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    Episode 184: 4 Pitches To Land Your Dream Business Affiliates – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?


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    Who This Episode is Great For:

    Entrepreneurs who want to create partnerships with other businesses, but aren’t sure how to approach them correctly. Getting eyes on your new business or product can be hard. This episode is for those who need an instant boost of fans and followers with a little help from (business) friends.


    One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by borrowing someone else’s’ audience. In this episode, April Beach delivers 3 proven strategies you can use to create winning partnerships with other businesses for mutual benefits. The more valuable you are as a partner, the more other companies will want to promote and work with you so how you pitch your company matters!


    1. Have 4 strategies to choose from to pitch businesses for partnership
    2. Know how to pitch, when and what to say
    3. Discover the secrets we’ve used to have companies in over 13 countries promote us for free

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. Hey, and welcome back to the show. I’m April beach, love chatting with you. And today is really Kind of a part two episode of what we talked about last week. You are tuned into the Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast,
    and I know, especially now there are a trillion different podcasts that you could listen to. And I really love that you’re here hanging out with me. Thank you so much for that. I love helping you build your business. That is what the Sweetlife company, my company and my team. That is what we do. We’re dedicated to helping you launch and scale your business through digital marketing and online business strategies.
    And this show continually now for 184 episodes gives you the steps to do that, that most business consulting firms charge thousands for. So I’m so glad that you’ve tuned in if this is your first time here. Thank you so much. Here is what you can expect from today’s show today. I’m going to download four different ways to land your dream business affiliates.
    But before we dive into this today, I want to make sure that you’ve tuned into last week’s show. So episode number 183, I covered, you know, exactly how to pitch partners, the psychology behind pitching partners, really how to determine whether or not a business or an affiliate is actually good for you to partner with. And I gave you the pitch steps.
    So if you didn’t actually tune in last week, just pause this episode and go back to episode number 183. And listen to that because what we’re talking about today is a followup to what we talked about last week. And these are a lot of important strategies to discuss. As a matter of fact, this is some of the work that I do with my private business clients that I helped develop their pitches and their relationships sometimes with really high profile brands that other companies can’t even begin to penetrate.
    And so this is really important information, and I want to make sure that you are getting it and absorbing it, and you’re taking the steps so that you can go ahead and put it into action in your business. So again, if you didn’t listen to last, week’s please tune into last week’s. And this is what you can expect from today’s show.
    So this particular episode is for those of you guys who want to create partnerships with other businesses, you aren’t exactly sure how to approach them correctly. So we covered a lot of the foundation last week, but today I’m giving you four different specific pitch strategies. So we’re really going to be driving into strategy today. So if you want to get eyes on your new business,
    or if it’s time to scale your business, or if you’re launching new service or a new product, or if you want to reach a new audience, then these are great episodes for you to pay attention, to and to take these strategies. And here’s what you can expect from this show. So, first of all, here’s what we know. One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by borrowing someone else’s audience and love that statement.
    I love that quote, my friend, Cathy Hawn, who’s an online world-class online marketer. She’s been here on the show. She says that she says the best way to grow your businesses, to borrow someone else’s audience. And she’s totally right. So in this show, I’m going to give you the strategies that you can use to create winning partnerships with other businesses,
    for mutual benefits. And here’s what you need to know. The more value you are as a partner, the more other companies are going to want to promote you and work with you. And so how you pitch these companies is super important. You only get one shot at making an impression to show your value. And we want them to think, Oh shit,
    like I have to work with this company. This company is going to make me look better. This company is going to make me make more money. Our audience is going to love us more because I’m partnering with whatever your company name is. And so that’s what we’re talking about on today’s show. So the end of this episode, you’re going to have four strategies to choose from,
    to pitch businesses that you want to partner with. You’re going to know how to pitch and exactly in what order, and you can figure out what your strength is in this area to move forward and pitch them strategically incorrectly the first time. And of course, I love giving you guys bonuses with these episodes, frankly, only you action takers and those of you that are really serious about growing your business in certain areas are the ones that actually take us up on these bonuses.
    They are insane. So the bonuses that go with last week and this week’s episode is that I am teaching a live stream this Thursday, July 16th, totally free. And I’m taking your questions about partnerships. So I’m going to work with you and hear your questions and give you recommendations on strategies on how to reach out to your gold star partners. So companies that you want to partner with and the people that you want to promote your business and business affiliates.
    So in order to get on that live stream totally free, you just need to join our new Sweetlife business community app. We have our own private community networking app. Super awesome. We just built it and you can join there for free by going to Sweetlife And once you join, you just click on events and you can register to join me in this Thursday’s live stream.
    So we’d love to have you in there and very happy to help you build your business. So let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show strategies, all of the show notes from this episode and all the links that I mentioned in here can be found by visiting Sweetlife forward slash one eight, four<inaudible>. Okay. So we’ve already established that you have to listen to last week’s episode.
    If you haven’t, you aren’t even cheating. It’s just that what we’re talking about here, isn’t going to work as well, unless you’ve tuned into episode number 183, but the rule of thumb that you need to follow when pitching any company is you have to give first. So anytime you’re reaching out, we actually talk about this a lot on the show,
    even outside of this specific context, but anytime you’re reaching out and you want to work with somebody, or you want to be part of what they’re doing, you always reach out by giving and you want to ask questions like, how can I help you? How can I help you serve your audience better? How can we support your goals as a business?
    And again, we talked about that a lot in last week’s episode. So here in today’s episode, I’m not going to dive into that, but it’s important that you know, that those are the most important foundations for you to reach out first with. So you’re going to get four different pitch strategies here, and you can pick and choose which one you want.
    And I promise you, we have not only used these strategies and both of my own companies. If you guys don’t know, I own two international business consulting firms and I have for 17 years, but this is what our clients use to land their dream business partners and affiliates. So you can definitely take what I’m telling you to the bank. All right.
    So pitch option number one is to share great content for that desired partner to post. So here’s what we know. Content is King and great businesses are always looking for great content to deliver. So if you write excellent articles or if you make engaging videos, or if you create other types of content that can make that potential affiliate that you want to work with,
    look awesome to their clients, do it totally do it. Content is one of the most powerful ways to create partnerships and connect with an audience. And so here’s some quick steps to do that. Number one, reach out with an Epic, original sample of your content that you want to share. So reach out, make sure it is really good, what you’re sharing with them.
    And I want you to provide around three samples of your content. You can provide writing samples, you can provide video samples or audio samples. And when you’re reaching out, share with them, say, Hey, we have this great content. I would love for you to post it. This is original content, and here’s the most important thing here. It has to be original.
    So this is something that you’ve never put on your own website. You’ve never shared across social media. You, especially with these gold star partners that you really want to work with, you want to provide them something original that can be found nowhere else, because that gives them a marketing advantage over their competitors. And it’s important for search engine optimization. So pitch number one is to share great content with your particular partners that you want to work with,
    reach out to them and say, Hey, here you go. You’re invited to share this it’s original content. And obviously your company is going to get credit for the content. It’s actually a great way for you to be in front of your partner’s audience and they can see your face or hear your voice or read your writing. So that’s pitch option. Number one,
    pitch option. Number two is to offer, to host an event for that particular affiliate companies are always looking to be the experts. So we, we all want to be seen as the leader in our space. So in this one, this type of pitch, you’re basically going to stroke their ego. And that gets really far in a lot of ways,
    okay, this is business, it’s the truth. All right. So you can invite that potential partner to speak to your audience on a social media live stream in a video interview that you can host later and you can share with your audience, their content. So I know this isn’t going directly in front of their audience instead, you’re inviting them to come into your audience,
    but it really does make them see you in the beginning of this relationship is a valuable resource and somebody that they want to work with. So you would invite that potential partner to speak to your audience and tell them that you’re going to be sharing this content with your audience and making sure that you’re tagging them when you’re sharing the content and you’re including them in it.
    And here is like a gold star bonus. Nobody does this. You guys have to do this. I promise you it will be the advantage. It’s also one of the most important ways that one of our seals, our logo seals, and one of my first companies became internationally recognized. So here is the secret. Are you ready? Okay. Create a graphic logo.
    It’s not your business logo necessarily, but create a version of a logo that your partner can use and share across social media. This logo could be an as seen on or as featured by your business name or proud partner of, and then your business name, whatever it is, create graphics for them to pimp out on their social media. Sorry, I just said pimp out hope that doesn’t offend somebody about on their social media put on their website.
    And so they could beep up like as seen on kind of as if you were in our podcast. If you were on my podcast, you’d get a whole entire zipped up file of a ton of promo logos that you can use saying as seen or heard or featured on the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast. Same thing. I want you to do this for your desired business partners.
    And the second secret bonus is to create done for them, social media graphics. So take their headshots, put that little logo on there and send back images to them so they can put it out on their Instagram stories and their LinkedIn content and wherever else they’re established on social media. So you’re literally doing all the work for them. You’re inviting them to come teach to your audience and not only is that great for them.
    And they’re seeing you as a great potential partner to work with more in the future, but frankly it makes your business look really, really good, especially those of you guys who are new in business in the first couple of years, bringing in experts, bringing in partners, makes your business look like the GoTo. And it’s an important thing to do. So that is pitch.
    Number two is to invite the partner to come in, to teach or to speak. And I gave you the gold star marketing strategies. After that pitch, number three is to teach for them. So this is identifying their needs, identifying maybe some of the things they aren’t delivering as far as content to their audience and reach out and offer to speak for them,
    reach out and offer to teach. And you do this by sending them speaker one pager or immediate press or pitch pack. We’ve talked about this on numerous shows before. If you haven’t tuned into our shows on how to land any speaking gig that you want, then make sure after you’re done listening to this episode, all you have to do is cruise back to Sweetlife
    and you can search all of our shows for that particular content and find all the strategies that teach you how to do that as well. So here in pitch, number three, we’re going to establish you as the expert. So you want to reach out with a list of topics that you can teach to their audience. Again, you want to do the research.
    You want to identify what you feel like their needs are maybe some weaknesses within their market. And you want to provide the solution to that. You want to fill that hole for them and offer to teach for them at no charge. This could be a live stream on their social media. This could be in an event. This could be just frankly, creating a video and letting them post it on their YouTube channel,
    whatever it is, reach out and offer to deliver expert content for them. And then pitch number four is to collaborate, to create something new. This is when you reach out really authentically and just say, Hey, I’d love to discuss the opportunities to create something new together. It can be a new product. It can be a new service or an event.
    It could be a live stream collaboration or an online summit. It could be even a local event. The sky’s the limit when it comes to collaborations. So let me give you a good example of a case study of this in real time. My other company, I own baby planner inc, is the international leader in business consulting and development strategy for companies that market to new and expecting moms.
    And there is a company that we partner with that also offers business coaching for that niche. They train sleep coaches, and they really want to provide the business strategy of developing a company, but that isn’t their expertise. So we are working together to create a collaboration where we bring in our business development trainings for that niche market and their expert sleep certifications. And it’s a complete business package if you will,
    for these types of professionals, again, super niche, super specific. And so when you’re thinking about what this could look like for you think along those lines, like what can you create with other businesses that reach the same audience, but they may be missing something that’s different for every single industry. I just wanted to give you a case study and an example of some of the ways that we do this and that we are currently doing this right now so that your wheels can be turning.
    So again, we’re developing the business development coaching, and they’re developing the skill set coaching. If you have some sort of a collaboration like that, that you can do within your niche, do it find it that is pitch number four, a collaboration to create something new that has never existed, or that it’s never been as awesome as you and your new ability a business affiliate can make it together.
    All right. So here’s a recap of four very specific ways that you can pitch to land your dream business affiliates. Number one is sharing great content for that affiliate to post. Number two is hosting an event and inviting that affiliate to come and teach for your audience with all of the seals and logos and marketing. Number three is teaching for them to their audience.
    And number four is collaborating to create something new. Now, let me speak to those of you guys that are brand new in business so that we’re just talking about the elephant in the room. I know that you might not have a huge list yet. That’s okay. You want to find the partners that may also be new and create partnerships with newer companies or companies that are looking to expand,
    or maybe at the same stage of business development as you are. If you are a brand new business and you’re reaching out and you want to partner with Proctor and gamble, that might be a little stretch at first. Is it doable? Yes. We’d done it with clients before. Yes. Using these same four strategies. So go big, go for it.
    But I also want to say, if you’re not really sure about what sort of collaborations you want for your company, maybe starting out with a business it’s in the same development phase or a little bit ahead of where your company is, is a great place to start. Okay. So that’s today’s episode. I hope you found this incredibly informative and taking action on it right now.
    So to take action, choose which collaboration method you think is going to work best for your company to start and identify three top business affiliates that you want to reach out to right now to develop this relationship again, choose your pitch and choose three different affiliates that you can reach out to. And you can develop this collaboration. And the goal is to borrow their audience to grow yours.
    It’s absolutely synergistic. It’s perfect for both businesses in giving and building mutually beneficial business partnerships and brand collaborations is really the way businesses are going to grow in the future. And this is a way to get started in that. Thank you so much for tuning into this show. I love chatting with you guys. If you haven’t yet, I would really appreciate it.
    If you cruise over to Apple podcasts and left us a review, we read them all the time and along those lines, I just wanted to give a special thanks to a podcast reviewer, Terry Schmidt. Thank you so much. She said it’s practical, relevant, no nonsense podcast. April is extremely generous with the amount of detailed time-tested business advice that she gives on each podcast.
    She’s very clear on who can benefit from each training and delivers the content in a way that makes it easy to take action right away. If you’re an entrepreneur working to launch scale and grow your business online and appreciate down to earth and relevant advice, I highly recommend this podcast. Thank you so much, Terry, for that review. And we really do appreciate all the reviews and sharing this podcast with your friends.
    You can just click up arrow as you’re listening to this show and share it on your Instagram stories. And especially if you’re listening to it on Spotify, we are on every single podcast platform, even Pandora now, which apparently you really don’t listen to Pandora unless you’re over 40 like me, but I love Pandora. So it was really, it was really exciting for me when we got on Pandora a few years ago.
    So I appreciate your time. I hope you guys have an awesome week. It’s always great to pour into your business. It’s such a privilege to do so, and we’ll catch you next week. Again. Join me for the live stream this Thursday, July 16th. If you want personalized business strategy and help to create your partner pitch to get in there, you just go to Sweetlife
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