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    Episode 191: 6 Key Areas To Reset and Refocus Your Business This Fall – Part 2 – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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    Established entrepreneurs (in Phases 2-4 of my Start To Scale Up Business System”) who feel fragmented and need a clear and strong plan to move forward for the rest of 2020.


    If you feel like your business needs a reset, you’re not alone. Fall is a natural time to reset and refocus, but this year these tasks are not idealistic, they’re imperative! In this episode, we’re continuing our talk on the 6 Core Areas of your business that may require your attention to reset and refocus, in order for your business to keep moving forward and be ready for 2021. 
    In this show (part 2) we dive into core areas 4, 5, and 6; your mind, your network and your home or life. April guides you through strategic questions to determine if you need to reset, and gives you tips on how to reset each area if needed. This is another practical business strategy training that will give you immediate business results. 


    1. Know how to choose a mastermind 
    2. Know if you need a mindset shift
    3. Get tips to separate your work and life if you have a home office
    4. Have resources to connect with powerful affiliates to grow your business

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the sweet life entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hi guys. And welcome back to part two of the reset and refocus your business. The fall challenge. This isn’t really a challenge, although we are running the live challenge this week. And so you are invited to join us.
    If you are a subscriber to this podcast and listening to it real time, I’m hosting the fifth annual entrepreneur reset and refocus challenge. That really helps you make sure your business is on track for the last three and a half months of the year. I would love for you to join me in there. You can just cruise over to Sweetlife forward slash reset to join me in this challenge.
    And so what we’re talking about today is the second part of six really important areas that once we reset them, it’s going to help your business focus and move forward this fall. And we always host this challenge. This is something we all as business owners need to do. That’s why we have done this so many years in a row, but this particular year is a mess.
    And so what we’re doing is even more than what we usually do. Not more work, more focused, more important. I think then what we usually want to do of feeling good to reset in the fall. It’s no longer feeling good to reset in the fall this year. It is. We have to make sure your business is reset and refocused this fall without a doubt,
    it’s time to do it. So welcome to the show. I’m April beach, I’m your host. And of course you are tuned into this wait life entrepreneur and business podcast. I am so glad that you were here. All the show notes and everything that we’re talking about on this episode and last week’s episode can be found by visiting and sweet lives.
    forward slash one 91. As I said, this is a continuation. So this is part two. So if you missed last week’s episode, episode, number one 90, I highly recommend you pause this where you are and go back and listen to last week’s episode. First in these two shows, we are talking about your services and your offer and your marketing and your systems.
    And then today’s show we’re really honing into your mindset, your network, and your home and your life, and how to reset these important areas so that your business is going to thrive this fall. And I invite you again to join me in the reset and refocus challenge, totally free, and to download the eight page cheat sheet workbook I have for you to create immediate action and results in your business by visiting Sweetlife
    forward slash reset. Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s focus area.<inaudible> Last week on the show I gave you tips and strategies to know whether or not you need to reset your offer, your marketing and your lead generation systems and your internal business systems today on the show, we’re really diving into your mind, your mindset, where are you mentally as a business owner,
    we’re going to dive into your network, who are you connecting with? Are they valuable to you? And are you valuable to them? And we’re going to dive into your home office and your life. All of these things are equally important to your business, who you are, what’s happening in your life. All these things affect your business. And so that’s why they’re important for us to talk about on this show.
    So let’s go ahead and start with talking about resetting your mind. Tony Robbins says that business success is 83% mindset, 17% strategy. You hear that again and again, we know it to be true. You can have all the tools in the world. You can have all the blueprints, the perfect business plan, but if your mind isn’t set on being successful and working hard and being amazing at what you do,
    you’re never going to do it. And so it’s really important that together, we talk about making sure our mind is where we want to be, and that we are mentally advancing as leaders and as entrepreneurs. So area number four of resetting. Again, we talked about one through three and last week show area. Number four, every setting is your mind.
    And here are some questions that I want you to ask yourself. What do you want to learn? Are you growing? Are you currently challenging yourself in growing as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as a human being, when we stopped learning and we stopped growing that’s when everything else kind of comes to a screeching halt. I’ve learned that about myself.
    When I stopped listening to audible books, when I stopped challenging myself to go to the gym, when I stopped doing things in my life or for my mind, then everything else slowly kind of comes to this screeching halt. And so it’s important as we reset this fall that we’re talking about what’s going on in your head because this year has been really hard,
    mentally, more than ever on a lot of us and most of us and our kids, I can tell you that I get what it feels like to be exhausted simply from having your mind overworking. And so we’re going to reset that so that your mind is thriving and that you are firing on all cylinders. So ask yourself, what’s something new that you want to learn.
    What do you want to know more about, or what areas do you want to advance in your business, maybe in your personal life. And here are some tips to refocus these areas, this fall, first of all, you can identify what you’re missing in what you want to become known for. So, first of all, ask yourself, what do I want to be known for?
    Have you ever answered that question? What do I want to be known for? When people talk about me now, when people talk about me 10 years from now, 50 years from now, what do you want to have been known for in your business? And so what can you, or should you be doing right now to learn more, to grow in that area?
    That’s one question to ask yourself as you’re resetting mentally right now, here’s another one what’s holding you back from getting to the next level. Is it you, I’m not talking about things like finances or my team isn’t big enough. Those are all the business strategy, things that we talk about on the show all the time that you know, we implement for clients.
    We’re talking about in your own head, what’s holding you back from getting to that next level. Do you maybe just need some inspiration or some guidance in that? Should you hire a coach? Is it time to join a mastermind? Is it time to invest in your own development? It can be free by bingeing books and podcasts. You can start journaling and paying attention to what you’re saying.
    And you can invest in yourself by getting a high level coach or joining a mastermind of people that are slightly ahead of where you are in your business. When you join a mastermind, I recommend that you join a mastermind with likeminded people, that people that are a little bit further ahead than where you are. So you can learn from them and you can grow with that group of people.
    So the first area to reset, which is reset. Number four, if you’re listening to both parts of this podcast is your mind, what do you want to learn? How do you want to grow in what areas do you want to advance? What do you want to be known for? And how are you going to invest in yourself to bring yourself to the next level?
    You’re a coach or a mastermind through a program? What is it going to be? And if you can’t do it today, when are you going to commit to make those changes? Area number two, which is reset area number five in the big picture is your network. Who do you know that benefits your business? What businesses can you or your business benefit and who do you want to know?
    So who currently knows your business that maybe you haven’t asked them to share your company, that their services, their operations, their brand could benefit your business, help you generate new revenue or establish your brand further in your marketplace. Are you utilizing those relationships? Or you can ask yourself, who can I help? It’s just as important to give as we hope to receive as business owners.
    So ask yourself what businesses are out there that my business can make that business look even better by what we do, because that’s the way to build winning partnerships is by reaching out and saying, Hey, I want to help you be better. That’s the right way to start. And who do you want to know? What influencers or leaders in your space do you not know yet that you want to get closer to that you want to become friends with.
    You want to get in that insider circle. And here’s some tips to go about doing these things. First of all, make a list of three people that you want to have coffee with and schedule at least one of those coffee dates in the next two days. That’s your challenge. Number one, number two, join a mastermind of likeminded entrepreneurs that are a little bit ahead of you find a mastermind of business,
    people that are serious and that align with your values. Of course, little plug here. You can always go to sweet life mastermind and apply to join our mastermind. 2020 mastermind is going to be insane by the way. And that might be exactly where you’re supposed to be. The next tip for you when it comes to your network is to join an affiliate launch.
    Some of the best friends that I’ve made in business are being part of an affiliate launch, where I was launching a program for another company. And these are my business BFS. They’re amazing companies that we all came together to support a third company launch. So have you ever been part of an affiliate launch? Do you want to be part of an affiliate launch being part of an affiliate launches?
    One of the best ways that I can recommend making new business friends that are high quality friends to network with, if you want to know more about affiliate launches, check out Laura sprinkle. She’s one of our favorite people she’s been here on the podcast. If you want to join our affiliate launch program, you can simply email Kelly, K E L L
    I’ll make sure all this is in the show notes for you, but either way I don’t care if it’s our affiliate program or somebody else’s being part of an affiliate program is an amazing way for you to network with other people, make good friends that are going to continue to develop your company and just to cut right to the chase. Stop expecting, to make real business friends and Facebook groups.
    It’s not the place where relationships are being built anymore. You might create a lead there or a connection, but pick up the phone and call people, pick up the phone, ask people to have coffee with you and listen to what’s on their plate. And whether business is about that’s, how you’re going to develop a network that is unbreakable. And then the third area in this show that we want to focus in on to reset and refocus your business.
    This fall is reset area number six, and this is your home office and your life. So this is the last area. And you know, I talk about this a lot here on the show. You guys know that I have run multiple companies out of my home for 17 years. It’s incredibly difficult. And just because, you know, we have home companies doesn’t mean we aren’t incredibly profitable,
    serious businesses. And now in 2020, most companies are realizing the power and the convenience of actually running profitable businesses with large teams from home. But it does pose a challenge to you as a leader. And it certainly poses a challenge to you as a creative entrepreneur. When your work life is immeshed with your personal life, especially if you are not used to this.
    So ask yourself these questions, how’s it working for you. You might totally love it. And that’s awesome if you do, but if other people are home while you’re trying to work, it definitely can cause distractions and problems. And so some things that you should be focusing on as we reset and make sure your business is in line with where you want to go is how can you separate your work and your life physically,
    it could be making sure your office is in a separate room, but if you’re in a smaller apartment, I have a lot of clients that have really small apartments in Manhattan, then using some sort of a partition in your living area. So you’re not always staring at your work is a really important way to separate your mind and to keep clarity of thinking separate from your business and your life.
    And here are some tips to really clean up the home work life situation. Number one, clearly communicate when you’re working and when you are not supposed to be interrupted. I don’t care if your kid is three. If your kid is 13, if your kid is still at home and they’re 23, if it’s your partner seriously, I don’t care. I have done communications at all those ages.
    You have to communicate men you’re working say, please do not interrupt me. Here is a Lego. Here is a TV show. Here is a coloring book or great go for a bike ride, whatever that is clearly communicate when you’re working and when you should not be interrupted and set those expectations. And those times in advance. So everybody knows. Number two,
    create a block calendar of certain specific areas in your business that you’re focusing on each day. This will help you to keep your mind focused when you’re kind of in like the mush pot of life and business, all in one, definitely I’m a big advocate for also remodeling or moving furniture and even a curtain or a partition as business owners, our minds never stop.
    You’re always thinking we’re dreaming about our business. We’re creating things in our mind when we’re sleeping, who we are as entrepreneurs. And so it’s really important that you have a way if you’re working from home to separate. So you weren’t looking at it all the time, because your mind is going to need to rest. We need to give your mind a break so that you can create amazing things when we want to turn it back on,
    because the reality is is never totally turns off. So we want to do our best to protect and give your mind rest. And then the last tip I have for you is to run Pomodoros. I did a little video on IGT on what a Pomodoro is, but in a nutshell, it’s running a sprint. It’s basically where you’ll work for 20 minutes and take five minutes off or you’ll work for 45 minutes and you’ll take 15 minutes off and you actually run these sprints almost with an egg timer,
    or you can put a timer on your phone where you focus clearly on one area for a short period of time. And then you walk away completely and take a break. That’s what a Pomodoro is. Pomodoros are one of the number one ways that I have been able to be successful in produce as a mother with three children at home that rents two companies and has a podcast.
    And so whatever your situation looks like, I can guarantee you that running Pomodoros will work for you and you can cruise over and see my IETV demonstration on that over at, at April beach life, which is my new Instagram handle, by the way, after I was totally hacked. Love for you to check that out over there. And I’ll go ahead and put a link to that in the show notes as well.
    Okay. So today we talked about reset areas. Number four, five, and six for your business. Number four is your mind. Number five is resetting and refocusing your network and your affiliates. And number six is resetting your home and your office life, especially for those of you guys that have to deal with kids that are homeschooling right now. Now last week on the show areas again,
    when one was your offer, two was your marketing and funnels and three where your internal business systems. And then today, again, we talked about your mind, your network and your home office and life. Now this is a lot of information. I know I’m throwing a lot of information at you hear on the show. If you can walk away with one question and one area you are resetting for yourself,
    whether it is your mind or your home life or your network, one area you want to focus in on and really clarify it, simplify it so you can grow in it. Then that is a win. If you’re an overachiever and you really love to nail things and do them 150%, make sure you are joining me in this year’s reset and refocus entrepreneur challenge.
    It’s totally free in all these questions and self challenges that we’ve talked about here on the show. Plus resources are given to you in a completely free workbook and you can join me there by cruising over to Sweetlife forward slash reset. And all the show notes can be bound by visiting our podcast website episode number 191. All right, my friend, it is so great to talk to you again on episode number 191.
    I can’t believe we’re coming up on 200 episodes here on the sweet life entrepreneur business podcast. Thank you so much for being a listener to this show. If you haven’t actually officially click subscribe, please make sure you do so. So you get these shows in real time because a lot of our episodes come with bonuses, templates, blueprints, cheat, sheets,
    even challenges in coaching like we’re doing now with the reset and refocus challenge that most business consulting firms charge thousands of dollars for. And I don’t want you to miss it. So just simply click subscribe. So you’re always in the know, and of course you can get more information on how we can continue to support your business growth by visiting Sweetlife And I will see you tomorrow morning if you’re listening to this in real time at the live reset,
    Challenging 2020. Bye bye for now.