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    3 Types Of Content Companies Will Line Up To License From You- with April Beach (Episode 262)

    How To License Your Course Content or Program
    How To License Your Course Content or Program


    This episode is for those in Phase  3 – 4 – 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Roadmap™

    This Episode is Great For: 

    This is a great show for entrepreneurs who have an established method, framework or process and are ready to scale exponentially. 


    People don’t talk about licensing. In fact, it’s a secret weapon that most companies don’t tap in to. However, licensing when done properly can be the catalyst to higher profit than you ever dreamed possible. And there’s no catch! In fact, the business model of licensing your content, course, or program is quite simple. This week we’re continuing our conversation about from episode #235 and talking about the types of content companies line up to license.
    I’m also sharing behind the scenes details of how I’ve licensed my content, methods, frameworks and processes for over a decade. And you can too! 

    At the end of this episode you will: 

    1. Know what makes your content valuable enough to be licensed
    2. Know how to license what you already have and not re-create the wheel
    3. Know how to decide if licensing is right for you

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    Full Show Transcript:

    262 (236)

    [00:00:00] Hi you guys and welcome to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m April Beach, your host, and I am so glad you’re here. You have tapped into one of our best of episodes. These episodes are cherry picked from our most popular episodes with the most downloads, with the most comments. So these are the ones where whether it’s in a speaking engagement, or whether it’s by writing to us or sending us messages on social media where you guys have reached out and said, Hey, listen this episode you did was really powerful for me.

    [00:00:28] Thank you so much. And they’re also the other episodes that we believe are the most important as we move into the next year for the online business landscape that we are going into for coaches and consultants and experts and speakers and authors. And so this episode is absolutely amazing, though it’s previously recorded, all of the resources can be found by clicking on

    [00:00:54] You can visit us online and just very simply select the podcast and you’ll find all of the show notes in there for you with up to date links, making sure that you’re getting to the right place if you’re looking for a resource. Now special message to those of you guys that have been

    [00:01:12] waiting for this show to come back. I am so excited to announce that the next generation of the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast is dropping the week after Christmas, before New Year’s. As we roll into the new year, going from 22 to 23, and I can’t thank you guys enough. If you are a new listener to the show, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but after five years of faithfully dropping a business, training, a recording, a, a strategy for you every single week in winning awards for this show. I needed to step back and take a break, and you guys have been so gracious in actually encouraging me to do that. So what turned out to be one month off turned out to be about a year off of recording this show, but the reality is, is that we have been producing so many business trainings, hundreds and hundreds of them for five years, and entrepreneurs have relied on.

    [00:02:06] I needed to take a step back and get a perspective. If what you guys really needed for the next generation of the show, how should this show actually help you to continue to grow your businesses? And many of your businesses have significantly grown since we first started this show. And you are growing and we’re growing and what does that actually look like?

    [00:02:27] So I have had the gift of spending almost a year to build the entire next generation of the SweetLife podcast for you and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. I’m so excited. So the wait is almost over and I wanted to send you a message about it. Thank you for the emails and the comments on social media encouraging me to enjoy my time off. But April, please come back. I need your show to grow my business. You guys are amazing and you have really been. The fuel to the fire. That has helped me see clearly, clearly of where this show is gonna go in the next gen. It’s gonna sound a little bit different, but it will continue to be the place where you can come to for true proven business trainings that are transformational for your company.

    [00:03:10] That is business coaching that isn’t pulled out of thin air. From experts delivered to you in such a way that you can implement it. That’s why this show has been so popular over the years, and that’s what we will continue to do for you. I can’t wait for you to hear what we have planned.

    [00:03:27] The first series we’re kicking off is called Becoming Known in the Experts. So we have in here that are teaching you these proven business trainings without a hook to sell you something. They’re just coming in here to pour into you are Absolut. Epic. I can’t wait. So if you haven’t yet subscribe to the show, please click subscribe. Please share this with your friends. Please resubscribe in case that you were unsubscribed during my little hiatus. And I just love you guys so much, and I’m so excited to be back here. I can’t wait to drop the whole entire NextGen of the show and the episode’s coming for you. And in the meantime, enjoy this best of it is very powerful and it’s been chosen for you for a reason. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

    [00:04:13] You’re listening to the Sweet Life Entrepreneur podcast, simplified strategies to grow your service business and launch a life you love faster with business, mentor and entrepreneur activator April Beach.

    [00:04:31] Hi guys, and welcome back to this show. I’m April, and I’m so glad to be talking to you. Today’s podcast is an extension of last week’s podcast, episode number 235. Honestly, if you haven’t listened to episode 2 35 yet on licensing 1 0 1, how to license your course and your content to scale your company exponentially, that’s where I would start.

    [00:04:53] But if you were with me last week, I’m so glad that you were back here again and I can’t wait unravel this conversation a little bit more today. We’re continuing our conversation by specifically talking about three types of content. Companies will line up to license from you and all the show notes and everything that we’re discussing today can be found by visiting

    [00:05:19] You can just click on the podcast and everything is right there for. Now a couple of kind of behind the scenes as I’m recording this for you guys. This morning I took an ice bath. It was the polar plunge, and I still feel like I’m a little bit shaky, but frankly, I feel better than I ever have in my life.

    [00:05:38] We were hosting a human performance summit at our lab, and I usually don’t talk about this very much here on the show, but we actually own an entrepreneur lab, which is a place where we help entrepreneurs turn their thoughts into reality in Boulder, Colorado. And we dive into a lot of peak performance things and it’s really amazing. So four 30 this morning I was in an ice bath, completely focused and visualizing what we want our 2022 to look like and um, I just wanted to share that with you first of all, because I get so many comments from you guys about when I share stuff behind the scenes and the fact that you appreciate it.

    [00:06:20] But then also to show that it’s so important that we’re always working on ourselves, physically on top of what we’re doing in our business. And all these shows, all these podcast episodes are quote ,unquote business strategies and trainings that you can take to the bank, right? But the truth is, it really does all start with you.

    [00:06:40] And so I wanted to bring that up. So before we start diving, How literally you can blow your business up through licensing. I wanted you just to take a pause and just to reflect on what did you do for your physical body and for your mind this week, because that’s where it all starts. And I just wanted to encourage you in that.

    [00:07:02] Okay. Squirrel moment over . Let’s go ahead and dive into today’s show. Here is what you can expect by hanging out with me for the next couple of minutes. First of all, this is gonna be a shorter episode because the last couple episodes have been a little lengthy longer than we usually do for the summertime, and I know that you’re busy and out there living the dream or building the dream or both.

    [00:07:24] And so I wanna be respectful of your time. This particular episode is for those of you guys who are in business phases three, four, or five. If you don’t know what phase of business you’re in, you can take the quiz by visiting sweet life And this is a great show for those of you guys who have an established method, framework or process, and you are ready to scale your business exponentially.

    [00:07:51] So here’s the deal. People don’t really talk about licensing. In fact, it’s like a secret weapon that most companies don’t even realize that they can tap into. However, licensing, when it’s done right, can be like the super catalyst for a higher profit than you truly ever dreamed possible because, and if you listen to that last week, you know this.

    [00:08:15] Because we are giving other companies the power to distribute your content. It’s not always coming directly from you. And frankly, there isn’t any catch to this. The business model of licensing is really simple, and that’s what we’re talking about even more in depth than last week. So if you didn’t listen to last week’s again, go back and listen to episode number 235.

    [00:08:36] At the end of today’s episode, you’re, you are gonna know what makes your content valuable. And whether or not you are ready to license your content and you’re gonna have more information so that you can really lean on and even evaluate the opportunity of licensing. Most companies that we talk to love the idea, but it’s very new to them because frankly, business coaches don’t talk on or teach on this very often. And so I understand this might be a totally new concept to you, and so you’re gonna have more awareness and understanding of whether or not this is a great opportunity for you and your company moving forward. So let’s go ahead and dive into the show.

    [00:09:23] Okay, so let’s do a mini recap of last week’s episode. This will not replace listening to last week’s episode, and I really don’t want you to miss out. So this is just kind of a refresher if it’s been a hot minute since you listened to last week’s. First of all, what is licensing? Licensing is creating content for other companies to use so that they can grow faster, they can make more money. Or they can provide better services because of licensing your content.

    [00:09:52] The sister, I’ll call it a sister, the twin of licensing, which the process of doing this is almost identical to the process of creating your license material, is training other people in your method. So if you have a signature method or a signature framework or a signature process that you wanna train other people, even if it’s under your brand or they can become certified in your process. It’s the same thing we’re talking about here. So really getting your wheels spinning. Have you been listening maybe the last weeks and you’re like, gosh, you know, I don’t really know if I wanna do this.

    [00:10:29] But then when I say, Hey, but what about bring in other people underneath you and training them on your method, just so you know, pretty much the exact same process to get your content. So that’s a little recap of last week. The benefits of licensing are number one, for you to demonstrate thought leadership in your space.

    [00:10:48] So when you start licensing your material, all of a sudden people look and they’re like, oh, wow, man, she’s awesome. Look at that. She’s licensing her material that they, you know, other companies or he, you know, number two, increases credibility across your own audience. So even if your audience isn’t the one, Licensing the material from you, they think you’re even more badass because of the fact that you’re licensing your material to other people.

    [00:11:14] It certainly helps you exponentially scale because in the process of licensing, we really create something one time and then you can profit through multiple different opportunities and it is a perfect bridge for those of you guys who have been a B to C. Moving over to a B2B or even a B2 G, like a business to government.

    [00:11:36] Great opportunity here for those of you guys who are, who are interested in that. So whether or not you are ready to license your programs and you’ve met kind of those prerequisites for licensing, go back and listen to the last week’s episode because we, we dive into that even more in depth. So today we’re talking about the three types of content that companies literally will line up to license from you.

    [00:11:59] I have companies line up and join my wait list to license our courses and I release them one month a year, and that has been happening for over 11 years. Actually, probably should look at the date and throw myself a big ass party for that. I think that’s actually more than that. The deal is, is we create something that is amazing, that gives you the advantage that other companies want and they need, and then they literally will line up to license this material.

    [00:12:29] Why is it, why do they do that? Why do they pay so much money? Is because you are giving them the ability to profit faster and or you’re making their life easier. And or you are positioning them to be better at the content they’re already delivering. Maybe what you are licensing fits a missing piece to what a company needed, or maybe they’re taking your whole entire program in white labeling it, which we talk about last week. So those are kind of some of the reasons why this is such an incredible opportunity for you.

    [00:13:05] So three types of content that companies will line up to license. Number one is actual content itself. So content that people need to fill every distribution channel. Let me say that again. The first type of content that people will line up to license, I say people that companies, organizations, or other entrepreneurs will line up to license from you is content that feeds every distribution channel.

    [00:13:32] Examples of that are blogs, articles, newsletters, emails, so written emails, imagesand videos are examples of that type of content. So anything that another company needs to fill their content distribution channels, if you already have great content in that area, believe me, I mean, let’s take another sidebar here for a second.

    [00:14:01] You and I both know how tiring and time consuming and exhausting it is sometimes to create content, video content, written content, podcast. Content. Right? Content is king, right? The truth of the matter is, is that if you can speed up that process by delivering amazing content for other companies to distribute on their channels, through their channels, they will line up to license that content from you.

    [00:14:29] That’s number one. Number two, type of content that they will line up to license are. Let me give you an example of assets. Assets are anything that these companies need to communicate an end result or to add to their established content or program. So an example of an asset could be, it’s something very workable and usable.

    [00:14:54] It’s like a tool. Examples of those could be worksheets or blueprints or templates or forms. Anything that is an asset, that is a tool that they need, that they can add to their established content, that becomes a tool within what they are already delivering. So number one is content to feed their distribution channels.

    [00:15:20] Number two are assets. And third, and which is the king of them all are, I call them completes. These are complete package. That companies and other entrepreneurs or organizations need. Here are examples of completes. These could be your complete program or services, your complete courses curriculum, even if it isn’t built into a course yet. Steps of service systems or processes, so these are complete packages that companies can take. It is like full blown turnkey. You already have these complete programs. and you are giving another company, an organization or another business, an opportunity to plug and play where you’ve already created your complete package, your videos, your content, your worksheets.

    [00:16:17] It could even include you coming in and teaching some part of that live. And this is when you have the great privilege of creating an amazing custom package. Whatever works out for you and the licensee. Completes are where it is you guys completes, are the ones that companies are really paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

    [00:16:40] Or you can start really down, and I don’t even mean to say down, but you, you know, it doesn’t have to be licensing your whole program to a corporation org organization. You can start by licensing your content to other small businesses starting at only a couple thousand dollars. Whatever works based on the value of the content that you are delivering.

    [00:17:01] But completes are really where it is. And the more complete and the more valuable your program, the more of a transformation you deliver within your program, then the more somebody is going to pay you to use it to license it from you. So let’s go ahead and recap the three types of content that companies line up to license.

    [00:17:21] Now, if you’re driving and you can’t take. I wanna invite you to a totally free one hour video. It’s called Content Licensing 1 0 1, where I go even more in depth than all of this, and you guys can tap into that video anytime. I would call it a webinar, but I’m not selling you anything on it, there’s, you know, I’m not like there with you live saying, and now, you know, do this.

    [00:17:44] It’s literally a video. For those of you guys who are interested in learning more about content licensing, you can tap into this video anytime by visiting license, and then the number two and then the word, or by visiting our website So if you can’t take notes, I break down these three types of content. And I actually show examples of these inside that video, and you’re welcome to tap into that. So let’s do a really quick recap. Number one, content to feed any distribution channel. Number two, any sort of assets or tools. Again, these are worksheets or blueprints or templates or forms. And then number three are completes. These are your curriculum or your course, or your complete program, or your complete service package that’s already done and ready to go. And those are the three types of content that companies, organizations, and corporations and other entrepreneurs will line up to pay you to please let them use it in their content distribution or in their program.

    [00:18:48] Please let them sell it, and it’s a win-win for everybody. A couple things moving forward, and I’m not gonna dive into these things in depth because we’ve covered so much over the last two podcast episodes, but I want to make sure I’m at least getting your wheels turning because I want you making more money faster by using the work you’ve already done.

    [00:19:10] And so what I want you to do at this point, if you’re thinking about this, definitely cruise over to Grab the resources we have there for you, but just be thinking right now, what do you already have? What do you already have in your arsenal? What do you already have that you have already created that other companies could use that you see other companies missing? It could be a good opportunity for both you and another company. What do you already have that you can maybe repurpose or tweak? Maybe you just need to scale it up just a little bit and then you can have an opportunity to sell that exponentially. It could be a course or a mini course or a training, written content, programs.

    [00:19:54] And don’t forget, going through the process of packaging your material to license to another company is the same process we would take you through if you want to certify or accredit or train others on your method. These are the same steps in the same process. It’s just the distribution and the actual usage.

    [00:20:15] The sales side of it looks a little bit different. So licensing your content is the same process that we take clients through as those of you guys who are launching a certification or a train the trainer type program. So if you don’t have assets, then we wanna really think about what are you currently building in your business that we can mindfully in advance, build in a way for part of it to be licensed out.

    [00:20:41] And there are a lot of things to consider really, like what is best for your brand. I was in a clubhouse room a couple of months ago and I was talking about licensing and, and somebody asked me, you know, what’s the deal with white labeling? And I answered that question. In last week’s podcast about whether or not white labeling is is right for you. And so again, make sure you tapped into last week’s podcast. And of course I discuss it more in that license to scale video for you as well.

    [00:21:09] So other decisions you need to make, and we again talk about it in this video, are, should you license your material only locally to businesses, or are we talking about licensing your content to companies that have a global reach and they’re completely online? Should you geographically bind or restrict the content you license to maybe only a limited number of companies or organizations, either within a certain geographic area or perhaps within a certain niche. Those are all strategic questions that we go through in this video training, but also that those are great things to think about, and I want you to be thinking about how the answers to these affect you and your brand and your leadership first, before we’re thinking about how they affect the end user.

    [00:21:57] And then of course, other things like do you license your content as is or are you willing to update. What’s the minimum price? What is the license length? How many people is your licensee allowed to distribute your content to? There’s so many other details frankly, there are questions you didn’t even know you had, but I wanted to hone in on these two podcast episodes and start with the foundations.

    [00:22:19] This is content licensing 1 0 1. This is the conversation that is so exciting you guys. This is literally how I brought my first business consulting firm to seven figures and it. Hard work. I’m not gonna lie about that. It was definitely hard work, but it was way easier than I ever expected because I have, and I had something that was incredibly valuable that other companies want.

    [00:22:44] If you have something that other companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, want and need, that again makes them make more money faster. It makes them be better at what they do. It can level up their brand and it cuts their time. Then you have just made yourself the most valuable person in the room. I guarantee it, and I’m super excited about talking about this content, this, this topic.

    [00:23:10] I geek out on it because I’ve experienced it personally and I’ve seen the opportunities my clients have had when we help them build out their license programs, and I want you to have those opportunities as well. So this is episode number 236 at the Sweet Life Entrepreneur and Business Podcast. I’m April Beach your host.

    [00:23:30] Thank you so much for hanging out with me. Happy summertime. I hope you’re doing something that you love that makes you laugh. That’s good for you and good for all the people that you love, and that you get a chance to really spend some quality time. And don’t forget to invest in yourself. You might not wanna jump in an ice bath at 04:30 in the morning like I did, but whatever it is for you, okay, now I’m just gonna do a little, little teeny tangent.

    [00:23:55] This is what I learned about myself today. I am way stronger mentally than I even thought I. And I’m really proud of myself for what I did today, and it feels really, really good. And frankly, I was in that ice bath for a really, really long time, and it was unexpected how good not my body did. My brain and my mental toughness surprised me today.

    [00:24:21] And that was freaking awesome. And so I just wanna encourage you to push yourself and you will surprise yourself. We are so much more than we even think we are. We have so many more resources and so much more strength that we can tap into. And when we put ourselves in those positions where we have to see what we’re made, You will not only rise to the occasion, you will blow past it.

    [00:24:47] I know you will. Whether we’re talking about licensing your content or building funnels or launching your first online course, or your business or mastermind or we’re sitting here and we’re helping you determine how to take a great article you wrote and get it distributed so that you can make thousands of dollars, whatever it is, we’re into holistic business building here, and that is your body, your mind, your family.

    [00:25:12] and of course, High profit, deep impact lifestyle for you. Thanks so much for hanging me, hanging out with me today. See, I’m still a little bit shaky here. I’m like drinking my coffee. I really appreciate you guys. I can’t wait to connect with you. Connect with me on Instagram at April Beach life and of course on Clubhouse where I’m there every single week at April Beach, and I would love to hear what you are doing to invest in yourself this summer.

    [00:25:39] And I am there to take your licensing questions, especially in Clubhouse. So don’t forget to hit me up with those because that’s what I’m there for, is to support you guys in these business. Okay. Have an awesome day, and I will talk to you next week. Bye-bye for now.