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    Episode 45: 4 Strategies to Build a Profitable Business Around Your Family

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    Are struggling with figuring out how to make your business work around your family life instead of the other way around?

    If so, I want to help you fix that immediately!

    Entrepreneurship by design means creating a business that allows you to live your ideal lifestyle instead of keeping you from it.

    Why You Should Tune In

    It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to start a business thinking it will lead to more time with their families only to realize they’re spending more time working and less time with the ones they love.

    Making a few simple, but critical, changes in your business can help completely turn things around so you never have to miss another moment with your family.

    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, I explain four key strategies that will help you build a profitable business around your family; including how to avoid the number one mistake new entrepreneurs make.

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