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    Episode 195: 4 Initial Steps To Creating An Awesome Offer, Program or Course – with April Beach

    SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach

    This episode is for those in Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™ Not sure what Phase your business is in?

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    Grab the cheatsheets and a 6-minute video to get started building your Leading Offer.

    Who This Episode is Great For:

    This show is for experts, entrepreneurs and businesses who:
    A) Want to know more about creating your Leading Offer
    B) Want to understand the fundamentals of what a Leading Offer or Program really is and isn’t
    C) Want to know how to get started in creating your company’s Leading Offer or Program and you’re wondering what to do first. 


    This show is part of a series called: How To Create Your Leading Offer™, Program, Service or Process. In this episode talking about what you need to do to be ready to create your first leading offer for. Prerequisites are important to hit so you know that what you’re creating is going to deliver the results you want need and expect. So, if you’ve been wondering how to create a leading offer or program this episode is for you. 
    Businesses are always launching new offers and services. It’s part of staying relevant and giving your customers what they really need. But when it comes to creating a leading offer a leading program or your own new leading methodology, there are a few important things you must do first. 


    1. The four pre-work steps you need to complete before creating your leading offer
    2. Save time and not costly mistakes 
    3. Complete clarity so that you can create your leading offer or program faster.

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    Download the CheatSheet: Must-Have Components of Every Leading Leading Offer or Program plus get a quick 6-minute video overview when you Join the Waitlist to create Your Leading Offer™, Program or Process.

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    Full Show Transcript:

    You’re listening to the Sweetlife entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mental and entrepreneur activator, a probate. You guys Welcome back to another episode here at the sweet life entrepreneur and business podcast. Last week on the show, we kicked off our series on how to create your leading offer program or your methodology.
    We have talked about the two types of leading offers that you can consider launching or creating in your business. And we’ve talked about what a leading offer actually is and what isn’t a true leading offer. So if you missed that episode, go back and listen to episode 194, because this is a continuation on this series. As we dive more today, we’re talking about four things you need to do before creating your leading offer.
    We’re talking about the prerequisites here on today’s show and why this is going to save you so much time and so much money. So again, like I said, this is part of a series we’re doing how to create your leading offer program service or process. So if you’ve been wondering about how to do this in your business and how to really take the lead,
    then these episodes are for you and a spoiler alert. There’s another episode in this series coming next week for you. So a lot of gold here in these podcast shows, you know, the issue is, is it experts in entrepreneurs and small businesses everywhere are always striving to be known. And there’s one way to lead your niche and to profit the way you want to.
    And that’s by developing a unique leading offer or program, even your methodology, your core principles, it could be a course or a membership community. It could be your content, the you license out to other businesses. We’re talking about a lot of those examples and really get your juices flowing here in these episodes. And the issue is, is that in order to do that,
    you have to understand what to do, what creates profitable results for your company, and actually how to go about creating a true leading offer or program that’s going to help you take the lead. How does that sound? So that’s what we’re talking about more on today’s show. So the end of this episode, you are going to know the four pre steps that you need to complete before creating your leading offer.
    So the four prerequisites let, just like you’re joining a college course. You have to meet these prerequisites. And by knowing these, by doing these, you’re going to save a ton of money and a ton of time. So we don’t want you to make mistakes. This episode is going to help you avoid a lot of the errors that some businesses that just go off and start creating what they think is their leading program.
    And we’re going to avoid the challenges that those companies face and pouring into you today with, with knowledge. And at the end of this episode, you’re going to have complete clarity so that you can create your leading offer or program faster. So if you’ve been a listener to this show for the last almost four years, thank you so much. If you’re new here,
    I’m April beach. I help offline companies scale online and entrepreneurs and experts develop industry leading leading offers. And this is a business coaching podcast. We give you trusted, proven business strategies that most business coaches charge thousands of dollars for. So sit back, take notes and start implementing. And I promise you, you will be glad that you did. And the initial,
    like many of our episodes comes with some serious bonuses. Today. We are giving you a cheat sheet that includes the components of what every leading leading offer has. And you also are going to receive a short little six minute video to kickstart your leading offer creation process. We love short, fast things because none of us have any extra time. And you can also add your name to the wait list to join my next leading offer masterclass,
    which is coming up here soon. And you can get all of that by cruising over to leading Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s business training episode.<inaudible> Okay. On today’s show, we’re talking about four things you need to do before creating your leading offer. And here’s the deal a foundational piece. Again, go back and listen to one 94.
    If you’ve not listened to that show yet, but a leading offer is in essence, the most important part of your business, it helps you to become known. It helps you to lead in your niche. It helps you to cut through all of the noise of other businesses that are in your same area, or maybe even if you’re a new company, it helps you really stand out in the very beginning of perhaps even a new industry,
    a leading offer will also give you predictable results in your business, and it gives your clients predictable results, which is the most important thing. And of course, a leading offer is going to help you control your profit. So that is why having a leading offer. And we use this word offer loosely. It could be a program, a course, a membership.
    It could be your leading system or methodology. It’s turning your ideas and your expertise into your intellectual property, and then choosing the business model of distribution that’s right for you. And so today we’re diving into the four prerequisites to building your leading offer. So if you skip even one of these, you can create the wrong thing. Waste years of time spend like truckloads of money that you don’t want to lose.
    Just like wave goodbye to that truck, driving away with your money in the back, blowing everywhere in the wind. And you could brand your business incorrectly, which I’m not going to go down that road. You know, we, we don’t, we don’t want to give the wrong message about your business branding because that really takes years of time and money to correct.
    So let’s not do that. Don’t forget to grab your leading offer cheat sheets and the quick start video over@ Okay. Prerequisite number one is to know who you serve. And we talk about this a lot on the show, you as a business owner, if you are an established business owner, then you know what I’m talking about, because you’ve probably nailed this.
    You’ve gotten over that threshold of kind of wondering who this is, who are the people that are desperate for the solution you provide. What we’re talking about here is going even further into that. It’s niching down hard. And for those of you guys that are new entrepreneurs and listening to this show, I get that this is so hard to choose in the beginning,
    but once you nail this down and you get more and more specific about who you serve, your business is going to be more successful faster. And one of the ways that you can do this is pulling from your expertise and the experience you have here is a great example of this. This week. I got a call from a woman who is launching a new life coaching business and life.
    Coaching is a powerful thing. I’ve worked with a lot of life coaches in the past life. Coaching is also a very popular thing that a lot of people are doing. And so she really needed to differentiate herself from the other businesses that were also in her market and in that place that she wanted to go with her company. And so we had a really nice long conversation.
    And at the beginning of this conversation, she went from wanting to be a life coach and helping women and men just get clarity and be high achievers. And at the end of our conversation, she was able to nail it down enough to know that she wants to help men and women get clarity and business advancement. Particularly for those people in the construction industry,
    see the difference. It was super specific because her area of expertise and her background is working within that industry. And so you have to go from this high level of generally wanting to provide a solution you’re in your business to asking yourself who specifically am I so providing this solution for and pull from your own expertise and your own experience that you have had in the past.
    So prerequisite number one is really knowing who you serve. Now, if you’re a new business and you’re not sure then launch offers launch services, but it’s not going to be your leading offer or program on this show. We’re talking about launching your leading, offer your leading methodology and your leading program. And in order to do that, you have to know specifically who you serve.
    That’s prerequisite. Number one, prerequisite. Number two is you need to be able to answer this question. What problem do you solve? Not what do you do or what do you offer? But what problem do you solve? Here’s an example of this. I help busy experts and entrepreneurs who are struggling to take the lead scale, their business, and become the undisputed leader by launching their leading offer.
    That’s my statement. And here is a prompt for you. If somebody asks you, what problem do you solve? Here are some words that can get you to craft your own problem. Solution statement. I help blank. So just while I’m talking through this, fill in the blank with me, I help blank. This is who you serve. So I help and then fill in who you serve,
    who are struggling with, and then fill in their problem to do, and then fill in the solution or the end results you provide. So I help. And then you can just put like a blank line there. If you’re visual like me, and you’re driving your car blank, who are struggling with blank to do blank. If you can fill in those blanks,
    you can answer that question. What problem do you solve? And here’s just a side note. And it’s a question that I get asked actually really often, because I work with a lot of lifestyle businesses as well. If you don’t actually solve a problem, you can also fulfill a deep desire. So if you have retreats or masterminds or things that are more of a fulfillment solution,
    that is awesome as well. So it doesn’t always have to be this deep rooted fear or problem. You can fulfill an amazingly deep passion or desire for your clients as well. So prerequisite numbers too, is being able to answer this question. What problem do you solve? Or what desire do you fulfill? Okay, prerequisite, number three, decide what you want to become known for.
    You’re not going to get stuck there. I promise you’re not going to get stuck there, but in order to develop a leading offer, you need to choose what you want to become known for because spoiler alert, leading offer is going to make you known, especially when you build it. Right? So really think about that. But let me just share with you a little timeline so that you can see from my own personal experience,
    I promise you you’re not going to get stuck there. I first became known for creating the parent coaching industry back in 2006. And my first leading program was called baby university. It taught individuals how to become parent coaches. As a matter of fact, that program is still alive today in my other company, right? You probably had no idea that that’s how I got started now almost 15 years ago.
    And then after that, my next leading program was called baby savvy, which was a corporate program for hospitals who wanted to include parent coaching. And then after that I created the baby dream gear class, which was an international class. It was licensed by parenting experts around the world. And then after that, I created the lifestyle business roadmap and launched my second company in 2014,
    you guys had no idea, right? See, not stuck. Okay. So when you do it, right, each program you create is a springboard for the next and the springboard for the next. I promise you, you won’t get stuck, but you have to pick one that you’re going to start with and you have to do nail it. So you can own that space.
    I own that space and every single leading program I’ve created, you will too, especially when you do it. Right. Okay. So prerequisite number three is to decide what you want to become known for. And then prerequisite number four is to understand right now what you’re qualified to do. So take from your current assets, pull from your current experience, use your unique story.
    What have you been through? What have you done, who are the main people you’ve worked with so far and use your unique story to identify, you know, really who am I awesome at getting Results for? Who do I love working with? Who are my favorite people that I love taking care of right now? What have you overcome for these people?
    Even personally, within your own business, as it applies to creating a leading offer in your company and the bottom line is what can you create right now? Yes, you can create a leading offer where you also need to learn other skills and bring in other skills to make your offer complete. But we have to understand that for it to be a real leading offer,
    it’s pulling from your intellectual property, your expertise, your experience. And so prerequisite number four, to creating your leading offer or program is understanding what you are qualified to do right this second. And I promise you if you’re stumped on this one, no worries. Next week’s episode, I’m going to be diving in with you to show you how to inventory your assets and your ideas and your expertise,
    and organize them into a beautiful outline for your leading program or offer. So don’t miss episode number 196, cause that’s what we’re talking about next week, but I promise you when you nail these four prerequisites, then it’s going to save you years of incorrect branding and tons of money and help you to be known in your space faster. So let’s do a recap on today’s show.
    We talked about the four different prerequisites, the four things you need to do before you start creating your leading offer or program. Number one was know who you serve. Number two was be able to answer the question, what problem do I solve? Or what desire do I fulfill? Number three is to decide what you want to become known for right now.
    And number four is to understand what you’re qualified to do and what you can teach right now to get all the secret weapons that go along with all of these episodes that we have for you when it comes to creating your leading offer program, make sure that you cruise over to right now, where you can also join the wait list for my next masterclass coming up called your leading offer and receive the cheat sheets.
    And the quick start video I have. So you can get started creating your leading offer today. All right, you guys, I love chatting with you. Thanks so much for tuning into another episode here on the Sweetlife entrepreneur and business podcast. And I can’t wait to keep talking about this subject. This conversation’s one of my favorite things to talk about, and I can’t wait to see the leading offers that you guys create.
    So if you already have a leading offer that you’ve created connect with me over on Instagram at April beach life, just shoot me a DM and let me know what you’re working on or what you’ve already created. I would love to talk about your leading offer here on the show. All right, you guys have an awesome week and I can’t wait to tell Bye bye for now.