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    5 Keys To Sell Out Your Next Offer with April Beach and Jessica Erwin(Episode 300)

    5 Keys To Sell Out Your Next Offer

    Who is this episode for? 
    Established entrepreneurs (in Phases 2-4 of my Start To Scale Up Business System”)  
    Are you amazing at what you do but struggling to sell it? In this episode, we’re excited to introduce you to Jessica Erwin, our COO. Our clients and partners know and love Jessica, but it’s high time that all of our podcast listeners get to know her as well.
    In addition to her expertise in systems and operations, Jessica works with our clients to understand the psychology of packaging and selling their offers in an irresistible way. In this episode, we’re unpacking the 5 keys you must determine to sell out your next offer. 
    If you’re an expert at what you do but you’re struggling to sell it, we’re here to help. Sometimes your expertise in your specific skill doesn’t translate to an expertise in sales and that’s okay. You might not be the best marketer, and you might not be a sales ninja, but if your programs create results, then people need to know you.  This episode creates a bridge between having a great product and selling it. 
    There are 5 Keys to a Sold Out Offer: 
    These are 5 keys to make an offer that makes people feel crazy to not buy it. 
    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    1. Know the 5 keys to a soldout offer
    2. Understand the difference between a promise and a guarantee
    3. Feel more confident in your ability to price and less pressure for high or low ticket
    4. Understand the value of honest scarcity
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:44] April Beach: Hi you guys. I’m smiling. My face hurts because I finally have. Jessica Erwin here on the podcast and those of you guys that are part of our SweetLife company and family and our [00:01:00] clients, you guys know Jessica because she is our COO and everything that happens in any sort of organized fashion at all, any systems whatsoever are done by Jessica.

    [00:01:13] April Beach: So you can thank Jessica for that, including. Jessica, working with our podcast team to even produce this show for you. So it’s been probably too long that we have dragged our feet or waited or made it, found a good time to get her on the show. But I’m really excited to introduce you guys to Jessica. And today we’re talking about.

    [00:01:33] April Beach: Five different keys to sell out your offer. But before we dive into that, I want you guys to get to know Jessica a little bit and Jessica, why don’t you share, you know, what you do and how long you’ve been with us at the SweetLife Company and really your area of expertise because you’re absolutely incredible.

    [00:01:50] Jessica Erwin: Oh, you’re too kind. Let’s see. I’ve been officially on the books for like a year and a half. So right about there. But I started as a [00:02:00] client and before I was a client, I was a binger of all things, Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast and in clubhouse and in all the things that I could get my hands on for April Beach and I knew that I wanted to be in your circle.

    [00:02:17] Jessica Erwin: And so I worked my way into that and I think, I think it was after being a client maybe for a month and a half that we had a conversation and it was like, Hey, Hey Jessica, how about, how about if we just pivot you just a little bit and you come to work behind the scenes here and it works out really great I’m an entrepreneur at heart for sure always have been I’ve had a lot of different things that I’ve done from restaurants and catering to women’s clothing stores to just my own coaching practice a lot of different things, but when you can align with somebody that you have a lot of similar goals, a lot of good overlap of the way that you see things.

    [00:02:57] Jessica Erwin: I still get to do client work, [00:03:00] but I love the behind the scenes work and building things and tinkering. So it’s fun. It works. It works really good. And I’m here and I’m super excited. I’m one of my favorite podcasts. Yay. Yay.

    [00:03:11] April Beach: And you’re really good at it. So at, you know, as CEOs, we all pray for somebody who can come in and put our systems in place and make sure our systems are running like clockwork.

    [00:03:21] April Beach: And that’s what you do for our company. And one of your areas of specialty is actually also sales and working with our clients in helping them to position their offers. They’re all sold out. So you do a lot of work, one on one with clients and one on group within our accelerator and our business growth ecosystem.

    [00:03:44] April Beach: And I know our clients just, just love you. So that’s what we’re going to dive into today. And, you know, the reason why this is so important, you guys, we’ve been talking about offers. We’ve done shows recently on the difference between a, an actual product and an offer. And there are parts of an [00:04:00] offer that is very marketing, it’s very messaging, it’s very communication, and I think people get confused on, hey, are we actually talking about the course or the program or the actual product I’m delivering, versus what, what am I doing when it comes to actually making the offer to help somebody.

    [00:04:17] April Beach: And so today, I’m really excited, we’re going to do this a little bit interview style. To unpack what we teach our clients on the five keys to build a sell, a sold out offer and going into your genius brain in helping our listeners understand how they can apply this immediately to their business. So that’s what I’m excited to talk about.

    [00:04:41] Jessica Erwin: Awesome. You know, I was just talking to somebody just a couple of days ago. We work with some amazing, brilliant people who are by far and away, like leaders within whatever it is that they teach and what they know, but you’ve got, you know, you’ve got two sides, you’ve got your [00:05:00] expertise and what you know, and what you’re going to teach somebody, and then the ability to sell and market that those are two different things.

    [00:05:07] Jessica Erwin: And I think it can be. Disheartening to some because that, that market even sales traits, uh, those, those traits don’t necessarily come as natural and like, that’s okay because we can teach those things and we can build things around it. Um, knowing some of these things aren’t, aren’t exactly, um, intuitive to everybody.

    [00:05:26] Jessica Erwin: So I love that we can just teach them these small, these small tricks, techniques to really spiff things up and make them, make them sell, get them into people’s

    [00:05:36] April Beach: hands. Yeah. That’s so true. And how many of you guys are listening that feel that you feel like you’re really good at what you do, but you’re the best kept secret. You might not be the best marketer, you might not be out there doing videos all the time. You might not have, you know, thousands and thousands of social media followers and that’s okay. As a matter of fact, most people that are real true experts in their craft do not spend a lot of time hanging out on social [00:06:00] media, commenting on other people’s stuff.

    [00:06:02] April Beach: They’re too busy helping their clients get results. And so that’s why, yeah, just what we’re talking about today. And what we teach and just unpacking these five different assets of how you can upgrade your offer to really sell it out is, is so powerful. And I love the work that you do with our clients in this.

    [00:06:19] April Beach: And I know there’s so many of our clients that are going to be listening to this episode to be like, Oh yeah, we know this already. All right. So let’s go ahead and dive in. So there are five different, what we call keys to a sold out offer. And these keys are really important. And before we dive into these, you guys, let me just remind you, we’re not talking about the actual product itself.

    [00:06:41] April Beach: So we’re not, we’re, I’m going to talk about that actually in next week’s episode. So we’re not talking about the program or the training or the outline or the curriculum or the IP or the content. We’re talking about five different keys to make an offer that makes people literally feel crazy if they don’t want to buy it.

    [00:06:57] April Beach: Because why would they not want to buy this? [00:07:00] And so what is the first one, Jessica, that you want to unpack for us today? The first of the five keys to a sold out offer?

    [00:07:08] Jessica Erwin: You know, I would start with pricing. I think that pricing’s a good place to start. It’s, it’s one of our first objections. Maybe when we go in to buy something new, so hitting that right, nailing that is incredibly important.

    [00:07:22] April Beach: Perfect. And when we’re talking about pricing, what do you usually say to our clients? I know when you’re working with them to help them be confident about their pricing structure. There’s so much psychology behind pricing and, uh, you know, high ticket. High results, high reward for sure. But there are also different industries that they thrive on low ticket, many offers and low ticket pricing.

    [00:07:50] April Beach: So what are some of the tips that you give regarding pricing? When, when businesses are looking to actually price our offer?

    [00:07:58] Jessica Erwin: I think that’s something that is [00:08:00] often overlooked is really good market research. We need to know what our competitors are doing and what’s going on in this space. Not so that we’re more expensive, not so that we’re less expensive, not.

    [00:08:10] Jessica Erwin: You know, not for anything other than really knowing what people are doing, that’ll help us know a bit of what is selling. And I mean, we can do that in a lot of different ways, but, but really figuring out what other people are charging. I think within pricing also, sometimes people come up with an arbitrary number.

    [00:08:32] Jessica Erwin: Or maybe they’ve heard, you are worth so much, don’t undersell, like we’ve heard that. It’s really easy to say on Instagram that you should never coach for less than, I don’t know, some ridiculous 50, 000. Right? Yes. Girl, you are worth that. However, selling that is, you know, selling that and, and charge that are two different things.

    [00:08:57] Jessica Erwin: So, it’s important to [00:09:00] know what people are pricing things at, what they’re getting, and does your offer stack up against theirs? So just learning some of those things are important. When I, when I think about pricing, I also think about, the ease of purchase for. Potential clients coming in, if, if the price of what you’re selling is going to be an objection for them, how can we help them with that?

    [00:09:26] Jessica Erwin: Um, of course there’s payment plans. We can look at that. What sits well with you, you know, payment plans are anything from over the course of the training that you’re, that you’re giving. I’ve seen them weekly. Like that came up on my screen like recently and I was reading about it and I don’t know if my accounting brain can can get on board with that.

    [00:09:49] Jessica Erwin: But if that helps somebody make something more palatable to buy, you know, I’m not here to judge what’s in somebody’s bank account. But I do [00:10:00] need to collect on, on the offer that I’m selling. So I want to make it as easy for somebody to buy as possible.

    [00:10:06] April Beach: Those are such good tips. And the market research is so smart.

    [00:10:11] April Beach: You are exactly right. There are so many people out there saying, well, just charge this and just charges. And there’s zero research behind that. And we are in business for a reason so much that there’s, you know, rumors about. Crackdown on the coaching industry because there are coaches that are charging overpriced amounts and not delivering ROI.

    [00:10:29] April Beach: So it’s our responsibility as businesses to be charging based on the ROI and, and the market value of what we deliver. Again, we have very high ticket programs within our, within our ecosystem of offers. We also have low ticket programs. And so we’re advocates of all, as long as they align with you and your business.

    [00:10:51] April Beach: And then the other thing I would say to just add on to that is that there are, you know, when we, and by the way, you guys, Jessica is the one that made me realize this. We’ve [00:11:00] always done payment plans for years, right? We’ve been in business for decades. And Jessica goes, you know, when we do a payment plan, we’re actually the bank.

    [00:11:07] April Beach: We actually become the bank. We are actually financing this. And even though. I actually hadn’t thought about it like that until Jessica said that I was like, wait a minute. I am the bank. We are financing this for our clients. And when they default a contract, just like if somebody bought a car, we’re going to give them the whole car up front.

    [00:11:27] April Beach: But if you’re the one building the payment plan for it, and you are the bank, let’s make sure that you know, you have structures in place to actually collect on that as well. So if you don’t want to be the bank, There are other organizations out there that fund programs, your program can actually get qualified and that is a bank that funds coaching programs and so there are other resources for you to do that if you guys don’t feel like being the bank.

    [00:11:53] April Beach: So, um, just, I just remember that was just a really a big mind shift for me because I was like, Oh yeah, [00:12:00] I am.

    [00:12:02] Jessica Erwin: Yeah. Right. And do you want to be the bank? I mean, do you want to take that risk? So there’s a risk associated with it. And we just, as, as always have to look at their risk versus the reward and, and what we’re willing to pay, what we’re willing to do.

    [00:12:17] April Beach: Right. Especially in programs where we give like everything up front.

    [00:12:21] Jessica Erwin: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely

    [00:12:23] April Beach: in those programs. Okay. Awesome. Okay. So number one. First step to a sold out offer is making sure your pricing is right, making sure it aligns with the market, making sure it’s researched, making sure it aligns with your value and the clients you want to attract.

    [00:12:37] April Beach: Um, certainly. Okay. What is the second one that you want to dive

    [00:12:41] Jessica Erwin: into today? Second one, uh, scarcity slash urgency. Awesome. So why does somebody need to buy this right now? Why is it important for me to run into the other room and grab my wallet and put in my credit card information? Um, or can I just like hang out and wait and it’ll be there [00:13:00] next year, you know, whatever that might be.

    [00:13:02] Jessica Erwin: And sometimes we do need to wait. And we, we jump into things a little quickly, but as somebody trying to market and sell your product, you want somebody to have a reason to buy it right now. So we can build in things within your offer. Hopefully. And it should be in a really above board ethical way. We don’t, I’ve seen way too many, um, ads and things that come across my screen that I’m like, you are so lying because this is still going to be available tomorrow.

    [00:13:32] Jessica Erwin: Right? Like you, you are lying right now and I know it and I’m just, I can’t even look any further. So we want to be sure that like, we’re actually saying if there’s a deadline on something that we mean it. I only have five personal coaching spots available this month. What, what if six people came to you?

    [00:13:51] Jessica Erwin: Would, would you say yes to that sixth person? Then, then maybe you shouldn’t say you only have five. We need to make sure that we are, are being honest [00:14:00] in our dealings. And there are lots of ways to do that. I was working with a client just yesterday on it, on a special thing that she has going on this summer.

    [00:14:08] Jessica Erwin: And we are talking about the bonuses that we could offer. Um, which goes into our next one, which is bonuses, but the scarcity of the bonuses that they’re going to go away depending on when you buy and when you sign up. So there are things that we can do that are absolutely ethical and that really makes somebody say, Oh yes.

    [00:14:29] Jessica Erwin: Okay. I’m off the fence. I’m going, I’m going to have the difficult conversation. I’m going to do it. Um, yeah. And make them jump. That’s

    [00:14:35] April Beach: awesome. Okay. Love scarcity. And thank you for making those points. Absolutely. That’s awesome. All right. So you said the next one is bonuses. Yeah. Let’s, let’s talk about bonuses.

    [00:14:45] Jessica Erwin: Favorite. It’s my favorite. I talked to everyone about this. We talk

    [00:14:49] April Beach: about this all the time. All the time. Because every week Jessica is in talking to our clients about bonuses and like the most I do. Juiciest bonuses. And she has the best bonus ideas, by the way, [00:15:00] because you have a strategy for bonuses.

    [00:15:02] Jessica Erwin: I do.

    [00:15:03] Jessica Erwin: I do. Bonuses should be, should be developed and should be offered as a way to help. Overcome objections. So if there’s a reason why somebody might not buy your course or something that’s holding them back, or they’re scared about something, or they’re unsure about how they’re going to X, Y, or Z. We can create bonuses, um, to really pad the offer and help somebody see that was an objection.

    [00:15:31] Jessica Erwin: No, oh, if I’m going to have enough time to complete this. This particular course. Oh, well, I have a time management bonus in there and it’s gonna it’s gonna answer that problem for you Whatever that might be surrounding and it doesn’t have to go Line by line actually with your exact offer. It can be all around it.

    [00:15:51] Jessica Erwin: I’ve seen some dang juicy Bonuses thrown into something that really I wouldn’t necessarily call them a [00:16:00] stretch they’re still in the same like sphere, but but like I’ve seen Facebook ads training put into an offer building course. So not necessarily the same thing, right? But somebody who wants to buy a course on building an offer is going to need to sell that eventually.

    [00:16:17] Jessica Erwin: And that’s a fear or, you know, a weakness maybe that they have that we can throw bonuses in. And I mean, you can pull bonuses from your massive hard drive of things that you’ve already created. You can work with partners on this, you know, uh, both April and I have come into lots of different programs and done different trainings and helped people.

    [00:16:39] Jessica Erwin: Um, and you can do, you can do that same thing with, uh, business associates that you have or experts that you find online that you really want to work with and, and ask if they’ll put a bonus into your course. I mean, it’s a win win. So I love. Bonuses and I think they’re overlooked and too much just thrown together.

    [00:16:55] Jessica Erwin: We need to be a little bit more strategic about it

    [00:16:57] April Beach: Yeah, yeah, I want you guys [00:17:00] to Think about what jessica said regarding bonuses. Is it write this down bonuses should be a direct response to objections that people will have about your offer. So if you want to sit down and make a list of, you know, what are the top five things that I hear somebody say?

    [00:17:21] April Beach: Well, I don’t have enough time or I can’t afford it. Or, um, you know, this is going to be too hard of work. This work is going to require too much effort. You know, what can you do to fix that problem for them already and those can become your bonuses to your program? And it’s just absolutely gold. We just did this in our, uh, in our offer engineering training that we just did.

    [00:17:46] April Beach: We sat down and we listed all the objectives and then actually redid a whole bunch of bonuses. We’ve had this training for a while. And they were so cool because they were different to the most current [00:18:00] objections that people had about diving into a training during the summertime. So they were really specific to summer.

    [00:18:08] April Beach: As a matter of fact, one of our bonuses we’ve never done before is. The VIPs having access to Jessica in Voxer for a month after this offer building masterclass that we did, and it was because everybody’s busy, everybody’s traveling, and they’re gonna want what we call an afterburn support and access to support access to both of us in Voxer, and you know, that just happened to be what applied to be a bonus for For when we were dropping this masterclass in the summertime.

    [00:18:40] April Beach: And that was, it was a fun process to go through. And I love the strategy of that. So I think that’s so cool. I could talk for hours about bonuses. I know we should, we should do a whole, a whole entire episode.

    [00:18:51] Jessica Erwin: Note to self. Future episode, right? All about bonuses. Juicy bonus episode.

    [00:18:56] April Beach: Yeah, . All right. And so we do some market research, [00:19:00] right?

    [00:19:00] April Beach: Yeah. Right. Uh, so we have two more so for, so, right? Yes. So far we’ve talked about price, we’ve talked about scarcity, we’ve talked about bonuses. We promised you guys five keys to sold out offers here on the show today. So what is the fourth one? And really probably goes hand in hand with the fifth one. I know people get confused about this.

    [00:19:18] April Beach: They do. So go take us in this, this direction.

    [00:19:22] Jessica Erwin: Yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s bring them out together. And that is a guarantee and a promise. So four and five guarantee and a promise. They’re not interchangeable. Um, they do stand on their own, but they both work to build trust with your potential clients and, and the guarantee specifically works to build in a lot of safety.

    [00:19:43] Jessica Erwin: And ensure that, you know, a client knows that you’re not going to let them fail or whatever it is that you guarantee. So let’s talk about a guarantee first. When you go into a store and you buy something in general, like you’ve got [00:20:00] return policies, right? That’s a form of a, that’s a form of a guarantee. I know that if my phone from Apple stops working within however many months.

    [00:20:09] Jessica Erwin: I’m going to be able to get it replaced or fixed, you know, something like that. Um, when it comes to coaching offers, those can be a little bit tricky because not everything is in your control. It’s, it’s so hard because you can give your, you can just pour your heart and soul and 40 plus years of experience into somebody.

    [00:20:28] Jessica Erwin: But if that client doesn’t do the work that’s necessary or the world, I don’t know, shuts down for a couple of years or right, there’s so many things that that can get in the way having a guarantee in place can help. Can help a potential client say, all right, well, barring natural disasters that are outside of these, you know, these people’s control, I know that they stand behind their work.

    [00:20:55] Jessica Erwin: So, there’s, there’s, uh, [00:21:00] guarantees that’ll be, you know, if you don’t. Get five new clients and you know, this is for somebody else’s program, of course But if you don’t get five new clients within 45 days Then your money back or if you don’t get five new clients within 45 days I’ll work with you until you do there’s you know different things within that there’s also like short term guarantees like hey if you start this program and And within 14 days, if you don’t feel like this is for you, I’ll give you a, uh, no questions money back.

    [00:21:30] Jessica Erwin: That, that’s one type of guarantee that we can offer. It’s always going to be, if you do this or don’t do this, I’ll give you this. There’s always a, like a tit for tat. There’s always, I’m going to give you something if you’ve done something else. That’s an important part. There’s a, there’s a deal to it. Uh, there’s a real handshake

    [00:21:51] April Beach: there.

    [00:21:52] April Beach: Yeah. And I think that’s the biggest thing that you help our clients understand when you say like it’s an if this, then that, like if this doesn’t [00:22:00] happen, then we’re going to do that. And I, and that is the biggest thing. Uh, that helps me to remember and process the difference between a guarantee and a promise that I know that that guarantee that we’re making is like, if this, then that, and you guys, just like Jessica said, we’re all teachers.

    [00:22:18] April Beach: That’s what we do. We can’t go home with our students and our clients at night and make sure they do the work and make sure they delegate it correctly to their teams. There are certain things we can control. So, you know, you can also ask for things. And, you know, like, hey, you need to show me that you did the work or you need to show me that you’ve put in this amount of work in order to be qualified for this guarantee and, uh, and, and you’re the judge of that.

    [00:22:42] April Beach: There is no right or wrong way to offer a guarantee, but just remember that if then, if this, then that, and ask yourself what you’re actually willing to do if somebody doesn’t reach a certain threshold that you have promised them or guaranteed them that they would [00:23:00] reach.

    [00:23:00] Jessica Erwin: And I think that one of the reasons why this helps You know, again, potential clients and customers feel safe is, would you guarantee something that if you didn’t know that it worked, like you should know, I’m going to know that my program works before I, before I say, I’m going to give you all your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

    [00:23:20] Jessica Erwin: Right. So it. It helps them feel safe and know that you know what you’re talking about. And in general percentage wise, most people, there’s always going to be somebody, I mean, we’ll just put it out there. There’s always somebody who’s looking for a way to get something for less or for nothing. Put that fear aside because what you can get from gaining the trust and the purchase Is much higher as far as the amount of clients you can bring in Versus the little bits of time that you might lose out.

    [00:23:54] Jessica Erwin: So I I would put your fear aside on that

    [00:23:58] April Beach: That’s awesome. That’s such great [00:24:00] advice. Okay, now the promise.

    [00:24:03] Jessica Erwin: The promise. Promises should be simple. They should be something like, I will pour my heart and soul. Like I said, I just said, I will work with you until you’re finished on this. I will provide you with 30 years of my training and support to ensure that you find success within.

    [00:24:27] Jessica Erwin: This program, I will give you, you know, you’re telling them, but you’re not, you’re not hinging it on anything. I, well, I guess I’m hinging it on their purchase, but I’m not hinging it on, um, specific work that they do and saying, I’m going to give it back. I’m basically saying I’m going to put forth this.

    [00:24:45] Jessica Erwin: It’s good faith effort, and it can again build trust because you’re using trust building words. Um, but you’re not necessarily putting your, your money where your mouth is in that. That’s for the guarantee, but I promise [00:25:00] that I will be there every Monday morning at eight o’clock for that session. I promise that you will be able, that you will be able to reach me and I will get back to you within.

    [00:25:10] Jessica Erwin: This much time, whatever, again, as you’ve gone through this list, and you should be doing this, if you’re building out an offer, a list of all the different objections that somebody could possibly have. Well, what am I doing to defeat those objections? And a lot of that can be in our words of trust and how we can build that with somebody.

    [00:25:30] Jessica Erwin: And I’m just explaining, look, I’m here for you. This, this matters to me and this is how I’m going to do it. So we don’t need to put a dollar value next to those words. They’re just strong words. When they come in writing or in video or however it is, you’re sharing it with the public. Oh,

    [00:25:48] April Beach: that’s so good.

    [00:25:49] April Beach: Love that. Okay. So let’s recap what we talked about today. We talked about the five keys to a sold out offer, or we’ve called them irresistible offers. And you guys, these are [00:26:00] really important. Again, we’re not talking about the actual curriculum. We’re not talking about the outline of your program. We’re not talking about your intellectual property or your method that you teach.

    [00:26:09] April Beach: We’re talking about when that is done. And then you go to make the offer. To, to help people and we move into the marketing and the sales part of selling your program and. I think it’s important that we separate out here. We’ve actually been talking about this a lot for the last few months on the podcast, but I think it’s important that we separate it out because building obviously the content we’re going to talk about next week, but doing this well, this is what people buy.

    [00:26:36] April Beach: You know, people buy the offer. They just assume and pray and hope based on the guarantee that your program is engineered well, and you’re actually good at teaching what you do. They buy the offer. They bet on the program because they don’t see it yet, but this is what they get to see, and that’s why this is so important, you know, to, to communicate this very, very well.

    [00:26:59] April Beach: [00:27:00] And just like Jessica said. Heading off those objections, getting in their mind and knowing what they’re already thinking, I think, is the key to all of this, right? The pricing, the scarcity, the bonuses, the guarantee and the promise. I think that that’s the key to all of it. And like Jessica talked about in the beginning, that does require knowing your audience.

    [00:27:22] April Beach: That does require market research. It’s just like the pricing did. It does require you knowing how you’re serving and what they really need. But also, what they’re…

    [00:27:36] Jessica Erwin: I think if you think about a program or your coaching program, what it is that you’re selling is inside the box and your offer is, you know, the wrapping outside of it, you’re not going to buy, you’re not going to buy just a black box. Yeah. Even if it is on the end cap at Walmart, you’re not going to buy it.

    [00:27:52] Jessica Erwin: You need to know what’s in it. And we all know that certain packaging sells better than others, right? Right. We’re attracted [00:28:00] to a cover of a book, even though it doesn’t tell us exactly what’s in it. If we’re at a bookstore, we are looking at the package, right? And part of that package is the writing that the synopsis of the book.

    [00:28:13] Jessica Erwin: So it’s all of those things matter. So the packaging. of the offer. These five things I think will really help your stand out better and will help you know, I think if you go through them, they’ll really help you know that much better what you’re putting inside the box. Uh, and making sure that when they open it, it’s everything that they wanted and even more because you’re delivering so high.

    [00:28:36] April Beach: All I can think of is, is Tiffany’s blue box with diamonds inside when you said that. Are you, are you, is it a Tiffany box or is it? I was just watching, uh, what is it, Sweet Home Alabama, where he takes her. Have you ever seen that movie where he takes her into It’s mine

    [00:28:51] Jessica Erwin: and my husband’s first date.

    [00:28:53] April Beach: It was our first date when we were dating.

    [00:28:55] April Beach: I was just watching that and he just turns on the lights and she’s in the back door at Tiffany and Company. I’m like, oh my [00:29:00] gosh, every girl’s dream. Um, but yeah, so are you, are you, is it a Tiffany box air packaging app? Uh, or, you know, or, or

    [00:29:08] Jessica Erwin: You better have a Tiffany ring in that box. You

    [00:29:10] April Beach: better have a Tiffany ring in that box.

    [00:29:11] April Beach: In a Tiffany box, okay?

    [00:29:17] April Beach: I think that’s such a good analogy, though. So we’ll leave you guys is with this, right? So what’s in the box is the program. We talk about it all the time. Of course, if you guys need help with that, we help subject matter experts. Experts build leading programs and create sold out offers. But today I really, I’m so glad, first of all for you guys to meet Jessica here on the podcast.

    [00:29:38] April Beach: She’s so awesome. And unpacking this part of the wrapping of the box because it is separate than what is on the inside. And I, I think that’s a perfect analogy. So thank you for that. Yeah. Yeah. All right, you guys. Well, we are going to wrap this up. Please share this episode with anybody you feel like this would be beneficial.

    [00:29:57] April Beach: You know, we don’t have advertising here on the show, so we really [00:30:00] rely on our friends like you to up arrow and share this and share the wealth of knowledge. And Jessica, thank you so much for coming onto the show. I know you’re going to be on here a million more times. And, you guys can connect with Jessica, through our social media channels as well.

    [00:30:15] April Beach: And then, Jessica, what is your, connect with her on LinkedIn? We’re hanging out a lot more on LinkedIn, you guys, if you aren’t hanging out with us on LinkedIn, hang out with us on LinkedIn, , as well, but how can people find you?

    [00:30:27] Jessica Erwin: Any, any of the socials that I am Jessica Erwin, Erwin with an E. Awesome.

    [00:30:31] Jessica Erwin: But yeah. Otherwise, any place Sweet Life is, I am at, so I will find your message.

    [00:30:38] April Beach: Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you.