cruise over to the show notes. This is episode number 283 and you can download the Offer Audit worksheet, but you’re an expert. You’re here because you understand that the [00:19:00] success of your business hinges on your ability to deliver and implement a program that has incredible results.

    [00:19:06] And so, because you’ve identified that that’s why you’re here, and that is what I’m here to help you with as an offer engineer and a helper of experts like you. Um, that’s why I wanted to record this show for you guys. So now each of these categories, again, is gonna be measured differently based on where you are in what you’re building in your business.

    [00:19:28] Every single component has to be represented in every single offer. It doesn’t matter if, if it’s a free offer and that dollar amount is zero. Every single one of these components is represented in every single offer. So that is how we conduct an offer audit, and those are the six components of a strong, scalable coaching program, consulting, training program, expert program, whatever area of expertise you fall into.

    [00:19:56] So again, all of the show notes are found at [00:20:00] Sweetlifepodcast.Com and the download for this particular worksheet. This is episode number 283, and you can go ahead and grab the bonuses and all the show notes from there. All right, you guys, if you love this episode, we would love for you to up arrow and share it.

    [00:20:14] It would mean a lot to us. I refuse advertisers and I have for six years on this show because I just wanna make sure you’re getting a hundred percent value. And so we. Appreciate you sharing this show. Thanks so much. I’ll talk to you guys on that next episode.