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    Episode 43: 3 Ways To Join The $243 Billion Knowledge Commerce Movement

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    Are You Taking Advantage of the Knowledge Commerce Movement?

    Do you know what knowledge commerce is? If not, I’ve got you covered.

    Knowledge commerce is the future of online business and the key to a 20-hour work week.

    Why You Should Tune In

    Your knowledge is valuable and people will pay you for it. Taking advantage of the options in the #knowledgecommerce industry will allow you to generate additional sources of revenue for your business without interrupting your primary revenue source.

    Being able to do this allows you to grow and scale your business while generating passive forms of revenue which can, in turn, deliver the quality of life you’re looking for.

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    What Can You Expect?

    In this episode, I explain exactly what knowledge commerce is and provide you with three new business model ideas to help you cash in on the knowledge commerce movement, without interrupting your main revenue source.

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    Resources Mentioned:


    Knowledge Commerce: What It Is & How to Sell Your Knowledge Online



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