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    Episode 153: 3 Simple Ways To Manage December and Prepare Your Life And Business For 2020 Success – with Joy Wilder

    Joy Wilder SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast April Beach


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    Episode Highlights:
    1. How to set a vision and boundaries for the month of December.
    2. How to outsource and delegate specifically in the month of December.
    3. How to micro-plan your last two weeks of December.
    Why This Episode Is Awesome:

    December is a chaotic time of year for most people even if they’re not running their own business like you are. If you’re feeling especially overwhelmed you can’t miss this episode with Joy Wilder.

    Joy is the founder of the Brilliant Life™ Business and Micro-Planning™ Systems where she helps women design insanely successful businesses around a life they love without sacrificing their family or themselves.

    Joy’s a certified business coach and specializes in Micro-Planning™, helping others turn their passion into profit and optimizing existing businesses’ profitability. She’s the mom of four children under the age of eight, owner of three small businesses, and former Location Pastor.

    She has a passion for coaching others to live their Brilliant Life™ while impacting their communities for good.

    When not raising her businesses and babies, Joy loves date nights with her husband, is a spinning junkie and a Settlers groupie.

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    2. Take a screenshot of the episode, tag @joywilder2 and @sweetlife_entrepreneur, and put in your post what you’re going to do to rest this December.
    3. Join me in my business mentorship and mastermind, SweetLife Launch.

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