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    3 Steps To Build Your Business From Podcasting Without Running Ads, Even With A Small Audience with April Beach (Episode 303)

    3 Steps To Build Your Business From Podcasting Without Running Ads, Even With A Small Audience



    Who is this episode for? 
    Established entrepreneurs (in Phases 2-4 of my Start To Scale Up Business System”) who want 
    You’re a podcaster or you’d like to be, but you’re wondering how to make money for your business from your show, especially in a market that feel saturated. In this show April records live from Podcast Movement 2023 and she is delivering to you the exact talk she delivered on stage at Podcast Movement! 
    If you have a small list, or you’re new to podcasting. If you don’t want advertisers or you don’t have enough downloads for them to pay attention to you. And, if you’re wondering how we’ve generated over a million dollars in sales directly attributed to this how, this episode unpacks it all. 
    This show also comes with: 
    • Slides from April’s talk at Podcast Movement 2023
    • 1 hour training and worksheets on how to create an intuitive quiz for your show
    • Powerful resources for building aligned offers 


    At the end of this episode, you will: 
    • Know how to create a show structure that make you the centerpiece, even with guests
    • Have a funnel you can apply to your show
    • Know how to create offers that your listeners can’t refuse
    3 Steps to a Profitable Podcast – Podcast Movement Friends –
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    Full Show Transcript:


    [00:00:44] Hi guys. And welcome to episode number 303. This is a special treat. I am literally recording this episode on location. If you’re watching the video version of this from Podcast Movement, 2023, and I’m going to give you a secret. I’m literally recording to you the exact workshop training that I’m going to be delivering here as a speaker. at podcast movement this week. And here’s really our little secret. I am using this recording to practice my talk at Podcast Movement.

    [00:01:18] So let’s see how well I do. You guys always get the behind-the-scenes here. When you tap into me at this podcast, if we don’t know each other yet, I’m April Beach. I am the founder of the SweetLife Company, and we help. Subject matter experts, coaches, and consultants scale their business with million-dollar programs and content licensing.

    [00:01:39] And this entire show is designed to give you guys free trainings and coaching that you would pay thousands of dollars worth somewhere else. So I’m super glad that you’re here. Couple of prerequisites here as we dive in this, like I said, is the workshop that I’m delivering here at Podcast Movement Live two days from now.

    [00:02:00] So our audio is not going to be pristine. I’m sitting here in the Riverside booth recording this, which is so cool Riverside is a software we use to record this show we have for years We love these guys and they were nice enough to give me a table here so I could record this show for you So I’m super stoked about this, but you know the sounds might be a little off.

    [00:02:23] You guys are used to that though, because you know, behind the scenes at the beach house where my home studio is, you’re usually going to hear loud noises and kids and dogs anyway. So here we go.

    [00:02:33] Today, I’m delivering you a workshop that is going to find the solution for three steps to build a profitable business from your podcast without running ads.

    [00:02:44] Even if you have a small audience, that’s the workshop I’m teaching here. And those are the solutions that I’m going to give to you today. Now, who is this podcast for this episode for this episode is for those of you guys who again are subject matter experts, coaches and consultants, and you may want to launch a podcast or you have a podcast and it feels really saturated in the industry and you’re wondering, you know, nobody’s going to pay to advertise on my podcast.

    [00:03:14] Maybe you have less than 10, downloads, right? So how do you make money from your podcast? The truth of the matter is, is I’m going to give you our exact framework on how we have made money and profited from this podcast directly into our business. So you’re in the right place. If you’re interested in podcasting, having your own show, not being a guest, if you’re interested in having your own show, or if you have your own show and maybe you’re not making money from it, maybe you don’t know how to turn listeners into buyers.

    [00:03:48] I’m pulling back of the curtains and giving you every single thing here. So at the end of this, you are going to have a proven funnel that you can apply to your show. You are going to understand our strategy and you’re going to be able to actually take implementation tools that I’m giving you and be able to apply it to your show.

    [00:04:09] So stay around and let’s dive in if that is what you want. Are you guys ready? All of the show notes can be found by visiting SweetLifeCo. com. This is episode number 303. 303. Shout out to all the 303 Boulder, Colorado area code people, even though that’s totally irrelevant to the podcast. You know, I just had to give a shout out there to 303.

    [00:04:37] All right, let’s go ahead and dive into the show you guys. There’s gonna be no breaks, no crazy music in the middle. This is you and me on scene here at Podcast Movement going through these steps. So, Step number one to build a profitable business from your podcast is to have a predictable show structure.

    [00:04:56] One of the things that you might have realized, especially if you’ve been listening to this show for a long time, is I have a certain format that I go through. Well, I should say I try to go through at least on nine out of 10 episodes, and I’m going to give you our exact format. But before I do that, I need to tell you one very important thing.

    [00:05:17] Whether you have an interview type show or whether you have a solo show, it’s really important that you are the centerpiece of your show. And if you already have a show and you aren’t sure, I want you to ask yourself this question. Do your listeners know why they need to buy you? Do they know the problem you solve because sometimes if you have an interview show you’re so busy Which is fantastic interviewing all these other great people if you’re trying to build a profitable business on the backside of your show You need to become the centerpiece of trust and the framework that I’m going to give you is going to help you do that Now this is totally our framework.

    [00:05:57] We’ve been using it for six years. So I promise you that it works But I’m also telling you you need to like take it and tweak it and make it your own like don’t copy my exact Framework, right guys, but I want you to take this framework and make it yours. So with a Predictable show structure what happens is is that when your listeners show up their brain is not overworking trying to navigate What’s happening here?

    [00:06:22] What are they talking about? What can I get out of this? Because our brains, they’re kind of lazy. And when we ask your listeners brains to exert a lot of calories to figure out, Why do I need to listen to this show? And why do I need to hire this coach? Or buy their programs or services? We’re asking their brains to do a lot of work.

    [00:06:41] So by having a predictable show structure, we’re reducing the work. Because we know that podcast listeners are listening in their car from work while they’re at the gym, while they’re cooking dinner, they’re multitasking while they’re listening. So having a predictable show structure is really going to help you to make sure that your listeners are getting exactly what they need out of your show.

    [00:07:01] When you do this, you’re going to build trust, you are going to help your listeners understand that you value their time, and you’re going to have returning listeners come back again and again and again, and they’re going to actually purchase your services because they know that you respect them, you deliver high quality content.

    [00:07:19] And that your show is a place where they can go find solutions. So here is our predictable show structure. The first part of our show, in the beginning of every show, I have what’s called a prerequisite. And a prerequisite is where I will say, Hey listen, this is who this show is for. If you’re in this place, if you need this, want this, or trying to learn this, or trying to do this, this is a great episode for you.

    [00:07:43] But then at the beginning of the show, just like I said in the beginning of this, It is not for those of you guys who want to know about guest podcasting. I also will tell you who this is not for. You know why? Because I respect your time. You respect my time. Everybody’s happy because we respect each other.

    [00:08:00] So the first step in the framework of a predictable show structure that we use is pre qualifying and disqualifying listeners from our show. The second step in the framework is where we share the opt in. Just like I shared with you, go to the show notes. You also can have a lead magnet. For your opt-in, and I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m gonna follow this structure.

    [00:08:21] We have a very powerful tool that I gave away for free, a podcast movement that I’m also gonna give to you guys. So when you go to the show notes for this episode number 3 0 3, you are gonna find all of the implementation tools, all of the worksheets, and I’m also giving you the slides from this talk from podcast movement.

    [00:08:44] So we’re gonna give you a ton of things. So now let’s apply that to your show. You say your prerequisite and then you say your opt in. What does that opt in look like? And then you share the end results. So again, the end results of this show are you’re going to have a funnel that you can duplicate and make your own.

    [00:09:01] And you’re going to be able to understand how you can make money from your show as a coach, consultant, or subject matter expert without running ads. Or without having advertisers to your show, because frankly, your audience might not be big enough that an advertiser wants to pay to get on your show. So again, the first three steps of a framework are prerequisite, opt in, and end result.

    [00:09:22] And then you’re going to go into your show content. I’m actually in my show content now because I’m already speaking to you. I’m already teaching you, but you’re going to go into your show content, whether that’s an interview or whether that is you. Teaching a training or delivering a monologue or whatever that is, whatever you do on your show.

    [00:09:41] After the content of the show, which is the bulk of the show, the meat and potatoes. There are two other steps to this framework and you’re going to hear these at the end of this show. The next one is the implementation. It’s a recap of what you talked about. It’s a recap of what those end results were that you said in the beginning and how people can actually implement.

    [00:10:04] So it’s recap and implement. This is where you would share your call to action. This is where you would share your Link to purchase your consulting program or schedule a call with you. This is where you have literally a direct call to action to the monetization piece of your business because if we aren’t actually monetizing the podcast yet.

    [00:10:24] We have to monetize your programs and services on the back side of it That’s how we make money from your show. So that implementation that call to action is very very important Don’t forget it. And then the last part of it is asking for people to share your show, especially if you’re a newer show, you don’t have a ton of listeners yet.

    [00:10:43] It’s really important that you ask, you know, people want to share, but sometimes we have to remind them, Hey, listen, can you please share this show with your friends? Because we don’t have advertisers on this show, and we might not even run advertisements to the show. So sometimes that is the most important thing is to ask.

    [00:11:01] So, to recap the show framework, we have prerequisite, opt in, end result, content, implementation, and ask. So, take notes on this, if you aren’t, again, go to the show notes at SweetLifeCo. com, click on the podcast episode 303, and I’ll give you all these slides and a whole bunch of more things. All right, let’s keep going here.

    [00:11:27] Step number two is to build what we call an intuitive lead magnet. The thing is, is that not all lead magnets work in a way that we need them to work for your show. So if your lead magnet should, and listen very carefully, holy moly, I hope you guys can hear me. I cannot even hear my own voice, so I really hope this is a good mic here.

    [00:11:50] With your intuitive lead magnet, we want, it has a couple of very specific jobs. It is going to categorize, qualify, disqualify, or rate your listeners, okay? And I’m going to tell you how to do that here in a minute. It is going to give them more information about themselves, and it’s going to provide a roadmap to the progression that they can go through and grow through with your company.

    [00:12:16] In addition, it is going to serve as the guidepost for your prerequisites. So, will people actually get results? Who should listen to what episode? And when you do this right, your lead magnet is going to label, it’s going to tag your listeners. It’s going to give you a segment of listeners and it’s also going to tell you if you’re hitting your target audience.

    [00:12:38] And let me explain to you exactly how we do that because that might seem a little overwhelming. I’m going to unpack our exact strategy for you. I recommend that you create a lead magnet in the form of a quiz or an assessment that is based on your methodology. Process, roadmap, consulting framework, maybe it’s based on the topics that you teach in.

    [00:13:02] Your lead magnet should align with a proven process, method, or framework that is your intellectual property, that came out of your genius brain. All right. And so let me give you an example of how we do this here on the SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast. You guys have been listening for six years. You guys know all this already.

    [00:13:21] Okay. You know our tricks. We create a quiz and that quiz tells our listeners what level of business growth they’re in. And when they understand the level of business growth and you go to our podcast website. Our shows, our episodes are tagged to a level of business growth. So you know, if you’re in phase three, that you’re going to listen to the episodes aligned with phase three.

    [00:13:46] And that’s the kind of lead magnet I want you to create with your own quiz or your own assessment based on your intellectual property from your show. Now, I can’t cover all this right here, but I’m literally giving you an hour long training on how to create an intuitive quiz. for your show based on your method.

    [00:14:07] That is one of the many bonuses that I’m giving with this talk here at podcast movement. And of course, I’m going to give it to all you guys too. So go to the show notes and grab that. So let’s say that you have your quiz in place. What I really want to hone in on right now is what do you actually do with that quiz?

    [00:14:25] So there are five steps to actually then use that quiz to make your business more profitable on the backside of your show. The first one is to do what I said, tag each show. with an outcome to the quiz. So whether somebody lands in level one or level six, your shows and the content you deliver, even if you’re interviewing somebody, should align with an outcome based on your quiz or your assessment.

    [00:14:50] It’s very important to tag each show to the outcome for your quiz. Number two, at the beginning of every single one of your episodes, you’re going to go on, you’re going to show in your show and you’re going to say, Hey, listen, if you’re in level five, if you’re in level four, if you scored an A or a B or a C or whatever on our intuitive quiz, this show’s for you and you’re already see how I’m disqualifying or prequalifying and you’re going to be able to do that at the beginning of every show.

    [00:15:16] And I’m going to give you the language that we use exactly. This show is. for people in blank of my, and then insert your quiz or your roadmap name. And then you say, if you don’t know where you are in our genius process, pause this show for a second here and go take my short quiz. And so automatically everybody’s like, wow, well I don’t want to waste my time and listen to a show that isn’t for me, and I would really like to know where I am.

    [00:15:46] You know, we’re all like suckers for quizzes. I would really like to know where I am in April’s process of business growth, right? So they’re going to go and they’re going to take your quiz. So, you do that at the beginning of almost every episode as it flows, as it pertains. And if they don’t know where the quiz is, you need to have a very clear verbal call to action.

    [00:16:07] For example, go to my show notes or text the word quiz to this number. You need to have very clear verbal calls to action because if you give them a long URL, they are never going there. So number one is tag each show. Number two is qualify each show and tell people who it’s for in the beginning of the episode.

    [00:16:27] And then number three is if they haven’t taken your quiz yet, tell them very easily how to go find and take your quiz. Number four, what we do is we then put the, the label of each one of the outcomes of our quiz at the top of every show notes. So when you go to our show notes, cause you’re totally going to go there, right?

    [00:16:46] To get all of our free stuff, you’re going to see on top that it says, who is this episode for? Question mark. It says this episode is for established entrepreneurs who are in phases. Two through four of my system. And then there’s a hyperlink to go take the quiz if they haven’t taken it yet. I want you to do that in your show notes because we’re making the actual assessment a part of the ecosystem of your show.

    [00:17:13] And then the last thing that we do for good measure is we’ve also built our podcast website that all of our shows can be sorted based on the outcome of our business quiz. So you can also take that extra step and that is step number two, even though I just gave you five step steps in two total steps.

    [00:17:35] So, so far I’ve told you that to create a predictably profitable business on the backside of your podcast without running ads to it or running ads on it, that you need to number one, have a predictable show structure where you are the centerpiece. People know why they need you, even if you have guests.

    [00:17:51] Number two, I recommend that you have an intuitive quiz that can integrate with every single one of your shows. And then the very third thing is that make an irresistible offer. This is really important for you guys to know. Again, if you can’t monetize the show because you’re not getting 50 or a hundred thousand downloads per episode, I don’t have that.

    [00:18:14] Let’s be real. I’ve been podcasting six years. I don’t have that. And we have had advertisers approach us for advertising, but it’s just, I don’t, I just don’t want them on our show here. Right? It’s frankly, an advertiser is not going to pay me. I’m being really honest with you guys, as much money as I make off of clients having a relationship with me and hiring us on the backside of this show.

    [00:18:39] I have made more money doing that than an advertiser would ever pay me to advertise on my show. Okay. I’m being really real with you guys. All right. So here’s a couple of stats for you. 28% of podcasters have made a purchase from hearing about an offer on the show. So I recommend that you actually make direct offers for your own coaching programs and products on your show.

    [00:19:03] Number one, advertise your own stuff. on the show. That statistic comes from HubSpot. And then here’s another stat for you. 60% of podcast listeners say they’ve actually looked up products or taken action on a service after hearing an advertisement. So again, whether it’s your free lead magnet that we talked about, Or it’s an actual paid product.

    [00:19:27] We know that 28% have actually bought in 60% are going to go look at that product and check it out. Imagine if that’s your product. I don’t believe you should be shy about sharing your solutions on your show, especially with people that already know, love and trust you in this third step. When we’re talking about.

    [00:19:48] Building an irresistible offer, it’s very important that you understand that your offer, your program, your solution has to be aligned with your podcast, right? So for a profitable podcast, you have to have an aligned offer. So what am I mean by alignment? You should, if you’re using the intuitive quiz or assessment strategy that I shared with you here on the show.

    [00:20:13] Your solutions should provide a direct response to a certain outcome in your quiz. So for example, if somebody is in phase three of our business growth roadmap, I have programs and services exactly curated for them. If they’re in phase two, that’s business launch, just so you know. We have our suite life launch program that is specifically curated to them.

    [00:20:40] And so the offer has to be aligned with an outcome. You don’t have to have an offer for every outcome. You can have an offer only for one. We just happen to actually serve clients in two different phases of our outcome. You don’t have to do that. And here are examples of offers that do well for coaching and consulting businesses on the backside.

    [00:21:00] Of podcast episodes, you can have group coaching, you can have on demand trainings, you can license your content. If you are a course creator, if you are a trainer, you know, I’m a big advocate for showing you guys how to release and license your trainings and courses to other companies and organizations.

    [00:21:17] You can use your podcast to get the word out about that. You can of course have high ticket coaching programs, workshops, courses, retreats, mastermind services. These are examples of programs. That do well to sell on the backside of podcast. And here is why, because with this type of podcast, people want more access to you.

    [00:21:38] They want to be in your world. They want to hang out with you. They want to have your direct response on their life or their business. And so these type of programs that give them actually more access to you do really well, even if it’s an on demand training that you already pre recorded and it’s totally scaled.

    [00:21:55] They just want more of you, and it’s important to understand that not all offers are created equal. To build a profitable offer, you must deliver predictable, measurable, transformational results. Your program or your coaching program can’t suck, all right? It has to be great. We’ve already identified that it needs to align with your quiz.

    [00:22:21] It actually has to be incredible in and of itself. Right? Can’t just, well, maybe you can throw it together, but if you throw it together and make sure it’s predictable, transformational and measurable, however long it is in whatever business model it’s delivered in, it also should align with in some capacity or relate to your quiz or your assessment in some way.

    [00:22:44] And when you do this, you can sell more, you can scale more, you can license your content and you can stand out. And to make irresistible offers that build million dollar service based businesses, coaching and consulting businesses, these things are required. Okay. You can’t just have any offer. And so a profitable podcast hinges on having great offers.

    [00:23:11] When your programs are irresistible. To your listeners, they will buy them. And here’s the deal. When you follow this framework that we have talked about here, you have created literally the most mouthwatering, irresistible offers for your audience because they took your quiz because you already know exactly what they’re struggling with.

    [00:23:32] You already know exactly what they need. You already know exactly how to deliver them results, and they’re already. Pre qualified to work with you. They have the quiz result themselves. They can go back and take that quiz a million times. So when you’re on your show and you’re saying, Hey, listen, guys, I am launching a retreat.

    [00:23:50] We’re going to go to wherever you want to go in a month from now for all of you guys to solve the problems based on this one outcome. In my quiz if you haven’t taken my quiz go take it if you’ve already taken the quiz and you know This is your outcome. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for and i’m telling you what guys when you go Honestly, you did the work.

    [00:24:14] This is not like a scam you have done the work To develop an intuitive quiz based on your genius, your intellectual property, and based on the problems that your company solves in this is actually so ethical. This is like the most ethical way to do sales in my personal opinion, because. You are not making this offer to anybody except for those that already prequalified themselves based on an assessment that they took with their own information.

    [00:24:43] You are only making an offer to help them based on the people that already said, Hey, listen, this is exactly where I am. I need your help. And then you’re coming on the phone or email or however, and you’re saying, Hey, listen, you’re in phase three of my quiz. I have the solution you’ve been waiting for. Do you want it?

    [00:25:03] And this is how we build a profitable business on the backside of your podcast. This is how we’ve generated over a million dollars in direct sales from the SweetLife Entrepreneur podcast. Because of the fact that this is the structure, this is super secret sauce. Please don’t go teach this somewhere else.

    [00:25:22] Just share my episode. I’m putting it out here to help you guys. Okay. Don’t take it. Don’t steal this unless you’re using your own business. You have permission to do that. It’s really important that you understand that by doing this, you are doing your listeners the best service that you can, even if you have an interview show.

    [00:25:41] Because they have a deep connection with you and they trust you and they know that you’re looking out for their best interest. And this is how we build a profitable business on the backside of podcasting, even if you’re new. Even if you, you know, only have 10, 000 downloads, it doesn’t matter because it’s so curated.

    [00:26:02] How many of you guys know that you don’t have to have a huge list or hundreds of thousands of downloads? To make money. I mean, look at me as an example, nobody knows me. That’s like, I’m going to go up here on stage at podcast movement and share all this. Nobody has, I’m a nobody, you guys, nobody has a clue who I am, but I have built a very profitable business on the backside of this exact structure I’m giving you.

    [00:26:26] And that’s why it’s so cool. That’s why I still use this structure. Generally, I will say for the first probably three years, I was really religious about it. But now I’ve kind of gotten a little more lax, today’s full about it. But in those first, you know, three years of the show, it was like religiously here, here, here, here, here.

    [00:26:43] And it created lifelong listeners and, and frankly, great friends that I have made that have become our clients from the show. And so I’m so excited to be able to share this with you guys, and I’m super excited to share it here on stage. Obviously, big difference recording here with you and then standing in front of hundreds of people.

    [00:27:01] I’ll share with you guys a video. Hopefully I do okay. Uh, but I, I wanted to unpack this for you and selfishly, I wanted to practice this on you before I go up there on stage. So another thing that I’m going to unpack here, and I want to share with you a little bit, but it’s not going to come across real well here on an audio podcast or even video.

    [00:27:21] But I’m also breaking down the numbers for the audience here at podcast move in. I’m breaking down like the number of downloads, the percentage of people we expect to take action based on the download, how to convert them, all of those things. I’m just, I wouldn’t do you a big service here if I tried to share it with you verbally on the show, but I want to let you know that you’re going to get the slides when you go to our show notes and you are also going to get.

    [00:27:47] More worksheets to implement these numbers. So you’re going to be able to see them all. So go grab them. It’s free It’s my gift to you. Take it. Okay, let’s recap what we talked about here on Episode number 303 we talked about in order to build a predictable business on the backside of podcasting without running ads or paying for ads You know having advertisers pay you on the show even if you have a small list and a small audience that you can build a profitable business to And I gave you this structure, which is ours.

    [00:28:20] The first one is having a predictable show structure so that people know how to interact with you and what they can expect from your show. Please make sure that you are the centerpiece and people know why they need you, even if you have an interview based show. Number two is having an intuitive lead magnet.

    [00:28:40] We recommend a quiz. I’m giving you a whole training on how to build an intuitive lead magnet for your show or your business or whatever you want to use it for. So go get the training on the quiz. And then number three is making sure your offers are irresistible. You guys know what we do at the SweetLife Company is we help you build offers that are so good, people feel stupid not buying your services.

    [00:29:04] And so, if you’re struggling and you don’t have a million dollar offer ecosystem, come work with us at the SweetLife Company. Go to SweetLifeCo. com and let’s book a call. Or, if you have great courses and offers and programs and you want to learn how to license those, We also help you. Here’s a little insight.

    [00:29:24] If you’re in phase three or phase four of our quiz, those are the solutions we provide to you guys. And I’m really excited to do that. And so that’s what we talked about today on the show. That’s what I’m going to be teaching here at Podcast Movement. You can find all of the show notes by going to SweetLifeCo. com click on the podcast button, and this is episode number. 303. There’s all these people behind me.

    [00:29:50] It’s so cool. I’m so happy to be here. It’s actually my first time at podcast movement. I really hope you guys can hear me. Riverside guys loaned me this mic shout out to Riverside. They really are awesome.

    [00:30:03] We’ve just had such great results. It’s recording our podcast here with them, both audio and video. And if you haven’t yet, please share this show with your friends. I would really appreciate it. Share it on social media, share it on LinkedIn and tag me at any point in time, April beach life or use the hashtag sweet life podcast.

    [00:30:23] Thank you guys so much. Super glad that you’re here and, and that I could practice on you. All right. I’ll see you guys soon.