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    Episode 56: 4 Tips to Bootstrap Your Online Business

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    Are You Bootstrapping Your New Business?

    When it comes to starting a new business, you don’t always have a ton of money to pour into every step of the process.

    That’s where the strategies in this episode come into play.

    In Today’s Episode:

    While every entrepreneur, no matter how far along in their business they are, can use the strategies in this episode, they will be particularly valuable for those in Phases 1 and 2 of my SweetLife Entrepreneur System.

    If you’re still working a full-time job and you’re starting a business that will fit your ideal lifestyle, or if you’re in a season of change in your life and you’re wanting a business that will allow for that change, this episode is for you.

    Why You Should Tune In:

    In this episode, I break down four strategies for growing your new business using sweat-equity instead of money.

    Do you want a clear and focused plan for launching your business?

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