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    Episode 72: 3 Focused Stages to Launch Your Business Successfully – April Beach

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    Are You Feeling Overwhelmed Launching Your Business?

    You’re ready to design and control your life; to travel, spend more time with your family, and stop the daily 9-5 grind.

    I totally get it!

    Here’s the thing… you have to actually launch your business before you can control your life.

    And to successfully launch your business,  you need to have intentional “tunnel vision”.

    In This Episode:

    If you keep experiencing problems while trying to launch your business, it doesn’t mean you’re failing as an entrepreneur.

    Launching a business can be confusing, overwhelming, expensive, time-consuming, and stressful … if you’re not smart about it.

    You just need a plan that will take you from start to launch in a strategic way, and that’s exactly what I’m breaking down for you today.

    In this episode you’ll learn:
      1. The three focused stages of launching your business.
      2. How to prioritize your time, money, and efforts to help you stay on track.
      3. The incredible resources I have for you to help you finally launch your business.

    Resources Mentioned:

    Join the Free Live Training Inside the SweetLife Launch System – Monday June 4th (sorry this is now closed)

    Join SweetLife Launch: 12 Week Business Launch Program (See the updated program here

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